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Chris in 2007.
Graph showing the Google-popularity of the terms Sonichu (blue) and Christian Weston Chandler (red). 2007 is marked in Mellow Yellow.
On 11 November 2007, Chris felt uploading a drawing of him fingering his best friend was the best way to protest the creation of his ED page.
On 11 February 2007, Chris made a DVD about himself.
On 8 May 2007, Mary Lee Walsh gets it in Soul Calibur III.
July 2007
On 26 October 2007, this picture is taken at The GAMe PLACe.
One of the images Chris drew on 11 November 2007.

2007: the year we made contact.

The second half of the year 2007 shows some important developments within Christian Weston Chandler's life.

Firstly, Chris enters and loses the PaRappa the Rapper contest, leaving him disillusioned and enraged.

Secondly, he discovers a satirical page written about him on Encyclopedia Dramatica. These two injustices lead Chris into a bitter, long and frustrated rage, eventually giving spark to certain deep, complex and mysterious aspects of madness within his person, that, when revealed, would prove to be a decisive factor leading to obsessive trolling in 2008.

Events of 2007


  • February 11 - Christian makes the cover for his "I'm on TV" DVD.
  • February 19 - Christian starts making the slideshow for his DVD.
  • February 21 - Chris sends an email to Ms. Sanford, his middle school teacher, telling her about how his life has been.
  • February 22 - Christian finishes the slideshow.
  • February 24 - Christian's 25th birthday. A party is thrown at what appears to be The GAMe PLACe.
  • February 24 - Chris releases his "future message".


  • March 4 - Chris sends an email to his half-brother Cole in an attempt to reconnect with him. He asks if he'd like a copy of his new DVD.
  • March 5 - Chris draws (the cover of) Sonichu #7.
  • March 5 - Chris apologizes to Megan for criticizing her story ideas.
  • March 6 - Megan tells Chris not to draw her animal characters with breasts.
  • March 6 - In response to an email from Chris about the DVD, Cole Smithey expresses his history with and disdain for Barbara and Bob.
  • March 6 - Chris cashes in his first My Coke Rewards points, beginning a campaign that will see him consume more than 2,500 bottles worth of Coke.
  • March 10 - Chris buys the Officer Nasty Fantasy Doll and "The Best of Amateur Angels".
  • March 17 - Chris realizes that he is able to afford a 60GB PlayStation 3, so he goes out and invests in one.
  • March 18 - Chris bids on a used copy of Mortal Kombat Advance (for the Game Boy Advance) on eBay.
  • March 26 - Chris posts some complaints about the PS3, on his PSN blogs.
  • March 29 - Chris makes a few more posts to his PSN Blogs, leaving some of the same complaints he did on the 26th.



  • May 1 - Chris creates a video of himself beating up Mary Lee Walsh in Soul Calibur III.
  • May 7 - Chris tells Megan he's also created a video depicting her fighting in Soul Calibur.
  • May 8 - Christian creates his first YouTube account and uploads his Mary Lee Walsh Soul Calibur video.


  • June - Chris stops working as a volunteer assistant Gym Leader at The Game Place.
  • June 4 - Megan tells Chris about her infatuation with a video game character.
  • June 6 - Megan leaves for Kentucky.
  • June 6 - Ran Coleman Yeatts, Cole's biological father, dies.
  • June 15 - Chris makes a few posts to his PSN Blogs, complaining about internet issues with Go Puzzle, and announcing he has found a way to play Guitar Hero on the PS3.
  • June 27 - Christian states that he is saddened, as Megan has left for Kentucky. He misses her.
  • June 27 - Christian cries with his mother whilst thinking of Patti the dog.
  • June 28 - Chris sends another email to Megan discussing Patti and video games.
  • June 29 - Christian makes his PaRappa the Rapper video and enters PaRappa the Rapper Contest.


