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That's right, he's given them a logo. You know, in case he gets a call asking for a merchandising deal.
The chaotic combo are STRAIGHT!

The Chaotic Combo is a team of Sonichu recolors with varying amounts of personality (ranging from one-dimensional to slightly more than one-dimensional) and screen-time. The Chaotic Combo first appeared in Sonichu #0, although they were properly introduced in Sonichu #3.[1] The name was ripped off from Chaotix, a gang of five detectives first appearing in the game Knuckles' Chaotix.


The Chaotic Combo were created at the same moment Sonichu and Rosechu were made. When the Chaotic Rainbow flew out of Sonic and Pikachu and hit the female Raichu, some eggs flew out of the rainbow for no clear reason and landed in a variety of locations. These hatched into Sonees and Roseys that were then raised by nearby Pokémon.



Wild Sonichu

The leader. Wild was raised by a Scyther and a Venusaur. The Scyther, his father, and the Venusaur, his mother, taught him the skills necessary to survive in the jungle. He can swing through jungles and turn invisible. He attacks with razor leaves and vine whips. He is a confident, outgoing and courageous character, although rather shy around members of the other gender. He eventually ends up in a relationship with a stolen character and has a child with her.

"Green electric/grass hedgehog Pokemon. 2nd in command of the Chaotic Combo. He was raised by a Venusaur, and has a perfect Razor Leaf attack (with a dash of lightning)." [2]


Bubbles Rosechu

The dumb one. Bubbles was raised by a female Swampert. She has no personality whatsoever, other than being a total whore and being shown to get her rocks off by being electrocuted or hit with "Psychic Needles". Her powers include control over water and the ability to powerfully slap her enemies. She's in a relationship with Blake. Apparently, she can create tidal waves, which are normally caused by earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions, but either way kill thousands of people. Bubbles is Water/Electric.

"Blue electric/water hedgehog Pokemon. Optimistic and full of energy, when she feels happy, she will tell everyone. She was raised by a mother Swampert who taught her how to create tidal waves." [3]


Punchy Sonichu

The token minority. An incarnation of how Chris sees Asian people, Punchy is a slanty-eyed self-proclaimed "strike ninja" who had his tail ripped off in a matter of seconds by Mypoe seconds after crash landing into G.D.W. Shinabe's dojo. Having his tail promptly removed somehow caused the Sonee to evolve into Punchy, which made him a martial arts expert. Punchy then used a sky uppercut to launch Mypoe into the stratosphere, clearly murdering her. Mypoe's father reacted to this by congratulating him and taking him on as his star pupil. Supposedly, Punchy is full of "Random Access Humor", except he doesn't really show up in the comic a lot, and when he does, he isn't funny. He attacks with punches. Punchy is Fighting/Electric.

"Red electric/fighting hedgehog Pokemon. Punchy is very strong and full of random weird humor. He lost his tail in a fight. He was raised in a dojo in Japan." [4]


Angelica Rosechu

The Jesus freak. Raised by a group of nuns, Angelica uses her magic powers to grow flowers with such messages as "HOPE" and "PEACE & LOVE". Only has slightly more personality than Bubbles. Uses words like "pray" and "Lord" randomly to show that she is religious, despite rampantly engaging in premarital sex and even mass debating in church. Angelica doesn't fight very often, but she apparently can use wing attacks and whirlwinds. Angelica is Flying/Electric, and has a pair of angel wings.

"White electric/flying hedgehog Pokemon. She usually remains peaceful and calm, and she prays every night. Angelica was raised in a church by some nuns." [5]



The closet case. Probably the most interesting of the bunch, Magi-chan is supposedly very intelligent, has psychic powers and can travel through time. Raised by Mewtwo, who communicated with him telepathically after he hatched. The only member of the Chaotic Combo, and probably one of the few Sonichus altogether, that bothers wearing clothing, even if it's just a vest. He is also one of Chris's spouses. Magi-Chan is Psychic/Electric.

"Purple electric/psychic hedgehog Pokemon. He has telekinetic powers, and he can bend anything with his mind." [6]

Notable Character Relationships

The loving couples and their proud father, as recreated in LittleBigPlanet.

Sonichu and the rest of the Chaotic Combo

Sonichu has a quite close working relationship and friendship with the rest of the Combo, almost to the point where he's a sixth member. He's seen more often with a member of the Combo than they are as a full team by themselves, not to mention that Sonichu has no problem hanging out with Rosechu and her Gal-pals. Moreover, his children are said to play with Wild's own groinspawn. Since he's the only one besides Bubbles who has any aptitude with electric attacks and he also has the ear of the mayor, he may be the de facto sixth member of the group.

Blake and the rest of the Chaotic Combo

While shown to be individually more powerful than any of the other members, he turns into a simpering bitch after getting gangbanged by Sonichu and the rest of the Combo and developing a crush on Bubbles. His status in the rest of the clique rose considerably after attending a few birthday parties and becoming Bubbles' gelding. Ironically, Blake was able to get far more evil done as a confident of the Chaotic Combo than he ever did working for Giovanni and Robotnik.

Magi-Chan and the rest of the Chaotic Combo

The other members of the Chaotic Combo seem to freely use Magi-Chan for teleportation services and information about the latest plot device of the week while doing little to return the favor. Strangely, Magi-Chan doesn't seem to resent this frequent badgering for assistance. In his first meet-up with the others in Episode 11 he's actually a bit peevish when people take their sweet time to ask him for his psychic taxi services. This stoic commitment to duty is, to no one's surprise, waived when it's Chris-chan doing the asking.

Angelica, Bubbles, and Rosechu

Like Sonichu, Rosechu is frequently seen hanging out with the other two female members of the Chaotic Combo. Unfortunately, as she's but a mere female character in Sonichu she's only seen interacting with them in warm scenes of domesticity. Stuff like shopping at the mall, hanging out at the beach, or stripping nude.

Punchy and Angelica

Punchy initially develops a crush on Angelica after she attends to him after getting owned by Blake's hoverboard. This infatuation only lasts until he starts IM-ing Layla Flaafy, whereupon he immediately forgets his years-long feelings for Angelica.