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Do not fear, world, for I am a new pokemon. And my name is....Sonichu!
Sonichu, the The Genesis of the Lovehogs
Sonichu is Copyrighted and Mine Alone. Do Not Steal.
Chris, "Sonichu" CWCipedia article
Sonichu character
Date of birth 17 March 1988 (in universe, original)[1]

20 April 1992 (in universe, brainwashed into Chris by Idea Guys)

17 March 2000 (IRL)

Gender Male
Length 5'4" (163 cm)
Weight 120 lbs (54 kg)
Species Sonichu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric
Parents Chris
Education CWCville University[2]
Evolves from Sonee or Pikachu
Evolves into Metonic or Ultra Sonichu

Sonichu is the titular and intended primary protagonist of Christian Weston Chandler's world-renowned comic. He is a combination of Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu and is also Chris's imaginary son/friend. He goes on adventures and "zaps to the extreme!"

Sonichu's species, Sonichu, evolves from a Sonee, and can evolve into either Metonic or Ultra Sonichu. (Even though the original Sonichu mutated from Pikachu, which just makes the Sonichu comic even more convoluted.) Sonichu is only nominally the hero of the comic series, as he was swiftly pushed aside for Chris as soon as the comic became an allegory for real-life situations.

Creation and development

The first drawing of Sonichu, circa 2000, from one of Chris's homemade Pokémon cards[3]
The CD cover in question, Christian's Favorite Hits![4]

Chris revealed on his Wikipedia page that Sonichu is a product of a computer graphics class. In March 2000, Chris had to create a CD album cover for an assignment. Despite being a ridiculously simple project, with infinite possibilities for a possible CD cover, Chris still struggled with the assignment, because he could not use copyrighted characters. It seemed as if Chris's usual technique of "cover everything with shitty video game characters" wouldn't work this time...but then, inspiration struck:

Then it dawned on me at that moment after lunch, much like the random creation of Bionic the Hedgehog during Basketball Practice in my Freshman Year, Sonichu just bursted right into my imagination. A blur at first, but then it all became more clear and came together very well. So, as swiftly as the creation of Bionic, I drew Sonichu on paper from imagination, then I drew him on my currently open Photoshop program.

After checking with Miss. Chalifoux and my father, who is BIG on copyrights and whatnot; SONICHU WAS LEGAL THEN, and STILL IS and ONLY MINE! So, soon after, the CD-Cover was made, printed and Passed with an A+ Grade. :D

Chris on the origin of Sonichu, and why the public school system has failed us[5]

Thus, an Internet legend, Sonichu, was born.

Chris created the CWC's Sonichu Site! five months later, in August 2000. A few drawings of Sonichu appeared on the site, mostly on homemade Pokémon cards and other various sundry shit.

The comic began shortly thereafter: Chris drew a few short comics in the following four years which eventually appeared in Sonichu #0. The comic was completed and released in 2005, five years after Sonichu's conception (and to think people bitch about waiting a few months for new comics to come out...).

Sonichu's character design has changed little since Chris' first ill-inspired scrawling. Due to Megan's influence (read: wanting her sweet, wet china), Sonichu took on a more anime-like appearance. However, despite drawing Sonichu for over a decade, Chris has somehow managed to maintain the drawing skills of a six-year-old.

Fictional character biography

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Yellow electric hedgehog Pokemon. The original and one-and-only, he runs faster than the speed of sound. When danger is near, he will slice and zap it up.
Sonichu's background, Sonichu's News Dash! #2

What would later become known as "Sonichu" hatched as a Pichu on 17 March 1988,[1] which interestingly enough is also the exact birth date of Chris's cherished dog Patti.[6] It would eventually evolve into a Pikachu on 26 February 1994.[1]

A Pok'emon Watcher saw this one making out with a Jigglypuff once or twice. WILD.
Chris, CWCipedia

Our hero's story began as the Perfect Chaos Monster lay siege to the town of Station Square. Sonic the Hedgehog attempted to defeat the creature using the six Seven (though two are identical) Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Sonic. In the midst of this epic battle, Sonic bumped into a Pikachu who happened upon the scene. This collision somehow mutated the Pikachu so that it evolved to possess the physical characteristics and abilities of Sonic (Sonic himself was unchanged). After assisting with the defeat of the Perfect Chaos Monster, the ex-Pikachu declared himself to be a new species of Pokémon: Sonichu.

