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Chris in 2008.
Graph showing the Google-popularity of the terms Sonichu (blue) and Christian Weston Chandler (red). 2008 is marked in Mellow Yellow.
Chris, you've got a way to fall.
Vivian Gee, 9 October 2008. How right she was.[1]

2008 is the year that Christian Weston Chandler turned 26 years old. This year showed the completion of two phases that would, because of a strange coincidence, put Chris in the unique and unreal situation that he would be in the first months of the next year.

The first phase was one of alienation, in which Chris's illogical behavior frightened away his only friend, Megan, and got him thrown out of his old church, leaving him desperate and lonely.

The second was a phase of trolling in which a semi-organized group of obsessed, amused and anonymous individuals, via a vast understanding of the new media, started to take the places of Chris's acquaintances, either by posing as online girlfriends, or as members of an online fanbase. This second phase was rough and bumpy, but eventually established the parameters of Chris's life in 2009, and for the rest of his life afterwards.


Main article: January 2008

January was a slow month, with few notable incidents save Chris trying to hack ED numerous times and complaining about being lonely even more.


Main article: February 2008

February was even more uneventful. Chris continued updating his Facebook status, obviously feeling lonely. Other than playing video games and doing this it's likely he did little else this month.


On 17 March 2008, Chris is forced to start attending the Wesley Foundation Methodist Church.
Main article: March 2008

March was the jumping-off point for what would be the rollercoaster of 2008. Megan finds out about Chris's drawings of her, and she is not happy. In an attempt to save their relationship, Chris wages war on ED in an attempt to remove all references of Megan and to clear his name. Chris reveals Megan is the woman in the infamous fingering picture, and the month ends with Megan cutting off most of her ties with Chris. He also gets banned from his old church.


Main article: April 2008

In April, the excitement of March faded away. Chris landed himself with a ban from The Game Place, but luckily for him it was only for 2-weeks. It is in April where Megan formally stops speaking with Chris.

On 4 April 2008, Chris gets a one month ban from the Game Place.


Main article: May 2008

Other than Chris's baptism at his new Church, nothing of note happened this month.


Main article: June 2008

Chris gets himself permanently banned from The Game Place, but that doesn't mean we will see the end of Chris's adventures there. Chris also tries to give Megan a birthday present 6 weeks early.


Main article: July 2008

Chris apologizes to Michael to no avail. Megan's birthday passes with no incident.


On 12 August 2008, Chris announces an interview with Robert Simmons V.
Main article: August 2008

August can be seen as the month where it all began.

Chris makes his second public video, where he declares war against ED again. When the site is down, he celebrates victory, only for it to be relinquished when it goes back up. For the rest of the month he continues his search for a girlfriend and makes a few more videos. He starts chatting with Blanca and falls in love, getting her phone number in the process. He also catches up with Vivian Gee and draws more Sonichu episodes. Things were looking up for Chris.


Main article: September 2008

September was another active month. Vivian tries to contact him, but Chris is busy with Blanca, and he's having a blast... right until Chris's first nudes were leaked, sent to a troll posing as Blanca. The nudes cause Chris to feel a lot of stress, but doesn't stop him from drawing more this month, and gets in contact with Shigeru Miyamoto over a new Sonichu game. Chris loses contact with someone close to him again, this time his half-brother Cole. The month ends with a video of Chris fapping being leaked, and Chris feeling a lot of love for Blanca.


Chris's lawn was trespassed on 31 October 2008. The sign that was left would make a second appearance in September 2009.
Main article: October 2008

October was a calmer, more bittersweet month for Chris. Many more important details of his life were leaked, including his parents, more nudes, and a home DVD he created. Towards the final third of the month, Chris is struck with devastating news: Blanca was leaving him. He was heartbroken, but not for long as he makes regular videos only a few days afterwards. #sonichu also comes out.


Main article: November 2008

November is where Chris's activity slowed down, a month similar to the first half of the year. Chris stays in good contact with PandaHalo, a formal website documenting Chris's life pops up, and Chris plays a fuck-ton of LBP.


Main article: December 2008

In December, Chris talks a lot with his fans in several Q & A sessions on IRC, we learn about his fecal leakage, and he wins the Guitar Hero contest. Whatever trolling Chris went through this year was nothing compared to what he would have to face in 2009

In December 2008, Chris thanks us for helping him win.