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Another mix of fan questions and personal chatting from 2 January 2009.

This transcript begins with a sexy personal chat between Chris and PandaHalo. It's characteristic of their interactions around this time - Panda is obviously mocking Chris, while Chris is entirely oblivious. Later, Chris chats with his "fans," including Vivian Gee, who asks many penetrating and revealing questions.


In his "private" conversation with Panda (it was still a regular, public IRC chat, except Chris was told the chat was being set to "private"), Chris is obviously doing his best to seem "gentlemanly" and restrained. He refuses to be lured into cyber sex by her remarks about topless photos, nude photos, photos of her playing with her "five-speed manual" dildo, or the prospect of an orgy with the Sonichu Girls. It's likely that at this point he was distracted by his new would-be sweetheart, Julie.

Turning to a more serious subject, Panda mentions that her father is suffering from terminal cancer. Chris responds with his typical lack of empathy and seems to be fundamentally confused as to the meaning of the word "terminal," unless he believes that Panda's father might actually be saved by the power of prayer. When Panda has to reconnect to the chat, Chris, being paranoid, decides to test her by saying he's sorry her aunt has leukemia, obviously expecting her to calmly correct him by saying her father has melanoma and thus proving she's the real Panda. (Of course, Chris is unaware of a subtle concept called "not fucking around about deathly ill relatives".)

At one point Chris mentions a potential love quest accessory that he never seems to have put into practice: "a red name sticker with the word 'Single' on it."

After slipping out of his "private" chat with Panda, Chris begins answering several questions from BlueSpike and Vivian covering a wide range of topics.

Asked to describe his "creative process," he delivers a complex monologue that boils down to "I make it up as I go along." Crayola Super Tip is his favored marker for coloring.

After Vivian brings up the supposed popularity of Sonichu among the gay community (evidenced by the Gay 4 Sonichu website), Chris declares that male homosexuality should be a crime, although "women are safe." (It's not clear whether he means that gay women are safe from imprisonment, or that he himself is "safe" since they don't represent a disturbing temptation.) He proposes that gay men be sent to mixed-sex prisons with convicted prostitutes and other female inmates, arguing that they will come out "reprogrammed." Pressed concerning his hatred of homos, he becomes increasingly combative and eventually contradicts himself: "I don't mind associating with men, straight or homo, I just feel most uncomfortable being close to them."

Chris goes on to explain his hatred of the Xbox 360, which hinges on his refusal to pay for online gaming. This is odd in light of Chris's enormous bill for PlayStation Network downloads. He shows a total ignorance of how the concept of intelligence quotient works, estimating that he has a world-record IQ in excess of 300, and seems to mistake Asperger's syndrome for Alzheimer's disease while answering a question about his autism.

Chris's New Year's resolution: "Lose my Virginity with a Woman." Unsurprisingly, he failed.