After his transformation, he ran back to his parents' nest, where he found that they had been caught by Pokémon trainers. Showing the same callousness his creator does after a great loss, Sonichu made no attempt to find them, nor did he never mention them again. He went on to refer to Chris as his father.[7]

While Sonichu had gained new abilities from his transformation, his larger size made it impractical for him to forage for nuts and berries in the forest. Upon discovering Rosechu in the woods, he hoped to beg for food from her trainer, Kel and thus stalked Rosechu back to her and Kel's cabin, whereupon he introduced himself to them. Rosechu was immediately attracted to Sonichu for such qualities as being unable to name his favorite color. Their whirlwind romance was quickly consummated, and the two became passionate lovers. After rescuing Rosechu from Naitsirhc at CWCville Mall, Sonichu became recognized as the hero of the city. CWCville's Mayor, Christian Weston Chandler, congratulated him for his victory; Sonichu in turn commended his creator's work on the Sonichu comics and wished him luck in his Love Quest.

Although Naitsirhc had been defeated, he succeeded in obtaining a sample of Sonichu's DNA which his adopted father, Giovanni, and Doctor Robotnik used to create Black Sonichu. Black Sonichu (unironically dubbed Blachu) was sent to capture Rosechu to lure Sonichu into a trap; however Giovanni and Robotnik did not reckon on Sonichu joining forces with Sonic. Together they overwhelmed both Blachu and Metal Sonichu to rescue Rosechu, who later met Amy Rose.

One day while zapping to the extreme, Sonichu encountered The Destiny Cave, a mysterious Cherokian chamber guarded by an old man. The keeper of the Destiny Cave explained that Sonichu was the prophesied creature whose master would enter the cave and receive special powers. Sonichu reported this to Christian, and took him back to the cave. There, they learned the Anchuent Prophecy, which revealed that Chris is the reincarnation of his Cherokian ancestor and foretold of the release of an ancient evil. Sonichu blamed himself for allowing this evil force to escape, but Chris reassured him. After Chris took on the powers of Chris-chan Sonichu, transforming him into a hedgehog, Sonichu helped him adjust to his new powers and body. No sooner had Chris-Chan mastered these abilities when he and his son were ambushed by Wes-Li Sonichu, the reincarnation of the head of the Wasabi Clan, who sought to renew the hostilities between the Wasabis and Cherokees. Saramah Rosechu, the reincarnation of the wife of Chris's ancestor, intervened to stop the battle. Sonichu and these three prophesied hedgehogs formed a tenuous alliance to defeat a giant golem monster summoned by Mary Lee Walsh and Count Graduon.

When Sonichu learned of Blachu's attempt to steal the Legendary Master Sunstone, he zapped to the scene of the crime, only to discover five other electric hedgehog Pokémon born from eggs dropped by the Chaotic Rainbow. Sonichu led this newly formed Chaotic Combo into battle against Blachu, defeating him utterly.

While Christian and Sonichu were chillin' at the mall, Mary Lee Walsh's forces attacked CWCville, prompting Christian to summon the Chaotic Combo and transform into Chrs-Chan Pure with his twin sister. Sonichu contributed relatively little to this battle, as Chris did most of the heavy lifting. In the aftermath of the attack, during which Crystal was imprisoned in Count Graduon's Dark Mirror Hole, Sonichu confided to Rosechu about dreams of seeing his creator with long hair in a mirror. When Reldnahc Ha-Taque and Black Sonichu attacked CWCville Mall, Sonichu and Magi-Chan accompanied Chris in responding to the emergency. Sonichu largely hung back as Chris battled his homosexual evil twin.

After the threat of Reldnahc was eliminated, Chris, Magi-Chan, and Sonichu pooled their efforts to retrieve one of the seven Sonichu Balls from 1996. Magi-chan created a sphere to contain them, which Sonichu's tremendous speed would accelerate backwards through time. Although they successfully obtained the Sonichu Ball and returned to the present, Chris was lost in the time stream. Sonichu was disheartened by the disappearance of his father, but was able to console Rosechu so that she would be willing to have sex with him.

