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Various images of Sonichites
Chris's Sonichite, attached to his medallion.
After I got my Mega Stone, I thought about attaching it to my Medallion. But when the stone touched the medal, it merged in. Now for the long while, mine is more unique than ever. The ChrisChanSonichite sure left an impression; smack-dab in the middle of it. That ol' Cherokee Magic. Ha-cha!

A Sonichite is a special item introduced in Sonichu #11. It is ripped off from Pokémon's "Mega Stone" items.

Mega Stone

In Pokémon, a Mega Stone is an item which enables a Pokémon to temporarily evolve to an upgraded form. The Stone is set in an accessory which the Pokémon wears, which disappears during the evolution, but reappears afterwards. The name convention for each stone is the Pokémon's name, followed by the suffix "-ite." [1]

In the comic

TSSSF card
Rosechite on a TSSSF card

The energy of the Sonichu Balls (Chaotic Crystals) depart from the (now female) Chris-Chan Sonichu and sync with Sonichu's energies under the moonlight. They then shatter into millions of fragments, the Sonichites. These are Mega Stones which allow Electric Hedgehog Pokémon to Mega Evolve. Comic Chris's stone is called the ChrisChanSonichite. Sonichu and Rosechu pick up Sonichites at their houses, Mega Evolving into Ultra Sonichu and The Incredible Lioness respectively.

The effects only last for a short time and the Sonichites need time to recharge between uses. The Sonichus store their Sonichites in their socks, while the Rosechus use barrettes (hair clips) to keep them in their fur. Apparently, they will be used as a last resort.[2]


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