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Chris's new Facebook profile photo, a Lego self-portrait, uploaded 13 October 2013.

The following covers Chris's Facebook activity in October 2013.

Chris's new cover photo, a Lego version of that evil bitch Megan.


  • 2 October - Chris makes a series of random-access humor posts.
  • 3 October - Chris posts an angry rant directed at Megan.
  • 4 October - Chris continues to express his rage about Megan.
  • 5 October - Chris responds to an email purportedly from Megan, and beats her up in a Lego showdown.
  • 7 October - Chris is raising money for a children's hospital.
  • 8 October - Chris has potentially found a new place to play Pokémon.
  • 11 October - Chris announces that someone is using his name maliciously.
  • 13 October - Chris has reached his fundraising goal.
  • 14 October - Chris is having jaw problems and begs for a woman to save him from his miserable life.
  • 15 October - Chris reviews a McDonald's product.
  • 17-18 October - Chris claims to have received gifts from fans.
  • 28 October - Chris demands that the trolls stop snooping into his private Facebook posts.
  • 30 October - Chris is shocked to discover that his high school gal-pals only pretended to be his friends out of pity.
  • 31 October - Chris is still crushed by this news and requests apologies from those who have wronged him.

Status Updates

Wacky random-access humor!

On 2 October 2013 Chris made a series of random-access humor posts. According to Facebook, these were all posted near one of the locations called Clover Hill, Virginia, but it is not clear which one exactly:

Basement Rats and Free Hats! We don't have either one. - feeling dumb
Muck stuck icky bickie boo boo boom.~~~~~~~~~~ - feeling dumb
"Carrots are good for your eyes; can it dial a phone?" - feeling dumb
I once knew a man from Nantucket, who had on his head a stupid bucket. - feeling dumb
There once was a nose from Pocanose, but then it ran away to Snotsville. - feeling dumb
Oh, look. There's a hippo on my head. I'm flat as a paper. Don't just stand there; write a letter on me. "Dear sir, Hello. Buck Williams. - feeling dumb
"I'm upside-down in a car, driving my way to the grocery store" "Root-De-Doot-De-Doot" "Stop saying "Root-De-Doot-De-Doot;" that's my bit, get your own." "Okay, how about Spling-pling-bling-bing-slee-de-lee-dee." - feeling dumb
"Slimerr." "Whaat?" "I'm gonna bust your ass." "Nooooooooooo!" "Ha-Ha." - feeling dumb
When your mind is a blank, the repeated stupidities really drive you insane, and it is boring! - feeling dumb

Megagi La Skunk agrees that you should have never been born

3 October 2013

**Megan Schroeder!**

You ungrateful bitch. Quit hiding behind the Anons, Trolls, PLace People and every Damned Person who you have deceived into siding with you.

By the way, I have checked with Megagi La Skunk; she feels deep distrust in you. We mutually agree that you should have never been born, even if it meant she would never exist. Also, your Sailor Megtune powers; I created them for you; I have taken them away from you! Usagi and the Sailor Scouts would have been most ashamed of you.

You need to pay me what you owe for Destroying Me, My Heart, My Soul, and My Life with your ungratefulness to my past loyalty and devotion. You played me for a fool for Years, making me spend and spend on you with borrowed money! You continuously had Mimms an everyone else online humiliate me! I can not ever find employment now, because my background check has been made null and void with Your Damn Internet Troll Army! You would not even accept the Copies of the Uncut SM series I had burned for you! You conned me into giving you my Original DVDs. It is as if I was swindled into bargain basement, counterfeit imported crap. I poured my heart for you, and you break the glass pitcher the essence was stored in.

You need to pay me what you greatly owe me for Destroying Me! And I not or you and your army, stressing us out, my father would still be alive today! Face Me In Person and settle our Long Heated Rivalry and Domestic Hatred, NOW!!! :( -feeling angry.

Chris immediately posted two more comments:

And by the way, I pray you have been having Really Bad Luck, Feeling Paranoid of EVERYONE, and Shakingly Stressed, because I continue to leave your minifigure upside-down and shaken with the Witch and the Bastard! And I have been feeling the very same grave emotions myself for the Six Long Years, you damn, dirty bitch!

Apologize or else

4 October 2013

I will only forgive Megan, and remove all curses upon her, when she apologizes to me In Person and Face To Face, when the Cwcki, its forum, and Everything Else Against me on the Freaking Internet is GONE, GONE, GONE, when I am NOT BANNED FROM ANYWHERE, when I get my original Uncut Sailor Moon DVDs returned to me, when my Good Name is Cleared of all of the bad, AND when I have my female Sweetheart for Forever. And I am Not Stepping Down beforehand.

