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Chris was brainwashed into believing that pre-Tomgirl Chris is a separate, evil counterpart controlled by Nazis, responsible for the unheroic protagonist actions depicted, and tried to abolish women's rights.
Sonichu character
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Christian Weston Chandler
Date of birth 24 February 1982
Gender Male, later Female
Parents Bob Chandler
Barbara Weston Chandler
Species Human (can transform into an Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Occupation Mayor of CWCville (until Sonichu #11)
Evolves into Chris-Chan Sonichu
Chris is a master of consistency.

Christian Weston Chandler is a character and technically the main protagonist of the Sonichu comic series. Within the comic universe, Chris has not opted to portray himself as a fat slob who refuses to work; rather he is the respected creator of CWCville, "father" of hero Sonichu and a deific character beloved by all.

Despite the sub-episodes in which he appears ostensibly concerning the real Chris, he can't seem to keep from invoking superpowers and fictitious plot contrivances.

In December 2014, it was revealed that, just like his real-life counterpart, Comic Chris has become Transgender and goes by the name Christine Weston Chandler.

In the comic

Chris's most accurate self portrait Try this.
Definitely not this one.
Anatomical analysis of the character, based on Chris's first illustrative depiction of himself.

Chris depicted himself as Mayor (only stopping as of February 2017, when the new mayor was mentioned) of his fictional town, CWCville. Unlike real life, comic-Chris is popular, good-looking (notionally speaking), and surrounded by adoring women (whose real-life counterparts are generally trolls, gal-pals who hate him, or fictional creations like Allison Amber). He also has the ability to change himself into Chris-chan Sonichu and use any and all of the powers of the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon at will, thus rendering Sonichu and company completely superfluous.

A typical comic depiction of Chris – a tall, broad shouldered, handsome young man. Compare to the real hunched, fatty, double-chinned Chris.

Any characteristics comic Chris possess stem from Chris's attempt to portray himself as the lovable loser type of character, known from any generic romantic comedy. He is portrayed as noble, brave, intelligent, and surrounded by cartoon characters who fawn over him. However, so as not to appear to be a COMPLETE Mary Sue, comic-Chris also has trouble with finding a girlfriend, is shown to have a limited ability to fight off his enemies, and is regularly in need of help from his supportive friends in order to overcome his problems. In the comic, real-life relics like his medallion are not mere paraphernalia – they're magical objects which can make his dreams come true.

He is of course the creator of CWCville, complete with a doting secretary, now heiress to the CWCville legacy, on whom he dumps all his dirty work, which she takes with a smile. However, his actual role relative to the citizens of his city is closer to god-king than mere creator; his office was permanent and indisputable during his time in it, and every character reveres him as their creator and supreme being, and is unswervingly loyal to him for no reason. If it weren't totally obvious, Chris's comic persona is a pure wish-fulfilment Mary Sue. Because Chris has trouble defining the line between reality and fiction, added with his compulsive knack to cling onto anything that would justify him as a person, Chris tends to view his achievements in the comic as genuine achievements, and held the title of Mayor of CWCville when addressing himself.

Sonichu is the main character of his self-titled comic in name only. While all the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon tend to make up an ensemble cast with equal weight on the story, if there is any true lead protagonist to the series, then it is Chris. The comic's narrative focuses on him and the problems he has to deal with, and virtually everything in the world of CWCville only seems to matter in relation to Chris (much like the real world). Towards the end of the initial run of Sonichu, Chris began to feel that the focus on his trolls and personal problems were distracting the series from its original purpose, and created Sonichu 10 to wrap up his storylines in the most gruesome, violent but satisfying way possible, supposedly to let his character retire in a blaze of glory.

Prior to appearing in Sonichu #11, Chris updated his in-comic incarnation to reflect his transgenderism in 2014, with the resulting design looking even less like his real self than he did before transitioning. He draws himself as a complete female, with a feminine shape (relative to the featureless rectangles he generally uses for bodies, that is) and breasts. His hair, greasy, thin and receding in real life, is full and feminine. As is customary, his heterochromia is hugely exaggerated and he is intended to look attractive. That being said, he still drew himself fucking Sonichu in the ass with his Duck at the request of the Idea Guys, ostensibly to ensure that GodBear-given daughter comes into this world, so at best, this iteration of the character is intersex.


