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In the name of Christian Chandler's heart, I shall punish you!
Chris-Chan Sonichu to Mary Lee Walsh.
Pretty sailor-suited soldier!

Sailor Moon ((美少女戦士セーラームーン Bishōjo Senshi Sērā Mūn, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon, known as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon in the re-release) is an anime that Chris became interested in after discovering that his gal pal Megan Schroeder enjoyed the series. In typical retard fashion, Chris then began to rip off things from the series in a desperate attempt to impress her enough to make her want to bob up and down on his duck. In case you couldn't tell, it didn't work.


Sailor Moon also helps Chris STAY STRAIGHT.
Scrapbook image.

Sailor Moon's influence can clearly be seen in his artwork from around issue four of Sonichu. He began drawing his character with big, shiny animu eyes around this time, as well as creating the character of Sailor Megtune, which is nothing more than Megan dressed in a sailor fuku. Crystal also wears a sailor fuku in her transformed state.

Additionally, around Sonichu #4, Chris starts referring to himself as the "Warrior of Love and Honesty", much in the vein of Sailor Moon's own post-transformation speech, which he also rips off with the line "I will punish you!"

Chris's transformation into Chris-chan Sonichu also is "Sailor-Moon Style",[1] in that they focus on individual aspects of the transformation itself, and usually require an item. This was not lost upon the creators of the audiobooks, in which the Sailor Moon theme served as the background music to the transformation scenes.

Wes-Li attacks with a "flame sniper"; Sailor Mars has the same attack with the exact same name.

Chris believed for the longest time that staring nightly at a poster featuring Sailor Moon and Chibiusa will banish homosexual urges,[2] but the whole premise of Chris enjoying Sailor Moon is highly ironic considering the show is renowned for having many gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender characters. It also doesn't help Chris's image that the two characters both happen to be fourteen and six years old, respectively.

Other references

Wearing a Sailor Moon tiara on his head, age 36.
  • In Sonichu’s News Dash! #3 Chris praised the Sailor Moon parody in Excel Saga.
  • Occasionally, he will also give a reference to the show in Captain's Logs.[3]
  • In the Common Questions, when asked what the Chaotic Combo actually do, Chris said "It's like asking why Sailor Moon needed the Sailor Soldiers of the other 8 planets; BACKUP, ADVICE and COMRADESHIP." In other words, to stand around while Chris's self-inserts save the day.
  • The Sailor Moon TCG was released in 2000 by Dart Flipcards Inc. We know Chris got into this game through Megan, who was a big fan of it, but he has never referenced to it very much outside of the emails. During the Julie Saga, Chris had a bunch of Sailor Moon cards up on his website.
  • In his date with Emily, Chris thought that she was Asian and remarked "you're just like…just like a character from PGSM [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon] or somebody else came all the way from Japan- just leapt out of my television!"
  • Chris insisted on an English-only SingStar Challenge, even though this meant he couldn't sing "Sailor Star" or "Flame Sniper."
  • Chris bought several Sailor Moon games.
  • There's some Sailor Moon junk in the Megan Shrine.
  • Chris compared the mask-wearing sonichuizcool to Tuxedo Kamen.[4]
  • Chris mentions Sailor Moon in his Story of My Current Days.
  • In Mailbag 18, he said that kissing a girl was "sweet and melting like ice cream or chocolate." This imitates an exchange from Sailor Moon S: The Movie.
Luna: “Uh, um…when you guys kiss…what’s it like?”
Serena: “Huh? Oh, it’s the most sweet and wonderful feeling. It feels like you’re melting.”
Luna: “Sweet and melting? Sounds like an ice cream cone.”
Spot the difference.
  • In the CatKnight Interview, Chris proclaims he resembles Sailor Neptune, a turquoise-haired lesbian Scout who, like Chris, is an "artiste". Please note that Sailor Neptune is not also an obese, balding man.
  • In February 2017, Chris posted that he gets turned on by Sailor Moon music.[5]
  • In summer 2018, Chris began wearing Sailor Moon tiaras on his head, owning at least two of them, as a successor of sorts to the Unicorn cosplay. And, yes, he has done so in public - as evidenced by My Car is Heating Up Worse; PLEASE BUY from my eBay and HELP!.


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