GAMe PLACe revelations

4 October 2013

Megan, I KNOW you and the PLace employee continuously conversed and conspired against me. "Christian is so weird. " "Tell me about it." "He hangs on to me, touching me, clinging onto my every word. Ugh." "I can not stand his shouting outbursts that echos in my after both of those times he stressed out." "I want to just kill him; destroy his goody-two-shoes nature, soul, heart and all that shit my mashed potato grenade could shatter, but leave his body in tact, so I'm not committed fro murder." "I just want to ban him from "MY" store forever." "I got it! Let's get an embarrassing photo of him, post it online, and put him to shame forever!" "Mimms and Lucas are tech freaks! Let's enlist them." "Yeah! Chris will be banned from "YOUR" store based on the hyped up mal online reputation; he will be out of my life forever. Pending possible nightmares and night terrors to come, but who the fuck cares; His Autistic, Fragile mind will shatter along with his heart after I kiss my homosexual fake boyfriend in front of him!" ""HA HA HA HA HA AHA HA HA!!!!!"

I am onto your game that took away six years of my life and destroyed me; you either pay me what you owe, or I continue to curse and haunt you with my father at my side.

Immediately afterwards Chris posted:

NOBODY COMMENT OR EMAIL ME! I want HER to contact me In Person and Face to Face!

The Queen Bee has finally showed her hand

After his previous post, Chris was emailed by a person purporting to be Megan, and responded:

5 October 2013

The Queen Bee has finally showed her hand. If she was so innocent of causing my grief online the past six years, she would have not told me the name of the nearby friendly neighborhood webmaster of a Troll that could "take some stuff down" from the internet.

From: Megan Schroeder

To: Christian Weston Chandler

Re: "Outstanding Community Member" my ass and foot.

October 5, 2013 at 8:58 PM

I DIDN'T CONSPIRE TO DESTROY YOUR LIFE! You did that enough on your own! With your ridiculous webcomic and your "war" against ED. As for the touching thing, I don't like being touched by men who aren't in a relationship with me. And all those things you did for me? I thought you did that because we were friends, and I was gratefull! Do you know how much of your crap I put up with? The touching, the rants, the being creepy...all that! And I didn't fake romance, that was real. Christopher wasn't gay and how did that send you into mental shock? Did you believe I was yours or something? You were already an internet phenomenon loooong before I ever came into the picture. I never set up that ED page, it wasn't me who told Mimms and Lucas to do stuff, I didn't get you banned from the store, and I sure as Hell am not responsible for the death of your father! Do you know how bad that picture made me feel? It scared the Hell out of me! You are the one who should apologize! Didn't you consider me a "sweetheart"? Well, for all your other "sweethearts", you made those stupid videos. So if I still mean so damn much to you, why don't you make a video apologizing to me and maybe, just maybe, I'll consider e-mailing Lucas and telling him to take some stuff down.

Lego Soul Calibur Showdown

Chris posted 28 photos which presumably tell a narrative of an epic showdown. He then changed his profile picture and cover photo to fit the theme.

5 October 2013

Me versus Megan Schroeder; Soul Calibur style with Tag Team.

Children's hospitals videos

6 October 2013

I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/8vYDB8fojP PlayStation and Extra Life Team Up For Children's Hospitals


6 October 2013

I'm supporting @CMNHospitals through @ExtraLife4Kids! http://t.co/QwohGHw5dT via @DonorDrive

Chris is fundraising

7 October 2013

I just raised 37 dollars towards the 200 goal; please, Give me the reason to play on for 25 Hours on November 2nd.

Pony music

8 October 2013

I Am Octavia [Titanium Parody] ~ EileMonty [Feat; Nowacking & WildCards] - listening to Eilemonty.

New Pokémon place

8 October 2013

I may have found a new place, or otherwise an old League that has Moved, to go to for Pok'emon TCG League Friday Nights. Located at UVA. Tell No One I am considering this. Comments are welcome.


William Elliott Waterman remarked:

I'd love to join these if they were about the nintendo handheld games instead of the card games.

Another friend added:

Oh man, so jealous! I wish they had one around here. Do you think they play regulation? Looks like some leadership opportunity, too. :)

Chris replied:

they play both the cards and the (3)DS

Chris is not in the Phillippines

11 October 2013


Someone is pretending to be me in Spoofing and has been spamming the message screen capped below to a lot of people; likely those in my contact list on my AOL account.

Mainly, I have not ever been to the Phillipines; I am still in Ruckersville, VA; financial issues for real right here and now are irrelevant, and I am not in any trouble with any police or "embassy". Whoever is pretending to be me in this spoof attempt needs to stop or be stopped.

And in any case, please disregard the message if you have received it. — :( feeling pissed off.

Fundraising update

11 October 2013

We got 142/200 dollars in the pot for UVA Children's Hospital; Please, at least 58 more towards my twenty-five hour gaming marathon portion. And more beyond that would still be much appreciated for the children.


