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The Amnyfest Ring, declaring Chris' year of graduation.
In 2000, Chris celebrated his 18th birthday.
Note the possible cum stain on his jeans...
Bob does his best to not look directly at it.
Chris in 2000.
Chicks, uncomfortable in the Chandler household on 24 February 2000.
April 2000, the Chandlers are moving houses.
In October 2000, Chris launches the CWC Sonichu site.
In late 2000, Chris created the first Sonichu Medallion.
The events of 17 March 2000

2000 was the year that Chris turned 18 years old. He graduated from high school and moved from suburban Richmond back to Ruckersville, where he started attending Piedmont Valley Community College. This year is iconic for the Sonichu fanbase, as it was the year that led to the creation of everybody's favorite Electric Hedgehog Pokémon, Sonichu.

Events of 2000

  • Unknown date - Chris begins taking Paxil.[1]


  • 21 January - Chris requests information about Spanish-language Pokémon cards on his website, CWC's Pokésite 2.
  • 22 January - Mrs. Raghu, a friend from Richmond, signs Chris's guestbook and says that Pokémon is sooooo cute.[2]
  • 22 January - Jaime, a "friend" of Chris's from his Spanish 2 class, signs his guestbook and says that his website is really cool, seriously.[2]
  • 26 January - A person named Scott signs Chris's guestbook and compliments his site.[2]


  • 8 February - The WCT is born.
  • 14 February - Chris writes Valentines Day Hymn, a poem, and creates a collage to go with it. He posts it on his website.
  • 19 February - Chris and Barb prepare for his birthday party.
  • 24 February - Chris's 18th birthday. He has pepperoni pizza and Pepsi, and watches Good Burger, and his high school gal-pals come to visit. He gets a Sega Dreamcast (probably along with Sonic Adventure) for a birthday present. This might have been the best day of his entire life.


  • 3 March - Chris updates his list of Pokémon promo cards on his site.
  • 4 March - Megan Mitchell, sister of Chris's gal-pal Miranda Mitchell, signs his guestbook and says that Chris is very good at drawing.[2]
  • 12 March - Chris writes "Hotel Ricky Ricardo" for his Spanish II class. It shows how crappy Chris's attempts at doing his homework were.
  • 13 March - Chris makes another update to his Pokémon Promo card list on his site.
  • 16 March - Mrs. Dunlap, one of Chris's teachers, signs his guestbook and says how nice the website looked after using Miranda's logos.[2]
  • 17 March - One of the most fateful days in Christory. When Chris is assigned to create his own CD cover, he finds out that copyrighted characters were prohibited from the project. As a result, he decides to think up a character that is a hybrid of Pikachu and Sonic, as a way to get around copyrights held by Sega and Nintendo. Eventually, he comes up with the one and only Sonichu.[3]
  • 20 March - Kelbie, Annchop and Kixfairy, very strange Pokémon, are created by Chris.


  • 2 April - Chris attends Kellie Andes's birthday party. He gives her a Sonichu sweatshirt.
  • 2 April - Chris makes another update to his list of Pokémon promo cards on his website.
  • 3 April - Chris posts the American Team Rocket card list on his site.
  • 4 April - Chris updates El PokéSite de RWC 2.
  • 7 April - Chris designs the cover for Christian's Favorite Hits!.
  • 13 April - Chris creates the Metonic card.
  • 19 April - Chris creates the Christian's Sonichu card.
  • 24 April - Chris starts making his self-documentary A Week With Christian Chandler.
  • 24 April - Chris's friend Jarrett from the Pokemon League signs his guestbook.[2]
  • 29 April - Chris goes to the Pokémon league at Books-A-Million. A party is held in honor of the launch of the Team Rocket Pokémon series.
  • 30 April - Chris writes that the Chandler family is moving back to Ruckersville. Christian helps move boxes.


  • May - Chris takes his mom to the senior prom. Tiffany Gowen asks him to dance.
  • May - Chris makes his cover for his A Week With Christian Chandler project.
  • 1 May - At school, Chris prints the cover for his CD. He complains about having to ride home in a bus with some "slow-in-the-minds" in it. It's an odd day, so Chris has lunch alone.
  • 2 May - Chris falls asleep during English class. Because it is an even day, Chris has lunch with his friends Tiffany Gowen and Sarah Bevel.
  • 3 May - At home, Chris plays video games, sorts his Pokémon cards and browses the internet. He also visits the YMCA pool.
  • 4 May - At Contemporary Living class, Chris makes some pasta with Tiffany and Sarah. At photography class, he makes a mother's day gift for Barb.
  • 5 May - Chris goes to school in shirt and tie, because it's the day of the Senior Group Photo. Because the shoot takes so long, he is picked up from school by Bob.
  • 9 May - Chris creates the Christian's Christian card.
  • 10 May - Chris updates CWC's PokéSite 2. He changes around the fonts a bit, and adds a text that tells visitors to bookmark and promote his site, and to leave a message in his guestbook.
  • 11 May - Chris creates the Dark Sonichu card.
  • 29 May - Chris announces the arrival of a new Promo Trainer card and apologizes for not having the "inspiration" to update his site lately.