The Chat

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10:30 <PandaHalo> hi chris
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10:31 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sorry for being late; I fell asleep after finishing the Episode Coloring; it is COMPLETED.
10:31 <PandaHalo> awesome!
10:31 <PandaHalo> how exciting!
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10:31 <PandaHalo> are you uploading it now?
10:31 <ChrisChanSonichu> no, but I will this weekend.
10:32 <PandaHalo> please do it now?
10:32 <ChrisChanSonichu> I have to scan the pages; takes Time.
10:32 <PandaHalo> i'll send you a pic of my tits if you do it tonight
10:33 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sorry; I promise to scan ALL the pages tomorrow, and have it uploaded this weekend.
10:33 <ChrisChanSonichu> anyway!
10:33 <PandaHalo> awww okay
10:33 <ChrisChanSonichu> before I answer any new questions, I wish to readdress the Creative Process question.
10:34 <PandaHalo> if you do it tonight, i'll give you pix of my whole body naked?
10:34 <PandaHalo> and me using a dildo i got from the sex store
10:35 <ChrisChanSonichu> Panda, please; we're PUBLIC in the IRC.
10:35 <ChrisChanSonichu> at least I think it's private; someone please let me know.
10:35 <PandaHalo> hmm
10:36 <PandaHalo> KNOW
10:36 <PandaHalo> I MEAN
10:36 <PandaHalo> okay yeah
10:36 <PandaHalo> im pretty sure it's private
10:36 <ChrisChanSonichu> oh.
10:36 <PandaHalo> phew..
10:36 <PandaHalo> thats not something i want everyone knowing
10:36 <ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you.
10:36 <PandaHalo> but yes
10:36 <PandaHalo> if you can get it uploaded tonight
10:36 <PandaHalo> i'll give you some really horny pictures
10:36 <PandaHalo> of me
10:37 <PandaHalo> using a purple dildo i bought from the sex store
10:37 <PandaHalo> it's a 5 speed manual
10:38 <ChrisChanSonichu> since it's the case, as much as I would LOVE to upload the pages tonight; it would take me a DAY before the night to scan the pages, retype the text, create the html behind the page-turners before I can upload anything.
10:38 <PandaHalo> oh
10:38 <PandaHalo> okay :(
10:38 <ChrisChanSonichu> you surly can wait one more day.
10:38 <PandaHalo> yeah i guess
10:38 <ChrisChanSonichu> please be paitent and understanding.
10:38 <PandaHalo> okay sure thing boss
10:39 <PandaHalo> did you know in england, they call pants trousers?
10:39 <ChrisChanSonichu> please don't call me boss.
10:39 *** yoko|l ( has joined the room
10:39 <PandaHalo> why not?
10:39 <ChrisChanSonichu> I feel a sense that I may come out as demanding when I'm called a "boss"
10:40 <PandaHalo> oh okay
10:40 <PandaHalo> how about snotwaffles?
10:40 <PandaHalo> as an affectionate nick name for you
10:40 <ChrisChanSonichu> and I'm not feeling like I'm being a boss, but rather an employee who still has stacks of paperwork to go through.
10:40 <PandaHalo> Ohhhh
10:40 <PandaHalo> i'll call you my employee then?
10:40 <ChrisChanSonichu> I do not like snotwaffles.
10:40 <PandaHalo> oh
10:41 <PandaHalo> what would you like me to call you?
10:41 *** yoko| has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
10:41 <ChrisChanSonichu> I thought you had a nickname for me from when we chatted on Skype.
10:41 <PandaHalo> oh by the way.. i was looking at the server statistics for the otherday.. it seems traffic has decreased over the past 3 months by nearly 90% :(
10:41 <PandaHalo> we haven't chatted on skype for so long
10:41 <PandaHalo> i got on skype today but it said you werent on
10:42 <ChrisChanSonichu> the traffic will go back up after I upload the pages tomorrow.
10:42 <ChrisChanSonichu> oh.
10:42 <PandaHalo> my father has cancer
10:43 <PandaHalo> i'm really upset
10:43 <ChrisChanSonichu> since I restarted my computer, I hadn't a chance to restart Skype yet.
10:43 <ChrisChanSonichu> shoot. I'm soo sorry.
10:43 <PandaHalo> it's so sad :(
10:43 <ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you.
10:43 <PandaHalo> i get 80% of his 12.8 million estate if he dies.. but i would much rather have him around :(
10:44 <PandaHalo> i love seeing him watch his race horses run
10:44 *** Guest ( has joined the room
10:44 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sure he'll recover; my father survived multiple heart attacks and 3 triple bypasses.
10:44 *** Guest is now known as Guest15055
10:44 <PandaHalo> are you making a mean joke?
10:44 <PandaHalo> cancer is nothing like heart attacks