The next day, after hours of vigorous sexual intercourse, Sonichu and Rosechu discovered the website spreading slanderous lies about them and their friends. Most notably, the site had pictures of Rosechu with a penis -- pictures which caused Sonichu to collapse into violent nausea. Outraged, the couple stormed the building to confront Jason Kendrick Howell. When Howell refused to remove the offending content from his website, Sonichu attacked him in an rage, but was easily defeated. It instead fell to Rosechu to teach Howell a lesson by shoving her breasts and pussy in his face while eating his brain.

During Spring Break, Sonichu was briefly seen talking to Rosechu and surfing.

After Chris's return from the Time Void, Sonichu returned to his role as second fiddle to Chris, doing the latter's bidding as Ultra Sonichu with some godlike powers of his own.

When forces of evil attacked CWCville, Sonichu took time out from raging at homos and objectifying his wife in order to defend the city. When granted the opportunity to finish the primary villain once and for all, Sonichu released her in order to allow his father to grab all the glory of defeating her (and thus putting the city in further danger).

Later, after Collosal Chan's crimes against humanity, Sonichu served as "plaintif"[sic]/witness in the mock trial of the Asperpedia Four. After the predetermined verdict, Sonichu took part in Evan's brutal execution.

Sonichu has also made an appearance drawn in marker on CWC's duck.

Characteristics and personal life


Sonichu's hobbies include running, surfing and chillin'. He enjoys outdoor activities and the scenery around him. He appears to be undecided on whether his favorite color is yellow or blue.

He is deeply in love with his sweet-bolt, Rosechu, with whom he lives at a subdivision at 14 Brunchville Lane, CWCville, Virginia, 02024-1982. Sonichu is normally rather calm and collected, but when Rosechu's reputation is besmirched he flies into unthinking rage and/or vomits profusely. Sonichu is rarely seen away from Rosechu's side, and it is possible that his relationship with her has become overly possessive and abusive behind closed doors.

"Chris almighty, I zap to the extreme all fucking day, can't I have a goddamn can of Reeb and watch TV, woman?"

Despite maintaining an appearance of living in carnal sin, Sonichu and Rosechu have been secretly married since March 17, 2006[8] (a possible retcon by Chris to address complaints about Sonichu and Rosechu having sex outside of marriage). The two have gone to great lengths to keep it under wraps, wearing gloves over their wedding rings and keeping their three children — Cerah (potentially named after Sarah Hammer, Sarah Jackson, PandaHalo or Sarah May; take your pick), Robbie (most likely named after the retarded hero from The Adventures of The American Rabbit, or the not-so-retarded hero of the Chandler household), and Christine (one guess) — hidden in the attic like so many flowers. Whatever sordid reason for burying their union remains a mystery. It has become rapidly apparent that Christian believes that his characters exist outside the confines of his scented marker universe, though one wonders if a personage as bland and poorly-developed as Wild Sonichu could truly survive in our harsh world.

Since Chris is a rather closed-minded individual and requires all good people in his comics to be as he is, Sonichu, Rosechu and most likely their three abominations are Protestant Christians.

Although many of his friends are members of his own species, his closest friend is his father and creator, Christian Weston Chandler. As the Sonichu series has shifted its focus from the titular character to its writer, Sonichu's role has been that of Christian's closest confident as he struggles to persevere in his Love Quest and endure the Stressful Torture of the internet bullies. When Giovanni asked Sonichu to declare Reldnahc the new Mayor of CWCville in exchange for Rosechu's life, he chose to defend Christian's mayoral throne without hesitation.[9] Like father, like son.

Chris has revealed that Sonichu's son, Robbie Sonee, is a Tomgirl.[10] As of 25 August 2014, Chris claims Sonichu is still 100% straight,[11] but with the Idea Guy-retcon of Rosechu coming out as transgender, his sexuality can be questioned.


Sonichu's voice, as Chris would be his ideal candidate for a voice actor should there ever be a Sonichu cartoon, is more or less Chris's voice but in a slightly higher tone.[12]

Chris provided an example of Sonichu's voice in Update: 2/25/16.