Chris's graduation gift
  • 1 June - Chris creates the Surfing Sonichu card.
  • 2 June - Chris creates the Snowboarding Sonichu card.
  • 9-11 June - Chris attends BrickFest 2000, an adult Lego fan convention.
  • 11 June - Chris's Korean church gifts him a Bible.
  • 15 June - Chris graduates from Manchester High School[4] on honor roll. This was not a happy day for him, as he was jealous over other students receiving fancier awards than he did, and he spent most of his time after receiving his awards crying.[5][6]
  • June - Chris stops working as a volunteer assistant Gym Leader at Books-A-Million in Midlothian.[7]
  • June - Chris starts working as a volunteer Gym Leader at Toys "Я" Us in Charlottesville.[7]
  • 19 June - Chris updates CWC's PokéSite 2. He changes the fonts and removes some text. He says that he is in the process of moving and is stressed out.
  • 20 June - According to A Week With Christian Chandler, Chris and his family finish moving from Midlothian to Ruckersville on this day.


  • 14 July - Chris makes a CD for his "big bro" Cole Smithey's birthday. He makes like a DJ and does a radio show on KCWC about him.
  • 16 July - Chris finishes the illustration for his CD for Cole.
  • 17 July - On his site, Chris declares that his family is finally finished moving to Ruckersville.
  • 22 July - Chris provides information about new Pokemon Promo cards on his site.
  • 26 July - "Sonichu" signs Chris's guestbook, saying that Chris's site is terrific.[2]
  • 27 July - Chris sets to work on Christian's Favorite Hits 2!. He also posts a Promo Card checklist on his website.


  • August - Chris begins his first year at PVCC.[8]
  • 9 August - Chris provides information about the new *Cool Porygon Promo card on his site.
  • 10 August - Chris discusses Gym Heroes cards on his site.
  • 16 August - Chris's friend from Toys "R" Us, Jason, signs his guestbook, saying that he beat Chris with a Moltres stall deck and wishing him good luck at PVCC.[2]
  • 20 August - Chris makes a Yahoo! account. The username is CChandler9885.
  • 28 August - Chris creates the CWC's Sonichu Site! logo.
  • 29 August - Chris announces on his site that a new Sonichu website will be coming in the winter. He would later claim that this was the day the Sonichu site was "launched".
  • 30 August - Sonichu's News Dash Preview issue #00 comes out.
  • 31 August - Chris's friend from PVCC, Nicole, signs his guestbook and says that he did a good job on the website, and she wishes him luck in anything he does.[2]


  • 4 September - Sonichu's News Dash preview issue #01 comes out. Bionic the Hedgehog is first mentioned. He posts the Bionic short story on his site.
  • 4 September - Bob turns 73.
  • 7 September - Chris creates Chicachu, the female Pikachu, and Maychu, the female Raichu.
  • 18 September - Chris provides a theory about the Pokémon TCG League on his site.
  • 19 September - Chris updates his Christian's Sonichu card, and creates the Christian's Chicachu card and the Christian's Maychu card. He also creates the Cwick City Gym card.
  • 20 September - Chris reports on a new Promo Gym card on his site.
  • 23 September - Chris makes the Christian's Weeler, Christian's Hotfinish and Christian's Strongtire cards. He also makes a TopDeck cover with Sonichu for his scrapbook.
  • 24 September - Chris creates the Christian's Flashbulb, Christian's Coonbulb, Christian's Bugzapp, Christian's Kelbie, Christian's Annchop and Christian's Kixfairy cards.
  • 28 September - Sonichu's News Dash preview issue #02 comes out. Chris announces that on his new Sonichu site, he will be providing Sonic reviews and previews.


  • October - Chris opens CWC's Sonichu Site!.
  • 1 October - Barb turns 59.
  • 5 October - Chris updates his Pokémon website, and reports on new Pikachu Promo cards.
  • 7 October - Chris posts a new checklist of Gym Challenge cards on his Pokemon site.
  • 20 October - Chris makes another update to his Pokémon website.


  • 11 November - Chris signs the guestbook of a website called Lione Productions.[9]
  • 12 November - Chris creates a CD for his gal-pal Kellie Andes for Christmas.[10]
  • 15 November - Chris updates CWC's PokéSite 2 again. He changes the font and adds some text.
  • 19 November - Unfazed by the failure that was Christian's Favorite Hits 2!, Christian makes Christian's Favorite Hits 3!.



  • 5 December - On his Pokémon site, Chris reports on a contest to win a Pikachu card. He also provides information about Marril cards.
  • 12 December - Chris updates CWC's Sonichu Site!
  • 17 December - Chris reports on his site that Marril is a Promo card.
  • 21 December - Sonee, Sonichu's offspring, has a card created for him.
  • 22 December - Chris publishes his last news item on CWC's Pokésite 2, regarding the new Neo Set Checklists and Deck Lists. Also, according to the Wall of Originals, this was the day that Chris conceived Rosechu and the Zapbud.
  • 23 December - Chris creates another TopDeck magazine cover featuring his creations.