Chloe Rosechu

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Sonichu character
Chloe Rosechu
Date of birth 1991
Gender Female
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Species Rosechu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric
Evolves from Rosey (Moon Stone)
Chloe is of a generic high-school girl personality
Chris, using his sexism in an attempt to justify yet another piece of godawful writing. Mailbag 7

Chloe Rosechu is yet another bland and unappealing Rosechu, brought in to provide a girlfriend for a bland and unappealing Sonichu. Even Chris admits (see above) that she's got no personality. Like a good 60% of the currently existing Electric Hedgehog Pokemon, she never substantially contributes to the story and exists simply for the sake of existing. Chloe was originally created by PandaHalo as part of an attempt by trolls to get Chris to include more troll characters in the comic, somewhat in the vein of Evan's character Simonchu before them.

Sonic recoloring isn't that hard, Chris, you have no excuse.

Chris of course jumped at the opportunity to include them, drawing them into Sonichu #9 as part of his continual war against creativity. She and her counterpart BlazeBob Sonichu were probably intended to have a bigger role in the comic, but the abrupt ending of the PandaHalo saga when Chris convinced himself that she died in the Australian bushfires put an end to that idea. Instead, the two characters only appeared in a four page tribute to their master when her own comic avatar burned to death in a fire during the Battle of CWCville.[1][2]

During the fire which ultimately killed PandaHalo in the comic, she threw two Pokéballs out the window of the burning building, not wanting them to "burn with [her]".[3] These Pokéballs turned out to contain Chloe and BlazeBob, despite Chris previously asserting that Electric Hedgehog Pokémon had to be caught in S-Chu Balls. During her single appearance, Chloe's only action was to mourn Panda's death, before being told to move on by BlazeBob and being shouted at by some dickweed fireman for not helping Sonichu and his forces to fight the Jerkops, because apparently in CWCville, being a Sonichu means that you are obligated to fight in Chris's battles for him.

She is yet to reappear since.

According to Chris in Mailbag 34, Chloe and BlazeBob live in Poké Balls because they come from Australia. Why this would make a difference, no one is quite sure, but apparently, it does.



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