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The Rental House Tour is the last in the series of events of 31 August 2014, which had begun with the Catie Date Conversation Transcript and had continued with the IRL Tour of 14 Branchland Court. That afternoon, Chris, Catherine, and her cousin Al stopped by the Rental House to meet Barb and the beagles. Note that every time Catherine sneezes, it's an attempt to prevent Chris from putting his arm around her or kissing her.

The rental house.


  • Chris shows them his Lego version of Manchester High and some little figures of Catherine and himself.
  • They find that Chris has a picture of Catherine on his night stand.
  • Chris confirms that all of his PlayStation 3 games have survived the fire.
  • Chris shows off his High School yearbook and talks about each of his gal-pals.
  • Chris talks about his dogs, who are horribly trained and cared for and who go berserk if they see someone they don't recognise.
  • Chris and Barb talk a little about Richard Weston.
  • Barb tells the story about how Cole almost died of an infection.
  • Barb explains how they're British royalty.
  • The background music, which appears to consist of orchestral versions of Beatles songs and other 50s/60s hits, lends the entire exchange an air of classic Hollywood melodrama, as if Katharine Hepburn were about to slap someone or burst into tears at any moment.

Part One


Rental House Tour Audio Part One
Stardate 31 August 2014
Featuring Chris, Catherine, Al, Barb, Clover and Snoopy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl, CatherineCatherine Catherine, Sonic BoomSonic Boom Sonic Boom
Audio Recordings
14BC Tour Video
Rental House Tour Audio Part One



Al: Hey Chris!

Chris: Yeah.

Al: Is it alright if I park right there?

Chris: That’s fine.

Al: Yeah.

Chris: You’re OK. Don’t worry about it.

Al: Damn, this is a…

Catherine: Yeah, you don't wanna get...[?]

Al: Yeah, this is a nice place.

Chris: Yeah.

Catherine: It’s a nice little neighborhood.

Chris: It’s two stories but only about two-thirds of the width.

Al: Yeah. So you’ve been livin’ here since when?

Chris: Eh, since last February.

Al: Oh.

Chris: [entering house] Hello!

Al: Howdy.

Chris: Hi Snoopy! Hi Clover! Hi mom.

Al: Howdy.

Barb: Hi.

Chris: Um, Barbara Anne, this is, this is…

Catherine: Nice to meet you.

Chris: That’s Catherine and her cousin Al.

Al: Glad to meet ya. I’m Big Al.

They're a lot fatter now.

(one or more of the dogs start baying)

Catherine: They're lovely, too... [?]


Chris: Oh…


Chris: Snoopy…

Al: There’s some, yeah they seem a little bit worked up there.

Chris: Yeah, that’s Snoopy, and that’s Clover.

Catherine: Strangers in their house.

Al: Well howdy Snoopy, howdy Clover.

Barb: They’re part fox.

Chris: Huh huh!

Catherine: They are cute.

Al: Oh, no kiddin’.

Catherine I love dogs, so (phone rings) I've gotta...

Chris: Yeah.

Dog: Bark!

Catherine: Alright, we’ll let you…

Al: Yeah, we’ll let you get to…


Chris: …the door.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: Ah, thank you.

Chris: Yeah. Oh, actually and I had also got you a case…



Al: OK, OK.

Chris: Anyway, [?].

Al: Don’t bite me!

Catherine: Oh, thank you.

Chris: Yeah, and I…


Al: Hold the last one.

Catherine: I really need. [?]

Al: They seem pretty loud.

Chris: Yeah, they get loud, when there’s new people.

Touring Chris's playroom

Al: Aw, cool! Dude, is this your room?

Chris: Yeah, that’s my work room.

Al: Can I go in for a moment?

Chris: Yeah. Sure.


Chris: Hey now, doggies, calm down! That’s good. [To Al]: I had to pretty much prepare for Catherine’s staying over for a while longer at least. I had a second, I had, I made room for a second chair.

Al: So, so what is all this then?

Chris: Yeah, pretty much some random things, but that’s a high school I built based on the one from Heartlake High. I dedicated building that to Manchester High. Took me about a month to build that.

Chris's Lego high school as it appeared in the rental house.


Al: Really.

