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The following covers Chris's Facebook activity in September 2013.

(Note: Some info has been removed for identity protection.)


  • 1 September - Chris reminds his classmates about the upcoming reunion.
  • 1 September - Chris talks about My Little Pony again, revealing his favorite ponies.
  • 2 September - Chris feels bad about his social phobias.
  • 2 September - Chris gets in trouble with Walmart employees.
  • 3 September - Chris complains about stress and figures out who has been most responsible for destroying his life.
  • 4 September - Chris reviews his schools.
  • 5 September - Chris receives a two-month suspended sentence and makes another reunion update.
  • 6 September - Chris shares a link about advice for autistic people and gets banned from Walmart.
  • 7 September - Chris ruminates on power, scratches a woman's car, and decides he hates all cops.
  • 9 September - Chris considers his classmates to be his extended family.
  • 10 September - Chris posts a link to the Facebook page "Brassieres For Males" and anguishes about losing friends.
  • 11 September - Chris shared the Facebook link to the movie "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close".
  • 12 September - A former gal-pal tells Chris she doesn't know him.
  • 14 September - Chris believes he has a lead as to Tiffany's location.
  • 15 September - Chris finds out that the information about Tiffany is a false lead.
  • 17 September - Chris believes someone is using his voice to make prank phone calls.
  • 17 September - Chris receives a present, and rants about how people should send gifts to him.
  • 18 September - Chris wants advice about a potential Sonichu merchandising deal.
  • 19 September - A friend gives Chris advice about the deal.
  • 20 September - Chris corresponds with the merchandising company and is optimistic.
  • 21 September - Chris gushes about the Lego Friends high school set and complains about homos to the Mythbusters.
  • 22 September - Chris meets a "fan" at McDonald's and is suspicious.
  • 24 September - Chris uploads photos of Lego voodoo dolls of his enemies.
  • 26 September - Chris complains about his iPhone and laughs about women's quirks.
  • 27 September - Chris meticulously explains how Megan is an evil bitch.
  • 29 September - Chris contends that he should not be defined by ShecameforCWC.JPG.

Posts by Chris

Completing the MHS Roster Checklist

1 September 2013

Completing the MHS Roster Checklist

I'm writing this note as a sticky reminder to all my classmates for the upcoming reunion. **I am still searching for Tiffany Nicole Gowen and Maranda Joyce Mitchel who aren't on Facebook as far as I can tell.**

I am continuing to reach out on Facebook, but I would appreciate being notified as the checklist is complete. When anyone has informed another classmate, or shared the flyer, about the upcoming reunion, please inform me of their name(s), so I can check him/her/them off the list for the record.

I thank everyone for their help and assistance.


Christian Weston Chandler

Ten A Piece For Rainbow Dash And Applejack

Derpy Hooves.
1 September 2013

I've just heard from the Twitter feed that Fluttershy was voted the Fan Favorite Pony. I had voted ten a piece for Rainbow Dash and Applejack. It just hit me tough.

Also, just recently, I saw the vinyl figures that were sold at Hot Topic (I have Derpy) at Toys 'R' Us in C-Ville. And I've just heard of the Fan Favorite set at TRU to feature Derpy as well, but instead of her name, they put a muffin image in its place. I am looking forward to Season 4 in November. Perhaps they will have another episode featuring Derpy, and actually refer to her directly as that or Dipsy-Doo.

Difficulty in socializing

2 September 2013

I still have greatest difficulty socializing face to face in public; I still am just too damn shy, even after the benefits of the past month.

I get an offer to attend a local convention that I won't be able to afford to go to, financially, and I still have public phobias that grew within the past six years, as well as since High School Graduation.

Madison, last year, and Kim Wilson will confirm and elaborate better than I can from her second person perspective.

I feel sad, and I feel sad and ashamed and disappointed about myself. - :( feeling hopeless.

Feeling hopeless

2 September 2013

Feeling Hopeless; doing what I usually do when sad; - watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Equestria Girls video review

2 September 2013

I liked a @YouTube video from @machineking001 Equestria Girls - Official Live Action Music Video (The Magic of Friendship)

The cast did a good job with this song and video.
There's BTS videos for the video on, under the Video tab.

Offline Troll/Bully

2 September 2013

I have just been intercepted by a Manajerk and an Offline Troll/Bully. Her name is [REDACTED]; works within the Mal-Wart region. Every Troll/Cyber-Bully should contact her at her email address of [REDACTED], and remind her that no one is to mess with an Autistic Person when they are in a depressed, sad, angry or foul mood, especially with the online reputation that was dragged through the worst mud, muck and bodily fluids that said Autistic Person has, and if his hatred of the XBox brand, and the number of Trolls that populate half to three-quarters of that brand, stand in the way of the foul mood, then that is Microsoft's Freaking Problem!

William Elliott Waterman then tried to help:

I don't think it's nice to spread someone's email around a public website.


Please forgive me. But prior to this, I was feeling self-upset from the realization that I still have great difficulty socializing face to face in Public. Another in-town convention that was recommended to me, and from the Madicon experience last year, I still feel greatly the terrible Shyness I still have, because of my Autism. Damn It!!!
And when one person gets in the way of me completing my job of shopping for my mother, or such, or when said or another person face to face gives me a difficulty time with harsh vocal tones, especially when I am feeling in a sasd or foul mood, it will be months to years before forgiving them ever, and immediately, they get a curse.
*sigh*. Yes, it is irrational, and I don't really have a leg to stand on, and this is just dumb, stupid, immature...
OMFG... I have mental problems... Shit.


We all bear grudges, but having good PR means keeping it between you and the offender. You're a loving, caring person, but putting your anger on display for people who don't need to get involved won't help others see that.


Yeah. I re-realize that.


You don't have to let them shoot down your emotional state. Though she's far away, Anna knows the real you. The sweet, kind-hearted soul that isn't the creep the internet made you out to be. There are people that met you who understand this. Your old gal pals from high school may be some of them. As long as you remember that, the people that derail and persecute you won't matter to you.


