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It was supposed to come out on GBA. Guess what? For some reason, it didn't. Also, notice the spelling mistake in 'Advance' that was poorly corrected.

The prospect of creating an official Sonichu video game is one of Chris's long-lasting delusions. Showing his impressive naïveté, he wants Nintendo and Sega (and possibly Sony) to team up and create this game starring his plagiarized mishmash of a character. But, as in many other areas, Chris is not very loyal to anyone, and, because of this, he is almost as easily tricked by trolls pretending to be game developers as he is by trolls pretending to be girls.

Chris's game proposals

To encourage a developer to pick up the game, Chris made his own ad to decrease production costs.

Unfortunately for people who want to make sense of the whole mess, Chris is extremely vague about what he envisions his ideal games to be. He seems to come up with different game ideas and names, without really bothering to make them too different from each other. The game ideas seem to come and go based on the systems Chris has owned and used at the time, and he seems to be perfectly willing to let the game designers take full charge of every aspect of naming and design these games, as long as his vague parameters are followed.

Chris has been very quiet about any sort of concrete plans for what the games should be like gameplay-wise and has only stated what characters he envisions the games should have, what sort of "adventures" he envisions them having, and how those characters could possibly tie into level designs. According to the 13 September 2009 video, Chris only has the "story arcs" of the games in his head and on paper:

I got so many more story arcs in there than meets the eye, yes- I mean multiple character switches and I have all the story plots, I'm- I have all the story plots in my head, and ON PAPER. On paper. Including like, you know, "Hey, whatever happened to Wild Sonichu's scyther father?" He gets kidnapped a long time ago. You know? He gets kidnapped. And then Sonichu actually- and then Wild Sonichu actually goes and find him. And Bubbles is on her way to an amusement park. W-, uh... Angelica goes and defend her new church. Punchy is out for a new challenge, and Magi-chan, I'm not sure about him yet. And Sonichu is out for- is out to- he's accept- he's accepted the challenge from Metal Sonichu.
Chris, explaining concepts but not details.

Chris hasn't, however, stated some very basic gameplay details, such as the supposed genres of the games; Pokémon: Lightning Version is easy to figure out, but the rest is anyone's guess. He is possibly picturing the games as some sort of a continuation of the 3D Sonic game series, with Chris scoffing at the idea of the games being in 2D (and offering no information beyond that). All this is highly alarming because even the most clueless fangame designers can usually get this much done. Chris spends much more time pitching the game idea itself and considering his personal involvement with the project (making advertisements, and offering to act as a voice actor) than he does on thinking about the actual gameplay.

Ironically, Chris's dream of a Sonichu game, at least based on Miyamoto saga is that his Sonichu game isn't even really about Sonichu but rather pushing for Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles, where Sonichu and Rosechu are minor characters with the main focus on Chris struggling to adjust to adult life.

The Sonichu game was planned to be released on all consoles except the HEXBox 360, due to Chris's pathological Sony-fanboyism and/or his unwillingness to spend his monthly tugboat on an online connection rather than games. Chris is also hoping the games to be developed on both PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, in spite of the fact that PlayStation 2 has been put on the back-burner as far as most developers are concerned.

Why all this is futile

Main article: Chris and the industry

Plain and simple, none of the media companies want unsolicited ideas from the public. There are several reasons for this. While companies do market research and figure out whether the time is ripe for games, they rarely take direct input from gamers on what kind of games they should publish. There are time constraints; a publisher would need to deal with a huge volume of ideas, all of which would need all due consideration. There are legal constraints; if a company rejects the idea, they have to agree to never implement a similar idea even if they came up with it on their own, or the dejected fan might sue them for idea theft. Ideas also take considerable time and energy to be actually implemented. Finally, Chris is in no position to make demands to Nintendo and Sega, since it is, ultimately, they who hold the copyrights to Pikachu and Sonic.

Games proposed

Sonichu Adventure

Sonichu Adventure was a game Chris planned to release for the Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance systems before deciding that he was a far more interesting topic for a game, and diverted his attention towards Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles.

The game is a blatant rip-off of Sonic Adventure, as evidenced by the title and its release for the GameCube (Sonic Adventure was originally released exclusively for the Sega Dreamcast, but was later re-released for the GameCube).

