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Animal Crossing for the Wii.
Despite being only minor characters who (supposedly) would make a cameo in the game, Chris felt he should make a box art focusing on Sonichu and Rosechu.

Animal Crossing is a life simulation video game developed and published by Nintendo. Originally released for the Nintendo 64 console in Japan in 2001 and the GameCube in America in 2003, it spawned 4 more installments – Wild World (for the Nintendo DS), City Folk (Let's Go to the City for Europeans) (for the Wii), New Leaf (for the Nintendo 3DS), and the upcoming New Horizons (for the Switch). It is one of Chris's favorite games, at least before LittleBigPlanet came out.

About Animal Crossing

All of the games in the series involve the player character moving in a town populated by animals, doing random jobs for them to earn rent money, pulling weeds, planting trees, helping visitors, going fishing, catching bugs, filling up the art/fossil/bug/fish collections at the local museum and, in general, trying to make the town a happy place to live.

In other words, it's everything Chris avoids doing in real life.

Chris and Animal Crossing

The series obviously appeals to Chris: the milieu is a cartoony small rural town of bright happy colors, everyone there is nice to you, there's no violence at all, and most importantly, you're never in any hurry to do anything. It's perfect for people who avoid prickly-wicklies because they cause distress and crash into slumber if they have to do anything particularly demanding.

Aside of making the following weird and puzzling video productions, he has also picked up a few nuggets of wisdom from the games. Blathers, the owl who runs the museum in the games, has the habit of rambling about things you donate to the museum, until he realizes he's boring you, at which point he usually ends the infodump with "but I digress...". In the 15th slide of The Sonichu Chronicles Chris said that he picked up this phrase from the game, yet he tends to use it only in writing and not when he's actually boring people to tears in other forms of communication.

The 24th Wedding Anniversary Special

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Chris made this video in honor of his parents' anniversary. It would have been kind of cute if Chris was six at the time, but it's just sad because he was actually 22.

This video is notable for introducing the Animal Crossing versions of both Bob and Barbara. This wouldn't be exactly damning if they had been created just for this video special, but it appears that the characters have fully decorated houses of their own... and the house loans have been fully paid up (signified by the statues in front of the train station). Fully paying up the house loan takes an incredibly long time in game – and this video shows that he's done it at least four times.

Animal Crossing Documentary

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The Animal Crossing Documentary, featuring Chris's incarnation of CWCville and CWCcity in the GC Animal Crossing, is one of the greatest cinematic achievements Chris has made. Regular players of the game may notice a few things, such as the fact that while wasting time is unavoidable while playing this game, Chris is clearly wasting way too much time on this game. And that even when he fully paid his mortgage, he still had no idea how to sell multiple items at once.

Sonichu and Rosechu as characters

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In 2009, a genius troll concocted a screenshot of Sonichu and Rosechu as playable characters and told Chris that Nintendo was planning to release them on his 27th birthday, but--for some mysterious reason--this plan never came to fruition.

Chris's Sonichu Animal Crossing cards

Chris made a bunch of character cards for GameCube Animal Crossing.

Chris's Animal Crossing Cards

Chris-chan's Animal Crossing friend codes

  • City Folk: 4124-9531-8122
  • Wild World: 0558-9666-5003


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