If it had not been for Mr. "Manajerk", Megan Schroeder, and their Internet Troll/Cyber-Bully Breeding and Meeting Ground, Cville's Hobbies, Games and Toys, My Family and I would not have had go through all of the emotionally depressing, and Financial Downfall to the depths of Greatly Poor and Just Getting By! The Manajerk has drained us financially, thinking we are freaking rich. And Megan has robbed me emotionally, started all of the Hate Against Me on the freaking Internet, Never financially paid me back for ALL of the material favors I bought for her off of eBay, and I WANT MY UNCUT "SAILOR MOON' DVDS FROM SEASONS "R" TO "SAILOR STAR" THAT GERMAN WARFARE BITCH CONNED FROM ME RETURNED TO ME!!!
And that bitch, Mary Lee Walsh, with a Cold Heart at Piedmont Virginia Community College for interfering with my Sweetheart Search, AND Banning me from PVCC!!!
WTH... The same Manajerk of Cville's Hobbies, Games and Toys gave me the finger at Sheetz in Ruckersville, and threatened me with "Relax, I'm not going to hurt you" in my face at McDonalds in Ruckersville; both in the same Morning a few weeks ago. I did not respond to either at the times. He violate his own "restraining order".
Rob Bell has been a Major Wuss during the time he had Represented me and my mother in Court, and we had paid the thousands of dollars for his fees, which we would not have had to if it had not been for that God Damned Manajerk!!!

Chris later deleted the entire post.

CWC's Hallmark Negative Life Events

Main article: CWC's Hallmark Negative Life Events
3 September 2013

I have just vented past frustrations from my life to figure out the root of what happened yesterday. It all definitely was Mary Lee Walsh, Megan Schroeder AND Michael Snyder who made me worse off than I was after Graduation.


September 3, 2013

CWC's Hallmark Negative Life Events After listing them, it was most Definitely Megan Schroeder, Michael Snyder, and Mary Lee Walsh, and the countless, unidentifiable Trolls and Jerkops, who have seriously hurt me towards the point of the near easily stressed out, blood-pressure-sensitive, emotionally and mentally scarred type of alternate person who I am not at normal, calm or sound mind.

Hallmark emotional hurtful moments of my life.

- Roche (Roach) woman, resided in Yellow House on Westwood Drive in Green Lea Subdivision in Ruckersville, VA, locked me in a room all alone with nothing but toys; initiated my speak stopping at 1.5 years old.

- Nathaniel Green Elementary School: I was pinned to the floor by four to five teachers/counselors; my screams were tape recorded; got a red mark on my neck from that.

- Principal tried to sit me on his lap in an attempt to molest; I jumped off and hid under a desk.

- All of the court actions that arose, prior to moving to Chesterfield Co.

- Providence Middle School: verbal bullying from a handful of students.

- Dragged to Principal's office by the ankles for something I did.

- Manchester High School: Mrs, Laurie Jones emptied my locker; I felt violated and squirmed on the floor.

- Graduation time: I only got a Star pin for my grades; No Awards for my talents. Between that and leaving the Best circle of friends I ever had, along with leaving the Best days of my life behind, I shook no one's hand and cried a Lot upon receiving my diploma. Plus it was raining heavily that Graduation day.

- Piedmont Virginia Community College: English Professor banned me from his class for overreacting and not comprehending the assignment, plus he had a thing against autistics, on my 21st Birthday. Really made me feel sad.

- Some time after starting my Sweetheart Search, Mary Lee Walsh overreacted: her actions made it obvious that True Love was illegal in the state of Virginia, or at least Charlottesville. She banned me from PVCC to seek psychiatry and anger management before resuming to get my CADD degree.

- Years later, after I apologized for making her out to be a witch, she Permanently banned me from PVCC.

- Ongoing Sweetheart Search: Fashion Square: Damn Jerkops handcuff and drag me to their quarters for emotional hurt and abuse.

- OSS: McD @ Wal-Mart: Manajerks piss me off on telling me my Search was Solicit-ally illegal; brought in a damn Jerkop; chased me off.

- OSS: Target: More Manajerks piss me off on telling me my Search was Solicit-ally illegal; Jerkops dog piled, injured and handcuffed me; dragged me to their quarters.

- PLace: Megan Schroeder toys my heart, cons me of favors from eBay shopping, my Sailor Moon Uncut DVDs, and a Zune.

- Later would institute online hate campaign against me with Michael Snyder, Daniel Mimms and Lucas White.

- Snyder bans me from the PLace in overreacting.

- Makes it worse by setting up to become new "Manager", bringing in other nearby people with bribery, to have me and my mother arrested; spent an insane, emotionally abusive/molesting night in their jail. And the Court actions still go on.

- Online: Numerous Trolling/Cyber-Bullying cons, blackmail, lies, deceit, treachery, etc., etc., etc. Tugging my heart strings to breaking points with theoretical girlfriends.

School Reviews

On 4 September 2013, his mind in the past, Chris gave reviews of the schools he has attended.

Nathanael Greene Elementary School: One star out of five.

4 September 2013

The teachers, counselors, and Principal here back in the early 90s physically abused and attempted molestation upon me, mentally and emotionally scarring me for life, because they did not understand or care for Autistic People (High-Functioning or Otherwise)

Greene County Primary School: Four out of five stars (no comments).

Providence Middle School: Five out of five stars.

4 September 2013

It was the beginning of the Best Years of my life as I attended here. Mrs. Virginia Sanford taught me a lot, and she was a very inspirational woman and teacher.

Words of wisdom

On 5 September 2013, Chris shared the following photo:

Sept13 Imgur 1.png

Court update

5 September 2013

Finally got that over-with; no more freaking court dates related to that accursed Manajerk.

Kim queried:

Oh? How did things go?

Chris responded:

Suspended Two Month jail sentence for two years; I just have to be on Good Behavior, stay away from the PLace and You-Know-Who, and not talk about the bastard.
Rob Bell is Still a Wuss.


Oh, well, sounds good. Good behavior will be a piece of cake for you.


Glad you got things going in the right direction, best thing you can do is keep putting the past behind you ans focus on the future and today.


All of mine and my mother's charges were dropped from Felonies to Misdemeanors.

Reunion update

5 September 2013

Going back to the Reunion Topic, I have been emailed by a "Tyler Ellis" (possibly Jared of the same middle and last names, or an Anonymous Impostor). I have attached a screen cap of the sender's email address.

In either case, our reunion, being planned by Ashley, may be threatened. "Tyler" mentioned an FB group, "F*** a Reunion Party", that I am aware of, stating they're planning their own Reunion party to coincide or compete.

I remind everyone that it was Mia Adkins who took the original reunion planned for 2010 completely out of Ashley's hands and messed it up, or F***ed it up, in some people's terms.

I feel this is of utmost importance; I do not want anyone absent from the main reunion I am rounding everyone up for. I greatly encourage everyone to continue spreading the word about our Reunion to everyone; help complete our Roster checklist. I will go to the group page, see if I can post the digital flier, and try to encourage everyone there to come and assure them it will not be "F***ed Up".

I appreciate everyone's support. Thank you.

One of Chris's friends responded:

Christian, the Flick a Reunion Party was done couple years ago. Tyler Ellis did plan that. Only a couple of us came. It was just dinner and drinks. I'm sure Tyler wouldn't be a threat!

