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An IRC chat from #sonichu on the last day of December 2008.

Like many chats from around this time, it's a mix of fan interaction between Chris and trolls in disguise, followed by a more personal (and supposedly "private") conversation between Chris and his sweetheart of the time, PandaHalo.


the only books I can think off the top of my head are Goosebumps/Fear Street and Pamela Anderson's "Star".
Chris, on reading recommendations.

BlueSpike opens the chat by passing on a few questions from the fans. Chris offers a tortuous explanation for the ages of the Chaotic Combo - they are 19 years old, and never mind the evidence of the actual comics or basic mathematics - and explains, sort of, the "My wooden badge was delicious!" joke from the cover of Sonichu 4. It still doesn't make any sense, nor is it funny.

Chris claims that his greatest accomplishment in life was his involvement in the Pokémon trading-card league at The GAMe PLACe. By this point his memory has inflated his actual role there to the level of "co-hosting" the league. (In fact, he only rarely helped run league events, and his ineptitude helped get him kicked out of the store.)

When asked a long and complex question about ongoing political disputes in Palestine and Israel, Chris demands that the questioner "STOP" halfway through. "I don't particually care for bad news" is all he has to say on that subject.

At this point, Chris remains absolutely tickled over the Sonichu Girls forum, which wouldn't be revealed as a front for trolls until late February. He showers his supposed female fanbase with compliments, and declares, "BOYS, KEEP OUT; God forbid you messing up their pure, honest, sweet input."

When Panda takes over the chat, she asks Chris about sources of stress in his life. He points to his father Bob Chandler and reiterates his usual complaints - he's argumentative, he doesn't wash his hands enough. Naturally, Chris is oblivious to the hypocrisy of someone like himself criticizing another person's attitude or standards of hygiene. (Hand-washing appears to be the one way that Chris cares about keeping clean. He reportedly used up hand sanitizer like crazy at The GAMe PLACe.)

Panda also tries to bait him by mentioning Robert Simmons V, but he's too distracted to get jealous this time. In fact, he's fairly cool towards Panda in this chat, and mentions that he plans to resume searching for a sweetheart in his local area. It's possible that this was a cover for Chris's plans to dump Panda in favor of Julie.

Towards the end of the chat, a counter-troll messages Chris to try and link him to transcripts of his "private" chats with Panda (which, naturally, had been collected and shared by the trolls). However, Chris easily falls for Panda's explanation that the link will merely lead to a virus or some other ill omen.