10:44 <ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you; I'd hate to see my father pass away.
10:44 <ChrisChanSonichu> no.
10:45 <PandaHalo> the cancer he has is terminal
10:45 <PandaHalo> and it's effecting him really bad because he has lupus as well :(
10:45 <ChrisChanSonichu> but my father did smoke, and smoking leads to cancer and heart-attacks.
10:45 <ChrisChanSonichu> shoot.
10:45 <PandaHalo> shoot?
10:45 <PandaHalo> are you suggesting i shoot him?
10:45 <PandaHalo> THAT IS NOT FUNNY
10:45 <ChrisChanSonichu> I don't know what lupus is.
10:45 <ChrisChanSonichu> no
10:46 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'm saying "shoot" like "damn"
10:46 <ChrisChanSonichu> or dang
10:46 *** Polly ( has joined the room
10:47 <ChrisChanSonichu> I hope he recovers.
10:47 <ChrisChanSonichu> I will say a prayer for him.
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10:49 <steventheeunuch> YEEEEEEES
10:49 <steventheeunuch> Hey Chris :)
10:49 <steventheeunuch> How are you?
10:49 <steventheeunuch> I;m well thanks
10:49 <XanatosVanBadas> Hey, Chris
10:49 *** vate is now known as PandaHalo
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10:49 <vivitheg> Server maintanence is completed.
10:49 *** ChanServ has opped PandaHalo
10:49 <PandaHalo> sorry ChrisChanSonichu
10:49 <PandaHalo> i was disconnected from cchat
10:50 <ChrisChanSonichu> I see.
10:50 <ChrisChanSonichu> what were we just talking about?
10:50 <PandaHalo> lupus and wiki
10:50 <ChrisChanSonichu> and?
10:51 <PandaHalo> did you know you were listed in the famous cherokees section of the wiki article for ages?
10:51 <PandaHalo> but they took you out because you hadn't updated sonichu in so long
10:51 <ChrisChanSonichu> I am soo sorry to hear that your Aunt has Lukiema.
10:51 <PandaHalo> my aunt?
10:51 <PandaHalo> what the hell?
10:52 <PandaHalo> my DAD has CANCER which is actually MELANOMA that has spread to his spinal cord, heart and lungs
10:52 <ChrisChanSonichu> there we go; I was making sure you were really PandaHalo; since the message said PandaHalo became killed by Ghost.
10:53 <ChrisChanSonichu> I was testing.
10:53 <PandaHalo> ohhhh
10:53 <ChrisChanSonichu> anyway, I will say a prayer for your dad.
10:53 <PandaHalo> yes
10:54 <PandaHalo> hopefully jesus will stop this terminal cancer
10:54 <ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you.
10:54 <PandaHalo> so about the other day
10:54 <ChrisChanSonichu> the other day?
10:54 <PandaHalo> when broke up with me
10:54 <PandaHalo> and said you were going to continue your love quest in real life
10:54 <ChrisChanSonichu> oh.
10:54 <PandaHalo> remember that?
10:55 <ChrisChanSonichu> I do remember.
10:55 <PandaHalo> what is your plan with that?
10:55 <PandaHalo> i respect you did not wish to wait for me anymore
10:55 <PandaHalo> and that's fine
10:55 <ChrisChanSonichu> I was not breaking up our friendship.
10:55 <PandaHalo> no no i know we're still friends :)
10:55 <PandaHalo> i meant like bf/gf
10:56 <ChrisChanSonichu> the option of you still being my Girlfriend is still open; I just felt uncomfortable after hearing about you and Bob.
10:56 <PandaHalo> why? so it's okay for you to tell me about you and that waitress.. but i can't do the same thing?
10:56 <PandaHalo> I feel a bit hurt because I feel like you have double standards
10:56 <ChrisChanSonichu> I did not say that.
10:56 <ChrisChanSonichu> I said it was okay.
10:56 *** Polly has quit IRC (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
10:57 <PandaHalo> well you're uncomfertable with it
10:57 <ChrisChanSonichu> I felt overpowered by bob.
10:57 <PandaHalo> how do you mean?
10:57 <ChrisChanSonichu> because he was able to meet you before I could.
10:57 <PandaHalo> oh
10:57 <PandaHalo> he saved up his money to fly over
10:57 <ChrisChanSonichu> that he was able to fly to Australia.
10:57 <PandaHalo> he's not rich
10:57 <ChrisChanSonichu> I understand that he saved up.
10:57 <PandaHalo> it took him 3-4 months of straight saving
10:57 <PandaHalo> i just wish you cared enough to save up
10:57 <PandaHalo> it would have been so nice to have lost my virginity already
10:58 <ChrisChanSonichu> I do, and I would seriously save up to fly there.
10:58 <PandaHalo> then why don't you?
10:58 <PandaHalo> as soon as i meet you with can both lose our virginities.. but now i think since bob flew over and you didnt that maybe i shouldn't save myself for when i get to america
10:58 <ChrisChanSonichu> I will save up.
