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I'm straight, he's a homo.
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Sonichu character
Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc
Date of birth 24 February 1982 (in universe)

12 June 1991 (retcon)[1]

24 March 2005 (IRL)

Gender Male
Also known as Kid[1]
Species Human (can transform into an Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Parents Two biker gang members (adopted)[1]
Education No traditional schooling[1]
Occupation Formerly heir to Team Rocket[2], now works on a wrecking crew.[1]
Transforms into Reldnahc Ha-Taque

Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc (pronounced [ɹɛldnæk ˈnɑtsoː ˈneɪtsɚk],[3] "relld-nack not-so nate-sirk"), formerly Naitsirhc Rodriguez,[4] is the "evil twin" of Christian Weston Chandler (despite being unrelated). His name is obviously Christian's full name backwards.

Reldnahc was originally introduced as a member of Team Rocket and the creator of Black Sonichu, but the mystical powers unleashed by Christian's discovery of the Anchuent Prophecy revealed to him his true nature and his ability to transform into Reldnahc Ha-Taque. To this day, he is still demonstrably straighter than Chris.

Since discovering that he is the opposite number of Christian, Reldnahc has embraced anything that is anathema to the Mayor of CWCville. Most notably in this regard, for many years up until Sonichu #11 Reldnahc was the only openly gay male character in Sonichu.[5] As a fun fact, Chris lets Reldnahc point out that they differ because of his openness, but not his homosexuality.[6]


With everything else on his plate, he still found time to write a self-help book. This man TRULY IS the diametric opposite of CWC.
As a member of Team Rocket, and son of Giovanni, he has caught, or stolen, all rare Pokémon. He yerns [sic] to catch Sonichu.
Naitsirhc Animal Crossing card

Although little is known about how Christian developed the character, it can be assumed that the idea of spelling his own name in reverse for the name of a villain immediately appealed to his colossal narcissism. Reldnahc debuted in Sonichu #0 as the son/lackey of Team Rocket boss Giovanni, belying his greater significance to the Sonichu canon. However, Chris appears to have always colored the character's eyes red and orange (in contrast to his own green and blue eyes, the former two being the opposite of the latter two on the color wheel), foreshadowing his later role as Chris's dark reflection. It should be noted that Silver, the rival character of Pokémon Gold and Silver also has red hair and is Giovanni's son. Chris claimed to be unaware of this, and has said that Naitsirhc is adopted.[7]

Much as Crystal represents Christian's inner speculation about what he'd be like if he were female, Reldnahc clearly represents what Chris thinks would happen if he surrendered himself to the temptations of sexual deviancy. Chief among these temptations is, of course, homosexuality, but also of note is Reldnahc's penchant for partial nudity ("Put a shirt on!"), torn jeans, unusual body piercings, and willingness to ejaculate wherever he pleases. According to Chris, Reldnahc's costume in Sonichu #6 is based on that of Key, a bishōnen J-rock star in Excel Saga, whose sexuality unnerved Chris.[8]

It is possible that Chris embodied his possible homosexual tendencies into Reldnahc unconsciously, and consciously just justified him as a metaphor for a lifestyle of which he has an irrational fear. Reldnahc was an avatar into which he could segregate elements of his personality that he deemed undesirable; his struggles with empathy, his temper and, of course, his temptations towards "steering off the straight path", while comic Chris embodies what he believes are his positive traits to combat his negatives. Reldnahc states that the defining difference between him and Chris is that Reldnahc is "open" about his homosexuality, suggesting that Chris is, in some small way, aware of his curiosity towards other men, but unconsciously revealed a little more than he intended. By trying to hard to prove that he is straight by creating a transparently-evil gay character, Chris only helps to imply the opposite.

Fictional biography

In Naitsirhc's first appearance, he isn't quite such a homo.
Reldnahc IRL.

The boy that would later be known as Reldnahc hatched from an egg on June 12, 1991 in Montana. He was taken in by a married couple from a biker gang. He wasn't sent to any kind of traditional school, as his adoptive parents were always on the road. The couple "believed in letting the child choose their own name", so they left the name field on his birth certificate blank. He was referred to in his childhood only as "Kid". He often dreamt dreams of the future, in which he was referred to by his future name, Naitsirhc. On his seventh birthday, he took the name Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc, inspired by his dreams, directly contradicting what Chris previously stated about Naitsirhc's name.[4]

However, in May of 2000, the biker gang Naitsirhc's parents were a part of came into conflict with Team Rocket. Naitsirhc's parents were killed, and the three remaining members of the gang fled, leaving Naitsirhc behind. Seeing the damage Naitsirhc inflicted on his grunts, Giovanni invited the boy into Team Rocket. Naitsirhc joined the organization, and was allowed by Giovanni to train with the Kanto Gym Leaders to increase his strength as a Trainer. Throughout this journey, Naitsirhc caught his Zapdos and Raikou, and made a friendship with Kel. He defeated Giovanni's biological son, Silver, in a battle, earning Giovanni's approval.[1]

Acting on behalf of Team Rocket, Naitsirhc Giovanni first menaced CWCville in 2003, shortly after Sonichu first evolved from a Pikachu. This was Naitsirhc's first exposure to any type of Sonichu.[1] While Sonichu and Rosechu were shopping at CWCville Mall, Naitsirhc unleashed a Zapdos to abduct Rosechu as bait to capture Sonichu. Provoked into action, Sonichu quickly confused and overpowered the Zapdos with his Double Team attack, and forced Naitsirhc to withdraw. Naitsirhc vowed he would capture Sonichu someday.[2] After this, Naitsirhc would have dreams of himself as a Sonichu, which he mainly shrugged off.[1]