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Predictably, Chris's creation of a world in which he is god results in even more insane behavior than is exhibited his real-life counterpart, primarily due to him (and his superpowered goons) possessing the power to actually carry out his threats in a controlled environment where he can (attempt to) portray himself as morally superior.

In only 11 issues (including 4 specials), he permanently crippled someone by shooting him in the legs after he'd surrendered, completely destroyed the life of a man who was simply doing his job and then callously mocking him by saying that he'd suffered worse, destroyed a populated building which he had sealed up beforehand to ensure no living thing escaped and later tried to blame it on the building's lackluster security, broke into an old woman's home and brutally attacked her to the extent of causing permanent paralysis, directly ordered the murder of over 1500 people in the self-perpetrated destruction of the building, orchestrated a purging of homosexuals and asexuals, and arranged a show trial for four men in an openly biased court, before personally executing them in brutal and inhumane ways – forcing children to commit first-degree murder in the process – for the crime of making a parody webcomic.

It should be noted that Chris's avatar undertakes all of these activities with self-righteous euphoria, and offers no justification, nor does he display any remorse.

Sonichu #0

Right from Sonichu #0 Chris is depicted on the front cover commanding Sonichu to "Zap to the extreme!", and within the comic itself, congratulating Sonichu for his victory. At this point, Chris is drawing himself only semi-realistically, but he is still a minor character. Sonichu #0 is one of the rare issues that is actually based primarily around the idea of Sonichu as the protagonist.

Sonichu #1

Sonichu #1 is perhaps Chris's lowest-key outing in the entire comic, merely depicting himself commenting on the actions of the characters, and, bizarrely, his own drawing ability.

Sonichu #2

Having again drawn himself on the cover, by Sonichu #2 Chris has turned himself into a fully-fledged main character. Chris depicts himself as the messiah of the Anchuent Prophecy foretold by his ancestors. It is in this issue that he first gains his ability to turn into Chris-chan Sonichu, an event which will dominate the rest of the series to the point of Sonichu's redundancy.

Sonichu #3

After being heavily featured in the previous comic, Chris takes a back seat in order to put a spotlight on the Chaotic Combo. Sadly, he still can't resist adding his head onto the first page.

Sonichu #4

The legendary comic made entirely up of sub-episodes about Chris's life. Things get a little confusing because not only are the Electric Hedgehog Pokémon depicted as existing in Real Chris's universe, but he also has super-powers with which to battle the Jerkops. Again, Chris is depicting himself with selfless friends and powers he wished he actually had, but doesn't. And all the powers and Pokémon in the world still don't stop him getting beaten by the Jerkops or being trolled by Hanna. This comic also marks the introduction of Crystal, his imagined sister, on whose beauty he remarks numerous times.

Manga Chris is so kawaii! Uguu~...

Sonichu #5

Real Chris, distraught at discovering Sarah Nicole Hammer – a long-standing love interest of his – is getting married, depicts himself as a noble gentleman who only wants what's best for her. Of course, in reality, Sarah couldn't have cared less what Chris thought of the wedding, but Chris felt that showing his acceptance was vitally important. An interpretation could be made that Chris is battling the two versions of himself – the side who wants Sarah all to himself (Real Chris, played by Wes Iseli) and the side who wants Sarah to be happy (Comic Chris). It probably helped that by this point Chris had transferred his feelings for Sarah over to Megan, who makes her début appearance as Sailor Megtune, allowing him to make the noble choice a lot easier than it would have otherwise been.

This comic also introduces the pseudo-manga art style (thanks a lot, Megan) that would come to characterize later comics. While the art doesn't get better, it at least becomes comparatively more consistent than it did previously.

By the next episode, things start to get confusing. Yes, Chris is Mayor of CWCville and can order around public servants, but he still can't find a girlfriend. Despite this, he continues to depict himself as a noble warrior of love, protecting all of Virginia from those who would attempt to take it away.