Chris: Yeah.

Al: Well see Chris, you have, you spent a month to build that?

Chris: Yeah.

Al: Well see, that’s dedication right there.

Chris: Yeah.

Al: With your comics and stuff, you can do the same thing, if you can be dedicated. Like if you can work on that for a month…

Chris: Yeah...

Al: …you can spend a month working on a comic book.

Chris: Yeah. [Wants to change the subject] Anyway, yeah, I built this house on multiple houses. And here’s our minifigs, me and Catherine.

Al: Awww.

Chris: Yeah, I pain-, I painted a kilt on her.

Al: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, it’s a Lego head on a…

Al: Oh, so that’s like the little kilt right there then?

Chris: Uh, it’s like a…

Al: Is that like bubblegum or…?

Chris: That’s denim skirt.

Al: Oh. Oh.

Chris: Yeah but, I used paper to make that.

Al: Neat, yeah, and that’s little Catie. What’s that around her neck, is that like a little medallion, or…?

Chris: Yeah. Sonichu and Rosechu medallion. Uh, on my girlfriend, I eventually would give them.

Al: Oh. Cool.

Chris: And custom minifigures of the hedgehogs.

Al: So did you make those yourself then?

Chris: Yeah.

Al: So you seem to have an interest in arts and crafts, then.

Chris: Yes.

Al: Neat. So what’s…

[Catherine enters]

Chris: [cloying voice] Yeah, that’s you.

Catherine: Is that me? Oh that’s even tinier than I thought. Oh that’s so cute.

Chris: And here, and here I am.

Catherine: Oh, they’re cute. [giggles] That’s so cute. There you go.

Al: [Feigning awe] Dude.

Catherine: Wow, you’ve got a lot of Lego. I didn’t realize you had that much.

Chris: Yeah.

Al: So, what, what’s in this case right here, is this…?

Chris: Oh that’s my medicine case. It’s got my prescription medicine

Al: Oh.

Catherine: [?]

Al: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Yeah, too bad you’re not staying, we could have watched Gigi.

Catherine: Yeah I’m sorry, we’ve got to get out of here.

Next stop: the bedroom

Chris: Yeah. Uh, at least let me show you the uh, my bedroom. It is right there.

Catherine: So, you go right ahead.

Al: So this is sort of like your office, then?

Chris: Yeah, kind of. Yeah. Here’s where I sleep.

Catherine: Oh it’s a nice room. Wow, it’s a Skylanders.

Chris: Yeah.

Catherine: There’s a lot, how many…? [counting?]

Al: Catie, can I take a look for a mom-?

Catherine: [joking] No, you can’t.

[Al and Catherine goof around]

[Elevator music starts up]

Catherine: Wow.

Al: Oh you have a nice set up in here, man.

Chris: Yeah.

Al: So is this your TV then?

Chris: Uh, that’s, yeah, that’s a 3D TV, from Sony. Playstation.

Al: Dude, you got a lot of PS3 games!

Chris: Yeah.

Al: Did these survive the fire, or…?

Chris: Yes, they all did. Every last one.

Catherine: Oh that’s fortunate.

Al: Oh that’s good, yeah.

Chris: Yeah. Oh…

Al: So do you have…?

Chris: …do you happen to have an interest in video discs as well?

Al: Dude, those things are so old - do you collect those?

Chris: Uh…

Al: Have you had those ever since…?

Chris: We had these, we had these a lo-, pretty much all my life.

Al: Oh, Catie, take a look at the night stand there!

Chris: Yeah, this is pretty much our entire collection of…

Catherine: [Slightly horrified] Oh, I didn’t realize you kept my picture on your night stand. Oh wait, I think you did tell me that.

Chris: Yeah.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: You kept my picture on your night stand. That’s so cute...

Al: So what game system do you got, is that, uh, Sega…?

Chris: Sega Dreamcast.

Catherine: Oh I remember that…

Al: And who’s that?

Chris: That’s my father.

Al: Oh.

Chris: That’s Mr. C right there.

Al: So you keep that there too?

Chris: That’s Catherine and Mr. C.

Catherine: Do you think he would approve of me?

Chris: How do you feel?

Catherine: I like to think so.