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21:22 < Nightboomfer> or he could get a fucking job
21:22 < RachmaninovDESHU> you cant buy ps games from 100 a month
21:22 -!- mode/#sonichu [+m] by PandaHalo
21:22 <@PandaHalo> Hey.
21:22 <@BlueSpike> you finally came we were doupt you would show up
21:23 <@BlueSpike> hello?
21:23 <@PandaHalo> Oh!
21:23 <@PandaHalo> I almost forgot!
21:23 -!- mode/#sonichu [+o ChrisChanSonichu] by BlueSpike
21:23 <@PandaHalo> Thanks, Blue.
21:24 <@BlueSpike> sorry forgot about the ops
21:24 <@PandaHalo> Sorry for not notcing that, Chris.
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21:24 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Well, I have been busy with coloring the pages of the comic, and I've been asleep from late afternoon to EARLY morning lately.
21:24 <@BlueSpike> if you don't mind we're going to start with a little Q&A
21:25 <@ChrisChanSonichu> even right now, my eyes are feeling a bit of pain, as I should probably go to sleep soon. But I'll take some time to talk and answer.
21:25 <@PandaHalo> Then after you do the Q&A, we can have a little chat, if you want.
21:25 <@ChrisChanSonichu> okay, Panda.
21:25 <@BlueSpike> first question
21:25 <@BlueSpike> What books would you recommend to your fans?
21:27 <@ChrisChanSonichu> IDK; the only books I can think off the top of my head are Goosebumps/Fear Street and Pamela Anderson's "Star".
21:27 <@BlueSpike> In your most recent video, you indicated that your life was very stressful. What are some of the stressors (as in, things that cause stress) in your life? Also, why do you feel inspiration is lacking for you?
21:29 <@ChrisChanSonichu> being Famous and the responsibilities that go with it, the bullies who hazed me, stress from my father, being misunderstood as a person sometimes and other things.
21:30 <@BlueSpike> What do you feel is your greatest contribution to society?
21:30 <@ChrisChanSonichu> all that stress just weighed me down emotionally, and made me crash into the lack of inspiration.
21:32 <@ChrisChanSonichu> having co-hosted the Pokemon TCG League before that jerk, Michael (the manajerk of the Game/Hobby Place) found detest against me and put a life-ban on me; I miss my friday nights there.
21:32 <@BlueSpike> Describe your artistic process. How do you get inspiration for ideas for your comics? What goes through your head when you draw and color your comics?
21:33 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I pass that question; it's hard for me to put into a short amount of words, or "In a Nutshell".
21:34 <@BlueSpike> ah darn
21:34 <@ChrisChanSonichu> especially when my mind is feeling sleepy after a long day from 2:30 AM.
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21:34 <@BlueSpike> Chris, you claim to have descended from Cherokee ancestry. Do you practice any of the traditional cherokee customs?
21:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> no, but I apreciate my cherokee heritage, as well as my English/French heritage I get from my mother's side.
21:35 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I've recently found that I'm decended from the Earls of Portland as well.
21:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> which their last names are Weston; you can look it up on Wikipedia.
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21:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> 1st Earl was Richard Weston.
21:36 <@BlueSpike> some of the female fans want to know that with all the "fun" sonichu and rosechu seem to be having... Will Sonichu and Rosechu ever have a baby?
21:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm currently trying to find the link between Richard and the Boleyns.
21:36 <@ChrisChanSonichu> possibly, but I can't say at the moment.
21:37 <@BlueSpike> What does "My wooden badge was delicious!" mean? It was on the cover of issue 4.
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21:40 <@ChrisChanSonichu> the Jerkhief has a Badge made from TREE wood, painted to look like an "official" police badge, and the Jerkops under him have Badges made from Graham Crackers, painted to be the mockery badges as well. The Jerkhief portrayed on the cover took a bite out of his wooden badge, as if it was made from a Graham Cracker, and called it delicious like a Graham Cracker.
21:40 <@BlueSpike> oh
21:40 <@ChrisChanSonichu> which you would have learned that from the "Backyard Safari" Sub-Episode.
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21:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> which BTW the Jerkhief portrayed is IRL the "Head of Security" at Fashion Square Shopping Center in Charlottesville, VA.
21:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> right down to being FAT, black, glasses and MEAN/VICIOUS.
21:41 <@ChrisChanSonichu> but I digress.
21:42 <@ChrisChanSonichu> next question.
21:42 <@BlueSpike> people having been wanting to ask follow up to the age of the chaotic combo. in the first comic sonichu is said to be 16 and the chaotic combo was were eggs so if sonichu is now 19 the combo should be 3?
21:43 <@ChrisChanSonichu> WRONG.
21:44 <@BlueSpike> something else from the question list...
21:44 <@BlueSpike> The cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas will be ending soon. What do you think will happen? Israeli officials have pointed out that ever since the cease-fire went into effect, Hamas has been using the time to train and rearm its militias, and will likely launch an attack on Israel, likely with the aid of Lebanon based Hezbollah. You might remember that Hamas overthrew the democratically elected Fatah back in 2007. Hamas,
21:44 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Sonichu, Rosechu and the Chaotic Combo, also Silvanna Rosechu, were transformed/eggs dispersed then hatched a few days to months later.
21:45 <@ChrisChanSonichu> so, age-wise, the pikachu was only a year older than the raichu; Sonichu is 20; Rosechu is 19, and the individual members of the Chaotic Combo and Silvanna are ALL 19 years old each.
21:45 <@BlueSpike> decidedly more hostile towards Israel than Fatah, was met with world-wide outrage over the act, being seen as a major step backwards in the Israel-Palestine peace talks. On the other side, Hamas has accused Israel a number of times of conducting air strikes and raids on what the IDF said were Hamas run militia training grounds, weapon caches, and the attempted capturing of terrorist leaders. As well as these host
21:45 <@ChrisChanSonichu> STOP.
21:46 <@BlueSpike> sorry
21:46 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I don't care about Isreal at the moment.
21:46 <@ChrisChanSonichu> what they do is their business.
21:46 <@BlueSpike> a fan was just really bugging me about that
21:46 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and I don't particually care for bad news.
21:46 <@BlueSpike> i'm just speaking for the fans
21:46 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I understand.
21:47 <@ChrisChanSonichu> one more question, then I wish to talk to Panda.
21:47 <@BlueSpike> it seems some fan have found out you discovered the sonichugirl community. what are your thoughts?
21:47 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I LOVE IT! :D
21:48 <@ChrisChanSonichu> They are JUST THE SWEETEST THINGS.
21:48 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Honestly and Seriously.
21:48 <@ChrisChanSonichu> BOYS, KEEP OUT; God forbid you messing up their pure, honest, sweet input.
21:48 <@BlueSpike> thank you chris now let me just turn private chat on give me about 10 seconds
21:49 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ok.
21:49 <@PandaHalo> Okay, I was told Private Chat is on.
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21:49 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ok. How are you, Sarah.
21:49 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ?
21:49 <@PandaHalo> I'm pretty good, actually.
21:49 <@PandaHalo> Yourself?
21:50 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm well, yet sleepy; I've been going since 2:30 this morning.
21:50 <@ChrisChanSonichu> slept from 5:30PM yesterday till then.
21:50 <@PandaHalo> Aww, that's sad. I wanted to talk to you. You should of came earily.
21:50 <@PandaHalo> Earlier, sorry.
21:51 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm sorry. in a nutshell; I fell asleep Sunday at about 2:30 PM to 12:30 AM; then I set my mind to COLOR, COLOR, COLOR.
21:51 <@ChrisChanSonichu> Did Leonspike fill you in on what I had confided in her over the PSN?
21:51 <@ChrisChanSonichu> in multiple messages.
21:51 <@PandaHalo> Yes.
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21:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yeah, the fame stress weighed me down, so I slacked off in the completion of the comic.
21:52 <@ChrisChanSonichu> but then I set my deadline for Jan 2, the pre-upload reading.
21:52 <@PandaHalo> It's nice to hear you're working on the comic. :)
21:53 <@ChrisChanSonichu> so I set my mind, after the slacking off, to finish the coloring; I actually had over 20 pages to color; now I have like 8 or 9 left.
21:53 <@PandaHalo> It's a good idea to set goals for yourself.
21:53 <@ChrisChanSonichu> then the scanning, retyping, and the eventual uploading.
21:53 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yeah.