Sonichu #6

Sonichu #6 is the first issue to go into detail about how Comic Chris manages to run a city while sitting around getting trolled. Opening with Real Chris discovering that his beloved dog Patti Chandler can talk, the action soon switches to Comic Chris as they enter CWCville. Chris introduces Patti-Chan to Allison Amber, a Hollywood starlet who inexplicably gave up her promising career to run CWCville while Chris was sitting in his attraction locations. This character is indicative of how Chris portrays himself as so charismatic that young women drop everything to do his bidding. He is the "Big Cheese". Either way, fictional Allison Amber has a boyfriend, so Chris loses out in his own comic yet again.

Comic Chris spends the rest of the comic bemoaning his loneliness, and making bizarre and scarcely-comprehensible "hints" that Megan is his true sweetheart. Even in comic form, Megan wants none of this.

Sonichu #7

Chris as depicted in Sonichu #7.
Chris and Sammy together.
Comic Chris in 2014, showing off a "Tomgirl" look.

The megalomania begins on the cover, which is decorated with tiny pictures of the important moments of Chris's life, such as the time he held a basketball or tricked Megan into being photographed with him.

The comic itself revolves around Comic Chris and Megan, who is depicted as struggling with her feelings for Chris (in reality, at this point, she hated him). The comic at this point was being used as a tool to attract Megan, so much of the extraneous action is centered on the dating life of the Sonichus as a (barely) veiled hint as to what direction their friendship should take. The courting of Megan is also why it's the most manga-esque issue to date, which in turn results in Chris's self-depictions being hugely inconsistent in style.

This issue is also notorious for its introduction of Sammy. Intended to be a bumbling, Peter Griffin-type counterpart to Comic Chris, Sammy is extremely stupid, massively overweight and shits his pants, which results in a far greater resemblance to the real Chris than Comic Chris has ever had.

Halfway through making this comic Chris was being trolled relentlessly, so he responded by trapping himself in the Time Void, and thus removing himself from the direct action in the comic... A measure that would not last very long.

Sonichu #8

Unable to keep himself completely out of the action, Chris somehow emerges temporarily from the Time Void on the 10th floor in the building in order to physically assault an employee who is working on a caricature of the over-sized drinking straw picture, while Rosechu and Sonichu cheer him on in unison. Chris disappears immediately afterward.

Sonichu #9

Even though Chris remains trapped in the Time Void, he can't resist including himself substantially in this issue. The first time he shows up is during Ivy's "vision" portraying her being with Chris as told by God and Jesus. The second time is at the end of the comic. In the scene, Magi-Chan and Wild Sonichu discover the Time Void and end up pulling Chris out of it. Fifteen minutes later, Chris, as Chris-Chan Sonichu, unveils some sort of plan (which isn't elaborated) and he races off. On the final page, Chris declares that he, and anyone he created out of his sweetheart search misadventures, will never show up in the pages of his comic again... though the last page presumes that it'll continue in Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles.

Sonichu #10

Despite the announcement at the end of the previous issue, Chris's character returns and immediately places himself in the middle of the spotlight. During the time this issue was being drawn, Chris was boiling with rage and crying for the blood of Jack Thaddeus, Clyde Cash, and every other troll and for the "straightening out" of homosexual males due to all the gay ads in his CWCipedia. As such, whatever small narrative restraints Comic Chris had possessed have been extinguished, and the character acts purely as a mouthpiece (and avenging fist) for his creator.

At the beginning of the comic Chris discusses the future, wherein he is to be married to a woman named Lovely Weather and, since he slept with her, he is no longer a virgin. Apparently, homosexuality is such a big problem in the future that Chris was also asked by future scientists to donate some of his "straight" blood so they could use it for a vaccine. Chris, however, hoping to employ it on the homos in the present, sends Magi-Chan back to the future to steal a crate of the vaccine. This is contrary to the time-travel logic he established in "Time Hogs", wherein it is assumed that time is in flux and cannot be altered.

Chris moves on to fight some devil trolls who had infested his old website, and then he attacks and destroys leaving a hundred people dead in the process, including Jack Thaddeus and Clyde Cash, who are forced to commit suicide.

Chris during his "physical transformation". Note that Chris's redesign bears far less resemblance to how he looks now than the original design ever did.

