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The contents of this page have been bought with taxpayer money!
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Ugh! Will someone buy this set of cards already, please!
Chris promoting his (overpriced) TSSSF card packs.[1]

Throughout his life, Chris has wasted large quantities of federal tax money on trading card games (TCG). To date, Chris has played seven different ones: Pokémon, UFS (Universal Fighting System), Yu-Gi-Oh!, Sailor Moon TCG, The Eye of Judgment, Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder and Magic: The Gathering. For much of his adult life, trading card games have been Chris's primary social outlet.

List of TCGs Chris has played

If only life were more like Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pokémon TCG

Main article: Pokémon

The Pokémon TCG was first introduced in Japan in October 1996, then North America in December 1998. It was initially published by Wizards of the Coast. Chris started getting into the Pokémon TCG in 1999, and made his own deck and custom Pokémon Cards. He also invented a special "heavy-duty case" made from Lego bricks and held together with tape, to carry his card decks.

In Sonichu #1, Chris ran an ad proposing a Pokémon TCG expansion titled EX-CWC. This ad firmly establishes Christian's custom trading cards as part of the Sonichu franchise. Also, it reaffirms Chris's rampant narcissism, as he names the proposed expansion after himself (just like he names everything) instead of the Sonichu characters that would occupy the expansion.

Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG

Main article: Yu-Gi-Oh!

The Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG came out worldwide in 2002, and was developed and published by Konami. The earliest sources we have of Chris playing the game are from 2004, when he started making a bunch of custom cards. Chris met Megan Schroeder during a Yu-Gi-Oh! match in the summer of 2005.

Sailor Moon TCG

Main article: Sailor Moon

The Sailor Moon TCG was released in 2000 by Dart Flipcards Inc. We know Chris got into this game through Megan, who was a big fan of it, but he has never referenced to it very much outside of the emails. During the Julie Saga, Chris had a bunch of Sailor Moon cards up on his website.

The Eye of Judgment TCG

Main article: The Eye of Judgment

The Eye of Judgment is a TCG/videogame hybrid released in 2007 by Sony. Chris got into this game quite heavily, because it could be played online, and no social interaction was needed. This game came into quite a few videos, and Chris probably apologized to the GAMe PLACe because of it.

UFS (Ultimate Fighting System) TCG

Universal Fighting System TCG is a collectible card game originally designed by Sabertooth Games. It was first released in 2006, and involves popular fighting video game characters. According to Mimms, Chris usually played with female characters, like Cassandra from Soul Calibur or Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder TGC

Main article: Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder (TSSSF) is a fan-made My Little Pony trading card game about "shipping" ponies, made to parody ship culture. Chris discovered the game at or around Bronycon 2019, taking a liking to it. Almost immediately afterwords, Chris began producing his own original cards, mostly featuring characters from Sonichu.

Magic: The Gathering

Magic: The Gathering is your typical trading card game, considered the first, released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Chris was seen playing it at card game shops - Modern Table Top Gaming in Chester, VA on 30 May 2023[2] and Dragon Fire Games in Lynchburg, VA on 20 July 2023.[3]

Chris stated on Twitter that he's played some Magic with a few Commander Deck Tournaments, and commented that the game "has quite the learning curve when it comes to greater strategies."[4]


Main article: Tarot

Chris got into Tarot readings as part of his New Age spiritiual beliefs.

List of places where Chris has played TCGs

Chris, holding it out like he's supposed to at The GAMe PLACe.


Chris claims to have volunteered as an assistant Gym Leader at the Pokémon League at the Midlothian, Virginia Books-A-Million between March 1998 and June 2000.[5] This is impossible, as the Pokémon trading card game wasn't released in North America until December 1998, and its official league wasn't founded until the following year. It is also unsure as to what extent Chris was actually "assistant Gym Leader," and whether or not he was just mucking about and behaving like a toddler. Chris would have stopped going here after his family moved 77 miles (125 km) back to Ruckersville in the summer of 2000.

In the May 2010 video I Pimp My Ride, as well as a number of other videos from 2010, Chris is seen wearing a shirt that reads "Pokémon League Books-A-Million Trainer", suggesting that at one point Chris did have some sort of staffing role in the store's organized Pokémon games. More important, it shows that Chris has hung on to this cheap memento of the experience for more than a decade, despite the fact that it is now far too small to wear and highlights his obesity to a disturbing degree.

He was shown playing the game at a Books-A-Million in the PokéNews clip from October 1999.

Toys "Я" Us

*ATTENTION!* I wish to Officially State that I Am Sad that Toys R Us will be closing. But if we all can help it, WE ALL can Show The People Of TRU LOVE and Appreciation Enough to KEEP TOYS R US OPEN FOREVER! MESSAGE THE TRU PEOPLE DIRECTLY as you see fit. #KeepToysRUsOpen
Chris, 23 March 2018[6]

Chris says he volunteered as assistant Gym Leader at the Pokémon League at the Charlottesville Toys "Я" Us between June 2000 and June 2002,[5] after his move back to Ruckersville. Again, we don't really know if he actually had duties, or if he was just joining in with the children.