Chris replied:

Oh. Okay; I think that does confirm the sender to be an impostor then. Thank you, Sarah, for the informative comment. :)

Chris then posted:

I respectfully am making a retraction to my previous post. I Had found that F.A.Reunion Party Group page on another classmate's page, but on a search, I am unable to find it again. And the link provided in the email I had received from (Jarred) "Tyler Ellis" is (now at least) a dead link.

I humbly apologize for overreacting the way I have. Sarah Susan Hearn has verified for me that the small party had already passed, so I am more positive of the sender of the emails to be a fake.

Word of Wise

Chris posted a link with the comment:

5 September 2013

Word of Wise: If you search Facebook for MHS Co2000, disregard the following Group; it is for the MHS in Jamaica.

Chris Expresses His Outrage for Walmart

She has crossed his line, and now I am out for revengence.
6 September 2013

I have just been intercepted by the "Lady" Manajerk, [REDACTED]; the bitch has followed the steps of Mr. Snyder now; banned me from the Wal-Mart closest to my own house. She obviously does not understand how critical and imperative it is for me to go there. I Shop for my Mother from there; it is Closer than the one in Charlottesville; GAS IS EXPENSIVE!!! She has crossed his line, and now I am out for revengence. Everyone should contact her at her email address of [REDACTED], and remind her that no one is to mess with an Autistic Person when they are in a depressed, sad, angry or foul mood, especially with the online reputation that was dragged through the worst mud, muck and bodily fluids that said Autistic Person has.

She has proven herself to be a cold-hearted, uncaring, uncompassionate, lack-of-understanding, bigoted, discriminating, selfish, Mary Lee Walshing, Witch Bitch!



Kenneth Englehardt replied:

What in the name of God are you trying to pull posting stuff like this???? Do a Google search and simply find another Wal-Mart.

REDACTED posted:

I think the biggest question is what did you do to get kicked out...and don't say you did nothing wrong cause that would be a lie.

Chris wrote back:

The "Man" and "Woman" want to bear down on the weak people they do not want to understand or care about; Autistic People are on the top!

Again, Anna tries to give him some advice:


Christian, people don't just automatically know you're autistic. And they can't know automatically that you've had a rough day. In the world of neurotypicals, if someone acts aggressive (yelling or arguing) in a public place, they are considered a danger to those around them because they're unpredictable. Those of us who know you know that you're not dangerous, but people who don't know you are acting solely on the information they have about you, which to them is whatever impression you made upon them with your first interactions.
I think it would be constructive to bring your mother with you and sit down and speak rationally with her instead of blaming everything on her. Apologize for anything you did that she thinks was wrong, even if you don't think it was wrong. You'll really just be apologizing for making her upset, because I'm sure you didn't mean to. Then explain how important it is that you be allowed to continue shopping there, and promise that there will be no future incidents. I think that's probably the best course of action.

REDACTED then posted:

You have to wake up son! And grasp the fact that everyone is not out to get you. 99.9 percent of the world doesn't know you have issues. They see someone acting odd and they try to take care of the situation.

Anna replied:

To be fair, REDACTED, the majority of Christian's experience with the world has certainly made it seem like the world's out to get him. The daily bombardment he has received from people who hate him (but don't know him) for no good reason (since 2007!) has certainly been effective in creating the appearance of everyone hating him.


To Kenneth Englehardt: I added an "H" and an "E" to an XBox One Standee in Permanent Ink while under anger from past issues.
I can't bring my mother in; she has had enough problems gone on; I am not telling her, because she is in a recovering mood after the court date yesterday.


So you vandalized a display sign...your lucky that's all that happened.


I got BANNED AGAIN! Do you NOT get it?


I get it. You committed an arrestable offense but they gave you a break and banned you.


that is NOT a break, being Banned; THAT is a Crime.


Any property owner/manager/rep has the RIGHT to tell you to leave, tell you not to come back, or so on. And if you do not obey their wishes you can and will be arrested for trespassing. I know what I am talking about christian.


They do not.
And if they do, they are most in the wrong, because they are most abusive and overzealous of their "authoritative power" that never has existed ever.

After that, William tried to give him some advice, but it was brushed off.

Chris, that's not public property. You can't just go writing whatever you want on it. How would you feel if you were trying to sell PS3s and somebody wrote "POO" in front of the PS on your sign?


Frustration is blind.

Felons, sweethearts, and Megan

6 September 2013

I am Not a Felon, so nobody has to have low respect for me and my mother, especially all who have not liked us before. And to all women who find Felons attractive, I am sorry for not being attractive enough.

(See comment in matching post below in Timeline)

Silent LOL. Meh, I am still most desperate for a woman to be my Sweetheart. I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR, "You'll find that special woman"; "Every woman has specific tastes or are fickle"; "You're too whatever for them anyway". I have heard them all before, and I have had too many theoretical and Fake "Sweethearts to be" who all have taken me down emotionally too greatly.

MEGAN SCHROEDER!!!!!! I still want my Sailor Moon Uncut DVDs returned to me from that Germanic Warholic Bitch.

(Do Not Contribute Anything to the following Website; I am long awaiting its removal from the Internet)

William asked:

Can't you the DVDs again?

Chris answered:

It is a Matter of Principal! SHE CONNED THEM FROM ME!!!

Tiffany nostalgia

6 September 2013

And I still really miss and need to find closure with Tiffany Gowen.


Six Rules Regarding Autistic Interactions

On 6 September 2013, Chris commented on a link from Anna which she asked him to read. It provided advice for autistic people on interacting with others.

6 September 2013

I will read this more thoroughly, but I have read the bolded rules and the intro paragraph. I disagree on two of the rules: I personally really Hate being interrupted during a thought I am expressing. And in addition to looking for equal and better mental and emotional properties in my (female) Sweetheart than myself, her Looks and Beauty I feel are a must to be easy on the eyes. Especially in the face; pretty faces are great. Moderate to good body and minimum "B"-cup breasts are essential. If I did not have the fear of the Theoretical or Fake/Anonymous People online, I would have as many female friends as Richie Grecki has in his Likes Section. Hot Damn!

I am not a prejudiced individual, and I do look for the inner beauty of women. Anyway, the Autistic Interactions Rules do reflect and agree to what I was trying to say in my 6-Part plus Extra Autism Tutorial LittleBiGPlanet Animation (PSN: Sonichu).

Note: Richie Grecki is one of Chris's former high school classmates.

