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This page is an archive of Chris's social media posts during January 2024. Unless otherwise indicated, the posts are on Twitter and from the account @CPU_CWCSonichu.

Custom Transformers

1 January

Group dynamic shot of #Cwcville’s main #Autobot team featuring Son-Chu, Silver, Excelina, Prowler, Armoraxe and Bumba-Lumba from #Transformers Legacy Cwcville set! ⚡️💙⚡️

X - Custom Transformers 1Jan2024.jpg

Christmas tree removed

2 January

Well, the blue tree is down until next December. That was a very nice holiday. ⚡️💙⚡️

X - Living room, no tree - 2Jan2024.jpg

Nice weekend

7 January

I had a nice weekend. How about you?

*art by Flightless-Fox

[posts My Little Pony fanart of characters Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy cuddling]

Pokemon GO stats

8 January

Level Fortitude! ⚡️💙⚡️

Join the fun of Pokémon GO! https://pokemongolive.com/refer?code=W7HYQK83Y

X - Pokemon Go stats - 8Jan2024.jpg

Congratulating Geno

10 January

Geno Samuel
I think my wife is terribly bloated!

Is she holding in her farts??


[posts photos of his pregnant wife and himself]

Congratulations. 😊

Sonic storybook games

10 January

What do you think about the Sonic storybook games?
el slínkeño
Let’s ask the expert @CPU_CWCSonichu
I like both of them, even though I have only played a little bit of each, and I have seen footage of the two games on YouTube.


10 January

R5Suits (Rodney) 🌰 12 years of talent
Type ur username in the GIF search bar and see what comes u

r5suits. yes that is how I feel

[posts a gif of Pokemon characters Team Rocket]

[posts a gif of a CPU computer advertisement]

CosmicKeyframe's poll

11 January

CosmicKeyframe Productions
Question to all: What should be the next MLP pin I put into production?

Im putting the cheesepie pin into production already, but which one of these designs should be next (obviously they wouldnt have this level of shading, theyre pins)

poll below!

Baja ⭐
I would probably like to see Misty's main mane now since it's revealed :)
Absolutely Not! Go with Muffins. G5 does not exist, and such products that promote them at all should be shelved completely. ⚡️💙⚡️

Complaining about Twitter blocks

13 January

Well, Key, and everyone else who have blocked me on Twitter, among which, all of you were some of my favourite fellow artists, analysts, humorous, vastly intelligent and insightful individuals, and all of you also heavily spiritually, energetically, and aura resonated with me as those of whom I could relate with.

I could go further into detail, but not on a public Tweet. But at least a number of all you understand.

I mean, in empathy and in role-reversal, if I was receiving heavy traffic due to a comment from you, and due to your various respective followers, you all know what I would have done.

***I would have simply ignored them. I don’t have my notifications on for commentary. And, Key, remember your “YouHate” panel from BronyCon 2019? Well, I learned from that and let the attention be the blessing, regardless of the mixed reception.

And I will add, as a close friend of mine have told me, that I feel all of you in the Brony, Artist and Entertainment communities can understand and appreciate,…

Yeah, no one understands you are innocent and that you released because of innocence. Also understand that many people have dragged your reputation, so people are afraid to get involved with you, because they don't want people following them and doxxing them. And with the current socio-political bullshit happening, any prominent figures in media could get cancelled for it. It isn't fair, but realize it isn't because of you. Society did this. You're wonderful.

They are right, and all of you, my fellow artists, chroniclers, Bronies, Pegasisters, and so on who are relatively famous, all of you should not let this Minority of the World who are the Toxic and Darkest-Sinning individuals wreck your mental and emotional health, and that goes heavily the same for the Socio-Political details and Society in general.

I appreciate and respect all of you as individuals and fellow creative types.

And I will close with this: Do not block me on Twitter because of my mixed Followers, just Ignore that peanut gallery and let the Cosmos, Universe and us Deities and Deity-Level individuals see Karma and Justice done upon them as shall be and just.

