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Chris's new Facebook profile photo, uploaded 15 August 2014.

The following are a series of posts by Chris on Facebook in August 2014.


  • 2 August - Chris receives a gift from a fan.
  • 3 August - Chris begs for money again.
  • 5 August - Chris defends his begging and lashes out at the trolls.
  • 5 August - Chris announces a new drawing for sale on eBay.
  • 7 August - Chris tells everyone not to hate him and to purchase his art.
  • 11 August - Chris once again begs people to buy his products.
  • 14 August - Chris announces a new gender identity and a new personal army.
  • 15 August - Chris struggles to clarify his gender.
  • 16 August - Chris claims that he no longer cares about trolls' opinions.
  • 17 August - Chris says he wants to attend "Pride Parades."
  • 23 August - Chris opens a poll about Rage Comics.
  • 25 August - Chris makes updates about his Electric Hedgehog Pokemon.
  • 28 August - Chris announces that price reductions are on the horizon.
  • 31 August - Chris declares that he has been on a date and has a new sweetheart.

Posts by Chris

Zapping boom 1.JPG
Rosechu tennis 1.JPG

Original drawings for sale

On 1 August 2014, Chris posted links to his eBay page to advertise two original drawings for sale.

Fan items lost in the fire

2 August 2014

I just received a cute little plush Sonichu from a fan. It triggered the memory of the fire (it is not the sender's fault). Why? Because three fan presents were hanging on a wall in the bedroom upstairs.

A bigger plush Sonichu with short arms and legs, big head, average body. A Sonichu face oil painting on fabric. And the Asperchu Medal in its small box.

To the up to three people who made those items, I am terribly sorry, but they were all lost in the fire. And I miss those three items now more than ever. I don't know who y'all are, but y'all know who you are.

Also, please help my family and I get through this month, and hopefully fix my mom's teeth, by buying my time to draw commissions for you, or better, buy my featured framed pieces (three more are going to be added next week).

Thank you, and have a good day.

— :( feeling sad.

Need more money

3 August 2014

Please help us here. I am serious about it, plus my mother and I have bills to pay, and we need the money for real. Now, I even do not have money to ship my more recent orders. I did raise over two Gs last month, but that money was spent on bills, the printer ink cartridges, shipping all of the orders from the past month, some Lego, and food for my family. So, don't give me doubt about my honesty.

My mother seriously has cavities in her teeth, and I sincerely want to help pay for her required dental work. And we have bills to pay that the usual income just can not cover. - feeling tired.

To which Spirit Plumber replied:

Maybe budget a bit better next time, skip on the Legos, for example. I don't have any more work for you at this time.

and Kim Wilson replied:

Oh, Christian Weston Chandler, you know your ebay says are finite, right? Market's tight for Sonichu related merchandise.

Free upgrades

Chris linked to the black-and-white commissions page of his eBay account with the post:

3 January 2014

Free upgrades for repeat customers.

He also linked to the colored commissions page, with:

3 January 2014

Free upgrades for repeat customers (no frame).

Chris explaining where the money goes

5 August 2014

Oh, Good Grief. For your information, my recent eBay purchases were Mostly for the future plan of selling lego custom minifigures of my main Sonichu and Rosechu characters to sell on eBay. I have particular color requirements on the torsos, legs, and hips, and Scratchy's Tail is perfect for most of their tails. I replaced my Vampyre Castle, Thespian, Detective and Bat People, ALL of which melted in that damn fire last January. I replaced the Uncut Sailor Moon DVDs that Megan Schroeder conned out of me YEARS ago, FINALLY! And the cases are for the shipment of said custom minifigures. Anyway, that makes up about Less than a quarter of 2,000. The remainder went into bill payments, Shipping, Printer Ink, Shipping Tape, Shipping Brown Paper, Tens of Portfolio Folders, and everything else needed there, as well as FOOD FOR ME AND MY FAMILY.


5 August 2014

Back off, you darn bullies; my family and I seriously need the money. I pay the monthly mortgage which kills most of my monthly, you dumbasses! Hmmpf!

CWC Facebook MLP Image 8-5-2014.jpg

Vicious Vibes

5 August 2014

With the recent bullying I am receiving yesterday and today, it is the comic book forced ending and early retirement all over again.

All of these most vicious vibes, I am feeling less inspired to even consider going back to the comic books and all of that.

Why do you all have to bully people so viciously and needless. To the Left with ALL OF YOU.

To which Jennifer Wilson replied:

But who is bullying you?

New original drawing

5 August 2014
"Electric Wedding Bells."

Here is my latest completed piece, featuring the wedding of Sonichu and Rosechu, complete with surprising guests.


7 August 2014


I am long devastated and exhausted of all of the hate I have been receiving from the people who are not only labeled "Bad", "Trolls" and "Bullies", but absolutely none of you all know anything better than what impulsively comes into your aging and decreasing brains!