Fundraising goal reached

13 October 2013

We've reached over the 200 Dollar Mark by 8; Thank you everyone who donated. More donations will be accepted and appreciated by UVA Medical Center. I will start my 25 Hour Gameathon at Midnight EST, November 2, 2013, with the rest of the gamers!

More charity "work"

14 October 2013

I just supported Play games. Heal kids. Nov. 2 on @ThunderclapIt // @ExtraLife4Kids http://t.co/vJPvhVKox0

Jaw problems and a plea for rescue

14 October 2013

Two Things: 1) My jaw started squeaking an airy jig when I chew food. Internet search finds me with a TSJ disorder. My mother stresses me with her continuous rants about her damn miniature scabie flies, her suffering, the low finances here and shit!!! It is no wonder I ended up with jaw clenching towards TSJD.

Second) I am considering online meeting women. And right now, I need a Hero of a Woman to get me out of this mental hell hole of a fate I am forced to live at home. Blessing count: roof over my head, compassionate, sweet beagle dogs, hobby pursuit, whatnot. My mother and the trolls and God are all giving me grief and stress. My mother is a good person, but when she goes on and on and on about the bad news, rearranges things, yelling at me, talking down to me, I feel bothered.

Some Woman! Please Help Me! - :( feeling stressed.

Kim asked:

Have you gone to a doctor?

Chris responded:

I will be seeing my physician later today about my TSJ problem.


15 October 2013

I just had a 5 piece Mighty Wing at McDonalds, with honey mustard; I had a sauce-free bite first. At the Forest Lakes location at least, there is a reason for offering a large drink free with 5 piece purchase. BOLDY SPICY!! They would do just as well offering a milk jug or two with purchase. They should make t-shirts: "I Survived the McD Mighty Wings!"

Also, I just had my weight checked; lost seven pounds; now at 211.

A "Present"

17 October 2013

Hey, look at the latest in Troll/"Fan" Presents: a Lego DeLorean. It was fun to build it. Thank you. - :D feeling amused.

But Kim was suspicious:

Huh, I think I might be misunderstanding you. So, a troll gave you the idea for this and you bought the kit and made it?

Where did you buy it? Did you get a good deal on it?

Chris replied:

No, a troll purchased and sent me the kit as a gift from Amazon.

Kim was not convinced:

Aww c'mon, don't bullshit me. No they didn't. Where'd you get it?

Chris didn't answer.

Another "Present"

18 October 2013
Great pumpkin.png

Someone else sent me a present; a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Amazon must be their favorite place to shop online.

Kim again called him out:

But no one sent you this as a present either. I don't get what this post is about. Could you explain it?

Chris remained silent.

Respect my privacy

After the September 2013 Facebook leak on the CWCki Forums, Chris posted the following:

28 October 2013

Announcement: Attention Everyone: Whoever has been capping and discussing my private posts, Please Stop It. I have no intention towards anything online, and my private thoughts I share Only with my Real Friends in my List Only should remain Private as such. And I have not been whining about anyone, so please stop bothering people and telling them that I had. I will never be a member of anything about and/or against me online Ever, so any "kind offers" will be automatically rejected and ignored.

In other words, Leave Me Alone and Quit Talking About Me At All, you pinheaded Trolls!!!

Reality Comes Knocking

Chris has received messages from people purporting to be his high school gal-pals. According to Thetan, one of the trolls known for doing this, the text in the red box was quoted from an actual email from one of the gal-pals.

30 October 2013

I had long thought I was liked genuinely as a person in Manchester High School by my closest gal pals and everyone else. Now I am shocked to hear that everyone was my friend, because they felt sorry for me.

Let me share a couple of recent emails from one of my friends. I am not doing this to be mean, cruel or bad, but it really hurts me emotionally.

A lot of us were surprised, even shocked to see how much Christian had changed from the way we remembered him in high school. He was just this awkward, slightly-odd, shy kid back then. A lot of the Special Ed kids got picked on but, for some reason, Christian seemed to get it much worse than the others. _____ and _____ I let Christian hang out with us mainly because we felt sorry for him. He sort of latched onto us, like he expected us to protect him. He was like a lost little boy. Sometimes I think he saw us as sort of mother figures, which seems a little creepy now, but Christian seemed harmless enough back then, and we didn't mind him hanging out with us. As far as socializing goes, we didn't really hang with him outside of school, except for the time we went to his 18th birthday party.

_____ and _____ weren't so much friends of Christian's, as they were his protectors. Some kids used to mess with him and steal his stuff. These kids were constantly teasing Christian and picking on him, doing whatever they could to get some kind of reaction out of him. Mostly Christian just cried or ran away. I don't think I can remember a time where he tried to stand up to the bullies. He seemed to prefer to have other people do that for him.