Sexual prowess

Sonichu's luck with the ladies apparently predates his transformation into an Electric Hedgehog Pokémon, as his CWCipedia biography notes that when he was still a Pikachu he made out with a Jigglypuff.[1]. Also, in Sonichu 8, Jiggliami says she used to have a Pikachu boyfriend. This raises some very disturbing implications, as the CWCipedia article also gives 1988 as the year of his birth and 1998 as the year in which he became Sonichu, meaning he could have not been older than 10 years at the time of said liaison.

Chris has provided very intense details about Sonichu and Rosechu's anatomy.[13] When erect, Sonichu's pickle is easily seven inches (18 cm) long, and often ruptures the condoms he uses when 69-ing his beloved Rosechu.[9]

Powers, abilities and weaknesses

Sonichu's stats. You know, for all the people who give a damn.

Aside from the obvious super-speed and body-spinning powers transferred to him from Sonic, Sonichu also possesses many powers based on his original Pikachu form, most notably his lightning and thunder attacks. Some of his special attacks include:

  • Sky Uppercut: Jumping punch to the head from below, presumably similar in fashion to the Shoryuken from the Street Fighter games.
  • Mega Kick: A martial arts-style kick, sometimes done in midair.
  • Double Team: The attacker quickly creates multiple false duplicates of themselves, disguising the real one temporarily and allowing them an opportunity to attack whilst the target is confused.
  • Spin Dash: Attacker curls into a ball and spins on the spot, before releasing and hurtling directly into the victim in a high-speed rolling attack. In the original games where this move came from, it was capable of breaking barriers, but this has yet to be seen in the comics.
  • Zap Cannonball: Attacker creates a ball of pure electrical energy in their hands, before thrusting their palms forward to fire it at the victim, in a similar fashion to the Hadouken from the Street Fighter games, or the Thunder Strike from Mega Man 7.
  • Iron Tail: Attacker swings his tail at the victim to hit them in a slapping attack.
  • Mud Slap: Attacker kicks conveniently placed mud to the victim's eyes to lower their accuracy.
  • Thunderbolt: Attacker charges up electrical power in body, before releasing it at the victim in the form of a long-ranged bolt of electricity.
  • Thunder: Attacker charges up electrical power, and uses it to summon lighting bolts down to the victim whilst simultaneously firing off electricity for a powerful lightning attack.

Sonichu may well possess other special powers that have only been utilized during the scenes where he is off-panel, while Chris takes over the story.

Interestingly, it is said that Sonichu and Blake are virtually the same. That being said, if one takes Blake's training in Sonichu #1 seriously, then that would mean that Sonichu is actually slower than Sonic. Blake's given speed was 200 km/h (124 mph), much slower than Sonic, who can apparently hit Mach 1 (1,225 km/h / 761 mph) unassisted (so far, the best Sega has been able to show in-game is around 300 mph (483 km/h) in Sonic Unleashed). Even more, it is said that Blake can reach a spinning power of 200 rpm, which is barely enough to get a cool breeze. (However, in Sonichu's News Dash! #2 Chris claimed that Sonichu can go faster than the speed of sound.)

Sonichu has a literally paralyzing allergy to pickles, and eating too much of them can make him swell like a balloon.[11]

Sonichu as a Mary Sue

Sonichu is as straight as Chris.

Aside from being an unoriginal Sonic recolor that blatantly violates international copyright laws, one of the chief traits of Sonichu that drew trolls to Chris is that Sonichu is a Mary Sue. In other words, he is an obvious avatar for Chris's personal power fantasies.

When the comics don't focus on Chris himself, they still manage to focus on Sonichu, who serves as Chris's idealized version of himself. Unlike Chris, Sonichu has a girlfriend whom he met, fell in love with, and drew into a meaningful relationship in a few hours' time; is agile, good looking, and loved by everyone; and despite his success, he somehow manages to "admire" Chris.

A notable instance of Sonichu as a Mary Sue is in Sonichu #8, where Sonichu merely stands in for Chris as he fights the trolls during the battle with The fact that Sonichu ultimately gets his ass kicked and has to be saved by his sweetheart just adds another level to this dumbfuckery.

Idea Guy influences

The Idea Guys were here.

Chris was brainwashed into believing that Sonichu was born in 1992, shares a birthday with Adolf Hitler, and that Chris would need to sodomize him (either in a drawing or real life) to conceive Crystal.[14]
Sonichu, on being buttfucked by his creator.
The fulfilment of prophecy, according to Magi-Chan.


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