All of you impulsively choose those you consider to be weak, stupid (even misusing the word, gay, to define something or someone as STUPID), or even somewhat remotely better than yourselves just so you can downsize their self confidence and ego, when you have absolutely no self confidence or ego in yourselves.

You all are Misaiming your anger and impulsive hatred to someone who is not even remotely related to you or even remotely involved in your own lives.

All of you are NOT angry at ME; all of you are NOT angry at Britney Spears, Pamela Anderson, Katy Perry or any female superstar; all of you are NOT angry at Jerry Seinfeld, Tim Allen, Jay Leno or any male superstar; all of you are NOT angry at anyone else similar or different or whatever.

All of you are Truly Angry at the Misfortunes in your own individual lives; All of you are Truly Angry at the actual Local People around you who have shunned you or labeled you wrongfully, so that you'll end up throwing those same labels upon innocent people who do not deserve that kind of emotional devastation at all! And the people who wrongfully labeled you all individually have had those same labels directly, wrongfully bestowed onto them, or otherwise indirectly learned from someone else who was wrongfully labeled as well.

All of you are wrong to throw your own hatred of those around you who more appropriately deserve it, onto any other person who does not deserve it to begin with.

Wars get started, because those people and all of you Do Nor Have Any Better Ideas; all of them and you solely take the immediate impulse that falls in a second, to hurt someone else in an unrequited attack on that individual or someone else who did not deserve it to begin with.

Every Individual in this world is NOT Perfect; Every Individual in this world has some sort of Mental Defect or Physical Problem or Emotional Devastation albeit minuscule or more grand than the size of the universe. There is NO real Strong Person, because those Strong People are all Weak as well in some area.

And the Higher Force above us is Always Messing with each of our individual minds every day, rather each of you call him God, Emanuelle, Zeus, Buudah, or even the individual Destiny of your own. I am Not an Atheist, because I Sincerely Believe in the Higher Force of Above Us, even Jesus may be the Higher Force's Son. But every religion will have you believing in the One Same Higher Force. Right Or Wrong, It is truly set up to each Individual Perception of Every Individual Soul among us the Billions of People on this Big Blue Marble among Marbles in the Universe.

If all of you bullies really want to be angry at someone, Do Not Pester and Torture the Innocent People who did not deserve it to begin with. Go take it up with the Higher Force which had tweaked that individual person or situation upon yourself in your own prayers. It may or may not listen, but at least you can speak it out of your system in private rants and shouts in your own domicile, residence or hole in the ground.

And then nobody else on this planet would have to take any unrequited abuse or feel more devastated or hurt than they each already are in their own way.

Why is someone else's life indirect to your own immediately any important enough that they need to be tortured? Let them all just Be: Let Us All Live!


It's worth noting that Chris 'liked' his own status, as he frequently does, widely considered to be a Facebook faux pas.

He later responded to his own post in an appallingly nonsensical manner:

And if you want an accurate image for the neutral Higher Force, there is none better than Matt Groening's cluster I stars in Futurama that Bender converses with.

Then Kim Wilson, potentially tiring of Chris's self deprecating postings, responded with this:

I'm sorry Chris, but to tell the truth, the "self-hatred motivation" for bullying actually doesn't happen. It's largely a cliche from 80's and early 90's television, and it's not really real. It was manufactured to help kids who get bullied feel more smug about themselves.

While that's useful for children in middle school, it's very damaging to kids in high school, because it kills their ability to make relationships.

In fact, the people who criticize you are often very successful and happy. They have social lives, jobs and relationships. They have lots of sex with their romantic partners. LOTS OF SEX! OMG! :O It would amaze you.

A better lesson to take here is to consider what these people say. If there's too much abuse, feel free to ignore the abuse. But keep in mind that any criticism is valuable, no matter whose mouth it came out of. It helps you improve yourself.

Have a good day today!


Anna McLerran's white knighting:

this is amazing. and so true.

Reserve of money

7 August 2014

I want to make it clear now that I do now have a reserve of money, and I AM ABLE TO SHIP YOUR PURCHASES as soon as the next day for photos, and the day following completion of the commission pieces. So, please do not hesitate to make me work. I would still only ship and draw after receiving payment. Thank you, and have a good day. — :) feeling happy.

To which Facebook user Do No Harm responded:

Yay! Glad you're back in action! I have your piece framed in the living room and everyone who comes over loves it.

More begging

11 August 2014

Listen everyone. I am currently today and shipping everything out, in regards to all the orders I have received on eBay up to this point.

Please please please order more from me and ignore everything those darn trolls cyber bullies may or may not say about me because it's not true. At this point my mother and now we are more desperate and a need for money we spent our money on bills the shipping and everything. So please, let me work for you by drawing. Have a good day. — feeling overwhelmed.

