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Chris in 2001.
In 2001, Chris lost touch with Kellie Andes.
Cake Chris made for his mother's 60th birthday in 2001. It features Sonichu...
Early Sonichu art.

2001 was the year that Chris turned 19 years old. It's worth mentioning that beginning from age 19 onwards, Chris has been rapidly gaining weight, as photos taken from this year show his growing double chin as well as the first noticeable appearance of his manboobs.

Among other events, this year saw Chris joining eBay, as well as beginning (and ending) his job at Wendy's, which would turn out to be the only sort of employment (next to an MLM stint) he'd ever pursue.

Events of 2001

  • Summer 2001 - Bionicle is released in the U.S.


  • 29 January - Chris posts the confusingly-titled "Issue #1" of Sonichu's News Dash, which consists of the cheat codes for five Sonic games. He updates CWC's Sonichu Site!.
  • 31 January - Sega announces they will be exiting the console business to focus exclusively on game developing and publishing.


  • 3 February - Chris makes a new Sonichu card.
  • 13 February - Chris updates CWC's PokéSite 2. He adds some images.
  • 20 February - Chris creates a Metonic Pokemon card.
  • 21 February - Chris creates the "_______'s Sonichu" card.
  • 22 February - Rosey, the offspring of a Rosechu, is conceived by Chris. Chris also makes another Sonichu card, calling him "the fastest Pokemon alive."
  • 24 February - Chris's 19th birthday. A picture is taken of Chris as he prepares to leave the house wearing a Manchester High sweatshirt that is somewhat small for him, a non-matching blue shirt underneath his sweatshirt, a backpack, a cheap digital watch, leather gloves and his Ash Ketchum hat. It is assumed that he likely wore outfits like this during his first year at PVCC.


  • 1 March - Chris creates the Racing Sonichu card.
  • 6 March - Chris makes an Archie Comics cover for "Sonic The Hedgehog vs. Sonichu."
  • 14 March - Vamprosa, Rosechu's evolution, is born.
  • 31 March - Sega's final console, the Dreamcast, is discontinued.


  • 28 May - Chris joins eBay.


  • 6 June - Chris makes a CD called "Linda Ronstadt (En Espanol)."[1]
  • 19 June - Shadow the Hedgehog's first appearance, in Sonic Adventure 2. He would later be ripped off as Blake.




The infamous Dark Arbok.
  • September (before 11 September) - Chris is fired from Wendy's according to the Father Call.
  • 4 September - Bob turns 74.
  • 11 September - A newly unemployed Chris goes shopping with Barbara. He buys a card which turns out to be a Dark Arbok, which he seems to see as a negative omen.[2][3] Also, Chris is allegedly saddened by the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Matthew Devoria's mother (Kacey's grandmother) dies in the WTC, while Kacey herself was volunteering as a rescue worker at Ground Zero, donating blood and providing medical aid to wounded survivors.



  • 17 November - Chris creates the Mystery-to-Solve card.
  • 29 November - Chris creates the Hooked on Sonichu card.


  • 4 December - Chris creates "CWC's Vroom-A-Zoom!," his Hot Wheels website.