  • July 3 - Chris sends another email to Megan in which he chats about his activities at The Game Place and says he misses her.
  • July 4 - Chris sees Michael Bay's Transformers movie with his mother.
  • July 6 - Chris fills in Megan about new Soul Calibur cards and says he misses her.
  • July 7 - Christian buys a Velvet Touch masturbator, a Silicone Superstud Power Ring and a Titanium 5-Star Video Collection.
  • July 11 - Chris again writes to Megan to discuss video games.
  • July 14 - Chris goes to a rummage sale with his mother and tells Megan all about it. He gets featured in his local newspaper, the Daily Progress.
  • July 15 - Chris tells Megan about a Spanish soap opera and problems with his ear.
  • July 16 - Chris buys himself an Officer Nasty Love Doll (in contrast to the Fantasy Doll bought in March), A&E Hot Action Lotion in Strawberry, "Carmen & Friends", "The Perfect Secretary" and a "Wicked Hot Pics Photo CD".
  • July 18 - Chris hears his PaRappa video has made it to the final rounds. He is overjoyed. He emails Megan that he wants her to accompany him to Seattle if he wins.
  • July 20 - Chris sends an email to Susan Hannifan, a counselor at Piedmont Virginia Community College, telling her to vote for him in the PaRappa contest.
  • July 20 - Chris also sends an email to Cole requesting his vote as well.
  • July 21 - Cole responds to Chris with more hostility towards their parents. Chris tries flattery to persuade Cole to vote for him in the contest.
  • July 21 - Chris updates El PokéSite de RWC 2 and "CWC's Vroom-A-Zoom!," his Hot Wheels site, to tell people to vote for him in the PaRappa contest.
  • July 21 - Someone leaves a cryptic negative comment on Chris's MySpace page.
  • July 22 - Anna tells Chris she voted for his PaRappa video and wishes him good luck.
  • July 23 - Megan's 21st birthday. She is still in Kentucky, and Chris misses her.
  • July 23 - Susan Hannifan responds to Chris's email and says she will vote for him in the contest.
  • July 23 - Chris makes a post to the PSN Blogs, urging people to vote for him in the PaRappa contest.
  • July 23 - Cole tells Chris that he'll vote for him if he can find out the name of his real father. Chris responds that according to their mother, it's Jack Dale Smithey.
  • July 24 - Cole tells Chris that their mother is lying about the name of his biological father, and asks Chris to tell him when "that fuck Bob finally drops."
  • July 28 - Chris fills Megan in about his activities at The Game Place and again shares his fantasy about going to Seattle with her.
  • July 31 - The polls for the PaRappa contest close. Chris makes several posts to the PSN Blogs, urging people to vote before the polls close, and wording his anxiousness.


  • August 1 - Chris makes a few posts to the PSN Blogs, talking about PS3 and his wish to be able to understand Japanese.
  • August 2 - Chris updates CWC's Pokésite 2.
  • August 3 - Adam Stackhouse wins the PaRappa the Rapper Contest. Christian, to put it mildly, is not happy.
  • August 3 - Christian immediately sends an enraged e-mail to Sony. He is furious because he didn't get the opportunity to impress Megan.
  • August 3 - In an e-mail to Megan, Christian admits to cheating to win the PaRappa the Rapper Contest.
  • August 4 - Christian writes another angry letter to Sony, explaining why the other contestants should be disqualified.
  • August 4 - Chris curses Adam Stackhouse in his PSN blog, which results in an admin serving him with a (probably one month) ban.
  • August 5 - Chris informs Megan that he has complained to Sony about the rule violations by Adam Stackhouse and other contestants.
  • August 6 - Chris updates CWC's Sonichu Site!
  • August 7 - Chris apologizes to Megan for supposedly calling her his girlfriend in the PaRappa Contest, and professes his love for her.
  • August 8 - Megan sends Christian an angry letter, complaining about him touching her. She says she is happy he lost the contest. According to Chris: "It hurt so fucking much, it took me weeks to recover."
  • August 8 - Christian apologizes to Megan for "touching" her.
  • August 8 - Chris sends yet another e-mail to Sony, apologizing for his anger, but still thinks he has won.
  • August 10 - Sony responds to Christian's e-mail. They don't take him seriously.
  • Sometime between August 3 to possibly August 10 - Chris uploads CWC is Angry.
  • August 13 - Christian writes to Megan about having confessed his love to her.
  • August 15 - Chris bids on a Megatron Leader Class action figure on eBay.
  • August 20 - Chris buys himself another Officer Nasty love doll, possibly because his other one suffered an internal injury. He also purchases a "Mystery Feature", "Redlight Girls", "Extreme Behavior 2", and "Signature Series 10: Shayla LaVeaux".
  • August 31 - Chris tells Megan he will resume his Love Quest in September.


  • September 4 - Bob's 80th birthday. Chris makes him a cake.
  • September 4 - On the PSN Blogs, Chris complains about not being able to go online.
  • September 5 - On the PSN Blogs, Chris replies to a blog concerning login problems.
  • September 12 - On the PSN Blogs, Chris talks about PSP update 3.7. He also talks about his login problems.
  • September 22 - Chris posts a message entitled, "I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS INJUSTICE!!!!" on his MySpace Sonichu Group.
  • September 27 - On the PSN Blogs, Chris makes a few posts, one asking if he can use a HEXBox controller on a PS3.


