November 2014

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Chris vents his rage through his art. Unfortunately it is not sufficient.
No one wants Chris's navy.

November was the eleventh month of 2014. This was a very rocky month for Chris, as he continued to protest against Sonic Boom, made a complete tool out of himself while raging over a brushfire, accidentally revealed his new address, got his un-clit infected, got into a fight at Target over Sonic Boom, was denied acceptance to a sperm bank, and was booted from his Keep Sonic Original group on Facebook.


  • November - Sometime this month, Chris creates a playlist called "My Levels" for his LittleBigPlanet profile.
  • 4 November - Election Day. Chris posts an excerpt of "Step in Time" from Mary Poppins and announces he's off to vote for "LGBTQ-Friendly Politicians". Seeing as how it was the lowest voter turnout since the 1940's, it's at least admirable that Chris had apparently voted for left-leaning candidates, let alone voted at all.
  • 4 November - In an update to a commission request by Flufflehugs, Chris tells her that he's blocked.
  • 5 November - Chris urges a boycott of Sonic Boom again.
  • 5 November - A user on the CWCki Forums leaks evidence that Catherine is really just a troll fabrication, as were the emails from his high school friends.
  • 6 November - A guy with a digger starts a small fire near Chris's house. Chris rages about it on Facebook. His mom calls 911, and is told that "They ain't breakin' any laws". He uploads a video to rally public support.
  • 6 November - A photo of Chris's un-clit leaks on the CWCki Forums. Chaos ensues.
  • 7 November - Chris posts on Facebook that the fire threat near his house is over.
  • 9 November - Chris makes a Facebook update about his eBay products.
  • 9 November - Chris makes two angry Facebook comments about Sonic Boom.
  • 10 November - Chris screams on Facebook that everyone should boycott Sonic Boom and "RIOT THE STREETS." More and more of his white knights get annoyed by this. A YouTube user makes a a dramatic reading of Chris's diatribe.
  • 11 November - Someone on the Reddit subreddit r/cwc leaks a bunch of flirty photos that Chris apparently sent to Catherine.
  • 11 November - EVEN MORE Sonic Boom boycott appeals, and in a truly disgusting display, Chris begs his Facebook friends to vandalize store property. They respond by telling him that he is horribly overreacting and that he should just make a petition.
  • 12 November - Chris makes another Facebook comment expressing his displeasure at the new color of Sonic's arms.
  • 12 November - Chris gets rejected for sperm donation. He tells Renee that he would ask her to bear his child, but he knows she's having personal troubles.
  • 13 November - Chris changes his Facebook banner photo to reflect his feelings about Sonic Boom.
  • 13 November - Chris's friends help him set up a new Facebook public group, Keep Sonic Original.
  • 13 November - Another photo of Chris's un-clit leaks, revealing that the piercing has became well-infected.
  • 13 November - Flufflehugs receives her unsatisfactory commissioned drawings from Chris.
  • 14 November - Chris reminds his fans that the BMW is still for sale on Craigslist.
  • 14 November - Chris posts a reminder of his eBay merchandise, including a picture of an array of medallions.
  • 14 November - Chris makes more incredibly angry comments about Sonic Boom on his personal Facebook page.
  • 16 November - Chris visits the Charlottesville branch of Target, where he gets into an argument with a Janekop and a Manajerk, demanding that they not stock Sonic Boom. Chris fails to win them over, though at least manages not to earn himself yet another ban. He writes a post on Cartoon Network's Facebook page, where he complains, in all caps, about the change in color of Sonic's arms. He asks that Cartoon Network remove all Sonic Boom material from any medium of art and news they operate.
  • 17 November - Chris links to a Sonic Boom petition on his personal Facebook page.
  • 18 November - Chris starts playing Little Pig Blanket 3, as shown on his PSN profile.
  • 18 November - Chris tells Flufflehugs he has begun a new attempt to fulfill her commission request.
  • 20 November - Chris sends Flufflehugs sample drawings of his work-in-progress.
  • 20 November - Chris rages over being denied acceptance to a sperm bank, and claims that they discriminate against the autistic.
  • 20 November - Chris complains about Sonic Boom again, this time drawing a picture about it, leading to an "If you can't beat him, join him" reaction from his white knights.
  • 20 November - Chris's Facebook friends help to make a new Sonichu site, which would become Chris's shortest-lived site.
  • 22 November - Chris tells Renee he hates being banned from places.
  • 22 November - Chris tells Flufflehugs about tribadism, the clitoris, and bonobos.
  • 23 November - Chris lowers the price of the Craigslist BMW.
  • 23 November - Chris can't believe Sonic Boom is still on the air.
  • 24 November - Chris misses the chance to see Temple Grandin in person.
  • 25 November - Chris tells Renee that Barb is borrowing from his life insurance.
  • 25 November - A new 14 Branchland Court photo is leaked on CWCki Forums.
  • 26 November - Chris asks Flufflehugs for advice on being sex-positive.
  • 26 November - Chris notes on Facebook that he has had a very bad week and needs a "power nap".
  • 26 November - Chris announces that snow will cause shipping delays.
  • 26 November - Chris adds a "PlayStation 4 Knack Launch Day Bundle" to his Facebook wish list, which includes a new PlayStation Camera.
  • 27 November - Thanksgiving. Chris celebrates by giving his Facebook friends a special gift—-a South Park clip.
  • 28 November - Chris fulfills a commission request with a black-and-white drawing, "*A Camera From Memory*."
  • 28 November - Chris agrees to draw a tribadism picture for Flufflehugs.
  • 29 November - Chris chooses a new protest-themed Facebook profile photo.
  • 29 November - After continually spewing out 404 errors and getting complaints from Chris's friends (due to its most likely unintentionally "discriminatory" domain name of, the Sonichu website is euthanized for good.
  • 29 November - After making some very graphic death threats to Sega regarding you-know-what, Chris is booted off permanently from the Keep Sonic Original group and makes his own group, FIX SONIC'S ARMS IMMEDIATELY, SEGA!!!
  • 30 November - On his new public group, Chris rejects Kenneth's suggestions of picketing and a bake sale, claiming he's too busy.
  • 30 November - Chris first publicly states that he would like to be addressed by feminine pronouns and also asked to be identified by the nickname "Christine", fully committing to being Transgender in the process.
  • 30 November - Chris likes a YouTube Powerpuff Girls parody, but completely misses the point.