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And by the way, that is not Crystal whose eyes are censored; that is Megan!
Chris's second message
"Your sister has cum for me."

ShecameforCWC.JPG is a Rule 34 picture that Chris drew as part of a campaign to fight Encyclopedia Dramatica by "replacing negativity with positivity."[1] It portrays Chris using his hand to stimulate a naked Megan Schroeder's vagina to the point of orgasm (indicated by squirt lines) while he gives a thumbs-up. Arguably the most scandalous of all of Chris's artistic canon, this single image managed to invoke much drama. It was the straw that permanently destroyed the already dying friendship between Chris and Megan, and the consequences of uploading it online have continued to face him for years afterward. In fact, it's entirely conceivable that the targeted effort to troll Chris may have simply faded away had he not edited the page repeatedly and uploaded this image to Encyclopedia Dramatica. Doing so demonstrated how easy it was to manipulate Chris, and as such, put blood in the water for trolls for years to come.

At first, people believed the picture to be of his imaginary twin sister Crystal, which was not helped by the initial caption that Chris provided. In order to defend his fictional sister's honor, Chris edited the article to confirm that it was in fact Megan.[2] He also angrily decried these scurrilous rumors in the Madman Rising video, shouting that it was Megan, defeating the purpose of censoring her eyes to hide her identity. While this is less disturbing than Chris wanting to have an incestuous relationship with his own fictitious twin sister, it is notably creepy that it is of his only friend, with whom he had no romantic or sexual relationship (no matter how much he tried, anyway).

Megan was understandably disturbed when she figured out the truth behind the image, which she figured out on her own. As it stands, she had made it perfectly clear to Chris that she had no romantic feelings for him and that she wanted to remain "just friends"; in the aftermath, she was so disgusted that she severed ties with Chris. Since the release of the picture, Chris has flip-flopped from taking responsibility for making the image to blaming the trolls and even blaming Megan herself, or some combination of these things.


When Chris first discovered the ED page, he was disturbed by the number of images depicting his female characters (mostly Rosechu) with penises on the site, along with general gay porn of his characters and himself. Chris then decided that the best response would be to replace these images with images of things that Chris likes as a means of "replacing negativity with positivity." He thought that uploading pictures of his fictional characters fucking and a drawing of himself fingering his not-girlfriend would counteract the perceived homosexuality prevalent on the ED page.[3]

He also ignorantly believed that spamming large edits on the page (what he referred to as an "information overload") would overwhelm the trolls and scare them into deleting it. On 11 November 2007, along with adding large walls of text detailing his own personal life, Chris uploaded several new, original images to ED, including ShecameforCWC.JPG. Some of these pictures were duplicated on the page to further the "overload" plot. These were pornographic drawings of several romantic pairings from the comics, made for this exact purpose. The sole exception, of course, was with ShecameforCWC.JPG, which depicted real people. Chris wrote a relationship between himself and Megan in the comics as wish fulfillment, so we can assume Chris was imagining this from the very beginning. This is made even more likely when Chris admitted to Megan sometime after she discovered the picture that he probably would have sexually advanced on her had he not done the drawing.[4] This supposed need to suppress his sexual advances ironically hinted at what was to come more than a decade later. All of the images that Chris posted were varying degrees of horrifying, but ShecameforCWC.JPG proved to be the most appalling, leaving trolls in total shock.

Ironically, these behaviors, compounded with Chris's apparent obliviousness as to why this picture hurt his friend, among other things, only showcased his child-like view of the world, and just how easy he was to manipulate. Thus, it isn't hard to see why he became such an easy target to trolls in the following years to come – since it only took some perverted "fan" art to upset Chris, others got to thinking about what else could be done to push his buttons.


Anatomical analysis

This image is held in such regard for being a shining example of Chris's art style. The drawing showcases many major problems with Chris's artistic abilities:

  • Chris clearly attempted to foreshorten Megan in this image, given how he draws her legs significantly longer and her head smaller than the rest of her body, but the lack of depth perception and proportion makes her look as flat as the paper she was drawn on.
  • He also shows a complete unfamiliarity with human anatomy. Megan's legs seem to start right at the groin while her hips are directly behind them. Also, it looks like neither Chris nor Megan have elbows, joints, or even bones for that matter. What is supposed to be her foot looks like a deformed flipper. Many other glaring anatomical flaws in this picture deserve analyses of their own:
    • The vagina is not one long hole and you could never do that sort of thing with a real vagina, looking like that. There is also the fact that Chris didn't draw her a crotch, and instead placed her vagina directly on her perineum.
    • The vagina in question appears to be either glowing or shooting out a powerful gust of wind. Chris probably meant to convey that Megan was "wet" and/or "squirtin'," but due to his own stupidity, he drew her "cum" around and outside the vagina instead of coming from inside it, leading to the "Glowing Ethereal Cunt of the Ages" effect shown in the picture. He also made the vaginal fluid blue, likely to shade it in. This not only further shows his ignorance, but it also shows his inability to stay consistent with his artstyle, as he did not attempt to shade in anything else in the picture.
    • Megan's body lacks any curves whatsoever. As a result of this, Megan looks significantly younger.
    • Chris is somehow reaching over his left shoulder with his right hand despite the fact that his right elbow remains near his side, creating an effect straight out of M. C. Escher's darkest nightmares. Due to the perspective of Chris's forearm, his forearm is either very floppy and bent backward towards Megan, or Chris's hand is actually nowhere near his partner's parts.
    • Both of Megan's arms also appear to each have six fingers, two of which are haphazardly redrawn to look like nipples. As a result of this, Megan's right arm now looks like it's in a permanent Vulcan salute from Star Trek.
    • Chris's right forearm is also horribly elongated in comparison to his left - If this version of Chris were to be viewed from the front, his right arm would probably drag along the ground. His left thumb is also unrealistically large compared to the rest of his hand.
    • As a result of Chris' haphazard attempt to turn her fingers to nipples, Megan's nipples appear unnaturally pointy. Not to mention how they seem to point directly towards her face, and how her areolae are placed higher up on her breasts than they should.
    • Megan's pubic hair, which was probably supposed to be a landing strip, in this drawing bears a slight resemblance to Hitler's mustache (coincidentally, Megan had a fetish for German soldiers). It is also quite far up on her body, and looks like some kind of messed-up happy trail instead of pubic hair.
    • Chris's head is deformed and oval-shaped, and his eyes appear to be set very far up his skull, being where most people's hairlines or eyebrows should be. This can be ascertained with the fact that Chris appears to have drawn himself hastily - Even in some of Chris's earlier artworks, he depicted himself with something resembling an actual jawline, but not here.
  • The way Chris drew Megan's hands is a prime example of how Chris habitually does all of his drawings in one fell swoop without any planning or revisions. Megan's nipples looks at first to be extra fingers, suggesting that Chris messed up (more than usual) while drawing the hands and decided to turn them into nipples. Chris also appeared to tacked on her thumbs directly afterward.
  • Chris pays close attention to the parts that interest him, namely genitalia and breasts, yet had to squeeze in a tiny head, most likely because he started with the former and realized "Oh, she needs a face." He also shows clear attention to his Medallion of Fail, his heterochromia, etc.
  • Note the retarded pun, a reinforcement of Chris's narcissism, that when a woman orgasms, it's for his sake and not her own pleasure (as he titled it "ShecameForCWC," emphasis added). The smug look he has on his face as he gives a thumbs up while fingering her seals the deal. He's also wearing his Sonichu medallion while fingering a woman. He stated that ideally, he'd like to be wearing his medallion for his first time.[5]
  • There is the fact that the girl in the drawing is his best and only friend, Megan, and he sees nothing wrong with it other than the fact that it's on the Internet where she (and millions of others) can see it.


Megan reminisces about learning of the picture and explains Chris's mysterious caption.

With ED

When Chris first uploaded the image to ED, he captioned it "Your sister has cum for me." Exactly what he meant here was long disputed, but it had the unintended effect of leading ED's users to widely conclude that the picture represented Chris's sister, the fictional character Crystal (given the nature of Chris’s artwork, any two females with long brown hair are easily mistaken for each other). "Your sister" suggests that the message is addressed to Megan's brother John Schroeder, but why Chris would want to incorporate Megan's brother into his sexual fantasies is anyone's guess. Megan would one day shed light on this by explaining that Chris's caption was, indeed, directed at her brother because he believed at the time that John was the mastermind behind the trolling campaign on ED.

Over the next few months, the image was removed and replaced a few times over the course of Chris's simmering edit war against ED. It didn’t become a serious hot potato until March 2008, however, when Megan discovered the picture and learned that it was meant to be a picture of her. (Chris, not realizing that it would probably be better to cut his losses and let the trolls believe that he wanted to screw his imaginary sister, spilled the beans himself, but not before first attempting to lie to her about how it was a picture of Crystal.) In between bombarding Megan with apologies via e-mail, he went on a desperate campaign to remove the image from his ED page, which naturally was an unsuccessful effort.

Chris spent most of a week trying to remove the image, trying to delete references to Megan from the article, trying to erase random bits of the article in order to camouflage his real intentions, and otherwise failing to realize that once something goes up on a wiki, you can’t make it come back down. Amazingly, he even tried to replace the image with a cropped version which just involved the vagina, as though Megan were only angry about her and Chris's facial features being depicted and would be satisfied if the image just showed his hand disappearing up her radiant quim. ED admins quickly reverted his edits and eventually protected the page once it was obvious that Chris was up to something.

On 18 March, Chris admitted defeat in his own disturbing way, and edited the image’s caption — as well as several other captions around the article — to make it clear that the woman depicted is Megan, not Crystal, to at least protect his own honor by indicating that he was not into committing incest (at least not yet), even if, in the process, he was demonstrably perfectly okay with drawing pornography of a friend who did not reciprocate any romantic feelings that he had. Over the next few days, he made a number of other self-deprecating and self-pitying changes and additions to the page with a series of images and captions, in an attempt to further barter with the trolls, before giving up on editing ED for six months.