10:59 <PandaHalo> but i should let bob shove his big thick hard cock into my tight little pussy and make me scream with the pain I'll feel as his cock stretches my pussy to bounds it's never known before
10:59 *** Polly ( has joined the room
10:59 <ChrisChanSonichu> but I also need to learn about what I need to do to fly over there; passports and such.
10:59 <PandaHalo> ohhhh
10:59 <PandaHalo> okay
10:59 <PandaHalo> :)
10:59 <PandaHalo> well that makes me feel much better
10:59 <ChrisChanSonichu> I felt uncomfortable leaving, because I lacked that knowledge.
10:59 <PandaHalo> you could have asked me
10:59 <PandaHalo> i would have helped you
10:59 <PandaHalo> you can ALWAYS come to me for help
10:59 <ChrisChanSonichu> I apologize for not being so clear.
10:59 <PandaHalo> oh
10:59 <PandaHalo> :)
11:00 <ChrisChanSonichu> I had to figure out the right words to match my feelings.
11:00 <ChrisChanSonichu> plus, there's my family and their concerns of my safety.
11:00 <PandaHalo> i hope the popularity of sonichu site goes back up after the next comic
11:00 <ChrisChanSonichu> and I don't have your HOME address.
11:00 <PandaHalo> i'm really worried that it's losing fans
11:00 <PandaHalo> It's lot 25 Cut Hill Road, Kangarilla, South Australia
11:01 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'm not worried; once someone likes something, they will most likely will return.
11:01 <ChrisChanSonichu> cool.
11:01 <ChrisChanSonichu> I will write that down.
11:01 <PandaHalo> it's in the country though so mail doesn't get delivered there
11:01 <PandaHalo> which is why we have PO Boxes
11:02 <PandaHalo> Kangarilla sounds like a cross between a Kangaroo and a Gorilla
11:02 <ChrisChanSonichu> I understand.
11:02 <ChrisChanSonichu> yeah, that's funny. :)
11:02 <ChrisChanSonichu> how about Koffingroo
11:02 <ChrisChanSonichu> ?
11:03 <PandaHalo> Virginia sounds like a cross between Virgin and Vagina
11:03 <ChrisChanSonichu> that's my mix between a Koffing and a Kangraroo; I've made a Pokemon card of Koffingroo long ago.
11:03 <ChrisChanSonichu> lol
11:03 <PandaHalo> oh cool
11:04 <ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, I still would like a nice headshot picture of you.
11:04 <PandaHalo> i gave you two before
11:04 <PandaHalo> i will give you some more
11:04 <ChrisChanSonichu> thank you.
11:04 <PandaHalo> i might take one of me and bob together if i can find my camera
11:04 <PandaHalo> oh.. another important thing about australia.. WE DRIVE ON THE LEFT :O
11:04 <ChrisChanSonichu> I remember the two pictures you showed me before, but I didn't download them at the time.
11:05 <PandaHalo> oh :(
11:05 <ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you.
11:05 <ChrisChanSonichu> and Sasha.
11:05 <PandaHalo> so tell me what is your plan with your love quest
11:05 <PandaHalo> where are you gonna go to find girls?
11:05 <ChrisChanSonichu> I think that was your dog's name.
11:05 <PandaHalo> yep
11:05 <ChrisChanSonichu> good.
11:06 <ChrisChanSonichu> let me think.
11:07 <PandaHalo> ...
11:07 <PandaHalo> should i come back in 3 hours?
11:07 <ChrisChanSonichu> another detail that came to mind earlier was that you might have acted upon my giving the okay to have sex with Bob.
11:07 <PandaHalo> oh
11:07 <PandaHalo> nah i havent yet
11:07 <PandaHalo> you could try gamestop?
11:07 <PandaHalo> because.. any girls you see there, probably like sonic like you do
11:08 <ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you, and please don't leave.
11:08 <PandaHalo> okay i wont
11:08 <ChrisChanSonichu> I had planned on walkin' the shopping center again; the people over there have changed hands and long forgotten the past details.
11:09 <ChrisChanSonichu> also, with a red name sticker with the word "Single" on it (an optional idea).
11:09 <PandaHalo> that would be a good idea :)
11:09 <PandaHalo> i like that idea :)
11:09 <ChrisChanSonichu> but then I've learned of the Sonichu Girls.
11:09 <PandaHalo> and that way single girls who are also looking but get stuck because they can't find girlfriend free boys will be able to help you
11:10 <PandaHalo> oh tell me about it
11:10 <ChrisChanSonichu> the Forum, to be specific; one lives in DC, and some of the others may travel here to meet me.
11:10 <ChrisChanSonichu> they are just the SWEETEST and most Understanding.
11:11 <PandaHalo> i dont think you should allow it to stop you from searching irl
11:11 <ChrisChanSonichu> They fully understood of who I am, outside of the comics.
11:11 <ChrisChanSonichu> also, they understood my meaning behind Rosechu's Stripping Protest.
11:11 <PandaHalo> <- you're listed under famous cherokees