Chris: And that, then I think he does.

Catherine: He see-, he seems a little bit… interested in your best program here. [?]

High school reminisces

[music swells]

Chris: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah that’s uh, I ended up with two copies of the senior yearbook.

Al: Why two copies?

Chris: Uh, uh, I think it’s because, uh, well, wound up, separate purchases, I think.

Al: Oh. So somebody like, filled out a form wrong or something?

Chris: Yeah, I think so.

Al: So who were your gal-pals then, that you were talking about in high school? Were they, are they in here, or…?

Chris: Yeah, they’re in, they’re in there, mostly, uh…

Al: Now did this get water damaged during the fire?

Chris: Um…

Catherine: Put in the fire.

Al: It seems like the pages are a little bit wrinkled, or…?

Chris: Yeah, yeah, I think that one did get some water damage.

Al: Yeah.

Chris: You might have better luck with this copy which is only smoke-damaged.

Al: Yeah. Did they, so the insurance company, are they compensating you for all this damage? Cuz like…

Chris: Yeah.

Al: …when stuff like this gets damaged, it’s priceless, you know? I mean…

Catherine: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah. Oh yeah, I bookmarked the beginning of the senior section there.

Al: Aw, did they, did they sign your yearbook at all?

Chris: Um…Oh I might not have thought about it.

Al: Yeah, there’s some people…

Chris: Yeah plus we didn’t, I don’t think we got these yearbooks till after graduation.

Catherine: Oh that’s unusual.

Al: Oh that sucks.

Catherine: So where are you in here?

Al: Which one is your gal-pal then?

Chris: Um, there’s a number of them, uh let’s see, [flipping through yearbook]…There I am.

Chris's yearbook photo.

Catherine: Oh, there we go.

Al: Oh!

Catherine: In a little tuxedo.

Al: Yeah see, I like it man, you look very…

Catherine: Very smart.

Al: You know, you know what you remind me of there?

Chris: Who?

Al: You should, you should, you know like Frank Sinatra, one of those old singers.

Chris: Oh, I like Frank Sinatra.

Al: That, that would go on stage, and he’d talk, and the smooth voice and he’d talk to the ladies…

Chris: [takes on persona] Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Al: Yeah, yeah!

Chris: We’ve really got a big show for you tonight!

Catherine: Yeah.

Al: Yeah, like from one of those, uh, old black-and-white movies, you know? But yeah, you look smooth and classy, man.

Chris: Yeah. Oh uh, Kellie Andes, uh, was my high school s-, sweetheart that I fell in big like with…

Al: So, so which one is she?

Chris: [spelling] A…A L E, um, yeah.

Al: This says Kellie Lynn Andes right there.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Al: Oh, that one?

Chris: Yeah.

Catherine: Can I have a look?

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: Oh, she’s very pretty.

Al: Yeah. Well not as pretty as you, right Catie? Right Chris?

Chris: No, she’s…

Catherine: [laughs] Did you just call him Catie?

Chris: [chuckles]

Al: Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Catherine: I have to sneeze again, sorry.

Al: I’m a little big dyslexic myself. Sometimes I mix up words and stuff.

Chris: Uh, well.

Al: I say something when I mean to say something else. So.

Catherine: [Sneezes] Excuse me.

Chris: [spelling] C B B…

Catherine: Must have caught a cold on the plane.

Chris: Oh I hope not.

Catherine: It happens all the time. Every time you travel.

Chris: [browsing] Oh and, it's B E V... … Oh shoot, [trails off]. Oh, Sarah Bev-, Sarah Bevel.

Al: Oh that, that one right there.

Catherine: Oh she’s very pretty too.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: You have lots of pretty friends, haven’t you?

Chris: [Smugly] Eh, yeah.

Al: Dude, you gotta go back to whatever it was you were doing back then, you got all the girls. Well I mean you have Catie now, so I mean…

Chris: Yeah, I’d rather, I’d rather stick with a winner.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: It’s good to be a winner, I think?

Al: Yeah.

Chris: Hm, G O… Tiff-, there she is. Tiffany Gowen.

Al: Yeah right there, the blonde at the bottom...

Catherine: She looks a little bit like, em, Cameron Diaz.