Quoting Anna

6 September 2013

Quoting Anna Elizabeth McLerran's perceptive comments to be best highlighted:

"-People don't just automatically know you're autistic. And they can't know automatically that you've had a rough day. In the world of neurotypicals, if someone acts aggressive (yelling or arguing) in a public place, they are considered a danger to those around them because they're unpredictable. Those of us who know you know that you're not dangerous, but people who don't know you are acting solely on the information they have about you, which to them is whatever impression you made upon them with your first interactions."

More Tiff nostalgia

7 September 2013

Tiffany Gowen...Where are you? I feel so lost right now...

Chris on Power

7 September 2013

I sincerely feel that all Manajerks and the majority of those kind of people DO NOT have any "Power" at all And if they do, they are most in the wrong, because they are most abusive and overzealous of their "authoritative power" that never has existed ever.

This is because WE ALL are created Equal; we are all People; NO GREATER; NO LESSER. "Masculinity", "Maturity", Wheateverity; they are all Jokes! And as we are all created equal, we should treat each other Good, because mistreating each other as Bad only leads to Bad, and no one person really wants that.

I have been mistreated for YEARS NOW; Mary Lee Walsh being the First to Provoke Me with nothing but Offensive and Mal Behavior that would only lead to me retaliating in respect. I would not treat people bad, unless I have been provoked First. Years of Bad Provoking from People All Over The WORLD, for No Reason other than Hatred or Laughs at my Expense or Boredom...It only leaves me in mistrust of others. I do not want that ever, but it has happened; my soul has been continuously scarred.

My point is "Power", "Authoritative" or Whatever, is Fictitious, and to abuse an non-existent to hurt other people, especially those who have already been hurt, it is a crime. Banning People is a Crime. Online Trolling/Cyber-Bullying is a Crime. Abusing non-existent "Authority" and "Powers", are a crime. Just plain Not Being Nice to People is a Crime.

God Trolls Chris Yet Again

7 September 2013

God is giving me the Middle Finger yet again! I backed up and scratched a car in El Agave Lot! And she's a damn Smoker! Now the damn Jerkop is giving me a hard time, because I am screaming up at Freaking Emanuel God! I want God to just kill me Now if he is going to keep giving me middle fingers and a damned difficult life!!!

No police allowed

7 September 2013

That is IT; ABSOLUTELY NO POLICE ARE ALLOWED IN Cwcville, VA! All we need are our Psychic Pok'emon Team to keep everyone in it and within 50 mile radius in check and on good behavior!

From this moment, I loathe ALL Charlottesville and Ruckersville "Police"; God Damned Jerkops!!! Trolls and Bullies; Every Last One If Them!!!

Most Upset! - :( -feeling upset.

Chris followed this up with:

I am just so tired of Lots and Lots of People Being Mean, Awful, Hurtful and Hateful to me. - :( feeling stressed.

Watching videos

Chris spent the day watching and commenting on My Little Pony cartoons.

8 September 2013

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Project Thundercloud

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist I Am Octavia (Animation)

Chris commented on this video:

I get paralyzed by the whispers in my brain (for real and often). This Song is Awesome!
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Button's Adventures - Episode Pilot
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Scrunch-off
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist "Equestria Girls (Helping Twilight Win the Crown)" - MLP: Equestria

Chris commented:

Seriously, I can not WAIT for the Soundtrack for the Equestria Girls Movie to be added onto iTunes!

You are all my family

9 September 2013

I still deeply care a lot about everyone who cares about me as well, as well all of my friends and family. Our Millennium MHS Class; I consider everyone, regardless of current status, situation or whatever, and especially regardless of current status, situation or whatever, and especially regardless of lack of acquaintanceship on my part; all My Family that I am looking forward to bring together in Good Friendship and for our Family Photo that is our Reunion.

Karla Mathews replied:

I'm glad to see you're feeling more positive today!

Chris clarified:

I do not mean to shock or scare anyone away. It's just me; feeling for everyone. If it makes you feel better, you may add the term "extended" to "Family".
I'm not sure about "positive" right now, I feel "Appreciation" is the more applicable term here. :)


Ahh, I see. Appreciation is a good feeling, too. :)


Cool. Feeling Positive now. :)

My Little Pony reminds Chris of the Saw movies

10 September 2013

I liked a @YouTube video Foozogz-,~*Smile!*~, (Rmx VIP)

This remix is alright; it has the beat, and it sounds like BGM to a speedy level in a Sonic the Hedgehog game.
Word of great warning, DO NOT watch "SMILE HD"; same remix track, but the choice fan fiction animation presentation of Pinkie's retaliation from Dischord's mind trick of "everyone laughing AT her"...Anybody for the gorey parts of the seven Saw movies?
Side comment, I have watched the seven Saw movies. I enjoyed the story of John Kramer's tumor, his past, the leading events, and the complexities of the mazes of traps and the individual traps. Gore aside, I felt it was fair and valid. **Spoiler Alert**. What would not a chief detective among the actual Good Police (versus a queue of Jerkops) do for a "Save a child's life and end the criminal/mentor's life" for the Stories and Awards?

Brassieres For Males

Chris shared a link to the Facebook page "Brassieres For Males", a page dedicated to encourage men to wear sports bras.

10 September 2013

I encourage Everyone to show their support by wearing a Sports Bra, and encouraging the uncovered men to wear them as well.

Chris is losing friends

10 September 2013

PLEASE, Do Not Unfriend and Leave Me!!!

We are all still a Family (symbolically, especially every Classmate of my Graduating Class to me), and when I see my Friend count Decrease, even by ONE, it seriously hurts me deep. Everyone who will remember me as the one who Cried and Shook Nobody's Hand on Stage at our Graduation; I was Really Upset, because I was being forced to leave my friends. Every Friend I Lose; it is Manchester High Graduation all over again for me. SERIOUSLY!

I still deeply care a lot about everyone who cares about me as well, as well all of my friends and family. Our Millennium MHS Class; I consider everyone, regardless of current status, situation or whatever, and especially regardless of lack of acquaintanceship on my part; all My Family that I am looking to bring together in Good Friendship and for our Family Photo that is our Reunion.

He added:

Even worse, it is difficult to tell who left. It does not even come up in my Activity Log.

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

11 September 2013

It is a touching and good movie to watch today.

Chris likes Miley Cyrus

11 September 2013

I liked a @YouTube video Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball


12 September 2013

I am baffled! I get an email from one of my Closest Gal-Pals, Sarah Anne Bevel Ingram; she tells me, "I don't really know you". Is She Serious?! She, Tiffany Gowen and I shared a Home Ec class our Seinor Year; we ate lunch together on those same days. She made me feel better one day when I was feeling a difficult time. She came to my 18th Birthday Party. HOW could she NOT know me; we were Friends. - :( feeling upset.

One of my Closest Friends.