According to first-hand reports of his games at Toys "Я" Us, Chris attempted to use the fake cards he made in battles. Some of these cards are extremely unfair and overpowered. Chris was reportedly kicked out of the store for insisting that he be allowed to use them, even though they would be outright unfair to whoever played against him. The look upon a child's face as Chris lays down a Virgin with rage card would have been priceless.

In September 2016, he was photographed here by someone who gave the following account:

Holy shit, I work in a Toys R Us in Charlottesville, VA, and Chris-chan came in yesterday. Bought 2 tins of pokemon cards and promptly left, but not before I saw MLP Figurines sticking out of his purse. Neon green tank top, short shorts, and bright blue hair. I just started working there, but according to my boss, Chris-Chan comes in about twice a month.

He comes in every 2 weeks or so to buy pokemon cards and videogames, presumably because he was banned from all the gamestops in the city. Not gonna upload it to the wiki because it may cost me my job or a pepper spray to the face, but someone else feel free to.

Fan Art

In March of 2018, after Toys R Us announced they had filed for bankruptcy, resulting in the shutdown of stores, Chris tweeted about his sadness (see Chris's quote at the top), encouraging people to go out and buy the over-priced things they probably do not need (it IS a children's store after all) or can find for much cheaper elsewhere, in hopes of the management changing their minds and keeping all of it stores open forever, neglecting to realize bankruptcy is usually non-reversible (unless in certain circumstances, such as the company being bought out, or only closing a few stores, cutting back, decreasing size, etc) and many stores are already in liquidation sales. This may also mean Chris will use his Hard earned money to go and buy things.


Main article: The GAMe PLACe

Chris claims to have volunteered as assistant Gym Leader at the Pokémon League at the Charlottesville GAMe PLACe.[5] He started to go there in June 2002, and regularly visited until he was permanently banned by Michael Snyder in August 2008. Lucas has stated that he actually sometimes did work there as a Gym Leader, although this was only very occasionally, when there were no better people around to do the job.

The End Games

Main article: The End Games

Chris's hangout from 2015 to 2018. Chris said that he brought his friends Magi Chan and Discord along for events there. Chris was banned from the store after arguments with a game judge and the store manager over whether Sonichu's likeness should be included on the Pokémon league sign.


A game store in Midlothian, Virginia, a suburb of Richmond. On 2 May 2023, Reddit user Euclid_Class_Object uploaded a picture to r/ChrisChanSonichu of Chris playing a card game at the store, presumably taken that same day. Euclid_Class_Object sourced the photo from a member of the "Zodiac Duelist" Yu-Gi-Oh Facebook group.

On 5 May, Battlegrounds set their Facebook store page to private, most likely due to ween activity.

Modern Table Top Gaming

A game store in Chester, Virginia, a census-designated in eastern Chesterfield County around 18 miles south of Richmond. On 30 May 2023, Reddit user Literally-poop spotted Chris playing Magic: The Gathering at Modern Table Top Gaming and posted a photo of him to r/ChrisChanSonichu the same day.

Dragon Fire Games

A game store in Lynchburg, Virginia, an independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia with 4 surrounding counties (including Bedford County), about 70 miles south west of Charlottesville and over 110 miles east of Richmond. On 20 July, 2023, 4chan user spotted Chris playing Magic: The Gathering at Dragon Fire Games and uploaded a photo of Chris from behind.

Custom cards

It may look cool, but it's useless against Snorlax
Main article: The Wall of Originals

In addition to making custom trading cards (most notably Animal Crossing trading cards), Chris has produced tons of custom cards for most of the TCGs he as played. He proudly displays the Pokémon cards in The Wall of Originals (well, he'll likely proudly display them to anyone whom he manages to trap in the room, anyway), and put many (but not all) of the custom cards in the DVD slideshow. Chris also made Eye of Judgment cards, as famously shown in his Holding Out For a Hero video. More recently, Chris took to making Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder cards. many of the cards include Sonichu characters such as Jerkops, Magi-Chan and others, despite the game being about My Little Pony and having absolutely nothing to do with Sonichu.

It is worthy of note that most (if not all) of Chris' custom Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are incredibly overpowered or amazingly weak and would never be accepted in a duel. This shows that Chris either knows too little about games he spent many hours playing or has an Ego bloated enough to think that cards based off himself and his life should be ahead in power over "lesser" cards.

In the Mimms and Lucas Q&A, Mimms said that while Chris still kept his custom cards with the rest of his card collection and showed them off to other players at the GAMe PLACe, he had given up on trying to use them in competitive games.


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