May 2014

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On 24 May 2014, Wild Sonichu has buttsex with Simonla Rosechu.

May was the fifth month of 2014. It saw little activity, aside from Chris begging for more Legos on Facebook, and confirming the resurrection of Simonla Rosechu.

Events of May

  • 15 May - Chris provides to his Facebook friends a long list of Lego products he wants, in case anyone wants to send him a gift.
  • 21 May - Chris remarks on a man's Facebook page that his mother thinks his children are cute.
  • 23 May - Chris demands that Golden Corral restaurant return to Charlottesville.
  • 24 May - Chris uploads to his Facebook profile a new cover photo and an album of pictures featuring Simonla. He later on confirms that Simonla has been resurrected.
  • 28 May - Chris tells his Facebook followers to buy an old violin he is selling on eBay.
  • 29 May - Chris makes more posts about Lego toys that he "needs."