Thank you. ⚡️💙⚡️ Jesus Christ Chan Sonichu Prime.

The message from a "close friend" is incredibly similar to the description of Setting the Record straight - there never was any sex involving me in 2021, it is likely that the description of the video was based on the message. The message has highlighted portions, here is a guide to Chris's highlights from June 2021.[1] June29BookPhoto3.jpg

Complaining about Twitter blocks, part 2

13 January

And I humbly and deeply apologize for the inconvenience they have wrought upon you all. I am sorry. 😞

Keffals collab

14 January

I, Jesus Christine Weston Chandler Sonichu Prime, will be appearing on Keffals stream on Tuesday January 16 at about 3:00, eastern standard time.

[posts a gif with the scrolling text, "COLLAB"]


15 January

Crazy ass moments in Transformers History🏳️‍🌈
Ai Fairouz voiced Arcee again in the Japanese dub of the most recent episode of Earthspark.

She previously voiced her in ROTB's Japanese dub.

[posts a gif of Transformers character Arcee]

I am still really flabbergasted that they made Arcee take a Classic Car alt mode that doesn’t suit her normally.

Botched YouTube link

15 January

Chris attempted to link to the YouTube video Focused, Divine Guidances - 01142024 but instead linked to his YouTube Creator Studio's URL of the link, which leads to an error page.


Arcee, part 2

15 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

@Realaisduhbezt yo homie, what do you think Arcee should have been? You’re the TF guy, not I
Modern day pink, long sports car similar in shape to her original alt mode.


15 January

@CPU_CWCSonichu thoughts on adolf hitler

[posts a screenshot of a "Chris Chan" YouTube search, which has Adolf Hitler as a "People also search for" topic]

Really disappointed me to the point that I don’t like him.
Ren Ryghts ⚡️💙⚡️
Christine, he’s trying to fuck with you. Please don’t pay him any mind or your attention. ⚡️💙⚡️
Of course they were. But that doesn’t mean I can’t offer a valid, simple response.


15 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Is it wrong to wish d**th on somebody?
Yes, it is wrong to wish death upon anyone, including yourself.

Dimensional Merge

15 January

@CPU_CWCSonichu are there any updates on the merge ?
The updates are right in front of and around you; you need to pay attention to the signs and details presented before you in light powered, righteous and good guidance.


15 January

butt sex
Christine can we be mutuals
Second time you asked that question; you have your partner, and I’m married to Magi-Chan, Cryzel, Sylvana and Mewtwo. So, I ask, what is your definition of “Mutuals”?


15 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

🇮🇪🇺🇸 『Padoru Cwittz』ζ⃠
You didn’t notice that before?
Kyle Satwon
Hey Chris, I was actually meaning to ask this but: Why did you put Jesus in your name? If you were Jesus, wouldn't you know that you coming back would be a sign of the rapture?
Only to those that are being left behind in the shift where they leave this timeline and end up in an alternate time that does have the apocalyptic outcome. Otherwise, for the majority that are good, light powered, righteous and neutral and neutral bad open for guidance. ⚡️💙⚡️


15 January

silly lil racc :3
God christorians are fucking unbearable.
Fans are weird.

[posts a gif of an anime girl knocking other people out of her way]

Dragon Ball Z

15 January

Christine have you ever seen dragon ball z and if so do you like it
Yes, and it’s okay.

Gender identity

15 January

christine i have a genuine question - you previously identified as a lesbian, but magi-chan has been indicated to be male presenting; therefore, are you still a lesbian, or have you changed your identification? /genq
I am a Bisexual Transwoman.

Death, part 2

16 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Smug Productions
But Chris, what if I wanted to suicide?
Suicide is wrong, because of that resulting in the premature loss of you before your right time when it was meant to be. Do not let demons, devils, doubt and darkness lure you in to make the error.


