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And don’t forget about me, Grease! I could have done it. [...] I mean, no, but I totally could have.
Lines by Grease, which Chris was to have voiced

Smiling Friends is an animated series airing on Adult Swim. It premiered in April 2020 and is currently running its second season.

Zach Hadel, co-creator of the series and voice of the co-lead character Charlie, stated in an interview with The Create Unknown podcast[1] that Chris was very nearly going to have a small voice role on the show. However, that plan ultimately fell through, due to a number of concerns; they had already used up their budget for cameo roles, and were told they would have to cast Chris in more roles if he got the part. Plus, the network was seemingly aware of Chris's inability to keep a secret, and were concerned that he would potentially blab about his role before it aired (which would be problematic, as Smiling Friends is known for its surprise cameos). It's worth noting these negotiations happened before the incest scandal broke out.

Proposed role

Chris was going to have two lines as a talking grease puddle in the episode "Who Violently Murdered Simon S. Salty?", which was the fifth episode of the series. The plot revolved around characters attempting to solve a murder. At one point a grease puddle says, "And don’t forget about me, Grease! I could have done it." Charlie answers, "Um... alright, well, did you do it?" And Grease answers, "I mean, no, but I totally could have."

The episode aired on 16 January 2022, with the grease puddle being voiced by fellow animator and Chris follower Harry Partridge doing a rough impression of Chris.

Zach Hadel mentioned having been inspired by both Chris's segment in Shrek Retold and the full version of THAT IS MY HOUSE when coming up with the role.[1]

Chris is aware that he nearly had the role. In the February 2024 livestream Round 2 - Media Share Suggestion Live Stream, Chris is asked by a fan about his thoughts on Smiling Friends, and Chris responded that it's a decent show, then performed the two Grease lines.