October 2009

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On 14 October 2009, Chris introduces a new male fashion-style.
New Sonichu material uploaded on 19 October 2009 tells us about the abominable shape Sonichu's quills are in.
On 30 October 2009 Chris shows us his new official, "strongman" pictures

The first two weeks of October 2009 were mainly filled with Chris raging at trolls and trying to dispel the perennial rumors that he is gay. Halfway through the month, however, Liquid Chris reemerged, and Chris shifted some of his attention back to his old enemy. The remainder of the month was filled with Chris raging at Liquid and implementing an elaborate ploy to take away Liquid's girlfriend, Kacey, by showing his strength. At the same time, Chris unfolded a complex and mysterious attempt at blackmailing Clyde Cash.

Events of October 2009

  • 1 October - Barb turns 68 and contracts colitis.
  • 3 October - Chris uploads a bunch of pages from Sonichu #9 to the CWCipedia.
  • 3 October - Chris updates his featured quote on CWCipedia stating that he remains vigilant in stopping all impostors of his comics and that CWCipedia is the OFFICIAL source for Sonichu information.
  • 5 October - As recollected in the Regina e-mails, Chris is conned out of US$100 by Gregg Mays when he tries to sell a bunch of Guitar Hero controllers to an eBay customer. This results in him wasting three useless hours waiting at McDonald's.
  • 8 October - Chris comments on a Family Guy video, showing how creepy he can be.
  • 9 October - Chris uploads a new video, stating that his mother doesn't have AIDS, and that he is straight.
  • 10 October - Chris uploads a new video, saying that there are new pages for Sonichu #9 on the way, and that if he were gay, would he be having sex with three women?
  • 11 October - Chris uploads a new video in which he challenges Gregg Mays to a showdown.
  • 12 October - Chris uploads some more pages from Sonichu #9 to CWCipedia.
  • 12 October - Chris uploads a bizarre video where he goes batshit insane.
  • 14 October - A series of pictures emerges showing Chris wearing a sports bra (later named muscle bra).
  • 14 October - Chris makes another video, calling out the trolls.
  • 14 October - Chris calls out the trolls again only this time he wears face paint.
  • 15 October - Liquid Chris reemerges and claims that Chris had date-raped him.
  • 16 October - Chris makes a new video, denouncing the claims made by Liquid.
  • 17 October - Chris makes a video of himself playing Old Time Rock and Roll on his PS3.
  • 18 October - Chris uploads a mute video about the video game Brütal Legend.
  • 19 October - Chris uploads three moar pages from Sonichu 9 to CWCipedia.
  • 21 October - Chris uploads a new video on Brütal Legend, this time with sound.
  • 22 October - Chris uploads a new video in which he attempts to compare himself with Liquid Chris.
  • 22 October - On CWCipedia, Chris announces that he will be making a large update with most current events on Story of My Love Quest Days.
  • 23 October - Chris uploads a video in which he declare his love for Kacey.
  • 23 October - In a new video, Chris lets Gregg Mays know that he does not fear him.
  • 25 October - Chris uploads a new video for Kacey in which he says he would take her on as a girlfriend, and that they should hang out more often.
  • 25 October - Chris sends an email to Clyde Cash in an attempt at blackmail.
  • 26 October - Chris creates the ClydeGreggCashMays account, and uses it to post five videos, including the infamous Twin Falling Towers.
  • 27 October - Chris upload a video where he claim he got the goods on Gregg Mays and he tries to blackmail him into coming out.
  • 27 October - Chris uploads three new pages from Sonichu 9
  • 27 October - Chris uploads his first threat against Clyde in a new video on a proxy account.
  • 27 October - Chris uploads a new video telling Liquid Chris to fuck off stop bothering Kacey.
  • 28 October - Chris uploads his second threat against Clyde on a proxy account.
  • 28 October - Chris uploads a new video in which he declares that Kacey is now his.
  • 29 October - Chris uploads a new rap video addressing Chris
  • 30 October - Chris uploads a third video threatening Clyde in which he shows that he can lift a chair.
  • 31 October - Chris uploads a fourth video threatening Clyde.
  • 31 October - Chris uploads a video in which he attempts to do 30 pushups to show off his Power.
  • 31 October - Chris uploads a video in which he attempts to prove his love for Kacey with a duet.
  • 31 October - Chris addresses Kacey's parents in a video containing numerous untruths.
  • 31 October - Chris may have visited a Halloween party at the Key Center, a counseling provider.[1]