Al: Yeah, yeah.

Catherine: I think it’s the hair, but she does look a little bit like Cameron Diaz.

Al: Do you have any guys that you hung out with back in high school, or…?

Chris: Uh,…

Catherine: Or was it mostly girls?

Chris: Not, not, it was mostly girls.

Al: Mostly girls?

Chris: Yeah. I did have, uh, one, um, uh, I hung out with in my freshman year when I was vars-, when I was, uh, co-water boy/manager of the varsity basketball team.

Al: So wait, you were manager of the basketball team?

Chris: Yeah, varsity.

Al: That’s pretty cool.

Catherine: Thank you.

Al: Hey, is this the bathroom?

Chris: Oh yeah.

Al: Yeah, you mind if I take a leak real quick?

Chris: Go ahead.

Al: Yeah, hey Catie, I’ll get here and then I’ll go downstairs and join up with you guys, so.

Catherine: Alright.

Al: I’ll be out in just a minute.

Part Two


Rental House Tour Audio Part Two
Stardate 31 August 2014
Featuring Chris, Catherine, Al, Barb, Clover and Snoopy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl, CatherineCatherine Catherine, Sonic BoomSonic Boom Sonic Boom
Audio Recordings
Rental House Tour Audio Part One


Chatting with Barb

[toilet flushes]

[sink runs]

[door squeaks open]

[20th Century orchestral music is heard]

Al: Hello.

Catherine: [Oh watch?]

Al: Oh, are they gonna eat me alive now, or…?

Chris: [unintelligible] he wants to buy a bunch of ours.

Al: Yeah, the uh, vinyl records y’all got, I collect them, so.

Barb: You can go through 'em.

Al: Sure.

Catherine: ...'Cuz I know you loved your records.

Barb: Right now they’re all in a tractor-trailer.

Al: In a tractor-trailer?

Chris: Not really, no, they’re in a storage unit or downstairs.

Barb: They’re not downstairs.

Chris: Oh, oh.

Barb: I put ‘em on a tractor-trailer.

Chris: Oh, OK, well I guess, when the Rainbow cleaners, some of them got taken to their facility. Well not all of them, there was a bunch of them at the s-, at the unit.

Barb: Oh.

Chris: Yeah.

Barb: At your storage unit?

Chris: Yeah.

Barb: Oh, OK.

Chris: [to dog] Oh, hi baby girl. He’s a kisser. [baby voice] He likes to kiss.

Catherine: They’re so cute. I’m sure they’ll get used to me eventually.

Chris: Yeah.

Catherine: They just don’t know who I am or why I’m in their house!

Chris: Snoopy, Clover, that’s Catherine. Catie. You saw her picture?

Catherine: [giggles] You showed your dogs my picture? That’s so cute.

Chris: Yeah.

Al: They like the picture or what, or…?

Chris: Uh well, they sniffed it. They smell everything.

Catherine: That's the ticket.

Chris: Yeah, they got, we got separate to pee and poo on the paper.

Catherine: Yeah, try not…

Chris: On the black thing.

Catherine: …to stand on it.

Al: Yeah. They what? Oh, yeah, I guess that makes sense then, on the paper…

Catherine: Try not to stand on it or anything.

Barb: It’s, it’s awfully inconvenient to take them outside and have to pick it up.

Al: Yeah. Yeah.

Barb: I’d rather have it inside, to pick it up.

Al: Oh yeah, and then it’s closer so you can clean it up without going as far away.

Barb: I’m 72 years old, and I don’t.

Catherine: Fair enough.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: You’ve worked enough in your life, so…

Chris: Yeah. I told, I told mom about, uh, how you have a lot of interesting stories from your travels in the European Brish - British areas.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: Yeah.

Chris: Hey mother, tell her, tell her something about the Weston name. Or some of it.

Barb: 400 years ago, the king declared the name Weston, W-E-S-T-O-N, not I-N or E-N, but O-N, to be part of England’s royalty forever.

Catherine: That’s interesting.

Barb: So Christian…

Catherine: There’s a lot of uh, there’s a lot of names like that in England, and um… Well you go, you go back through the um, the old records and stuff and you see…

Barb: Well my cousin…

Catherine: …lordships, and you see…

Barb: Well my cousin was the one that put together a pilgrimage…

Catherine: Wow. That’s a piece of history right there.