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21:54 <@ChrisChanSonichu> still stress can really weigh one down soo much.
21:54 <@ChrisChanSonichu> have you checked out the Sonichu Girl Forum?
21:54 <@PandaHalo> Can I ask a bit more about the stress?
21:54 <@ChrisChanSonichu> shoot.
21:54 <@PandaHalo> What sort of stress are you dealing with, aside from what Leon told me?
21:54 <@PandaHalo> And yes, I've seen the forum.
21:55 <@PandaHalo> The girl seemed nice, BTW. I see why you trusted her.
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21:56 <@ChrisChanSonichu> well, my father is a major stressor against me; starts arguements, annoys me, rarely washes his hands after restroom breaks (lord knows I've tried to encourage him to wash numerous time, and rarely succeeded.
21:56 <@PandaHalo> Maybe your father is stressed about something.
21:56 <@ChrisChanSonichu> and my autism just enhances the stress for the worse.
21:57 <@ChrisChanSonichu> he's often feeling ill or something.
21:57 <@ChrisChanSonichu> he has a pacemaker.
21:57 <@PandaHalo> I hate seeing you with all of this stress, maybe I can take some off your shoulders. ;)
21:57 <@ChrisChanSonichu> he's been through 3 or 4 heart attacks and equal triple-bypasses.
21:57 <@ChrisChanSonichu> how?
21:57 <@PandaHalo> Think of something.
21:57 <@PandaHalo> ;)
21:58 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I'm not sure what to think of.
21:58 <@PandaHalo> Ah.
21:58 <@ChrisChanSonichu> BTW, how are things between you and Bob, just out of curiousity [sic]?
21:58 <@ChrisChanSonichu> *curiosity
21:59 <@PandaHalo> We've been having lots of fun in Australia, wish you were here with us.
21:59 <@PandaHalo> :(
21:59 <@ChrisChanSonichu> yeah, tell me about it. how did he afford to travel there?
21:59 <@PandaHalo> Australia is a great place, you should see the world more.
21:59 <@PandaHalo> He just saved money.
22:00 <@ChrisChanSonichu> are you reading about this guard in red?
22:00 -!- XanatosVanBadas [] has quit [Ping timeout: 240 seconds]
22:00 <@ChrisChanSonichu> *that just chimed in.
22:00 <@PandaHalo> No.
22:01 <@PandaHalo> You don't seem to be working much, maybe you should try saving your pennies to see me in Australia. I'd love to see you there.
22:02 <@PandaHalo> :)
22:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I hear you, Sarah.
22:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> hey, guard, I read you, but PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE; I don't care rather it's private or not.
22:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> if I'm trolled, I'm trolled; what do I care about the hazers?
22:02 <@PandaHalo> ???
22:02 <@ChrisChanSonichu> NONE AT ALL.
22:03 <@ChrisChanSonichu> he's saying "go to"
22:03 <@ChrisChanSonichu> this guard.
22:03 <@PandaHalo> I'd ignore him.
22:03 <@PandaHalo> Just another jerkop.
22:03 <@PandaHalo> I bet there's a virus on that page.
22:03 <@PandaHalo> It must be Svenka.
22:03 <@PandaHalo> She's a hacker.
22:03 <@ChrisChanSonichu> you can't see the Red Font?
22:03 <@PandaHalo> No.
22:04 <@PandaHalo> I can't see any red font.
22:04 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I can.
22:04 <@ChrisChanSonichu> -love_me_freely- go to to see all your private talks with sarah. have fun having sex with the dog
22:04 <@PandaHalo> I'd ignore whoever it is.
22:04 <@PandaHalo> It must be a private message, like when you talk to someone privately.
22:04 <@ChrisChanSonichu> can you kick this jerk out.
22:04 <@ChrisChanSonichu> ?
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22:05 <@PandaHalo> Someone from another chat.
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22:06 <@PandaHalo> It must be a troll, there must be something on your computer.
22:06 <@PandaHalo> You must have a bug on your computer that a troll put there.
22:06 <@ChrisChanSonichu> I should probably restart the computer.
22:06 <@PandaHalo> You need to do a scan.
22:07 <@PandaHalo> Restart your browser.
22:07 <@ChrisChanSonichu> but before I do, Sarah, let me just let you know that I've given it some thought, and I am going to resume my local search for a Sweetheart. I will still talk to you. I'm going to cold boot and scan. TTYL, and take care.
22:07 <@PandaHalo> I'll wait if you wanna do that.
22:08 <@PandaHalo> :(
22:08 <@PandaHalo> Wait...
22:09 -!- XanatosVanBadas [] has joined #sonichu
22:09 <@PandaHalo> I'll still be your friend if you don't want me anymore.
22:09 <@PandaHalo> :(
22:11 <@PandaHalo> Also, that link if you haven't click it yet, might put a horrible virus on your computer.
22:11 <@PandaHalo> I don't want our communication to be cut off. :(
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