March 2023

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Chris in March.

March was the third month of 2023. It saw a case review and another continuance. Chris was released from the Central Virginia Regional Jail late in the month.

Notable events

  • 7 March - Chris's incest case was up for review at 9:30 a.m. and ended in a continuance.[1]
  • 10 March
    • Midland Funding files its second garnishment case against Chris for unpaid debt; the hearing is set for 26 April 2023.[2]
    • Praetor adds an listing called "The Secret Listing" to their Etsy page for $40.00 apiece. The item is said to feature an "authentic Chandler autograph".[3]
  • 11 March - Kiwi Farms user themarchivist2 has an exchange with Praetor over Gmail. Praetor claims that the secret Etsy items are tasers signed by Chris. Praetor also discusses Chris's current condition.[4]
  • 27 March - Chris is reported by VineLink to be out of custody and a new mugshot is provided. At 10:04 AM, VineLink reports that Chris is "bonded out" of custody;[5] at 1:49 PM, VineLink revises this to report that Chris was "Released by Court Order".[6]