Al: It certainly seems, Christian seems like a pretty good son. He was talking about how he helps you out around the house and all, and such.

Barb: Oh my gosh.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: I couldn’t, I couldn’t survive without him.

Catherine: Yeah.

Al: Yeah. Well I hope he takes care of Catie just as well. So.

Chris: I’m pretty sur-, I’m fairly confident I will. I had practice.

Barb: [cackles] He’s had a lot of practice. His father died three years ago.

[Music actually switches to a sadder tone]

Catherine: I know. We heard. I’m terribly sorry.

Al: Yeah. Sorry. I apologize for your loss. That’s gotta suck. So.

Barb: Yeah. Yeah you, you never get over it.

Catherine: Not really, no.

Barb: My sister and…[?] um, her husband…

Chris: Yes, yeah, Harriet and Tom.

Barb: …had to have surgery on this area.

Catherine: Oh, that’s terrible. Oh, poor doggie.

Barb: He has a growth that’s blocking the flow of whatever fluids, and as a result, it’s causing constant infection.

Catherine: Oh that’s awful.

Al: Sounds awful.

Barb: So, he’s gonna get operated on at the end of September.

Al: In September?

Barb: I, I wonder if it’s life-threatening, cause this area here…

Chris: They didn’t mention that.

Barb: …there’s a hole in the brain right there.

Catherine: Well that’s…

Al: A hole in the brain?

Barb: There’s a hole that goes right in the brain. My oldest son, um…

Chris: Cole.

Barb: …almost died from a sinus infection, in California…

Chris: I didn’t hear this one.

Catherine: Oh my goodness.

Barb: …shortly after he went out there to college. He - he had a sinus infection.

Catherine: That’s awful.

Barb: And he couldn’t - couldn’t shake it.

Catherine: I’m so sorry.

Barb: He um - so he went to the doctor, and the doctor said "you’re just in time".

Catherine: Well that’s good.

Barb: For a few hours. He wouldn’t’ve made it a few hours... [?]

Catherine: Wow. That was…let’s see…

Barb: That’s when I really learned…

Catherine: …when he first went to college, so he would, he would have been about eighteen, nineteen?

Barb: Yeah, he was about nineteen.

Catherine: I don’t, I have no idea how old he is now, so I don’t know how long ago that would have been.

Barb: He’s, yeah he was born in ’63.

Catherine: OK.

Barb: And Christian was born in ’82.

Chris: Uh, 40, 51.

Barb: ’82. I bought mailbox numbers 63 and 82.

Catherine: Mm hmm.

Al: Oh!

Barb: I had trouble, I had trouble remembering it and I started…

Al: Well that’s a good trick.

Catherine: Well that’s handy.

Chris: Yeah, we like number games as well as word games.

Catherine: Oh that’s lovely.

Chris: Yeah, hey, tell ‘em your anniversary date. Or wedding.

Barb: 6-7-80.

Catherine: 6-7-80, that’s easy to remember.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: My husband and I got married, we were married 31 years.

Catherine: That’s a long while.

Barb: And um, two months after we were married, he had triple bypasses, and the doctors told me that he would not have lived two more weeks.

Catherine: Wow.

Barb: If he hadn’t had…and if he hadn’t had married me he’d never’ve known.

Catherine: Cause you made him go to the doctor.

Barb: It was very suddenly. Because he was, uh, an engineer at GE and he did hard core negotiating to sell their products.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: To sell their products. So.

Catherine: (to Snoopy) Oh, I'm not me. Do you want to smell me?

Barb: It wasn’t easy…


Chris: Snoopy, calm down.

Catherine Alright, fair enough.

Chris: Calm down, little boy, calm down. I think they’re probably easier if uh, if I was sitting down.

Al: Yeah, I don’t know if we have much room here.

Chris: It was…

Catherine: We can’t stay too terribly long.

Al: Yeah we’re gonna head out in a few minutes anyways, so…

The fire and its consequences

Barb: The couch belongs to the dogs. They saved us from the fire.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: Yeah, Christian said they woke you up.