11:11 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'm going out IRL as well.
11:12 <PandaHalo> good :)
11:12 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'll look at that later.
11:12 <PandaHalo> when do you plan on going to the mall?
11:12 <ChrisChanSonichu> but I've been feeling soo much better every time I read from that Forum page.
11:12 <ChrisChanSonichu> it's like a big piece of heaven.
11:13 <PandaHalo> how would you feel, if you woke up one day, and they were all in your bedroom naked and horny?
11:13 <ChrisChanSonichu> you said you tried to become a member of it?
11:13 <PandaHalo> yeah i did
11:13 <PandaHalo> but i only just submitted my application
11:13 <ChrisChanSonichu> ah.
11:14 <ChrisChanSonichu> with your question, are the girls asleep or awake?
11:14 <PandaHalo> awake
11:14 <PandaHalo> and they all want you
11:14 <ChrisChanSonichu> I would be surprised.
11:14 <PandaHalo> how would they be horny if they were asleep?
11:15 <ChrisChanSonichu> they could have waited all night for me.
11:15 <PandaHalo> oh
11:15 <PandaHalo> what would you do?
11:16 <ChrisChanSonichu> Act 1, Scene 1, I awake from night's slumber:
11:18 <ChrisChanSonichu> I see the group of naked, horny women in front of me. the first thing I would see are multiple faces smiling down at me and multiple pairs of naked breasts.
11:18 <ChrisChanSonichu> Surprised, I'd take a moment to collect my thoughts.
11:20 <ChrisChanSonichu> I would ask the group openly, "How did y'all get into my room?" I'd guess they'd answer, "The front door was open".
11:20 <ChrisChanSonichu> I then take a moment to appreciate their gesture of coming all the way to see me.
11:21 <PandaHalo> that's good :)
11:21 <ChrisChanSonichu> but then I'd see a sea of their clothing from blouses and jeans or skirts to bras and panties.
11:21 <ChrisChanSonichu> on my floor.
11:22 <PandaHalo> and then?
11:22 <PandaHalo> i like this story please continue
11:23 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'd say, "Damn. couldn't y'all have waited to us to get to know one another first?"
11:23 <ChrisChanSonichu> they'd reply, "We understand you plenty, Mr. Chandler."
11:24 <ChrisChanSonichu> "But I hardly can place any names among your individual faces; it would be wrong of me to take all of you at once as multiple strangers.
11:24 <ChrisChanSonichu> "
11:25 <ChrisChanSonichu> "or even one at a time."
11:25 <ChrisChanSonichu> Feeling like a King, I listen attentively as they each introduce themselves one at a time.
11:26 <ChrisChanSonichu> But not like a King who rules over a whole nation, but a King who is Emotionally enriched from being understood mutually among an honest, open group.
11:27 <ChrisChanSonichu> And after the introductions, I would feel better to take them on one at a time to better appreciate them all as individuals.
11:28 <ChrisChanSonichu> but who to start with is a question that comes up.
11:28 <ChrisChanSonichu> do I "Eenie, Meenie, Mienie, Moe", or do I run from head to toe?
11:28 <ChrisChanSonichu> And end Act 1.
11:29 <ChrisChanSonichu> and Scene.
11:29 <PandaHalo> when will it get to the good part?
11:30 <PandaHalo> Chris go on you're making me so fucking wet
11:30 <ChrisChanSonichu> Sarah, I have fans awaiting my answers to their questions; responsibility takes precendence over fantasy fun. But in a short answer to your question, I'd feel like a Emotionally Rich King.
11:30 <PandaHalo> its like my china is crying from happiness
11:30 <ChrisChanSonichu> then hold that thought.
11:31 <ChrisChanSonichu> hold it until release.
11:31 <PandaHalo> hold what?
11:31 <PandaHalo> release?
11:31 <PandaHalo> what?
11:31 <ChrisChanSonichu> the thought until you cum.
11:31 <PandaHalo> did you want me to continue your story?
11:32 <PandaHalo> and you can read it?
11:32 <ChrisChanSonichu> in your imagination, you may write it out for me to read later.
11:32 <ChrisChanSonichu> I have a responsibility to the many.
11:32 <PandaHalo> what did you want to do now
11:33 <PandaHalo> i just want to know.. after they've all introduced themselves, would you rip apart their virgin pussies will your raging boner?
11:33 <ChrisChanSonichu> simply to let me take care of my responsibility, then you can WOW me with your imaginative continuation another time.
11:34 <PandaHalo> okay
11:34 *** ChrisChanSonichu has quit IRC (Quit: ChrisChanSonichu)
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11:34 *** Guest is now known as Guest18376
11:34 *** Guest18376 is now known as ChrisChanSonichu

