March 2021

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Chris's self-portrait, March 2021

March was the third month of 2021. The most notable things that happened this month were the KwaiiSandbag calls, and Chris accidentally smashing the rear window of the Dodge Caravan. Aside from that, Chris continued to post about the Dimensional Merge on social media. He also drew the Workaholics Anonymous comic, in which he alluded to real-life sexual health issues.


  • 1 March
    • Chris receives a new fitness watch in the mail.[1]
    • Chris voice chats with KwaiiSandbag on Discord in Psychic Chat #4.[2]
  • 9 March
    • Chris voice chats with KwaiiSandbag on Discord in Psychic Chat #5.[3]
    • Chris discusses how he consulted a medium for spiritual advice.[4]
  • 11 March - KwaiiSandbag confesses to Chris that he is not an actual psychic, Chris claims he knew the entire time before cutting all contact with him.[5]
  • 12 March - Chris writes out his Affirmations List‎‎ and Lovers Attributes List.
  • 13 March - Chris promotes Praetor's Etsy shop and their "limited run" Golden Sonichu Medallions.[6]
  • 19 March - Chris posts the Pickchu's Wish comic.
  • 20 March
  • 21 March - Chris tweets another page from his Workaholics Anonymous comic; in it, he acknowledges his low sex drive and tries to improve his energy, also referring to his tiring masturbation habit.[8]
  • 22 March - Chris begins role-playing about being a psychic detective aiming to prevent a future murder; during the ensuing discussion, MKRNightVee tries to manipulate him into speaking to Alexander Gordon Jahans by claiming Jahans can help.[9]
  • 23 March - A CWCki editor's interview with KwaiiSandbag is released, along with KwaiiSandbag's DMs with Chris.
  • 26 March
  • 28 March - Chris damages the Dodge Caravan, leading to a dented trunk door and smashed rear window, by accidentally backing into a big rig trailer.
  • 30 March - Barb gets another debt lawsuit, scheduled for 19 May 2021.[10]
  • 31 March - Geno Samuel alters the title and thumbnail of his series Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History to Donald Trump: A Comprehensive History as an April Fools joke; Chris DMs him to complain over the matter.[11]