Chris: Yeah, they woke me up, then I woke her up.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: I got, I burned both feet, because I didn’t have any shoes on.

Al: You had to walk through the fire then?

Barb: Well I had to extinguish it, try to put it out, and what happened was, uh…

Chris: More over on... [?]

Barb: The flecks from the... insulation... in the wall.

Al: The flecks from the insul-, like, they were drop-, pieces of insulation were dropping down?

Barb: Yes.

Al: And they burnt you on the foot?

Barb: I on the bottom, I stepped on them.

Chris: Um, well OK, I didn’t hear that. I thought, I thought the worst damage to your feet was from you had to walk all over that wet grass cause it was raining that morning.

Barb: Well I didn’t know that I had damaged my feet…

Chris: Oh. [stress sigh]

Barb: …until later.

Al: So you saw the fire, you grabbed an extinguisher, you’re lucky you had one on hand.

Barb: He grabbed an extinguisher, pulled the thing out, and handed it to me.

Chris: I remember from training, you know, you pull the pin first.

Catherine: Yeah.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: And then you handed it off to your mum.

Al: Sounds like you were both pretty brave to fight the fire like that.

Barb: We didn’t have any choice. I had to hold, I was able to hold it just long enough for him to get his head together, take the dogs and the cat, and uh, we got out.

Chris: Actually our cat Lucy came to us. She was upstairs.

Barb: Was she?

Chris: Yeah, you remember, she came downstairs and met us, and then she ran out of the house with us.

Barb: That’s right, she did.

Chris: Yeah I put the leads on the dogs.

Catherine: Yeah.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: You’re all very lucky to have gotten out of that.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: I’m so sorry for your loss.

Barb: That’s OK, it hasn’t been totally bad.

Al: Things happen, life happens, you know?

Barb: I think for a reason.

Al: You just get through it, so.

Barb: I think for a reason.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: Yeah, we’ve learned a lot. [Laughs] Yeah, we did some hardcore negotiating, with uh, State Farm.

Al: Yeah.

Chris: Excuse me just a moment.

Al: Uh yeah, sorry. Yep, yep, get through there…

Catherine: …in your way.

Al: Hard core negotiating, what, they didn’t wanna pay out or somethin’, or…?

Barb: They don’t…the adjustor is a woman, and she hates the ground I walk on. She dislikes me terribly, cause I’m too old and too smart. See I’m not the typical 72-year-old woman.

Barb and Catie talk sewing

Chris: Yeah I’ll just remember it and I’ll save it.

Al: Um…

Catherine: He uses that for work. Pretty much.

Al: Yeah, that’s mostly a work phone, I wouldn’t want people, but you can contact me through Catie.

Chris: OK.

Catherine: Yeah. It's- it's- we’re always in touch.

Chris: OK, so you know I should contact him on the inquir- inquiry about the records.

Catherine: Uh, you can al- you can always let me know and I’ll pass the message.

Barb: I appreciate you driving her there.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: That was a good security move.

Al: Well her phone, [Catherine: “Car.”] her car broke down, so there was hardly any choice, I was the only guy who could, so.

Catherine: Yeah, so.

Al: But yeah.

Barb: Well, it was good security.

Al: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, yeah everything…

Al: Yeah, yeah, I mean, I didn’t, I didn’t know Christian or anything, I hadn’t met you all at all, and they were talkin’ pretty serious, like it seemed, so I thought I would get to know your family as well, cause if these two were gonna get hitched, it’s gonna be one family, so.

Barb: You’re just as beautiful as he said.

Catherine: Oh thank you. You’re very sweet.

Al: Yeah, so.

Barb: Yeah, you are. You are.

Catherine: Thank you.

Barb: I understand you sew a little bit?

Catherine: A little bit, not very much. Um, basically just enough to put, like, a button on my shirt, or, or um, like, stitch up my pants.

Barb: I have a trainload of [felt?].

Catherine: Oh, I’m terribly sorry.

Chris: Well, [drowned out]

Al: Christian said you used to sew, or you sew occasionally…?

Barb: I used to. I’m, I’m going to, after I get settled back in the house.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: I’m gonna start designing and sewing.

