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RuleCWC (pronounced [ˈruːlkwɪk]) is Chris's idiotic version of Hyrule, a fictional country depicted in The Legend of Zelda series of games.

Ignoring, for a moment, the hijacking of another setting, even the very name given to this setting is an example of Chris's arrogance and also his complete lack of creativity. Rather than creating an original name, he simply opted to slap his initials on it, much in the same way as he did to his primary setting. It should also be noted that the name of the setting is about as pleasing to the ear as the screams of burning children. If Chris were capable of even the slightest degree of phonetic savvy he may have opted for a more pleasing yet no less self-glorifying, "Highfunctioningrule".

Sonichu refers to the kingdom as "RuleCWC of England", meaning that apparently the kingdom has ties to England despite presumably existing in CWCville. This could just be Chris connecting Hyrule to England since they both have monarchies, but to this day nobody has a clue what the hell Sonichu was talking about and just what exactly the geographical situation of RuleCWC is.

RuleCWC is ruled by a childless King and Queen, who adopted Zelina when she hatched as a Rosey in their court, and made her their successor. She grew up to become Zelina Rosechu (a ripoff of Amy Rose, Raichu, Princess Zelda, and Morgana Macawber). Meanwhile, a Sonee hatched in RuleCWC forest. After being trained by a "rogue master swordsman" (a ripoff of Link) and an owl named King Alistair (a ripoff of Kaepora Gaebora), he evolved into Darkbind Sonichu (a ripoff of Sonic the Hedgehog, Pikachu, Link and Darkwing Duck).[1]

Clawdorf (a ripoff of Ganondorf) also lives in RuleCWC, and placed eternal sleep over the princess, until Ultra Sonichu woke her.

Aside from being the initial location of two of the Sonichu Balls, RuleCWC serves absolutely no importance to the storyline whatsoever. Its backstory/subplot, first opened in Sonichu #6, remained unaddressed until Sonichu #10, when Ultra Sonichu descended on Zelina in a cloud of glory and woke her from her coma with his deus ex machina powers. Chris did this in response to wide accusations by fans that the subplot was left hanging, but rather than wrap up the useless stump he chose to leave it open by awakening Clawdorf.


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