August 2014

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On 5 August 2015, Chris offers new art for sale.
Chris's new Facebook photo, uploaded on 15 August 2014.
On 31 August 2014, Chris's new Facebook status.

August was the eighth month of 2014. This month saw Chris revealing his new sweetheart and "coming out" as a male lesbian. He also offered new items for sale on Ebay and continued to sell them and make money to buy Legos.

Events of August

  • 1 August - Chris begins to advertise two new original drawings.
  • 2 August - Chris makes a Facebook post confirming that three fan gifts, among them the Asperchu medallion, had been lost in the house fire.
  • 2 August - Rebeckah emails Chris to say she's concerned about Barb's teeth and his lust for Legos.
  • 3 August - Chris begs his Facebook audience to buy his Ebay merchandise because his mother needs dental work.
  • 3 August - Chris replies to Rebeckah, denying that he's spending inordinate sums of money on Legos.
  • 3 August - Chris offers a sale on his Ebay items for repeat customers.
  • 3 August - On the Miiverse, Chris challenges players to a race in Mario Kart 8.
  • 4 August - Chris uploads a video to his YouTube account of his avatar playing Mario Kart 8.
  • 5 August - Chris defends his spending habits against the "bullies." He also says that he is thinking about selling Lego minifigures of his Sonichu characters.
  • 5 August - Chris offers for sale a new original drawing, of the wedding of Sonichu and Rosechu.
  • 7 August - On Facebook, Chris makes a protracted plea for the trolls to leave him alone.
  • 7 August - Chris states that he now has the money to ship his Ebay orders.
  • 11 August - Chris again begs people to place orders with him.
  • 14 August - Chris makes a Facebook post in which he comes out as a "Lesbian Identified Male" and self described "Intersex" "Cross-Dressing Tranny." He also expresses solidarity with the movement for LGBT equality, but with only begrudging support for gay men.
  • 14 August - Chris comes out on his Brassieres For Males Facebook page and encourages men to wear not only bras, but skirts.
  • 15 August - Chris uploads a new Facebook avatar.
  • 15 August - Chris writes three Apology Letters in an attempt to lift some of his many bans.
  • 16 August - Chris jabbers some more about his new identity and expresses anger at "haters."
  • 17 August - Chris posts on Facebook that the song "Centerfold" by The J. Geils Band went number one on the day he was born, and that he is on the prowl for lesbian "centerfolds" at pride parades.
  • 18 August - Chris writes a note to a CWCki Forums member revealing that his has a new girlfriend.
  • 23 August - Chris posts a new cover photo on his Facebook account, featuring Lego versions of himself and Catherine.
  • 23 August - On Facebook, Chris issues a poll asking the trolls if they are fans of "Rage" comics.
  • 25 August - Chris writes on Facebook that Sonichu has a literally paralyzing allergy to pickles, and likewise discusses the sexuality of his various comic characters.
  • 28 August - Chris announces a sale on his Ebay merchandise.
  • 29 August - Chris draws a picture for Catherine depicting his suffering at the hands of the trolls and cyber-bullies, especially 4chan.
  • 29 August - CWCki Forums member Melchett receives an autographed photo of Chris with the handwritten note stating that he has a girlfriend, thereby revealing his new status to the public.
  • 31 August - Chris goes out on his first and only date with Catherine. After lunch, they visit 14 Branchland Court and tour the rental house. He tries to kiss her and leaves her with a goodie bag.
  • 31 August - On Facebook, Chris changes his status to "in a relationship" and announces that he wore a Britney Spears perfume to the date.