Sonichu Adventure was one of the ads in the first issue of the Sonichu comic. In true Chris style, the design of the game never went beyond a mocked-up bit of boxart and a Nintendo Power magazine cover that displayed the depths of Chris's awesome talent.

In early promotional materials, it was titled "Sonichu's Adventure", but the "'s" was dropped in the final box art and images in-game. Details about the game are elaborated in the hand-drawn Nintendo Power.

Chris's basic statements about the game in the video Chris dispels videogame rumors indicate that the game would have had branching single player story paths, each following different characters. Wild Sonichu would be questing to find his lost father, Bubbles does some stupid bullshit at an amusement park, Angelica has to defend her new church against some unnamed enemy, Punchy goes out looking for a new challenge (whatever that means), and Sonichu accepts some kind of challenge from Metal Sonichu. Chris also says that Magi-Chan would have been involved in some way as well, but Chris never thought of an idea for what he could do.

Sonichu Advance

Sonichu Advance was Chris's proposed Sonichu game for the Game Boy Advance. The title indicates that it would have probably been a ripoff of the Sonic Advance series, which are GBA installments of Sega Genesis-style Sonic games with sprites updated to the Sonic Adventure art-style, and other graphical improvements.

Sonichu Advance first featured in an advertisement in Sonichu #0. It also appeared on Chris's second Homemade Nintendo Power magazine cover, as featured in his Sonichu Chronicles PowerPoint presentation for Nintendo.

Pokémon: Lightning Version

Pokémon: Lightning Version was a Pokémon game for the Game Boy Advance that Chris planned on releasing, possibly at the same time as Sonichu Advance. Not much is known about this game, as Chris said very little about it, even in advertisements, other than implying you would get to "catch" Sonichus at some point. Chris merely stated that " I have the idea for the story beginning in my head" and that it would feature "Babies for ALL the Sonichus and Rosechus (minus Blake) and Evolutions (For Original Sonichu and Rosechu ONLY)."[1]

Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles

Main article: Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles

Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles is Chris's extremely dumb and narcissistic video game idea where one plays Chris trying to fight Jerkops to find a true sweetheart and kill Mary Lee Walsh, with Sonichu and Rosechu as useless, but determined, sidekicks. There is no available information on the genre or mechanics of the game.

Originally, Chris was determined to see Sonichu made into a game, but based on his interactions during Miyamoto Saga and in The Sonichu Chronicles, Chris seems to have become more determined to make his own game all about him and his failure to adjust to adult life.

Chris's wish to have his life made into a game did come true in 2014, when a demo for a fan-made RPG version of Christian Weston Chandler's Adult Chronicles was posted. Chris took notice and responded angrily.


Chris had also intended to release DLC for certain games related to Sonichu.

Games proposed by others

Dating sim

Main article: Dating sim

In December 2019, Kyle and other members of The Place proposed making a Sonichu-themed dating sim game to Chris. Kyle claimed that such a project could acquire $100,000 in revenue. The project was to be a collaboration between several server members and Chris. However, Chris did not express much interest in the project, on one instance notably mentioning he had opted to binge-watch the Guardians of the Galaxy series instead of giving his input. No game was ever released.

In June 2021, Helena Fiorenza also attempted to collab with Chris for a dating sim idea, but Chris replied that he would bring it up to The Place.

Chris's plea to his fans

In mid-2008, trying to cash in on what he believed to be a massive fanbase (in actuality, trolls pretending to be fans), Chris implored his fans to be his personal army and beg Nintendo, Sega and Sony to make his game (because they'd probably stopped responding to Chris even with form letters).

With the Sonichu Fanbase growing wildly with lots of energtic Hype, I am ready to take Sonichu and my world of Cwcville back to Nintendo of America and SEGA of America. And upon the unity in business between Nintendo, the company who provided me with my second gaming system, the Game Boy, after my very first Commodore 64 computer, SEGA, the company who introduced Sonic the Hedgehog as not only my Life-Long Hero, after the American Rabbit, but as the True Role Model Icon I am proud to have learned some of my attitudes and beliefs from since 1991, and myself, Christian Weston Chandler, we will make Sonichu and Rosechu and their world being more Real than I was able to make them by myself with pen and markers in hand, and a vasly-knowledgeable imagination

You won't be able to truly say you've "Caught Them All", until you've caught the Original Sonichu and Rosechu in a CWC Approved Nintendo/Sega Pok'emon Lightning Version on GBA and DS to catch a great share of the other currently avilable Four Hundred and Ninty-Three Pok'emon.

