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Chris was brainwashed into believing that Blake became an Islamic extremist who saw Osama Bin Laden as a hero. An illustration of the character in Sonichu 13 showcases him in a trenchcoat and fedora, with an ISIL/ISIS flag in his possession.
He was cloned from Sonichu's DNA. with an accidental dose of Cherry Cola, in Giovanni's evil lab. Blachu [Blake] can run fast as fast as Sonichu, but they don't see spark-to-spark.
Black Sonichu [Blake] Animal Crossing card

Sonichu character
Name Blake
Birth name Black Sonichu
Gender Male
Birthday 22 March 1999 (in universe, as Black Sonichu)

No later than 24 July 2002 (IRL)

Type Dark/Electric[1]
Species Sonichu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon) clone
Length 5'4" (1.6256 m)
Weight 120 lb (54.4 kg)
Evolves from Sonee or Pikachu
Evolves into Silver Blachu

Blake, originally called Black Sonichu (and occasionally Blachu; born 22 March 1999[2]), is a Sonichu, and was once the arch-nemesis of Sonichu. He is also, inexplicably, Bubbles Rosechu's boyfriend (and later husband outside of the comic canon, with whom he has a child). However, for some reason, Blake and Bubbles decided to hide it from all of their friends, not knowing that their friends already knew about the relationship. He rips off three characters: Shadow the Hedgehog, Pikachu and Mewtwo.

Despite effectively being yet another recolor of Sonichu, Blake is not part of the Chaotic Combo due to being a clone of Sonichu Prime. He does heavily associate with him after he stops being a villain, in spite of this.


While Chris has taken care to inform us of the precise dates in which he conceived of Sonichu and Rosechu,[3] he did not do the same for Blake. We can safely deduce that he was not conceived at a point later than 24 July 2002, since on said date Chris made a homemade card of Blake (then called Black Sonichu).

The idea of Blake seems to have welled up as a device for Chris to cope with his feelings of anger by externalizing them. Several months before creating his Black Sonichu card, he experimented with a "Dark Christian" card to express his jealousy of Harry Potter; and an "Evil Energy" card. As early as 2000 he had devised a "Dark Sonichu" card for "whenever Sonichu is full of anger." In the coming years he would make similar attempts to project his own feelings of discomfort onto cartoon dopplegangers with Naitsirhc and Crystal.

In early to mid-2003, with the beginning of his Love Quest, Black Sonichu increasingly came to represent his jealousy of the JERKS and his self-identification as a virgin with rage. The Sonichu canon was a clear case of wish-fulfillment, and Blake stood for everything which interfered with those wishes. On discovering that Sarah Hammer was going out with Wes Iseli, Chris imagined a fantasy world where he (Sonichu) was the beloved sweetheart of Sarah (Rosechu) and the villainous Black Sonichu was the jealous Wes, who stalked the lovers.[4][5] This same theme was played out in the very first classic Sonichu strip, completed on 3 January 2004. The truth is that while it's common to speak of Sonichu as Chris's Mary Sue, it would be more accurate to say that Chris's emotional state in these years was actually embodied in Blake.

Only later would Blake evolve into a blatant rip-off of Shadow the Hedgehog, starting out as Sonichu's nemesis but later becoming an ally.

In the comics

Sonichu #1

Blake's stats. You know, in case you gave a damn.

He first appeared in issue 1, episode 4. Dr. Robotnik was attempting to clone Sonichu and the cloning process was corrupted by "an accidental dose of cherry cola," spilled by Bill The Scientist.

This soda in his DNA changed his fur color to black and red. This makes him an obvious ripoff of Shadow the Hedgehog. Shortly after being created, he was ordered to kidnap Rosechu. Sonic and Sonichu thwarted this plan much to his chagrin. As punishment for kidnapping her, Rosechu punched him in the face and knocked some of his teeth out, showing what a pussy he really is.