11:34 <ChrisChanSonichu> Hey y'all.
11:35 <vivitheg> Sup.
11:35 <PandaHalo> hi :D
11:35 <PandaHalo> we're back in main chat now
11:35 <ChrisChanSonichu> yep.
11:35 <BlueSpike> Hiya.
11:35 <ChrisChanSonichu> now, before any new questions, I would like to readdress the creative process question.
11:36 <BlueSpike> I have a question for after you do so.
11:37 <ChrisChanSonichu> Starting from the last story piece, I conjure up a follow-up story in my imagination. Then I take numerous mental notes.
11:37 <ChrisChanSonichu> and eventually, I would take it one page at a time and draw it up.
11:37 <ChrisChanSonichu> as for the in-between details, I let them come up as I draw from start to finish to build up.
11:38 <ChrisChanSonichu> but to set up a whole Comic Book, I start with the Cover.
11:38 <ChrisChanSonichu> as it will set up and remind me of the story of the featured episode.
11:39 <ChrisChanSonichu> example: Comic 7; Magi-Chan, pictures from the past, Sonichu Ball Crystals in a ring; Time-Travel Episode.
11:40 <ChrisChanSonichu> After drawing, comes the coloring, using only Crayola Super Tip, as well as thick markers, which the Super Tips are avilable in packs of 50 colors.
11:40 <ChrisChanSonichu> after coloring ALL the pages of the Whole Book, I write the completion date on the last page.
11:41 <ChrisChanSonichu> then I scan each page individually into my PC.
11:41 *** vate ( has joined the room
11:41 <ChrisChanSonichu> one at a time, I open up each page file, rename them, erase the hand-written text and retype with Comic Sans Font.
11:42 <ChrisChanSonichu> Alingment varies between the direction where the balloon/bubble falls into, but mostly it's Center Aligned.
11:42 *** Pinwheel has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
11:43 <ChrisChanSonichu> After editing all the pages, with my HTML skills, I make up multiple HTML files for each pair of pages, to create a book-style setting from start to finish.
11:43 <ChrisChanSonichu> Then comes the uploading of the pages, then I update the Front Page of, and that is that.
11:43 *** PandaHalo has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
11:44 <ChrisChanSonichu> Color-schemes, puns and parody ideas are best saved for another time.
11:44 *** vivitheg has opped vate
11:44 *** vate is now known as PandaHalo