16 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Grandoor McGouty
Christine can I ask why you don't mention Barb anymore?
She is safe, alive and well. I do not talk about her due to the topic not related to the topic(s) that I talk about presently.

Keffals interview

16 January

Here’s the Interview.

[Chris links to Keffals's YouTube upload of The Chris Chan Interview]

Love and Peace

17 January

Love and Peace! ⚡️💙⚡️

[posts a gif of a Trigun character giving a "Love and Peace" quip and pose]

Unknown blocker

17 January

@CPU_CWCSonichu you're screwed. This is from one of the people who blocked you. You're screwed now.

[posts a Twitter screenshot from account "Tanya Louise @DragoFireBloom7" reading, "I blocked that scum ages ago. I got enough drama to deal with. I don't got the spoons to deal with that shit. I'm sorry about this I hope your notifications clear up soon <3"]

Who? I do not know that individual. I do not feel that concerns me harshly.

Block ranting

17 January

Ren Ryghts ⚡️💙⚡️
That’s it. I’m calling out @Dimonddogdawg . They are stalking my posts with a fake screenshot someone made of me saying I’m a troll. I know they’re doing this just so Christine will block me again. I’m not dealing with this. Please get a life and leave me AND Christine alone. ⚡️💙⚡️
Hear, hear. As long as I have tolerated and put up with the downsides of being famous with the Toxic, Darkest Sinning minority of the world stalking me and all. Enough is enough. Mark and heed my words, if you do not cease this unrequited hatred, you will be dealt harsh karma.

Show some compassion and empathy; what if you were the ones being stalked wherever you went extensively, needlessly tormented, and your name ruined in social circles and closest friends and family? What if everyone blocked YOU because of rumors and false witnesses upon you? What Can you do from behind your computer screens and limited spaces and abilities? Nothing, and that would bother you to darkness and back.

I’ve been literally everywhere, every when, every how all at once. Now is the time for this unrequited, needless drama that is long outdated to cease and desist. And I am seeing to that personally and metaphysically.

Nobody else and I will have to suffer that kind of torture anymore, and those who instigated will be given one last chance to follow the Light Power, Good and Righteous Path and redeem themselves. I can only help those who are open-minded and open-hearted for that Divine Plan guidance.


Unknown blocker, part 2

18 January

A repeat of as the crowds stormed upon me as I carried that cross over two millennia ago. It is not right to curse my or anyone’s name, and it is also wrong to disturb one’s #LoveAndPeace with the needless drama spawned from darkness and demons from any doubt and lack of faith from rumors and misconceptions of I or anyone.

That bunch of #RumorHasIts is to be ceased now. Leave I and everyone else at peace.

As for the cited individual, I did consciously forget her name, but it was clear that their balance was disturbed regardless of the prank comments that I never made at all, and they shall never be made again by anyone. My apologies to them for the stress from the drama.

I, as well, am very tired of the drama from the Toxic, Evil Darkest Sinners and those misguided by those very toxic ones who need to cease and follow that which is Light Powered, Good and Righteous.

Ultimate Miracle 💎🌈 Chaos Control!!!


[posts a screenshot of text reading "I blocked that scum ages ago. I got enough drama to deal with. I don't got the spoons to deal with that shit. I'm sorry about this I hope"]

[posts a gif of a cloud]

In jail?

18 January

Hi i am looking for cool people to play smash bros or sonic with and do some live streaming. Wondering if you are interested? I can fly to your house if you would like @CPU_CWCSonichu
isn't she in jail?
I am not in jail.