Naitsirhc did not come away empty-handed. The tissue samples and surveillance photos he obtained were used by his adoptive father, Giovanni, to convince Doctor Robotnik to form an alliance. Together, Robotnik and Team Rocket aspired to create a clone of Sonichu. However, Team Rocket researcher Bill the Scientist accidentally spilled cherry cola onto Sonichu's DNA sample, creating unexpected side effects in the clone. Naitsirhc was the first to notice the clone's darker complexion, and named the new creature "Black Sonichu". Direct authority over the clone was assigned to Naitsirhc, who asserted himself as Blachu's master and coordinated field missions for the shadowy Electric Hedgehog Pokémon. After meeting Blachu, Naitsirhc started to become disturbed at the thought of being a Pokémon himself.[1]

Naitsirhc first sent Black Sonichu to kidnap Rosechu, again using the girl as bait for Sonichu, which might well have succeeded if not for Sonic the Hedgehog. In his second outing, Blachu was ordered by Naitsirhc to obtain the Legendary Master Sunstone from Flame the Sunbird, another mission resulting only in failure.[2]

In the weeks prior to Mary Lee Walsh and Count Graduon invading CWCville with their army of Jerkops, Naitsirhc began to suffer from the feeling of an ominous presence, and of something bad happening to him. During the battle itself, Chris-Chan Sonichu was pulled into Graduon's Dark Mirror Hole, triggering a part of the Anchuent Prophecy:

When the original medal is submerged in darkness, the dark medal will appear, and he who's [sic] name is reverse, will transform into the ultimate dark being.

At the same moment in Viridian City, Naitsirhc was suddenly able to hear Christian's thoughts, and a Black Sonichu version of Christian's medallion materialized on his chest. By the time Black Sonichu discovered his master's condition, he had completely transformed into the foretold ultimate dark being: a green Sonic recolor in a codpiece. Naitsirhc now desired to rule the world and kill Christian using the seven Sonichu Balls. According to Black Sonichu, Naitsirhc began acting rudely to Giovanni and insulting Blachu at every opportunity. Most diabolically, Naitsirhc soiled Black Sonichu's rocket boots with whipped cream (originally some creamy stuff). That's some ultimate dark being.

Reldnahc Ha-Taque
Naitsirhc launches his Special Mangina Attack.

Naitsirhc restyled himself as "Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc", now possessing the same abilities as Christian, including the power to transform into an Electric Hedgehog Furfag form, Reldnahc Ha-Taque (by invoking the words "Dark Shocker Power"), and the ability to fire the Curse-ye-ha-me-ha's evil twin, the Quee-fee-mae-mo-bo-bo[9], whatever the fuck that's supposed to mean. He also gained a powerful healing factor Chris likened to the DC Comics character Deathstroke. This prevented him from receiving any of the side effects associated with alcohol and tobacky, which he frequently used.[1] While Christian and his allies were discussing the need to obtain the Sonichu Balls to rescue Crystal, Black Sonichu and Reldnahc broke into a jewelry store at the CWCville Mall to steal one of the precious Balls. In their respective hedgehog forms, Chris and Reldnahc fought a lengthy, strenuous battle at high-speed, culminating at Manchester High School, where the unexpected return of Bionic the Hedgehog saved Christian from certain doom. A blow to the head from Bionic's basketball knocked Reldnahc against the gymnasium bleachers, leaving him in a coma for ten weeks. Upon recovering, Reldnahc swore revenge against Bionic.

Naitsirhc was next seen attending a conference of the enemies of Christian Chandler, held to discuss plans following Christian's disappearance in the time void. He was among a group of evil Electric Hedgehogs that terrorized the city, along with Silvana and Wes-Li. During a confrontation with Bionic, he attempted to get his revenge with an embarrassment curse, but Bionic was somehow able to grab the ethereal energy like a basketball and throw it back, causing Naitsirhc to piss and shit his pants. He retreated in embarrassment, vowing vengeance again. For whatever reason, Chris is really playing up Bionic as a rival to Naitsirhc; if he's put any thought into this at all, it might be because Sonichu #9 ends with Chris writing himself out of the comic, supposedly forever. Although he's back in Sonichu #10, with an even bigger plot significance than ever before.

Toward the end of Sonichu #9, Reldnahc is injected with the gay vaccine and, since apparently one can only access the Anchuent powers by being homo, robbed of his ability to turn into Reldnahc Ha-Taque. Assuming this has driven the evil from Reldnahc, Chris has him warped away to Kel, where he shall never be seen again, and the two can fall in (STRAIGHT!) love. Which is totally just that easy to predict.

Reldnahc made a surprising return in Sonichu #12, and like everyone, he is surprised by the fact Chris is a transsexual. He also revealed that despite the vaccine, he is still a homosexual and abandoned Kel. Returning to CWCville, he would live in an old, abandoned house, not wanting to go to a Soup Hotel (though he would contradict himself by saying he came to CWCville to go to there). Encountering Chris, he textwalled Chris with valid complaints. However, Chris countered with an equally long textwall that somehow made him give up. While walking away he would be sucked into a portal, where he met Count Graduon. Graduon, now possessing Metal Sonichu, offers to give Reldnahc back his hedgehog powers in exchange for serving him. Eager to have his power back, Reldnahc accepts. Reldnahc would return again in his transformed state to fight against Chris. The two would fight off-screen in a pocket dimension with Chris being the obvious victor.

Chris stated on Twitter that since Count Graduon had been less of a threat in 'recent years', Reldnahc had become more of an anti-hero character, and that Reldnahc had also become bisexual.[1]


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