When Hedgehogs Meet

Blake is ordered to steal the Legendary Master Sunstone by Giovanni because Blake is his bitch. Easily overpowering Flame the Sunbird, he jumps on his hoverboard and escapes with Flame in pursuit. During the chase, he somehow manages to pass by and piss off almost every single member of the soon-to-be-formed Chaotic Combo. Sonichu himself jumps into the mix and every last one of them gangs up on Blake and beats the living crap out of him - fair fighting, y'know?

Sonichu #5

In issue five, Blake actually refers to Naitsirhc as his father while mistaking him for CWC. Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc wears a Blake Medallion that allows him to transform into an evil Electric Hedgehog Pokémon.

Sonichu #6

Blake is dismayed to see that Naitsirhc has become Reldnahc Ha-Taque. After robbing stores with him, Blake complains to Sonichu and Magi-Chan about how he was really mean to him - insulting him all the time and putting whipped cream in his rocket boots. Blake then allows the reader to see that he has the hots for Bubbles - in spite of her helping the Chaotic Combo beat seven shades of crap out of him.

Episode 18 Prologue

On March 21, Bubbles celebrates Blake’s birthday alone with him. They share a kiss after explaining how Blake has the maturity of a twenty-year-old despite being cloned only four years ago.

Spring break

Blake approaches Rosechu, Angelica and Bubbles whilst they sunbathe on the beach and kicks sand in their faces to make him look badass. Bubbles steps up to “deal with this jerk.” She restrains him and leads him away with the others to be alone with him. The other two Rosechus think it’s “cute” that they pretend to not be a couple.

Bubbles and Blake agree to have sex under a pier after she finds the Sonichu Ball. Unfortunately for Blake, Silvana takes the form of Bubbles so she can rape him just for laughs. Bubbles finds the Sonichu Ball, but not in time to save Blake.


CWCville is attacked by PVCC and fighting ensues all over the city. On the waterfront, Blake and Bubbles defeat an entire fleet of S.A.V.'s and proceed to kiss afterwards. Later on, at the end of the episode, they're seen outside of the CWCville Shopping Center along with the rest of Chris's Electric Hedgehog Pokémons and their respective partners. Blake and Bubbles are holding hands, suggesting that they're no longer hiding their relationship from the rest of the public.

Christian Chandler in Director Amenities

As this was the episode in which Chris's narcissism reached its pinnacle, it was more than fitting for it to also be the story in which Blake completed his transformation into just another one of Chris's pawns. Despite becoming a full fledged good guy, Blake's propensity toward evil in this episode is greater than ever.

After returning from the Time Void, Chris orders Blake and Punchy to go outside of the 4-cent Garbage building where he and Sonichu will meet them later. Once all the members of Christian and the Hedgehog Boys get together, they proceed to destroy the 4-cent Garbage building by playing the song Revive Zordon in its proximity. Hundreds endure death and injury as the building collapses, making Blake and the rest of his bandmates mass murderers.

Later on the episode's plot is briefly interrupted for Chris to make a non-apology apology to the LGBT community and other readers he had offended. Blake is standing next to him along with Bubbles, Sonichu and Rosechu, suggesting that his status within Chris's entourage has risen considerably. Blake's next appearance is in the mayor's office where he joins the rest of Chris's goons in ranting against the Asperpedia four. He is last seen in the episode (and in Sonichu altogether) as he is standing next to Bubbles while she presses one of the ten buttons needed to activate the electric chair to which Alec is strapped. Blake stares at Alec with indignant rage, despite having a rap sheet far worse than that of the doomed comic creator.

CWCipedia biography

The only differences are their color, shoes and this one is more evil.
Chris, informing us that Sonichu is also evil to some degree, and that Sonichu and Blake have less in common than Sonichu and any other Sonichu
Blake comments on Chris's manboobs post-transition.