Catherine: Mm hmm.

Chris: Yeah. I told, I told her about the A-skirts you put together.

Catherine: Oh yeah, you can make an A-line skirt out of an old pair of jeans. You just cut um, you, you rip the side, the seams in the middle, and then you use the leg to cut it off about here, and you use the legs to make the panels.

Chris: It's easy to do.

Catherine: And it works very well. It’s very easy. It’s just you need a sewing machine to do it.

Barb: Yeah.

Catherine: But you could sew it by hand, but it takes ages.

Chris: Hm. [Bizarrely inflected] She can sew more than a button.

Al: Yeah. Alright.

Catherine: Well, I mean…

Barb: I taught my oldest son to sew, when he was growing up.

Catherine: My roommate knits. My roommate is from Texas and he knits.

Barb: Every, every boy needs to know how to sew and how to cook.

Catherine: Exactly. Cause you’re not gonna have a woman all the time. Makes you self-sufficient.

Barb: Hey, what if a woman can't cook for kids, so…

Catherine: Exactly.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: [?]

Catherine: Mm hmm.

Barb's family heritage

Barb: In my family, I was the, I was number one as far as, there were eight children, five girls, and uh, um…

Al: You were the eldest? You had to take care of the rest?

Barb: I was five, number five of eight.

Al: Ah.

Catherine: Oh, so you were almost in the middle.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: Yeah, I had a, I had a good spot.

Catherine: Mm hmm.

Barb: I had to fight both ways.

Catherine: [Laughs]

Barb: I had to change diapers both ways. [Laughs]

Al: Yeah.

Barb: Well I had two sisters and a brother younger than me. I have s- one sister and brother still with us, and it’s nice. I just talked to her last night.

Al: Yeah.

Chris: Well I think I uh, told Catie about how Barbara Anne wanted to be an English teacher...? Enjoyed some English literature I think?

Barb: Yeah.

Catherine: Yeah.

Barb: Yeah, I enjoy literature.

Chris: Yeah. She likes a lot of Shakespeah.

Catherine: Yeah, I do like Shakespeare.

Chris: She also enjoys The Tudors, uh, HBO program through Netflix, all about King Henry VIII.

Barb: Oh, Henry VIII. Anne Boleyn, his wife…

Catherine: One of, yeah, one of six.

Barb: Well, she couldn’t produce a boy.

Catherine: Mm hmm.

Barb: So he killed her.

Catherine: Yeah.

Barb: But he drummed up all these excuses that the maids helped him to put together.

Catherine: Yeah. Well he was the king, he could say whatever he wanted about anybody, and they wouldn’t dare say no, it’s not right. So.

Barb: Yeah. He was just a murderer.

Catherine: Mm. A little bit.

Barb: The first, the first Queen Elizabeth was her daughter.

Catherine: Mm hmm.

Barb: Yeah.

Catherine: That was uh, the last of the Tudors.

Barb: We’re blood kin to them. I suppose we got blood kin to every Wes-, blood Weston in the world.

Catherine: That would be an interesting thing to research, like go through old records and things like that, and actually draw a line and be able to say, this is exactly where that went.

Chris: I still don’t know the missing link between Richard Weston and Mary Boleyn.

Catherine: Well Weston’s not exactly an uncommon name in Britain. I mean it’s not super-common, it’s not like Smith or anything, but there are a lot of people with that name.

Barb: I suppose there are. There are.

Chris: Oh, and I uh…

Barb: You’ve done a lot of important things in the, 400...

Catherine: 400 odd years, yeah, done a lot of things and made a lot of children.

Chris: Oh yeah, in our thinking ahead, I did mention to her that uh, I promised you our first daughter would have the middle name Weston.

Barb: Yeah.

Chris: So to continue that tradition. And royalty.

Barb: [?]

Catherine: It does.

Barb: So, you’re part Scottish?

Catherine: Yeah, on my mother’s side. My mom’s Scottish and my dad’s Italian.

Barb: Our biggest [?] combination.

Catherine: It’s an interesting one.

Barb: Yeah, it is.

Time to go


Chris: Ah, Snoopy, calm down.

Barb: Calm down. [Laughs]

Chris: Yeah. They’re visiting right now, but I’m thinking she’ll be good more often.