OfficialCWCmart promos

19 January

[Chris links to OfficialCWCmart's listings of his Sonichu comic 0-3 and Commissions]

Stream announcement (20 January)

19 January

Tomorrow, streamin’ time…

[posts a gif of the Joker character from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate]

OfficialCWCmart's Mini Sonic Totem

20 January

[Chris links to OfficialCWCmart's listing of Sonic Totem Minis]


20 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Jolly Goodman, Presents For ALL!
Isn't this the motherfucker (quite literally) who r🦍d his 80 something year old mother who has dementia/alzimers?
No. I was false witnessed and accused of that, but I never did that. I have said that and made that very clear and direct. That was a ploy of Isabella Janke.
Norm DePlume
Yeah, but why did you admit to doing it and brag about it?
As I stated in the interview, that was part of the play-along with Bella.

Trigun quote

21 January

Okay, Everyone, pass your tests now with love and peace, or you might get pelted with too hot cookies.

[posts a gif of a Trigun character giving a "Love and Peace" quip and pose]


21 January

Okay, everyone, I will answer the FAQ as brief and direct as possible with mentions, and This will Absolutely be the ONLY post I make Anywhere online mentioning MLP G5 with images, so pay attention.

I foretold #MLPG5 was not only going to be awful, but I also foreknew it was to be the Trigger of WWIII, as well as a major decline for @Hasbro . They Still have the chance to redeem themselves on undoing G5 and resuming #MLPG4 (to Season 14, Episode 26) and #EquestriaGirls.

#MLPG5’s premature existence prior to #MLPG4Season14Episode26 on Animated Media on TV and Streaming Services is a major damage to this Timeline. Had G4 and Equestria Girls continued on, and without #PonyLife at all, WWIII would never have happened, and a whole number of other bad thinga, in general. MLPG5, as is, is a disguise over worse things and reckless greed in the Board Rooms and Executives; Epic No Good.

Even the #BronyAnalysts all agree how awful, misguided and maligned G5 was. And with that only emphasized and further proved my point.

My deal with G5 has absolutely nothing to do with the art style or quality; my deal was and is that (This) #MLPG5 just Does Not Exist nor Belong at all in this Timeline and Universe.

And it is better to just not only Ignore it and Boycott #MLPG5, but also Not to have ANY media from any artists or chroniclers, in and outside of @Hasbro online.

Also, the MLP Live Stream Episodes on #MLPOfficial on YouTube, please fix the thumbnail on your recent Equestria Girls live streams; you’ve been using the wrong one on those for days now.

And I still continue to not watch, read nor acknowledge Anything #MLPG5 in positivity until only After My Little Pony - Friendship Is Magic, Season 14, Episode 26 is aired on TV and Streaming Services with All of the canon and continuity-level episodes, specials, and even a movie that is not “A New Generation” within all of that preceding it on TV and Streaming Media in Animated Glory with the original cast, staff and Animation Programs used originally, period.

I do not care if you consider this a “TLDR” statement, but it is Divine and Metaphysical Fact, period.

So, Heed My Words. ⚡️💙⚡️💎🌈✝️✡️🔯🕎☯️🕉️☸️🪯☦️⛎⚛️☮️

[posts a gif from My Little Pony G5]

MLP G5 FAQ, part 2

21 January

This Affects EVERYONE. ⚡️💙⚡️

Advice on Barb cosplaying

21 January

@CPU_CWCSonichu what are your thoughts on people who do cosplays of you?
That’s cool, but don’t cosplay as Barbara, unless you cosplay her as she was: a valuable financial employee in a business suit and in her 40s. Don’t cosplay as her being old. That’s rude to all elderly individuals in general.

MLP G5 anti-view proof

22 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

To personally demonstrate that I have never ever watched, read or even learned anything of #MLPG5, here is a synopsis from my consciousness without accessing anything online or in the Cosmos or Akashic Records:

The white Pegasus, Zip, was it? I peg that one for being a wild one who gets in too much trouble to boot. The orange one, was that one a unicorn at all? She’s essentially a mental blank slate, period. The blue unicorn, does she really like tennis? Fizzy looks to be a spaz with no credibility. Why is there a dude among them? He looks like he gets caught doing something wrong a lot. I really do not know any other names than Pipp amongst them. They follow a new princess with no precipice behind her at all. And the show is just awful as fuck, popularly verified by my fellow Bronies on YouTube, and I base that only on their video titles without watching them at all.