Chris is then attacked by Naitsirhc, but Chris eventually gets the upper hand and tries out the gay vaccine on him. After Naitsirhc turns back into his old incarnation, Chris declares the vaccine a success, and gives the order to pollute all the drinking water in the world with it, effectually eradicating homosexuality, along with asexuality.

Meg Griffin of all people suddenly turns up and claims to be a fan of Sonichu, much to Chris's pleasure. After beating up some random guy who called Meg "sir" and Chris "madam", he cheats on Lovely Weather by making out with her, after her confirming that she is consensual. Unbeknownst to Chris, Meg is really Silvana Rosechu in disguise, and Chris has therefore been trolled.

Once again Chris takes the time to apologize without really apologizing, this time with a babbling insincere speech to the homosexuals who might have been offended by the fact that he just committed something comparative to genocide against them. With that out of the way, Chris takes out the Sonichu Balls and transforms into Collosal Chan, and together with Sonichu, now transformed into Ultra Sonichu, sets out to "right some wrongs". Aside from the minor detail of getting Crystal out of the mirror, Hobo Chan's main priority is getting rid of Asperchu, which he does by breaking into Asperchu/Alec Benson Leary's house, fingerbanging his "HEXBox Pavilion" to the breaking point and turning Asperchu and the rest of the comic cast into "improved" versions of themselves.

After this, Hobo-Chan fights Mary Lee Walsh, leaving her completely paralyzed and sentenced to a lifetime in CWCville's maximum-security prison (killing her is out of the question after the Liquid Chris furore). After that, Chris reverts to his human form and gives a speech. Meanwhile, Simonla Rosechu is murdered, and the Asperpedia Four are arrested for the crime. And at the same times as Chris starts giving out blessings and apologies to the Asperpedia Four, they are subjected to a show trial for their crime against him and CWCville, and are then brutally executed by the Sonichus, with Chris partaking in Alec's execution by electrocution, and personally carrying out Mao's execution by tearing him apart with his psychic powers.

The huge issue finally concludes with Chris urging everyone to celebrate his masturbatory holiday, Christian Love Day, and leap and dance and sing praise in His name, for great is His wisdom and His benevolence. It truly is his story and nothing less.

Sonichu #11

Chris appears in Sonichu 11 near the end of "A Sonichu Christmas" as having transitioned into a woman in the time since the last issue. Chris is only drawn on one page, appearing in photographs on the subsequent pages, like in Sonichu #6. As the episode takes place in 2008, Chris is depicted as becoming "Christine" much sooner than in real life; this is confusingly explained by retconning the time travel plot so that Magi-Chan helped 2007-Chris to transition into a tomgirl in 2014 and then sent her back to 2007/08. Or something.

Sonichu #12

Sonichu 12 marks the first time where Chris takes a major role in his new female form. He attended Cwcville's first Annual SLGBTQ along with his sister Crystal, the hedgehogs, and his self-spawned children. After initially convincing Reldnahc, his still evil gay twin to quit with a textwall, he would find himself battling Reldnahc in their respective Sonichu form, with Cole Smithey brainwashed to the jerkops' cause. After sending his half-brother in to a pocket dimension, Reldnahc and Chris would find themselves locked in a battle in yet another pocket dimension. After defeating Reldnahc, revealed some of the jerkops are zombies and wonders if his evil twin can ever be befriended. Chris would end the episode with a tribute to his late father and claiming he is a reincarnation of a lesbian hippie who attended Woodstock.

Sonichu #12-9

In this Pony-laden issue, Comic Chris appears in the form of the Christine Doll in Act 1. Chris also opts to insert his real-life self into the comic by means of using photographs, a technique that he has used in his webcomic before.

Sonichu #13

Sonichu #13 sees the largest case of self-importance since Sonichu #10, focusing on how Chris became a goddess. Chris takes the role as the leader of CWCville in a war against Nazis and unsurprisingly pulls out a deus ex machina to fix timespace or some shit. It's important to note that issue 13 was written under the direction of the Idea Guys and as such should not be entirely interpreted as Chris's fantasies and warped view of the world. The comic is specifically orchestrated to bring misery to both the real-life and fictional Chris Chandlers, as exemplified in the scene in which Chris and Sonichu rape one another.

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