Al: Yeah.

Chris: And y’all can get to know her, and I, they let me sit between them and hug them.

Catherine: Oh that’s nice.

Chris: They’re so sweet like, they’re so sweet like that, in other ways.

Barb: Yeah, they’re good dogs, they really are.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: They’re very, very protective.

Catherine: Beagles usually are. They’re very, they like their families. They like to be very protective of their... Their pack.

Al: Yeah. Well anyway, uh, I, I’m Catie’s ride, and I got some stuff to do, so…

Barb: Yeah.

Al: So probably should be heading out, yeah.

Catherine: Nice meeting you.

Barb: Nice meeting you too.

Al: Yeah.

Barb: I look forward to seeing you again.

Catherine: Certainly.

Al: Yeah. And that, and this is like, we just went out to eat, and we just dropped in unannounced, and we don’t wanna, yeah we won’t take up too much, too much time. Good meeting you, Mrs. Chandler.

Chris: Partially, partially, partially unannounced, because I had thought about bringing her over here anyway.

Al: Yeah.

Chris: At least to meet her, and, you know, watch Gigi, but we couldn’t do that, [Catherine sneezes.] cause um, cause your car’s in the shop. Oh bless you.

Catherine: Excuse me. Thank you. I must, I must have caught cold on the plane.

Chris: I hope not.

Catherine: It happens to me every time I fly. You’ve got 200-odd people in one little little tiny plane for about an hour.

Barb: Is it a long flight?

Catherine: Yeah, I have to fly to Chicago, and then catch another flight, so.

Chris: Well cool, I’ll…

Barb: [something about Cole] ...I took him to San Francisco, California when he was about seven years old.

Catherine: Yeah. That’s a long flight. I think that’s about, what is that, five hours?

Barb: I don’t quite remember [?] [Laughs]

Catherine: Yeah, but it’s a long flight.

Barb: It was painful. It was painful.

Catherine: Yeah. You get stuck in an airplane, you get all that air recycled. There’s somebody gets sick, it happens to me all the time.

Barb: Yeah it does.

Catherine: I’ll probably be fine in a few days.

Chris: If not there’s always chicken noodle soup.

Catherine: Yeah, definitely.

Chris: They like chicken noodle soup. They’ve had some! [baby voice] Chicken noodle soup. Wasn’t that good, doggies? Yeah.

Barb: Anything with chicken in it…. Well, we’ll let you go now.

Al: Yeah.

Catherine: Alright, thank you for, thank you for your hospitality.

Al: Yep. Nice place. Nice place y'all got here, so.

Catherine: [unintelligible] over there.

Chris: OK, well hey, um, Catherine, before you go…

Catherine: Yeah?

Chris: I wanted to let you know: What am I doing in a place like this? Waiting for the most honest, true, and awesome woman to come around in my life.

Catherine: Oh my god, you’re so sweet!

Chris: I’ve had that, I’ve had, I had that in my head for the long time since I’ve…

Catherine: I’ve got to sneeze again. Sorry. No I don't.

Chris: [chuckles]

Catherine: It went back into my forehead.

Al: I hate it when it’s like you’re like 90% ready for sneezing and…

Chris: I’m so glad this is working out very well.

Catherine: Me too. Sorry, we’ve got to get going or I need to, I need to get my things back.

Al: OK.

Chris: OK.

Al: Hey Chris, we’ll both be pretty busy, but you and Catie can talk over the internet and we’ll see if we can work something out.

Catherine: You’ve got my number now, we can text all you like.

Chris: You know where to phone me, yes?

Al: Yeah, we’ll see if we can work something out over the next couple weeks.

Chris: Yeah.

Al: Maybe meet up again.

Chris: Yeah. Hopefully, uh, Catie, you know where we are, you can come over yourself if you feel like it.

Catherine: Yeah, well I would let you know, obviously. I wouldn’t just turn up, that would be so rude.

Al: Yeah, OK. Yeah, anyway, yeah, we wouldn’t want to interrupt nothin’. Nothin’ like that.

Chris: Yeah, that’s understandable.

Al: Yeah. OK, well it was nice meet- [audio cuts off]

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