Chris Chan Update 24 September 2008

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Chris Chan Update 24 September 2008 (officially Chris Chan Update September 24, 2008) is the first video in which the phrase "Captain's Log" is used.

After nearly two weeks of near-total silence following the 9/11 attacks, Christian decides it is necessary to assure his fans that he has not committed suicide. He also implores his fans not to persecute Adam Stackhouse, as Christian himself has found it in his heart to forgive him for 'cheating' in the Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown contest.

Christian then announces that he is in love with PandaHalo, and declares his love for her by performing Rick Astley's classic hit "Never Gonna Give You Up." In true Chris-Chan form, the only way he knows of the song is from the episode of Family Guy where Brian performs it in a parody of the "Johnny B. Goode" scene in Back to the Future, which he uses for musical accompaniment (background dialogue and all). Even then, he screws up some of the lyrics, which makes him the only human being on the Internet who does not have the words to "Never Gonna Give You Up" permanently etched into their memory.

Following this serenade, Christian issues empty threats to the people leaking his interactions with PandaHalo to the internet, never once realizing that Panda herself is the source of the leak.

This round of Chris's devotion to Panda would last less than five days. On 29 September, he swore eternal loyalty to Blanca Weiss, his other sweetheart of the moment, a commitment he managed to stick to for roughly three weeks until Blanca dumped him. After crashing into slumber for a short while, he ran back to Panda again.

The Rickroll in this video led many casual Chris-Chan watchers to decide that he absolutely had to be a highly elaborate troll, or at least that he possessed enough self-awareness to engage in counter-trolling. Panda has alleged that this was Chris's idea, as he heard the song on Family Guy and was totally unaware of the Rickroll meme, which in all fairness does make sense.


**This time it is Staying Up**

-Adam Stackhouse and I are on peaceful terms, and have put that contest thing behind us.

-Don't buy from the OBVIOUS IMPOSTER known as J.H.

-I am Officially Taken by my True Sweetheart.


Chris Chan Update September 24, 2008
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Stardate 24 September 2008
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I am still alive and healthy; Adam Stackhouse is forgiven, so don't attack him or his family; my Sweet Panda Bear is REAL (NO hacker is gonna stop our love, so STAY OUT, you bastards)!


Captain's Log. Stardate: September... 24th, 2008.

This is an update for the Sonichu fan dase—fan base. As you can see, I am safe and well. I have no intention of hurting or killing myself. And I am fi—and I'm very well, and the comics will be s-- will be resumed in the drawing production soon enough.

Also, I would like to, uh, update, by letting y'all know about, uh, Adam Stackhouse, who was the winner of the, uh, Play—of that PaRappa contest. Leave him alone. I hold no grudge against him. So l-- yeah, leave him and his family - including his sister - alone. It's all forgiven. It's all in the past. Done deal.

Also… I have a big announcement! [inhales deeply] I'm taken. I'm taken by my Sweet Panda Bear. My “Sweet Panda Bear” because—I call her my “Sweet Panda Bear” because, uh, I don't want to reveal her true name… for sss—for my fear of her s-- for my worry about her safety. But I want to shout out my love to her. So, my Sweet Panda Bear, this is for you.

[jump cut to Chris playing the audio from a clip from Family Guy]

[badly sings along to this 80-second-long edited version of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, closing with his own addition of “my Sweet Panda Bear!”]

[jump cut to Chris suddenly wearing his glasses]

And also, I wanna tell every one of you jerks who have… hacked into our conversations and into her account recently… don’t you ever do that again, you bastards!

And, uh, for my—uh, for my AOL associate who, uh, gave me the—uh, who showed me the, uh, HTM—who showed me the… little page of, uh, document: an apology was—tha—you were right. An apology... was premature. ‘Cause she is real. She is reeeaaal!

I love you, Sweet Panda!

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