Kim Wilson:

Christian Weston Chandler If you're overwhelmed and you are having trouble fulfilling orders, maybe you should slow down a bit. It's not fair for your paying customers, you know?

Chris comes out... kinda

14 August 2014

As a Tomgirl, Intersex of Female Soul with Male Body, and a Tranny Cross-Dresser, I am in full support for Human Equal Rights for everyone.

ChrisFB14Aug2014-1.jpg ChrisFB14Aug2014-2.jpg

Kim replied with logic:

Christian Weston Chandler That's very brave of you. Do you wear a wristband like that? Because that would definitely support your cause.

Christian Weston Chandler It's also great to hear you coming out in support of gay men. Especially gay men. *applause*

Spirit Plumber:

Dude did someone hack your facebook?


Sprit Plumber Why do you think that? Chris has been lesbian for awhile.

(Well, I think it's a special CWC type of lesbian, but yeah, that's what he's talking about in this post.)

Chris responded:

No, my Facebook has not been hacked. I do not have a wristband yet, but I intend to get one later. I support the LBT fully; the G.M.s are fortunate to be on this boat.

I AM a Lesbian Identified Male.

Feel free to look it up.


But, if you don't support gay men, then that's not supporting equality for everyone, right?


I am supporting them as well, regardless of how I feel about them. I feel it better to make it clear that I am more identifiable as a Lesbian and a Tranny. I will still support them fully in the Human Rights cause.


That's good. But you have to be careful not to distinguish them or exclude them. Because it means you don't really believe in full equality for everyone.

Chris, completely missing her point, replied by citing Yahoo Answers:

Google "Lesbian Identified Man; it IS a Real Thing.

Lesbian identified man.jpg

More of that pesky logic stuff by Kim Wilson:

Huh, but I just googled "are lesbian identified men real" and a lot of the results said no. I'm kind of on the fence, do you have any evidence Chris?

Chris predictably failed to produce the evidence Kim asked for.

Chris addresses an issue of complete pertinence

14 August 2014

Also, aside from needing some more money, and orders to earn it...

Does anyone have an extra Ditzy Derpy Doo card to spare?

Chris's 2nd Post 14 Aug 2014.jpg

Flirt the skirt!

14 August 2014

I am a Lesbian Identified Man and a Cross-Dressing Tranny. My mother is still old fashioned and putting me down on how other people would perceived me in a short skirt getting away discreetly in a short skirt recently, I received multiple compliments from the women. I wish she would ease up on me and let me have my freedom to flirt the skirt! — at Human Rights Campaign.

Now get on it, Human Rights Campaign

On 14 August 2014, Chris posted a review of the Human Rights Campaign, giving it five out of five stars, along with the editorial:

14 August 2014

Also, to me, topless male nudity is offensive to me, and to others as well I am sure. It should be socially appropriate for all men to wear a (Sports) Brassiere!

Chris and "Barbarian and Stereotypical Males"

On 15 August 2014, Chris posted a new profile picture, showing his purple eyeliner, shaved chest, and rapidly receding hairline. The symbol for Equal Marriage Rights was in the corner.

He commented (with no solicitation):

I just sorted it out how to best nutshell the details: I hardly get along with Males at all (not counting being civil); I get along better with Female TOTALLY; I hardly identify myself with the Barbarian and Stereotypical Males at all; I identify BEST with the feminine ways, emotions, Empathy and about Everything Else; I GET DISGUSTED WITH THE DAMN DICKS INCLUDING MY OWN; I WANT TO SHOVE MY FACE INTO THE BIG HOLE BELOW THE URETHRA KNOWN AS THE BEAUTIFUL VAGINA VERY MUCH; I am Feminine on the inside, Male on the outside; my Feminine Soul is most attracted and aroused by women and their Superior Beauty; Male Bodies are horrendous and most offensive to me, talk about going from the middle to HELL's Deep on the Beauty/Ugly thermometer. Female and Male on Female and Female equals Lesbian Identified Man!

No More Questions!!!

After calming down, he added:

Just to keep it clear on the topic: I am a Male Lesbian Intersex Transgender. You can Google "Lesbian Identified Male" for more info on the subject. I am most sincerely into Women, and I am Female in my Soul. If you still persist, read my extensive response in the Comments of this Post [above]. I am fully supporting Human Rights Equality, Regardless of my own emotions of some people, and I am fully supporting same sex marriage as well in that same regardless.

Please do not ask me any questions; just feel glad that I am on your side now and from now on the issues.

Thank you.

Ho Mo For Women

16 August 2014


I asked for no further inquisitions of my own personal change of opinions and my fullest coming out as a Lesbian Identified Male and Cross-Dressing Transgender, Dead Set On for Women, and with respect to them as well.