Less confused

13 September 2013

Still feeling baffled, but less confused; Sarah has just sent me another email. Apparently another Impostorous Troll has been pestering her. He just sexted her. I have replied immediately that I did not send her the photos, listed this, my ONE, Facebook page, and listed Ashley Abernathy Aviles, Molly Marie Quarles, Chris Rhodes, Matt Stufano, and Brian Smart, as ones to ask if she still did not believe me.

In any case, I will have to FB search my name once again to find and report the impostor(s).

Another video

13 September 2013

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist LEGO Friends - 2013 TV Series

Contemplating school architecture

13 September 2013

After seeing the Full school building in the Lego Friends episode, it's like, Wow! That is a Lot of room sections, and pieces. And Manchester High is bigger than that. Where is the cafeteria, and where would the stairs go? :D -feeling amused.

Chris doesn't like Miley's hair

14 September 2013
Sept13 Imgur 5.jpg
Sept13 Imgur 6.jpg

I'm sorry, Miley, but your hairstyle was a LOT better long, brown, and sweet in style. Now, it IS just scary.

Tiff located?

14 September 2013

I have just received an email from an ANON, purposely spoofing a fake email address. This individual states that Tiffany Gowen may be employed at a REDACTED in REDACTED and lists two addresses. So, she may be residing in REDACTED after all. If this is fact, this will be a major breakthrough for me. :( -feeling nervous.

TiffanyEmployment2-min.png TiffanyEmployment3-min.png

Karla cautioned:

Christian, even if this info is true, it isn't a good way to contact Tiffany. If someone called my place of work to find me, I would feel like I was being stalked. It would scare me away! Just something to keep in mind.

Anna piped up:

I agree, I think that if you want to speak with Tiffany, you just need to wait for her to contact you. Continuing to try to speak with her after she has said she isn't interested will only make her frustrated. You also need to be extremely cautious, because it is very likely that a) the contact details are fake and whoever answers will be a troll, and b) a ton of different trolls will try to contact you pretending to be her.

Chris replied:

Firstly, Anna, I think you are confusing Tiffany Gowen with either Sarah Bevel or Kellie Andes; I have not been able to contact Tiffany at all yet.

Second, I agree with the bothering at work may equal stalker thing.

It's not her

15 September 2013

And I believe we have the answer to the REDACTED lead. Yeah, mislabeling me again will Surely make me Believe you now. LOL :) -feeling good.

Prank phone calls

17 September 2013

Great. Now there's the chance a fake phone call could have been made, AGAIN, using the past recordings of my voice. They got me in trouble with the "Police" a few times with that damn trick. Ugh. -feeling surprised.


Chris is a gypsy

Chris linked to a Huffington Post article and commented:

17 September 2013

Great, I am apparently a Gypsy too. Except, Both my Parents were Seinor Citizens most of my life. Hell, my father was 52 at my conception of that consummation. As I stated in Part One of my Autism Tutorial Animation, "Dude! Have your children before like 40 or 50."

Fans are Weird, Part 1

17 September 2013

Time Code: 18:00 - The Most Proper method to deliver a Gift to someone: In Person. Or otherwise, in their Newspaper Box is the Best Indirect Method. In Any Case, I agree with Excel, "Fans Are Weird." And to add, Crazy, Mental, Lack of Life, etc, etc, etc.

Fans are Weird, Part 2

17 September 2013

Today, September 17, 2013, I found a DVD, which I assume was a present from a Troll or "Fan". It had been resting there for some time before I found it. I could tell that, because it had gotten wet from Rain. Let me make it clear: If you Really Want to make sure I get your Gift, even indirectly, Do Not Be So Careless. Not wildly on the Grass or Yardwide; Not on the Windshield of a vehicle. Put it in the Newspaper Box, or as some people have, have it shipped to my doorstep. Or even In Person would be well.

Fans are Weird, Part 3

17 September 2013

In any case, "FANS ARE WEIRD."


A smack upside the head

Chris uploaded an image with a wish:

18 September 2013

Every Last Person on the damn Cwcki, Cwcki Forums, as well as Megan Schroeder, Michael John Snyder, and Mary Lee Walsh.

Sept13 Imgur 11.jpg

Give me business advice for free

18 September 2013

Re: Sonichu and Rosechu

My fellow classmates. Allow me to preface this post with a brief history about myself. After starting creation further along with Sonichu from his creation within the walls of Manchester High in front of Miss Chalifoux's (married name escapes me at the moment) Computer Graphics classroom on the day of March 17, 2000, I have long expanded him and his world in and around Cwcville, VA. Aside from the comic book pages, I was proposed with the question of merchandising my own Official Swag (to use the term in place of more related). I was naive on a lot of business ideals for a long time. Eventually, I had encountered the idea of a Manager, from the cartoon, "HiHi Puffy AmiYumi", followed by "Publicist", "Public Relations" (PR). Among everyone who reads this post, consider yourselves more knowledgeable of Business Relations than I.

Also, to add, within the past six years, alongside being Trolled and Cyber-Bullied, I have received numerous fan and troll letters, fan art and offensive art, real and joke gifts/presents, phone calls that have made me and my family start screening, and emails and online communications. It has been long difficult to tell who is for real and who is pulling my leg.

Which brings us to this moment. As seen in this post's images, I have received a REAL Gift (not a joke; trashy or cheap; actually something I DID WANT), an 8GB Derpy Hooves Mimobot Flash Drive. I had learned about it weeks ago, and considered investing in one. And even better, it is one out of 850 Limited Edition, San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Mimobots. As the enclosed letter reads, the Guru of Customer Services may be a fan of Sonichu, and may want to make Mimobots of my characters. It is very tempting, but I have to be cautious.

So I am reaching out to a better source for verification and business knowledge/savvy than I had within the past 13 years, my classmates. I tag the ones I feel closest to since making your acquaintances, and those who have known me longest, because it is easier than sending multiple messages.

As poor as my mother and I are these days, finally getting Official Merchandise where I Actually Get Paid from the sales would be most beneficial. I still require help and knowledge and wisdom.

Please reply either in Private Messages, or in the Comments, with any and all thoughts and suggestions to make Sonichu finally an Official Merchandise, over the false stuff online where I am NOT seeing one penny from at all.

I will add my Copyright Paper, which I do keep hanging with pride in my bedroom, to this bunch of images, of my Electric Hedgehog Pokemon, Sonichu. - ;) feeling fresh with [omitted].

Reflections on Sonichu 8

19 September 2013

I purposely made this book my "Controversial" one; there a Lot of removed pages that have been drawn.

William asked:

There were pages you didn't upload? Or do you just mean the ones you censored?