Motherfucker, part 2

22 January

Chris lies that the older girlfriend he had described to Null in July 2021 was Fiona, despite that Chris's claims to Null involve the older girlfriend being over 50, and Fiona having been 19 at the time.

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Nyquil Cigarettes.
Then why did you buy a book on how to have sex with disabled people? And who was the older girlfriend you were bragging to Null about?
That girlfriend was Fiona, at least in wishful thinking at the time.
And for the other question, why wouldn’t I when the world is all mentally disabled in one way or another, even the neurotypicals.

MLP G5 anti-view proof, part 2

22 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

And the only #MLPG5 references I had were from a few on Twitter that I have reported, personally.
I do not like seeing them clutter my Timeline, as well as this Universe’s Timeline, in general.

Rejecting Palworld collab idea

22 January

Would love to see a @Palworld_EN X Chris Chan/Sonichu @CPU_CWCSonichu collaboration

Palworld is the perfect place for Sonichu to officially come to a video game

Definitely NO. Especially with Sonichus and Rosechus being in Pokémon Lightning Bolt, Diva Pink and Battery-Charge Blue versions already. Living…in…the…future. ⚡️💙⚡️

MLP G5 anti-view proof, part 3

22 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

This does not help prove you haven’t engaged with MLPG5 😭
The title of the first episode of that shit was “Roughing It Up”. I have not engaged with Anything #MLPG5 whatsoever.
How do you think explaining things from the show showcases a lack of engagement with it? Listing things about the show does nothing but imply you’ve engaged with it
Clearly, I gave wrong information about it, because I clearly hardly know anything about it, specifically.

G4 shall return

22 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Princess PoPoZo the Husky
Too bad gen 4 won’t be back.
G4 shall return, and G5 shall be shelved and removed.


22 January

@Palworld_EN is literally ChinPokomon.

[posts an image of ChinPokomon and a gif]

Selective collabs

22 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Hey, Christine. I have a business opportunity that I think you’d be very interested in. I think it’d be a great way to help you sell more of your comics and other merchandise. We could talk about it more over DM if you’re interested.
I am not just doing any streams with just anyone, especially with those looking to collab just for the clout and fame boost. As mentioned earlier, “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.” Although we are keeping open minds in regards to who we chooses

[posts a gif of a phone with text "Don’t call us, we’ll call you"]

G5 characters

22 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Brief rundown on the characters zipp and pip the pegsus sisters the only royals, hitch the guy izzy the unicorn and Sunny who isn't even a princess, true it is all over the place and lacks direction. But some people do like it
I have not read this; I do not want to know until only after MLP-FIM Season 14, Episode 26 is aired and streamed, proper, @Hasbro and @MyLittlePony, with a mention to @EquestriaDaily.

Sonichu plush

22 January

Internet Zynfluencer
Thank you @Spooofzy for the Christmas present! Also thank you @CPU_CWCSonichu for the official Sonichu merch!!!!

[posts a photo of a Sonichu plush]

It is not personally official, but it is cute.


22 January

Chris seethes over his Animate! Raleigh ban.

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Are you going to Otakon? If so can I get a photo with you in my Chris Chan cosplay? I didn’t wanna do it unless it was unoffesy to you
Sure, I’d go to a convention free as a bird if nobody had intentions of seeking photos with me for online bolstering or worse. Also, it is just plain wrong to false witness someone while they are attending a convention and they have not done anything wrong, period. How would you feel if you were at a convention, and suddenly someone tells lies and rumors to the organizer, and booted you out?

It is not cool to do that to Anyone just for kicks or whatever. Let us be, and let us enjoy whatever convention we attend. Okay, please?

