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The Rescuing Ivy Comic, also known as Sonichu Special 1, is a comic created by Chris, recalling the story of him saving Ivy from the hands of Clyde Cash (known as "Cly" in this comic). Only six pages have been leaked to the Internet, but certain parts of the comic can be seen in full glory in CWC Music Video Holding Out For a Hero, a video by Chris.


"Cly", a bald man wearing a purple suit and blue cape, has abducted, bound and gagged Ivy. Chris and Sonichu - the latter of which seemingly making a 1 panel cameo as he is never seen again in the comic - rescues her without incident. The pages appear to be out of order, as Cly is shown thrown into a wall by Sonichu(?) and Chris freeing Ivy, but about 2 panels later it shows Chris and Sonichu busting in. But then Cly (who is in the pay of Slaweel Ryam) activates a jetpack, commenting he is not paid enough, and chases Chris (transformed into Chris-Chan Sonichu) and Ivy as they escape. Chris then hits Cly with some sort of electric attack, which should possibly kill him, but doesn't. Cly again complains he is not paid enough. Chris offscreen changes back to his human form, and asks God to guide them to safety. the two lovers escape, and share kisses and hugs.

It is revealed later in Giant Penis Comic Ivy has a fursona side as well, but she doesn't think about using it once during her capture.

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