Chris answered:

Pages I did not upload, plus edited and censored are included. I am only uploading the pages that I would intend to publish publicly, if and when I do.
I mean, if you REALLY want to see my "Rule 42"/"Rule 46" pages, see the Trolls' Cwcki site.

Japanese is sometimes better

19 September 2013

A Lot of things are better in Japanese, despite country of origin. Even the Sonic X theme song original Japan version is a LOT better than the US version.

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist MLP FiM - Japanese Theme Song #2 (Majikaru Dai*Dai*Dai-Boken!)

Mimoco follow-up

Someone wastes her time to advise Chris on the business proposal.

19 September 2013

Re: Re: Sonichu & Rosechu

I have shared the topic with Karla, Anna and Kim as well (keeping William out of the loop). Karla has raised some valid points about the letter and situation, and with permission I quote:

OK Christian, here's what I'm thinking. I don't think this is a legitimate letter. I think it is someone trying to troll you. Here are my reasons why:

1) A "Customer Service Guru" would not be in charge of merchandising and product development, or even outreach to independent artists. She would just take care of customer concerns.

2) She claims to be a long-time follower of the Sonichu series -- but you've never heard of her before.

3) She says, "I understand merchandising is something you've been looking to do over the years"--but you have not contacted them about merchandising, have you? Sounds like a troll who's been following your online activities.

4) She asks, "Do you own the copyright to Sonichu?" -- if this were a real business proposal, they would research this already.

5) They're asking you to pay up front. That sounds really suspicious to me.

6) She says the USB she sent is "from her personal collection"--but the business would provide one if a sample was needed. She wouldn't have to give you her own.

7) Asking you to meet her in person in an informal setting, especially in your own home--that's another red flag that this isn't a corporate-sponsored activity. Sounds like a set-up.

She says, "As you've been through some serious hardship," which sounds like the person is trying to dissuade you from thinking he/she is a troll. Just the fact that she is defending herself like that makes it sound suspicious to me.

I went to the website, and it looks to me like ANYONE could go to that site and pretend to be someone they're not!

9) The newspaper included in the package was somewhat visible in your photograph. I saw a phone number for a (631) area code...That's in New York, not Massachusetts.

10) Anyone can visit the website and order their own custom USBs with the same specifications as described in the letter. It's not an exclusive product they would send a personalized letter to offer.

All together, it just doesn't sound legitimate to me. I work as a copywriter and spend my entire day looking at corporate web copy... This just doesn't feel right. I think someone is trying to get money out of you or set you up for embarrassment. I would recommend calling them directly for confirmation (NOT email or snail-mail because they're too easy to fake). I have a feeling that if you called, they would try to sell you the customized package they offer to everyone--which would be very, very expensive.

Those are my thoughts on the issue! Of course, you always have the final choice in how to proceed. Hope this is helpful information for you.

I agree with her on the suspicions, and I am still a poor, just-getting-by person. Could not afford to pay or invest anyway.

Further input is still appreciated.

Chris then decides to ignore the advice he asked for.

In any case, I have come to a decision. I will email Kristie at the address in the letter, informing receipt of the drive, and with all points in mind, I will make reasonable inquiries in the email to point out the sender as real or Troll. I will determine and share with y'all based on the reply I get.

She's for real

20 September 2013

Wow. She replied through her Humanoid email address on the website. I guess she is for real. Still, I am open for interpretations and opinions from my friends. What do y'all think?

Chris attached the email he sent to the troll:

20 September 2013

Hello, Kristie. I am Christian Weston Chandler; I am confirming receipt of your letter and gift with much appreciation.

Alright, Let's talk; neither of us want lies and bad will from the other. The fact is I am only just getting by financially and with very little credit.

I have observed your title of "Customer Service Guru"; you are not in charge of merchandising, product development or independent artist outreach. Customer Concerns care is your field. It would be difficult for you to get your point across to the CEO and people actually closest to product concept.

"Long-time follower" of my Sonichu series. Perhaps of my online activity with your statements of "I understand merchandising is something you've been looking to do over the years" and "As you've been through some serious hardship". Those statements would be considered a dissuasion from me thinking you may be indeed a Troll/Cyber-Bully with weak attempt for self-defense. If you had indeed done your research on me and my work, you would not have asked, "Do you own the copyright to Sonichu", because I marked the red-letter day of my legal copyright with the DC Government Offices on my past website of the Cwcipedia, which I was forced to take down on my morals, after the Trolls/Cyber-Bullies hacked into it on more than one occasion.

I have been to; ANYONE can go on there and obtain "Kristie" and her bio and pretend to be her, or anyone else on there. And anyone can order their own custom flash drives with the same specs as described in the letter. It's nothing to send a personalized letter to offer. Also, you would not send me a drive from "your personal collection", because the business would offer samples easily. And asking to meet me informally in my home is Not a corporate-sponsored activity.

I am most inclined to believe your offer is a set-up to take unavailable money and funds from mine and my mother's hands. Or otherwise a set-up towards embarrassment at my expense, content for the lowly Trolls and Bullies online. Unless you are able to prove yourself fully to be legitimate and legal, I will not offer even my own hand signature to you.

Please Reply.

Have a good and safe day,

Christian Weston Chandler

Chris the businessman

20 September 2013

**See Post Below**

I am considering replying now; offering her my hand-drawn art within the schematic design of one of their drives. I would give permission to make them with my approval, and ask for a cut from each sold. Does that sound advisable? Please "Like" this post if you think so.

Toy Of The Year

Chris reposted a picture of his Lego High School set and proclaimed:

21 September 2013

The Lego Friends High School set should be the next Toy of the Year!


He followed this up with:

School is Socially Awesome and Cool!

The Great Pumpkin

22 September 2013
Sept13 Imgur 26.png

Hey, look, everybody; Linus was right! There IS a Great Pumpkin! He rose out of the pumpkin patch of Skylands! LOL

Chris meets a fan

22 September 2013

I'm sitting here at McD at Forest Lakes, going on a bit about the Pumpkin Eye Brawl being the "Great Pumpkin"...This dude, REDACTED (going by the sound of his name to spell it), sitting right behind me, recognizes me. Claiming to offer his support against the trolls; not a troll himself, he said. Shook his hand. Maintained my own composure. Still creeped me out. -- :( -feeling insecure.

Karla wrote:

Whoa...I bet it feels strange to be recognized!

Chris responded:

Being Publically [sic] recognized, in my head nowadays, especially in my mind, feels a Lot like getting caught; being in trouble; "I didn't do anything!", "Leave me alone!"; my defenses were raised high.

On that note, that's another subconscious reason why I am VERY shy.