No, I don't really follow Christian's activity on Facebook. I'm actually not on his friends list, for reasons I'd rather not discuss with someone I don't really know that well (no offense). I know a lot of the people that are on his friends list, and they mostly ignore him. He's basically background noise. The only time they really notice his posts is when he tags them. Some of the stuff he posts is kind of bizarre and disturbing, which is the main reason why I decided I didn't want to have any contact with him.

I'm also really creeped out that he's still obsessed with _____ and he's actively looking for her. She is well aware of this and she's taken steps to make sure that she's VERY hard, if not impossible, to find. Yes, I've been in touch with her, but I don't feel that I have her permission to pass along her contact information. I'll pass along your email address though, if that's OK. That way, she can contact you if she wants to.

A lot of people became friends with Christian because of the reunion and also, because a lot of them still felt sorry for him. Some people are having second thoughts though, after seeing that awful picture he drew of his friend. A lot of people stopped feeling sorry for him and started ignoring him after they saw that. I was shocked that he could draw something so gross and depraved. The "thumbs up" sign really pissed me off for some reason. The whole thing was very sexist, disrespectful, and, above all - damn creepy.

I have my suspicions about who may have leaked Christian's Facebook posts, but I'd rather not say, because I don't want to be involved in this. Christian accused this person of "leaking" the full list of classmates from our graduating class. Christian contacted some of his MHS friends and tried to make trouble. He told them to give this guy a hard time for what he did. His friends weren't amused. Anyway, I don't think Christian has anything to worry about. He's not friends with this guy anymore.

Once again, Not to be mean, cruel or bad:

I did not mean to sound cruel; I had thought you all were my friends for the sake of friendship, not for pity.

Really? REALLY?! You all thought of me as weak from first and outside impressions? For your information, I was not picked on as much as I am interpreting your exaggeration. If I was picked on as much as stated, I would have had wedgies, I would have been pestered in the Locker Room, I would have been shoved into a locker, etc., and NONE of those things have ever happened to me at all. I never expected any "protection" from anyone, and I looked up to you all as my Friends, Never like mothers. Oh, my god. I had no preference to anyone doing anything for me; I did a Lot of things for myself, including my homework. I was consistently on Honor Roll. Forgive me if my posts were not being considered "Normal" to you, but my life is what it is, and I am usually honest about details. NOBODY is happy or mentally sound 24/7/365. EVERYONE in this world has their own Mental Problems, No Matter What or Who. And frankly, I feel pissed off that you would judge me still for that ONE drawing that I had already elaborated on to make sure it had not been taken out of context. And Mimms is not to be trusted. If he really wanted to help me, he would have never EVER taken my photograph in 2007 and make mockery of me!

For everyone's information, I wanted to locate Tiffany Gowen, because I wanted and needed my closest friend to talk to and find closure; I am Lonely and Sad! I went well out of my way to gather towards bringing everyone together for the reunion; I put a lot of the pure goodness I had felt in my my heart and soul into that work. Now I find out everyone was nice to me not for the sake of friendship or that they liked me, but because of sorry feelings!

I was mainstreamed throughout my education; it had worked out well for me. I could be a lot worse off. I am not certain pity friendships are for the better for anyone, but real friendships really are magic and healing, or at least they're supposed to be.

Well, now I know where I stand — :`( feeling very sad.

Chris later added:

This makes me so sad, I actually considered suicide. The only reasons I don't do it are my mother and my dogs, and that premature death leaves one in Limbo. I am really hurt, and I feel emotionally paralyzed and numb. It all hurts.

Chris is an emotional zombie

New profile pic for 31 October--Chris is an emotional zombie.
31 October 2013

Well, I am emotionally dead again. Now I wander with more blankness and lack of purpose.

I'm coming after your soul as an emotional zombie. Boo. - :`( feeling sad.

Chris rehashed this theme with a new Halloween-themed profile pic.

Chris Will Only Accept Your Apologies In Person

31 October 2013

If anyone wants to sincerely apologize to me or actually offer anything even remotely positive to me, come to my house at 14 Branchland Court in Ruckersville, Virginia; I don't take emails, phone calls or whatnot; those can be faked.


31 October 2013

Look, Whoever reported me just now, PLEASE UNDO IT! I was typing a message to Molly Marie Quarles asking her if the recent email applied to her as well.

Posts by Chris's Friends

On 4 October 2013 William Elliott Waterman changed his profile picture:

4 October 2013
William Elliott Waterman.jpg

Chris was not happy with what he saw:

7 October 2013

not funny; why are you trying to look like me?

To which Waterman responded:

7 October 2013

What do you mean? This is just the way I look, Chris

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