According to the CWCipedia's entry on Blake, he was created on 22 March 1999, following the battle between Sonichu and Naitsirhc Giovanni on 12 August 1998 (It's cited that it took a while to rebuild the cloning machine, most likely referring to Mewtwo's escape in Pokémon: The First Movie). Through the help of Bill the Scientist, cherry soda is spilled into the DNA, which causes the Sonichu to turn black. Four months later, Black is primed to battle Sonichu, though his first battle goes sour even with the arrival of Metal Sonichu. Blake would continue to do evil, stealing the Master Sunstone and the like. It's said that he enjoyed the rush of villainy, but at the same time, started regretting it.

Everything would change when Black Sonichu prepared to capture Sonichu and Rosechu during their wedding. There, he would see Bubbles Rosechu for the first time. He was so enamored over her that he didn't fire the net gun he was intending to use to capture the two with when he wanted to and when he did, he missed completely. He would learn her name through one of the programs for the wedding. The two wouldn't meet again until Naitsirhc's transformation into Reldnahc. When they did meet, Bubbles ended up chewing out Black for a good fifteen minutes. Not accustomed to criticism, Black did "an emotional One-Eighty" and just broke down and cried like the baby he was, begging for forgiveness. Bubbles accepted and began forming a bond with him. Over ice cream, Black introduced himself as "Black Sonichu," but Bubbles hated a name like that, so she named him "Blake," after a star's name.

When coming into contact with the seven Sonichu Balls or the seven Chaos Emeralds, Blake can temporarily transform into Silver Blachu. His powers are very similar to those of Ultra Sonichu, Sonichu's own temporary transformation which is induced by the seven Sonichu Balls.[6] Silver is identical to Blake in physical appearance, with the exception of having gray fur rather than black. Practically none of this shows up in the comic itself, not even through Chris's lazy textwalls he uses to explain the minor details (such as the tragic death of his true, God-foreseen love) he doesn't want to bother drawing.

In Mailbag 31, Chris refers to Blake as "a deep individual". He hasn't given us any explanation on what makes him "deep", either in the comic or in his CWCkipedia article. Like all other Sonichus, he is flat, boring and only interested in fucking. He is the only slightly interesting Sonichu because of his villainous roots, which is completely ignored once he turns to "the good side".


An artist's rendition.

Originally, Blake was just referred to as "Black Sonichu" or "Blachu", but Chris decided to change the name to avoid appearing racially-insensitive in the face of "fan" pressure. Why the Electric-Hedgehog Pokémon formerly known as Black Sonichu suddenly chose to go by "Blake" is never revealed. Chris assumed that everyone would understand why his name is now Blake in the context of the Sonichu universe, so all of the characters just went along with it with no further questions asked.

Chris, in the CWCipedia article on Sonichu, finally provided the in-universe reason as to why Black Sonichu changed his name to Blake - because Blake felt like it.[7] This was later retconned into saying that Bubbles gave him the name.[8]

Some argue that Chris was indeed ripping off Jimmy Hill's incarnation of Black Sonichu, who was named "Blake" for some time before Chris started using Blake.[9]

Despite going to great lengths to use the retconned names in the Official Videobooks (such as "Nicole Rammer" for Sarah Hammer), Chris still uses Blake's original name in most of Sonichu #0 and Sonichu #1.

Love Quest

It seems as if daddy issues run in the Chandler blood.

In episode 18, it is revealed that Blake has a secret, unforeshadowed romance with Bubbles, and that they have sex with "raincoats". Nobody else in CWCville knows about their love affair. To cover up their relationship, they pretend to fight and he acts like an ass. At the end of the episode, he gets raped by a shape-shifting hermaphrodite named Silvana. This rape is meant to be a metaphor representing Chris being trolled by men pretending to be women online.

Interestingly enough, in Chris's imagination, Bubbles and Blake were married 4 July 2009, at Angelica's church. This indicates that despite Blake's failure to control his own libido, Bubbles forgave him and everyone lived happily ever after.[10] Of course, as the two hadn't practiced safe sex, or maybe because his condom eventually failed, they have concieved a son named Donatello Sonichu. In his only appearance, he tried to talk his dad into being in a family photo, which Blake was adamant about.


Blake Sonidemaru

A counterpart of Blake from dimension CS-89, the Dungeons and Dragons dimension.



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