One of Them

22 September 2013
This sort of shit is a reason why Chris is paranoid.

I knew it! I knew that dude was one of Them! Ugh! Now I really wish I had photographed his ugly mug. I need some sort of plan for next time this happens, like what Karla Mathews said in what I quoted from her to Kristie... - :( -feeling pissed.

3) She says, "I understand merchandising is something you've been looking to do over the years"--but you have not contacted them about merchandising, have you? Sounds like a troll who's been following your online activities.

She says, "As you've been through some serious hardship," which sounds like the person is trying to dissuade you from thinking he/she is a troll. Just the fact that she is defending herself like that makes it sound suspicious to me.

Something to say, along those lines that would just expose the phony, in response when it happens.



24 September 2013

Hey, everybody. This is Megan Schroeder, Mary Lee Walsh, and you-know-who, M.J.S. The Top Three Fiends and Enemies of my lifetime; the ones who actually have Devastated my Heart, my Soul, my Reutation Online AND in Person/Real Life, my Emotions, AND my Life in General all-around. And this is what I do to them when I am feeling Really Angry...Shake Them Up; Voodoo-Wise Shaking Them Up for Real! Especially lately when Daniel Mimms has contacted me recently About that Bitch, Megan Schroeder; QUEEN BEE OF THE TROLLS!!! - :( -feeling angry.

One of Chris's friends responded:

Don't let them get to you! Everybody has "haters" you just gotta forget about it and move on. But don't stoop to their level. Keep your head up Christian!!!

Naturally Chris didn't listen to a fucking word:

They have destroyed me since 2003; starting with Mary Lee Walsh intruding on the start of my Sweetheart Search.

He added:

Sorry, forgot the photos in the Post. And when Not Shaking, I leave the trio Up-side-down.

Yep, the Bitch has not changed a thing...

Chris uploads more pictures of Megan and his voodoo Legos.

24 September 2013

Yep, the Bitch has not changed a thing in eight years. Still the same as ever. Meh; German-Crazy; Camo-Red specs on. (Just received in an email from the Ex-Friend-turned-Troll of mine). The minifig I put togeter and shake well with the Witch and the Bastard perfectly matches her to an M and S. —

The phrase "to an M and S" presumably relates to the idiom "to a T," alluding to the fact that her initials are M.S., like Michael Snyder, and her name starts with an M like Mary Lee Walsh.

iPhone is screwed up

26 September 2013

I have just updated my iPhone; it is terrible. Now when I look to simply check for the time, it is difficult to read, because the text is freaking White, and my wallpaper is light colored mostly. And I can not change the font color on this thing for that or any of the icons' text. Ugh!

Sept13 Imgur 38.png

Women are funny!

On 26 September 2013, Chris shared some clickbait.

Sept13 Imgur 39.png

Chris-Chan explains it all

27 September 2013

Attention, Everyone.

There are grave misconceptions that I feel desperately require me to clear up, because what you may hear from other people are likely to be false, or have holes in their tales. Firstly, the ONE, and ONLY ONE, hand drawing I ever did of me and Megan Schroeder in what is of Internet Troll Knowledge on the internet as "Rule 34", of which they have written at; involving porn.

I will not be posting the drawing, nor will I ever share it with anyone. The original intent of the drawing was purely and true a wishful thinking piece between me and Megan. And More Importantly, at the time when it was originally drawn, and still would apply, it was a message, informing those damn Trolls and Bullies, who had mislabeled me the opposite, that I was in Full Fact a Straight Male; Heterosexual. Nothing degrading or offensive was meant originally by the art piece, plus her eyes were censored; one could figure any brunette woman was the subject. Megan wants to complain about ONE drawing against me versus Her conspiring the PLace employees, Daniel Mimms, Lucas White and the rest of the entire world to make my life a living Hell. The Encyclopedia Dramatica page was born Late October, 2007; the art was created AFTER she began destroying my Soul, Emotions, Heart, Mentality, and My Good, Clean Life!!! I later tore up the original drawing into many little squares and put them into an envelope, which resides in my scrapbook binder full of shamed past relationship art works.

I have the factual story of everything has actually transpired years ago between me and Megan Schroeder.

August 14th or 21st, 2004 (I'm not sure which; it was shortly after the Yu-Gi-Oh movie was released in theaters); I had been a long time player and fan of Pokémon (both video game and TCG). I became a bit intrigued in the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG, so I took it up as well. The very first tournament I went to at the Game and Hobby PLace; I saw her face, and I fell in love. Over Two Years, during our times between Pokémon League, Yu-Gi-Oh Tournaments, and UFS TCG (Soul Calibur, Street Fighter, etc) events at the PLace, all I had been was Nothing but Good, Nice, and Loyal to her. I only touched her shoulder, hand and long hair; last time I checked, THOSE are non-offensive touches. I had not kissed her; she kissed my hand one time. I spent Hundreds of Dollars on her between gifts, and all of the things I bought on eBay for her; mostly Sailor Moon trading cards, all at her request. She even asked me to buy her a Zune, which I spent over 200 on at Best Buy. And how does she reimburse me for the favors and the Zune? NO Cash; Only "her merchandise" of collectible Anime Manga, a few DVDs, figurines, plushes, and a mix bag of Lego pieces. What did I care then? I was head over heels for that bitch. I bought the Uncut Complete Sailor Moon series on DVDs For MYSELF, then I burned the episodes onto DVD-Rs for her; MY Treat. Admittingly, I had one mishap on One episode in the SailorStars Season; I informed her about that. She declined my gift; she wanted the Original DVDs. H.o.H., I gave her my DVDs. This was still long before October, 2007. We also shared our own hand-drawn art pieces with each other; I drew her in Her favorite Red Dark Magician card, and comically me in my favorite card, Dark Magician Girl.

All of these Good Things, and Freaking Loyalty! And how does she thank me in the end? Getting Mimms and Lucas to take my photograph without my consent, and her ditching me for another dude and PUBLICALLY Making Out with him to Shock me into mental paralysis that same Friday Pokèmon League Night! Then the following Friday, I get my Wii; I randomly decide to Google my name; BAM! The very first hate-filled web page against me. My mother and father had seen her talking with the PLace employees, hearing some parts of her conspirations against me. I had not fully comprehended her Queen Bee of the Internet Trolls and Cyber-Bullies activities until years later. Her conspiring with said employees also led to my being banned from the PLace.

And NOW, she, with Mimms' help, wants to play the ONE drawing versus Total Life Devastation, Destruction, Creating the Worst Online Reputation (Against Me) Ever In This Earth's History! I ask you, who is the real monster here?

Anna was sympathetic:

It hurts my heart to hear all this again, I'm so sorry that Megan used you, chewed you up, and spit you out. I doubt she had any idea of what kind of impact her sharing your photo would ultimately have on your life. I hate to say it, but there are more girls out there just like her, who would abuse your trust and use you to buy them things. As for the link, it is very funny :) but I wish we could go back in time and stop everything from happening before it got so out of hand.