11:44 <ChrisChanSonichu> New question, please.
11:44 <BlueSpike> Okay..
11:44 <BlueSpike> Do you think, Chris..You always leave right after your Q&A, maybe you can stay with us and just hang out?
11:44 <BlueSpike> We really like you here, but it never has it!
11:45 <BlueSpike> :(
11:45 <BlueSpike> Sorry.
11:45 <ChrisChanSonichu> I apologize for premature departures, but it's a late hour, and I likely will feel sleepy.
11:45 <BlueSpike> I understand./
11:45 <BlueSpike> Do you think this day you can stay a bit longer? For me? :)
11:45 <ChrisChanSonichu> I do not mean to offend anyone personally.
11:45 <ChrisChanSonichu> I may.
11:46 <BlueSpike> You can come at any time during the day.
11:46 <ChrisChanSonichu> I will consider it.
11:46 <ChrisChanSonichu> next question.
11:47 <vivitheg> Contrary to what you stated in issue 8, the age of consent in most of the United States is BELOW 18. What is your opinion on this?
11:47 *** GenesisRosechu ( has joined the room
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11:49 *** GenesisRosechu ( has joined the room
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11:50 *** GenesisRosechu ( has joined the room

11:51 <ChrisChanSonichu> really? I did know that, but it VARIES from state to state, as I have read on the internet, so I take 18 to be the NEUTRAL age consent number to rule by. as to how I feel, I would feel uncomfortable even dating someone under 18, as it may be considered a bad thing by most.
11:51 <ChrisChanSonichu> plus I wouldn't want to step over a boundry.
11:51 <vivitheg> According to the philosopher Kierkegaard, true individuality or selfhood means that to have direction in life, we must be aware of our true purpose as an individual, seperated from our current pleasures and distractions. What do you feel is your true purpose in life, Chris?
11:53 <ChrisChanSonichu> to eventually be married to my Sweetheart, then give birth and raise my daughter, as God has pointed it out for me in my dream. Before then, I have carved out the subpath of being famous on the internet through my comics.
11:54 <ChrisChanSonichu> but not on purpose, but an accident.
11:54 <ChrisChanSonichu> just like the invention of the internet.
11:54 <vivitheg> We've been hearing about your creation's becoming more and more popular amongst the gay community. What are your thoughts?
11:54 *** Pinwheel ( has joined the room
11:57 <ChrisChanSonichu> Firstly, The Comics ARE STRAIGHT, with NO PURPOSLY DRAWN or Thought-up dipictions to the contrary. How the Homos see it is ONLY from their Point of view; NOT MINE as the sole creator of the world and characters of Sonichu & Rosechu. in a nutshell, let them be.
11:57 <ChrisChanSonichu> Another thing.
11:59 <ChrisChanSonichu> if I could have it my way, I'd make it illegal and forbidden to have homo Men; women are safe. Also, I would have the secondary definition of the word "gay", being Homosexual, REMOVED from the word in the dictionaries, and all instinctions and sayings of the word will ONLY LEGALLY be used to mean HAPPY, as it was originally intended among songs like "Deck the Halls".
11:59 <ChrisChanSonichu> that's my opinion.
11:59 <vivitheg> How would you make it illegal to have men?
11:59 <vivitheg> I mean, you can't force them to be straight.
12:01 <ChrisChanSonichu> taken in and reprogrammed with multiple upon multiple pleasurable moments with female prison inmates and prosts.
12:01 <vivitheg> Chris, that's just terrible. You shouldn't change the way God made a person.
12:01 <ChrisChanSonichu> and prisons will no longer be divided between gender.
12:01 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'd be changing ONLY the men.
12:02 <vivitheg> I mean, gay men just like your comic? What is wrong with that?
12:02 <vivitheg> You go on attacking their way of life!
12:02 <ChrisChanSonichu> it's bad enough they're mostly jerks, plus homo men are AGAINST God's will.
12:02 <vivitheg> That's just mean Chris. You're insulting a huge amount of your fanbase.
12:02 <vivitheg> How do you know they are against God's will?
12:02 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'm not spiting them for liking my comic.
12:03 <ChrisChanSonichu> look it up in the bible.
12:03 <vivitheg> Chris, are you just angry because you have hidden homosexual desires?
12:03 <ChrisChanSonichu> I do not.
12:04 <vivitheg> I mean, you seem to have a lot of hatred for them.
12:04 <vivitheg> Are you sure?
12:04 <ChrisChanSonichu> I am positive.
12:04 <vivitheg> I mean, I've never seen such a person hate gay men so much.
12:04 <vivitheg> The only ones who have are people like Ted Haggard.
12:04 <vivitheg> And we all know what happened to him.
12:05 <ChrisChanSonichu> listen, I don't mind associating with men, straight or homo, I just feel most uncomfortable being close to them.
12:06 <vivitheg> Are you sure it isn't because you have hidden feelings? :3
12:06 <ChrisChanSonichu> I AM SURE.
12:06 <vivitheg> Anyway, what do you think of my book?
12:07 <ChrisChanSonichu> I plan on reading it, but I've been busy finishing the comic.
12:07 <ChrisChanSonichu> I will let you know as soon as I read it, Viv.
12:07 <vivitheg> Alright, a lot of the Sonichu fans have read it and think it's fantastic.
12:07 <ChrisChanSonichu> good.
12:08 <vivitheg> What do you mean when you have Random Access Memory? Are you a computer?
12:08 <ChrisChanSonichu> no.
12:08 <ChrisChanSonichu> but Think About It.
12:08 <ChrisChanSonichu> when we individually think up, or not mean to think up anything, a thought of a RANDOM idea just pops up in our individual minds.
12:09 <ChrisChanSonichu> Randomly Accessed Thoughts in our Memories.
12:09 <ChrisChanSonichu> Every Person has RAM
12:09 <vivitheg> What are your New Years Resolutions?
12:10 <ChrisChanSonichu> :)
12:10 <ChrisChanSonichu> Lose my Virginity with a Woman.
12:10 <vivitheg> Any others?