  • October 1 - Megan says that she is glad that Chris has backed off from his advances. Chris replies that he still pines for her.
  • October 1 - Barb turns 66.
  • October 2 - Chris is confronted by a jerkop at Alderman Library.
  • October 3 - Christian buys a LAI MI Asian sex doll.
  • October 4 - Chris emails Megan, saying that he intends to keep going to Alderman Library for his sweetheart search.
  • October 19 - Christian shows hostile behavior towards a friend of Megan.
  • October 20 - Christian apologizes to Megan for his hostile behavior. He blames it on his homophobia.
  • October 21 - Megan is annoyed with his behavior and tells him he should mind his own business.
  • October 26 - The day that the trolling of Chris began. He is photographed at the Game Place playing Pokémon. The same day he gets mentioned in a SomethingAwful thread (Requires Archives account to view) by a student at the University of Virginia who saw Chris at Alderman Library that day looking for a boyfriend-free girl.
  • October 27 - Due to the Ulillillia thread getting derailed, a thread on SomethingAwful is created about Chris, titled "Sonichu and his quest for a boyfriend-free girl". (Requires Archives account to view, mirror.)
  • October 30 - Some guy asks Chris how he's doing in a MySpace comment.
  • October 31 - The SomethingAwful Sycophant Squad (SASS) creates a thread on Chris titled Sonichuuuuuuuu...
  • October 31 - According to Chris, the Encyclopedia Dramatica page is created. (According to the history, it was created a few days later).
  • October 31 - On the PSN Blogs, Chris asks a question about God of War.
  • October 31 - A troll posing as PaRappa the Rapper pokes fun at Chris in a MySpace comment.


  • November 1 - "PaRappa" and another troll mock Chris in MySpace comments.
  • November 2 - According to Chris, on this day he discovers the ED page and becomes furious. This is contradicted by the date of the page's creation.
  • November 3 - The Chris-Chan article on ED is created at 5:45 PM (Ruckersville time) by Jason Kendrick Howell.
  • November 3 - Evan collects some of the best images from 4chan's Fan-Art thread and e-mails them to Chris.
  • November 3 - Chris emails Megan that he was freaked out by Evan's fanart, and that he's informed a deviantArt member about copyright violation.
  • November 4 - Chris demands that Evan draw a picture of Rosechu "masturbating and squirtin'".
  • November 4 - Vivian Gee sends her first email to Chris, telling him that she has a similar but not identical character to Sonichu, and would appreciate it if Chris said it was original.
  • November 4 - Chris updates CWC's Sonichu Site!
  • November 4 - Chris uploads his FUTURE MESSAGE to YouTube.
  • November 5 - A white knight tells Chris via e-mail that people at 4chan's /v/ board are making fun of him, and that they have made an Encyclopedia Dramatica page for Chris.
  • November 5 - Chris tells Barbara that he had been photographed at the Game Place, and she goes mad.
  • November 5 - In e-mails to Anna, Chris tells her that he's discovered his ED page. He also discloses that he has been chatting with Lori Lopez.
  • November 6 - Somebody sends an e-mail to Chris, claiming that Chris has stolen his Sonichu character, and that Chris must take down his Sonichu comics in one week or face charges. Chris ignores the e-mail.
  • November 6 - Vivian responds to Chris about her earlier e-mail by ranting about how he is the one that makes his life suck. She ends by telling him to fuck off and die.
  • November 6 - Chris uploads five more old videos to his YouTube channel.
  • November 7 - Christian shoots a video asking to have the ED article edited to "better reflect his personality".
  • November 7 - Vivian sends one last e-mail to Chris for a long time, asking him to throw away his medallion.
  • November 9 - Barbara goes to the Game Place and questions manager Michael about the picture that was taken. She asks to be offered a seat, but as there is no seat, she has to sit on the floor. Michael tells Chris that if he brings up ED once again, he will be banned from the store.[1]
  • November 10 - A picture of Goatse is added to the ED page, and Christian finally breaks down and creates the Reldnahc account to remove it. He then begins rewriting the article in a more favorable light towards him.
  • November 11 - In response to she-male and homoerotic Sonichu fan art on the ED page, Chris draws five Rule 34 drawings and adds them to the article in protest. Most feature his Sonichu characters; one in particular depicts himself fingering a woman who is later identified as Megan.
  • November 12 - Chris adds entries from his diary, details about how he lost Megan, and information about his sex doll Officer Nasty to the ED page. By now Chris has willingly provided 90% of the information that will be used to mock him henceforth.
  • November 14 - Chris updates his Sonichu site.
  • November 15 - Christian tries to hack ED using HTML. It doesn't work.
  • November 18 - Chris emails Megan about activities at The Game Place and sends her a picture of Lori Lopez.
  • November 19 - Chris tells Megan that he'll be meeting Lori soon.
  • November 23 - Chris buys a 160 GB SATA hard drive for his PS3, greatly increasing its storage space.
  • November 30 - Megan asks Chris for help obtaining some German music.


  • December 18 - Chris sends Megan a reminder about their get-together tomorrow at The End.
  • December 26 - Chris buys Kimmi, the anime love doll, on Adamandeve.com, probably because his parents didn't buy it for him as a Christmas gift.
  • December 28 - Once again, Chris returns to editing the text of his ED article into a more positive one.
  • December 30 - With a new ED account, "Chris-Chan", Chris starts vandalizing ED.
  • December 30 - Christian writes the poem For My True Love, I Would...
  • December 31 - Chris sends his recently completed poem to somebody in contact with Megan, and tells her to send it to her.