Think you know the ins and outs of Sonichu and Rosechu, wait until Season Two of the Comic Book Series, likely to start within the year 2009. I will withdraw myself from being as intrusive in the series as I have been so far; I've been selfish, and I'm tired of drawing myself so much. See how I take my leave of Cwcville in the Season Finale, to hopefully be uploaded and on the Sonichu Site 4th Quarter, 2008 or 1st Quarter, 2009

And because I've been hogging the spotlight, you don't know Sonichu and Rosechu as you properly should. In the first CWC Approved Release of the "Sonichu's Adventure" video game, with Nintendo and SEGA's help, on Nintendo Wii (although it was intended originally for GameCube), with compatibility with the Wii Classic Controler as well as GameCube Contoller, with rumble functionality hopefully. Sonichu is more than Lightning and Lightning-Speed, and Rosechu is more than delightful Bolts and Heart-Felt for Sonichu. Play on, as they rescue each other from the darkest evil that has manifested itself within some recycled nuts and bolts on the Moon. And what a storyline it will have, based mostly from the comics with the duo and the Chaotic Combo as well.

And I HAVE the idea for the Video Game for myself, if I can swing that with SEGA as well, an epic tale of my tragic Adult Life straight from my tortured heart and soul. I will bring the pain to the Jerkops, I will kick Mary Lee Walsh into her cauldron to burn, as well as the other villians. And I will have support from my Electric-Hedgehogs, my mother and father, my Closest Gal-Pals who I've grown to love; Megan Schroeder and Anna McLerran to name a couple, sparingly in the game. And I will square-off in the TRULY SELF-EPIC Battle between me, and my Dark Half. I plan to have THIS GAME ALONE go Multi-Console between Nintendo Wii, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3 (with downloadable content); screw the HEX-Box.

And All This CAN come to Fruition... with YOUR HELP!

The populace of Sonichu, Rosechu and Christian Chandler fans. All I ask for in minimum, is to contact Nintendo of America AND SEGA of America by way of POSTING in their respective FORUMS, sending them E-Mails, and, HIGHLY Recommended, Hand-Written Letters to BOTH Companies, that You Want Sonichu, and that they should get in touch with me, Christian Weston Chandler, via Telephone, Snail-Mail, or In Person; I will NOT accept E-Mail, because apparently THAT CAN be Faked.. Both Companies have my information in their computers, as I have written to them a number of times in my lifetime.

Who do you want to catch?

Sonichu and Rosechu!

Who's the Underdog Director you've grown to know?

Christian Weston Chandler!

When Do You Want Nintendo and SEGA to Talk to Me to EVOLVE Sonichu and Rosechu more Realistically?


Game production attempts

JK Productions (August 2008)

Main article: JK Productions

In Captain's Log, Stardate August 28th, 2008 Chris described what he envisioned for the upcoming Sonichu game being developed by JK Productions. Chris also set up a (now deleted) blog dedicated solely to the game development. JK Productions later turned out to be trolls and cut off all ties with Chris. Chris went back to harassing Nintendo executives shortly afterwards.

Miyamoto Saga (January 2009)

Main article: Miyamoto Saga

In the beginning of 2009, Chris thought he was in talks with Nintendo about releasing the game on the Sony platforms, exchanging several emails with trolls posing as Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka and Reggie Fils-Aimé among others. He was of course being trolled, as part of an elaborate scheme set up by his future arch-nemesis, Clyde Cash.

Of particular interest here, (from the game design point of view, as well as deciphering Chris's intentions), was the PowerPoint presentation he made for Nintendo. Yet, even this presentation will disappoint most people greatly: one slide that maybe even dares to mention the topic of the discussion at hand - to wit, the Sonichu games, and all the rest about his comic and Chris himself.

Chris's own game development projects (November 2008)

Main article: LittleBigPlanet

Being a level designer game, Chris quickly became obsessed with LBP in later 2008, as it allowed him to finally live out his dream of creating the Sonichu video game he had always wanted. He created two or three sub-par levels based around Sonichu and then forgot about that idea completely, instead making levels about the PS3 itself, his then current sweetheart and later, owls. Thus even Chris gave up on making a Sonichu game, content with his single unplayable Sonichu level and Sonichu themed Sackboy costume.


Fan videos

Sonichu Advance
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