12:10 <ChrisChanSonichu> none that I was able to think of at the time.
12:11 <ChrisChanSonichu> so, just the one resolution.
12:11 <vivitheg> What are your top five priorities in life and why?
12:11 <ChrisChanSonichu> Okay, #5...
12:12 <ChrisChanSonichu> Money.
12:12 <ChrisChanSonichu> #4, Handling my life's stresses.
12:12 <ChrisChanSonichu> #3, my family.
12:13 <ChrisChanSonichu> *my family of my future, and my future.
12:13 <ChrisChanSonichu> #2, my mother and father.
12:14 <ChrisChanSonichu> #1, Me and my close ones.
12:14 <vivitheg> My commonwealth of Kentucky is the largest producer of burley tobacco in the nation (burley tobacco is used to make cigarettes). What would you do to help the farmers transition from tobacco if you had the ability to send the substance to the moon?
12:14 <vivitheg> from a concerned fan
12:14 <ChrisChanSonichu> so when I'm looking out for #1, I'm looking out for me, my Sweetheart and my children.
12:15 <ChrisChanSonichu> the patches that are currently available.
12:15 <ChrisChanSonichu> but for the jobs.
12:15 <ChrisChanSonichu> move them to vegetable and fruit gardens.
12:16 <ChrisChanSonichu> BTW,
12:17 <ChrisChanSonichu> I have given thought of sending the tobacco to the Sun, but then the smell from all that would likely emit from the giant star and stink up our Galaxy, possibly shortening the lifespan not only around our world, but the other 8 planets as well.
12:17 <ChrisChanSonichu> next question.
12:17 <vivitheg> A lot of your fans have Xbox360s and would love to play Xbox live games with you, are you willing to get an Xbox?
12:17 <ChrisChanSonichu> no.
12:18 <ChrisChanSonichu> not because of the detest of the system, but
12:18 <vivitheg> Why, the Xbox 360 has a lot of games that are on the PS3 too
12:18 <ChrisChanSonichu> because the Live is costly.
12:18 <vivitheg> It's only 50 dollars a year
12:19 <vivitheg> that's very cheap compared to the ps3
12:19 <ChrisChanSonichu> and I'm already a subscriber between PS3 and Wii, which are FREE.
12:19 <ChrisChanSonichu> PSN is Free; Nintendo Wi-Fi is Free.
12:19 <ChrisChanSonichu> Skadoosh.
12:19 <vivitheg> Just because it's free doesn't mean it's good
12:20 <ChrisChanSonichu> it's way better than good, IMHO.
12:20 <vivitheg> Have you ever played Super Smash Bros Brawl online? It's terrible
12:20 <ChrisChanSonichu> I have played it online.
12:20 <vivitheg> just because it's free doesn't mean it's good
12:20 <ChrisChanSonichu> it was okay.
12:21 <ChrisChanSonichu> besides which, I play solo most of the time.
12:21 <vivitheg> Then why do you talk about the online features so much?
12:21 <ChrisChanSonichu> and internet connetion is still a fickle mistress.
12:22 <ChrisChanSonichu> I do play online as well.
12:22 <vivitheg> Has your IQ ever been recorded? If so, what did you score?
12:22 <ChrisChanSonichu> but like a third of the time.
12:22 <vivitheg> Or another test like the SAT or ACT?
12:23 <ChrisChanSonichu> I have taken an SAT, but I can't recollect the score or IQ, but I'm guessing my IQ is in the 300s.
12:23 <vivitheg> Are you talking about your SAT score?
12:23 <ChrisChanSonichu> My IQ being in the 300s; INS about my SAT.
12:24 <vivitheg> A normal person's IQ is around 100
12:24 <ChrisChanSonichu> How high is your EmotionalIQ?
12:24 <vivitheg> What is that?
12:25 <vivitheg> I'm talking about normal intelligence, not this emotional stuff.
12:25 <ChrisChanSonichu> like Social Skills, empathy, that sort of thing; I have taken an EIQ test in my Coping Skills classes in High School; Very High EIQ.
12:26 <vivitheg> I've never heard of it and frankly I don't care much for it.
12:26 <ChrisChanSonichu> then I take it you're not very sociable?
12:26 <ChrisChanSonichu> *socialable
12:26 <vivitheg> No, I have a lot of anger issues.
12:26 <ChrisChanSonichu> ok
12:26 <vivitheg> # We all know you have Autism/Asperger's. But exactly what type do you have? There are multiple types on the spectrum.
12:27 *** Kojima-Naked ( has joined the room
12:27 <ChrisChanSonichu> Firstly, Aspergers is NOTHING Similar to Autism; Aspergers pertains to MEMORY, Autism is Social Skills.
12:28 <ChrisChanSonichu> and I'm High-Functionally Autistic
12:28 <vivitheg> But you just said you had a lot of social skills.
12:28 <vivitheg> So are you not autistic?
12:28 <ChrisChanSonichu> it still sticks like the worst super glue ever.
12:29 <vivitheg> I don't understand how Autism affects you
12:29 <ChrisChanSonichu> *best super glue ever.
12:29 <ChrisChanSonichu> go to
12:29 <ChrisChanSonichu> there's info there.
12:30 <ChrisChanSonichu> I will take one more question.
12:30 <vivitheg> Where is Cwcville?
12:31 <ChrisChanSonichu> in Virgina.
12:31 <vivitheg> Recently, Ryan Cash's suicide note was found. Please take a look.
12:31 <vivitheg> Dear family and friends
12:31 <vivitheg> this is my final message to you, i am going to kill myself after my hero, christian weston chandler let me down
12:31 <vivitheg> Sonichu was my hero and without anymore comics i will never be able to aspire to be just like him
12:31 <vivitheg> i hate christian for deciding to not make any more comics and being lazy! all he does is play his stupid video game and not care about anything but himself! He's such a jerk!
12:31 <vivitheg> Ryan Cash
12:31 <vivitheg> [signature]
12:31 <vivitheg> That was all that was found.
12:32 *** Guest (JavaUser@F71217E8.8E057108.2DB4D571.IP) has joined the room
12:32 <ChrisChanSonichu> Well, I have offered my sympathies in my recent video on YouTube to the family.
12:32 *** Guest is now known as Guest52369
12:32 <ChrisChanSonichu> and I pray to God and Jesus.
12:33 <ChrisChanSonichu> so I feel relieved of that stress.
12:33 <ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sleepy; I'll TTY'allL.
12:33 *** ChrisChanSonichu has quit IRC (Quit: ChrisChanSonichu)!

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