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Sonichu character
Sonichu - Episode 13, Page 27, Revision 1.jpg
Sailor Megtune
Birth 23 July 1986
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Sailor Soldier
Sidekick Megagi La Skunk

Sailor Megtune is Megan Schroeder's Sailor Soldier alter-ego in the Sonichu comic series. The character is blatantly plagiarized from Sailor Moon, a favorite show of Megan's.

It is assumed that Chris created Sailor Megtune as both a way to win Megan's heart and to climb out of the hole he had dug himself into during the rougher events of their friendship. As Sailor Megtune was introduced, the art style of Sonichu adopted a pseudo-anime influence, potentially appealing to Megan's weeaboo sentiments. The terminology of the series also reflects this; the term "Sailor Scout" is replaced with "Sailor Soldier", which is a more accurate translation of the original Japanese term from Sailor Moon, which Chris probably wouldn't have known had he not known Megan. As soon as Megan "dumped" Chris in real life, the character of Sailor Megtune abruptly vanished from the series and was never mentioned again.

In the comic

Sailor Megtune first appears in the fifth issue of Sonichu, along with Megagi La Skunk, who is apparently a sidekick of sorts. She is secretly in love with Chris, contrary to the real-life Megan who was at her wit's end with Chris by this point. He very obviously reciprocates her feelings (as he did in real life), but neither of them can act on those feelings due to mysterious "past events" which are not revealed.

In Issue 7 Megan was back, more notably as just "Megan" and not Sailor Megtune. It is implied that just as Chris can transform into Chris-Chan Sonichu, Megan can in turn transform into Sailor Megtune, possibly by using a Guitar Hero controller, though any transformation of hers is not explicitly depicted in the comics. A picture in the Scrapbook of Fail, however, depicts a transformation pen similar to the ones used by Sailor Moon's teammates, the "Sailor Senshi" ("Sailor Scouts" in the English dub), during two of the middle seasons (Sailor Moon R and Sailor Moon S). This will probably not be seen or confirmed in the future, as it's very unlikely, if at all possible, that she will be appearing in future issues.


The Idea Guys were here.

Chris was brainwashed into believing that Megan is also CPU Red Heart from Crozna.

Sailor Megtune has a magical guitar weapon in which she is able to perform the attack "Megtune Rockin' Hurricane". The power is only shown to be used as a means of deflecting or negating enemy attacks, and is not shown to have any offensive capabilities. It's most likely named after the 1984 song "Rock You Like a Hurricane", by the Scorpions. This seems to be the extent of her abilities, leaving her totally unable to actively fight evil.

As time went on, Chris's view of Megan darkened, eventually seeing her as responsible for all the trolling he's been through since 2007.[1] As retribution, Chris rescinded Megan's "Sailor Megtune powers".[2] Megan's reaction to this turn of events is not known, but Chris seemed to think she would be practically traumatised.


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