Tell me about it. Well, maybe REDACTED will be able to get the jump on taking down the Cwcki, clearing my name and all. More importantly, taking down the Troll Queen Bee, Megan Schroeder. |:(

William queried:

Do I understand this correctly, that you fell in love with her the first time you saw her, before you even met, or were you just quoting a song there? This might sound weird, but everyone gets called gay. Most of the time they don't even mean it literally, they're just using it as a lazy insult without even thinking about what they said. You don't need to prove to people what your orientation is. You just know what you are. Who cares what strangers think?


Literally; I really liked her pretty face and cute bod. But she turned out to be a totally unappreciative bitch.


If some girl drew a naked picture of me to display to the world I don't think I'd react kindly to that, either. But I think you're giving her too much credit to think she cares enough to be manipulating the whole troll war. She pushed the first domino, maybe, but the rest was a result of cause and effects started from that.

Chris clarified:

The drawing came up AFTER She Started the whole Hate Campaign.


But...she didn't start the hate campaign.


YES She Did! She started the Conspirings with the PLace employees, And got Mimms to take that damn photo.


Nah, not Megan.


My mother and father saw and heard her talking to those people.

Alex Bates agreed:

She told everyone about him.


YES, Megan the Bitch Schroeder.

Life troubles

27 September 2013
Sept13 Imgur 40.png

"Car troubles, my son?" "Nope. Lots and Lots of Life Troubles."

I am clearly not a monster

Trivia: Chris uses the word "clear" four times in the first sentence.

29 September 2013

I understand clearly, but it should be made clear that the confession was typed up just to clear the air of the recent Troll act to expose me as a monster, when I am clearly not one. Seriously, drawing art of that sort is not a normal for me; the inspirations were made from bad influences and situations of the Online Trolls, Cyber-Bullies, etc. I assure you all of what They talk ill of me is not normal of me at all. Please do not leave me. - :( feeling upset.

Plus, if ANYONE of you all leaves me, or takes Megan's side (she is full of it), you may as well shoot me in the heart and kill me. Heartaches alone are trite.

Lego Bricktober Event

On 29 September 2013, Chris announced that he was going to a LEGO Bricktober event at a local Toys"R"Us.

Posts by his friends

14,386,443 out of a possible 10

On 3 September 2013, one of Chris's friends wrote:

Stress level: 14,386,443 out of a possible 10. :(

Chris responded:

I hear that. I have a lot of stress in my life. If not the constant haunting of the Trolls/Cyber-Bullies, all of the individual mistakes I had made in the past greater than a decade (definitely within the recent six years), bad people being awful to me..., then the in person loneliness, the great shyness in Public, my freaking, accursed Autism...; they stress my blood pressure up, make me feel furious and angry, then I feel weak and faint.


Remembering 9-11

On 11 September, one of Chris's new high school friends, Richie Grecki, posted a long story about his memories of the World Trade Center. Chris replied:

I hear you, Richie. I wasn't there, but hearing the events was bad enough. A movie that my pastoral counsoler had recommended to me, about that day and how it affected an autistic child there, touching. "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close"; a good movie to watch on a day like today.


On 12 September, Grecki posted:

well, in 16 years I have never once broken or lost a phone, it finally happened today. I dropped it from about 4 feet and the screen cracked. I wont have another one for a few days so if you need to get in touch with me go through kelli or hit me up on here.

Chris replied:

Wow. Did you take it to a Smartphone MD shop? I had no idea of its existence when my iPod 4 fell and cracked. At the time, the iPhone 5C was being talked about, so I ended up selling the cracked one for like 60 buck on eBay, and I bought an iPod 5. Transferred all the data from old to new beforehand. And then I invented my duct-tape iDea Book Case for both my iPhone and iPod. the Phone has less capacity than the Pod, so the Pod is for entertainment. See photos of my case in my Timeline.

New uniforms

On 14 September 2013, one of Chris's high school friends wrote that the Manchester High School band was requesting donations for new uniforms. Chris replied:

14 September 2013

I wish I could help; my mother and I are just getting by as it is on our tugboats, and our recent expense.

8 VERY good friends

On 17 September 2013, Grecki posted:

Sittin in a circle like that '70s show with 8 VERY good friends

Chris posted this the next day:

I wish I could do that now with all of my gal pals: Tiffany Gowen, Kellie Andes, Sarah Bevel, Molly Marie Quarles, Maranda Mitchell..., and to fill in the remaining three slots with my more current friends (still from High School): Sarah Susan Hearn, Ashley Abernathy Aviles, and Rebekah Bentley. If I could invite every other woman to the group, I would, plus Chris Rhodes, Matt Stufano, Brian Smart and Damien Coy.


On 17 September 2013, Grecki posted a photo of a sandwich he had made along with a comment. Chris replied:

Tomatoes would have made it a BLTPlus.

Offline Schoolhouse Education

On 20 September 2013, Grecki posted:

no matter what kind of mood i'm in, the commercials for EDUCATIONCONNECTION.COM will always make me laugh.

Chris replied:

"Get Connected! For Free!" Give me Offline, Schoolhouse Education for Socialization Practices Any Day.

Posts by Chris on others

Expand the blood vessels

On 18 September 2013, a certain Jamie and Adam posted:

Thanks for all the sympathy. Had some of the risotto at Jardiniere last night and felt so much better. Just glad I didn't spew on camera. -- Adam

(For those who missed the story, it's here:

Chris replied:

Wow! I hear you, Adam. I too have felt stomach-ache, dizzy and clammy; the hours you have suffered it and toughed it out like you did, THAT was a major feat in itself. Did you try taking an asprin during that experience? Usually, for me and my mother at least, that kind of stress is brought on by constricting blood vessels. Asprin, among other OTC drugs and Rx, at least my mother says, is one that helps expand the blood vessels.

Homosexual males RUIN everything

On 21 September 2013, there was another Jamie and Adam post:

This made me laugh far more than I thought was possible. (from reddit) -- Adam

Chris disagreed:

Well, yes and no on humorous. The homosexual males RUIN Everything for the rest of us. "YMCA" and rainbows for starters, and I wish we could go back to when "gay" ONLY meant happy, as sung in the "Flintstones" theme song. Oi!

Facebook Shares and Likes

Miley is not a punk

Likes Link Date
ahahahaha this is such a joke of an article. there is more to PUNK than not giving a fuck and doing drugs. apparently that makes miley punk. (Miley Cyrus Is Punk As Fuck | NOISEY) 20 September 2013