Extra Episodes of MLP G4

22 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Chris, why can't you just will the extra episodes of MLP g4 into existence? You are a god, aren't you?
It takes time.

Happy Birthday

22 January

鉄工 小焰

It's my birthday can I please get a happy birthday would make my day since I've been sick and vomited 35 times

Happy birthday.🎁

Curse of Dagon

22 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Hello Christine,

I unfortunately have not been followed by your holiness, so I couldn’t reply to any other tweet. I have been cursed by the malevolent spirit Dagon (pictured below) and I need you to help me exorcise him. How do I accomplish this Herculean task? Graciously, Duck⚡️ [Posts an image of Dagon]

Cleanse yourself with Light Power and deviate away from the darkness and demons you have been aware of for too long, and have faith in that your demons will be purged.

Which Episode?

22 January

Twilight's Burger Delivery
This is how it feels when your friend from other timezone asks you to play at 4:38 am

[Posts a clip of MLP G4]

Which episode was this in?

My Way

23 January

The AI made it sound like I have a frog in my throat, and it sounds like as if I had a French accent.

[Posts a link to YouTube video of AI Chris singing My Way]

Esty Comment Review 2

24 January

[Chris links to Etsy Comment Review 2]

Past Ideas Reemerging - Part 3

26 January

Part 3 is up.

[Chris links to Past Ideas Reemerging - Part 3]

Broken Cameras

26 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]


I broke your cameras and the cameras on your phones, stalking weens and whatnot. ⚡️💙⚡️

Palword Plagiarism

27 January

Palworld is accused of plagiarizing autistic transgender influencer Chris Chan.

[posts image of Sparkit from Palworld next to Sonichu]

@CPU_CWCSonichu What do you think about this?
And that is why @NintendoAmerica is going after them, because they are of my species of Pokémon as well.

Emgo and PFALM

27 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Honestly your.. what?

in your 50’s?

and you make videos about playing with toys.

you do THIS after getting out of jail,

This must be your paradise since you’re making money off it.

That makes it worse since people only donate on your livestreams to INSULT you.

Why don’t you tell that to Emgo before you judge yourself once again for that which you are (mis)judging me of. #BeGeekBeProud #PFALM.
Kyle Satwon
Who's Emgo and what does PFALM mean?
Go on YouTube and find him. PFALM is the term I use for “Palm in your face.”


Chris Grew Up

27 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

I had a headache reading that.

What the hell is an emgo??

and why do you think I’m judging myself?

Are you that bad at reading the room?


you never grew up. LMAO

I grew up. You haven’t, because you do not get it.

Perception Reflection

27 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

[Chris posts an image saying "your perception of me is a reflection of you"]

Introducing Medatron

28 January

Transformers Den
Favorite Combiner? #Transformers

[posts images of Transformers characters]

Introducing Medatron of Cwcville’s Autobots.

Twitter - Medatron - 28Jan2024.jpg


29 January

Chris pinned the tweet.

*Special Callout to ALL Good, Soulful, and Compassionate Artists and Writers*

I am personally hosting a contest looking for the best to help out.

All Inquiries are to be sent to cwcartcontest@gmail.com.

And we have Strict Boundaries.

You will be immediately disqualified if you submit anything NSFW, sex-heavy, filled with gore and blood, curse words or swearing, satanic, demonic or devilish promotion or icons, and if it contains a lack of heart, care or soul. Trolling, Bullying and Deceptive ones will also be disqualified.

All submissions are inclusive to Art and Written/Typed Stories and Fan-Fictions. Submissions may be up to TV-14 in content rating, but the final products will be around TV-Y7 or TV-PG.

*Rule of Thumb: If it can’t air on #CartoonNetwork, #Nickelodeon or even #DiscoveryFamily, it will not do.

Of course, plagiarism or using artificial intelligence in submissions will not be allowed.