This is another HUGE reason why I do not like the majority of the Male population: the lot of you are not satisfied with the Face Value Details, and you people continue to keep pushing buttons until you get a response.

I am a most caring and tolerating person of other people's feelings, regardless of your own misperceptions fabricated as early as 2007 of myself. My Closest Friends and Allies that I ACTUALLY Personally Know, truly better understand me and are most caring and respectful about my being a Lesbian and a Tranny.

I No Longer am going to Care so easily for the opinions of the lot of you. I used to care, and that has hurt me mentally and emotionally very harshly. But Not Anymore.

You all can just go ahead and call me Gay, meaning Stupid, Dumb or Homo, because I am Ho Mo For Women, and None of Any of you are going to EVER change who I AM There!

Go Ahead and give out my phone number, email and all that shit, because I will never respond to any of you Haters as Hazers! My Closest Friends and Allies mean a HEART AND SOUL FULL to me than any of you STRANGERS, because I have never even been remotely familiar with any of you before 2007, and very likely I Never Will Have the Displeasure of even Making Your Acquaintance In Person Ever!

And this is the last time I will ever say anything in response to your shitful and hurtful comments and hatred for Hate's Sake!

So There!

16 Aug 2014 post 1.jpg

The use of "Ho Mo" is mystifying, but it's very likely Chris couldn't bring himself to simply write "I am homo" and had to fragment the word.

On the prowl for centerfolds

17 August 2014
Facebook 17 Aug.png

J. Geils Band - Centerfold

This song was Number One on the day I was born. How many Women Centerfolds attended the Pride Parades? ;)

New cover photo

On 23 August 2014, Chris posted a new cover photo, featuring Lego versions of himself his Sonichu characters.


On second thought...

Later that same day, he reversed himself and chose another cover photo, depicting Lego versions of himself and a sweetheart, probably Catherine, whom he had recently begun to correspond with and had yet to meet in person.


Chris and memes

23 August 2014


**THE FOLLOWING IS APPLICABLE ONLY TO INTERNET TROLLS AND CYBER-BULLIES (including and especially the ones on the damn CWCki Forums)**

The following question is addressed only to the Trolls and Bullies; I am asking this as a Poll for my own personal reference and verification. Please respond, ONLY of your answer is "Yes" to the question below. Only by clicking the "Like" Button on this post only. I will check the tally in a week to verify the answer for myself. So please respond, or Not respond respectively, the lot of you all.

Dear Trolls and Bullies; do you Not Like The Rage Comic Series and whatnot, including the Troll face character?

Thank you, and have a good day.

Sonichu's kryptonite

25 August 2014

A thought and crucial detail that I wish to inform everyone about in regards to Sonichu (Prime): the reason why Sonichu Hates the Vegetables, Pickles, is because he is Allergic to them. If he even accidentally eats a pickle slice, it paralyzes him. And if he are [sic] a whole uncut size amount of them, he bloats up like a balloon, can't do anything for hours. Would require one of those allergy to her him back to good Health again. Sonicuh [sic] is still very much Heterosexual, and so is Rosechu (Prime). The only exceptions cannon to my works are Robbie Sonichu who is a total Lesbian Tomgirl Tranny Cross-Dresser (still very much into women). And Cera Rosechu, who is a Tomboy and a full on Lesbian. Crystaline Rosechu is a Bisexual; gets turned on by both.

Interpert all of that as you will. Have a good day.

Spirit Plumber asked:

So why have Sonichu's enemies never used this piece of information in the comic, especially since they have his DNA scan? Also, have you ever watched Torchwood?
Valid question. Even the DNA scan was only like a quick scan to clone, so they skipped the details along the way, minus the Cherry Cola in the mix. Allergies are not a topic you would share with just anyone. And I have never seen Torchwood, nor have I heard of it. After looking it up on Wikipedia, I would consider watching it Only if the Gay explorations were between Women. So there.

Chris slashes prices

28 August 2014

Attention everyone. I have decided for at least until the first Saturday after Labor Day to reduce the price on my featured pieces as well as the $200 commission price they will all be reduced from 200 to 150 so it's $50 off shipping and handling is still free. I still need to readjust the prices on those particular listings, but I will get to that they little while. So you may buy it now after I have made the reduction at that lower rate.

Check my eBay profile page for the current listing Links of each listing. Thank you, and have a good day.

First date?

31 August 2014
Facebook 31 Aug C.png

I bought and wore this lovely scented perfume on my most successful date today!

Life events

This time, it's forever

On 31 August Chris changed his relationship status from "single" to "In a Relationship", with 9 July 2014 being listed as the day the relationship started. Chris responded to this status change with two comments:

31 August 2014

We talked, communicated, Love, Mutual Emotions, Mutual Trust, Respect and Honesty, AND, we are IN Person Met, Face-to-Face.

31 August 2014

And you Haters can kiss my behind!!!