I will personally be screening your art portfolios online when applicable for consistency in content, including on DeviantArt, Twitter, Instagram, etcetera.

And this goes out to Everyone in the #SonicTheHedgehog, #Pokemon, #MyLittlePony (Generation Four and Prior), #Transformers, #MachineRobo/#GoBots, #HyperdimensionNeptunia, and even #Marvel, #DC, #Disney and other mainline fandoms. Furries, Spiritual-Heavy, and LGBTQIA+ are also invited and encouraged.

Submissions will be due by February 24, 2024.

Those selected will get a Sonichu Medallion and a set of the new printed books autographed for free. Submissions we like may be posted with consent from the artist and author.

Thank you all for your consideration. I look forward to seeing your works, personally. ⚡️💙⚡️

Art Credit in order:

[posts fanart pieces]

Duolingo 100-day streak

29 January

Chris posts an image of his Duolingo stats:

Twitter - Duolingo100 - 29Jan2024.jpg

Entering giveaway

29 January

Swerve's Bar Podcast ➡️ TFcon LA 2024

We're over the 500 sub threshold on YouTube! Thank you soo much! We're giving away 1 signed Starscream, 12 issues of Dark Cybertron comics, and Windblade/Combiner war comics!

To enter like, retweet, and comment your fav bot below!

Winners announced Feb 19th, 2024


[posts a gif of Transformers character Bumblebee]

Evading question

30 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Nice!! What language you taking?
[posts a gif of Star Trek character Spock with text, "Wouldn't you like to know..."]

2001 Transformers

30 January

Here it is!

Thoughts on the new Haslab Transformers reveal?

[posts a gif of a Transformers action figure]

Fun! And I just started rewatching 2001 RID last night.

Green flags in people

31 January

If you can do at least the three highlighted ones on this list, then you are more than cool with me. Authenticity, Honesty, Compassion, Metaphysicality and Spirituality. ⚡️💙⚡️

Twitter - Green Flags - 31Jan2024.jpg

Twitter game

31 January

You’re a 10 but …


[posts a fast-moving gif of various statements]

[posts a screenshot from the above gif, reading, "You're too obsessed with zodiac signs"]

Very true, and then some with all good and light powered religions and spiritual practices being correct, including psychic and good magic powers. ✝️⚜️


Sympathizing with blockee

31 January

Brass Scribe @ Not Texas
Am I Horse Famous yet mom? I'm a part of the Retro_Horse blocked club too.

[posts a screenshot of being blocked by Retro_Horse]

Blocked by anyone is not a good club to be in at all, especially if it is you they have blocked when it was others who have bothered them that they should have blocked instead of you.
And that guy Definitely has bad issues to the point his aura is nearly dark. So, yeah, you’re better off not having him to deal with.

Donatello Sonichu

31 January

The debut of Donatello Sonichu in colour, with his mother and father, of course. (Part of a commission piece)

Donatello Sonichu.jpg

Carrie Krueger
@CPU_CWCSonichu Donatello Sonichu implies the existence of Raphael Sonichu, Michelangelo Sonichu, and Leonardo Sonichu.
No. There is no Raphael Sonichu, Michelangelo Sonichu nor Leonardo Sonichu. Bubbles and Blake only have one child.

Contest addendum

31 January

[Continued from an earlier tweet chain]

Aso, I feel need to add to the Contest: In addition to the Sonichu and Rosechu and Sonic fandom artists, we Are looking for artists from the #MyLittlePonyG4 Brony community, as well as the #Transformers artists. Hence why the theme is mainly mainstream and diverse. For the art must suffice very well.


[posts images of Transformers and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic covers]

Because, after all, in Cwcville and all around the Earth and Universe, it is more than just the Electric-Hedgehog Pokémon, you know.

Chris holding Sonichu 0 HD.jpg Chris holding Sonichu 12-9.jpg Samurai Pizza Bots TSSSF.jpeg