With Megan

Chris providing Megan with a real gift.

By 12 March 2008, Megan had discovered the full extent of what Chris had written and drawn about her around the Internet, particularly the fact that she'd starred in his cartoon fantasy porn. While failing to get the image off the ED page over the next several days, Chris sent her a series of messages trying to put out the fire.

Some of his attempts to "explain" the image to Megan are downright bizarre. It's hard to do justice to the original e-mails. At one point, he seemed to think Megan was offended because she didn't understand the action on display, and went off on a frighteningly awkward explanation of what a handjob is. In another e-mail, Chris confirmed the suspicion of many trolls — that he had entertained thoughts of sexually assaulting Megan.

If I didn't have the foresight to put my pent-up frustrations and feelings in the form of something, I might have become an abusive maniac...
Chris, e-mail to Megan, 18 March 2008

Generally, Chris's "apologies" are a classic display of his insensitivity and narcissism in action. He shows little remorse for creating and publishing the image while offering plenty of woe-is-me whining about the ED bullies. In a message from 18 March, he actually had the gall to tell Megan that no matter how bad she might be feeling, he himself has definitely got it worse.

After sending several messages and receiving little in the way of a response from Megan, Chris appeared to have given up on winning back her trust, which coincided with the slackening of his campaign to remove the image from ED and the increasingly self-hating tone of his edits there. On 23 March, Megan finally sent him two brief replies to the effect of "leave me alone." Those mark the end of the active drama over the image. Chris stopped editing ED around the same time.

As a coda to the fiasco, Chris tried once more to repair his relationship with Megan about a month later, sending a message with a mix of everyday news and creepy stalkerish longing. Given some time to consider the implications of his earlier messages, especially the parts where he brought up the prospect of raping her, Megan slammed the door shut, saying "I'm afraid I can't trust you anymore." This remains their last known communication.

It is debatable how dramatic was the effect of ShecameforCWC on Chris's relationship with Megan. While it is beyond dispute that Megan severed all contact with Chris due to said image, it might be that she was already trying to avoid his presence prior to discovering he had drawn cartoon porn of her.

Mimms and Lucas's account of Chris's time at the The GAMe PLACe indicates that Megan was avoiding Chris before finding out about ShecameforCWC. According to Mimms "Megan would usually stand/hide behind me and Lucas to avoid [Chris], especially after the drawings of her got leaked [emphasis added]."[6] It's not exactly clear if "leaked" Mimms refers to the drawing being uploaded online, the drawing being found by Megan or something else. Regardless, in the rest of their discussion of Megan, Mimms and Lucas make no mentions of ShecameforCWC and seem to exclusively attribute Megan's withdrawal from Chris to his unwanted romantic advances.[7]


It was Wishful Thinking.
Chris, describing his motive for drawing ShecameforCWC, Rejected Mailbag
The pieces of ShecameforCWC.

Chris's remorse turned out, not surprisingly, to be fake as he went and reuploaded the picture for his sleazy Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack, citing the fact he needed "sexy images."[8] The pain he caused a female friend means nothing compared to his lust for e-fame. The original drawing itself was said to be ripped up and stored in the Crumple-Lope.[9] Chris's scrapbook with the Crumple-Lope inside surprisingly survived the 2014 house fire.

Years later, the consequences of drawing ShecameforCWC are still being felt by Chris. In an e-mail sent to Thetan around October 2013 by a former high school gal-pal of Chris's, the gal-pal revealed that she was so sickened and repulsed by the imagery (in particular, Chris's "thumbs up" gesture) that she had no desire to ever speak to Chris again, and noted that she was not the only one of Chris's former high school classmates who felt that way.[10]

On 4 November 2013, Chris put out a statement saying he regretted drawing ShecameforCWC.jpg, stating that he destroyed the original drawing and "do[es] not possess any image files of the thing." He also stated he forgave Megan, Snyder, and Walsh.[11]

Prompted by reading a fancomic about him, in which a scene is devoted to Megan's reaction to ShecameforCWC, Chris commented:

How Could they have been mutual after that, Period?! And now, despite the Original Piece being Totally Torn apart, it still reappears to haunt me. When will that symbol of my sin of lust be long forgotten? Soon, I pray. I continue to Repent.
Chris, January 2018[12]
ShecameforCWC being discussed at the CWC panel at MAGfest.

Due to the Financhu Crisis, Chris offered ShecameforCWC and other porn artwork for sale for $1,000 in April 2018 on eBay, where the set quickly sold the next day to the Teen Troon Squad. Chris just chopped the drawing up into little squares it could easily be reassembled from, rather than truly destroying it. This, combined with Chris wanting to make money off of it, casts yet more doubt over Chris feeling any sort of remorse from drawing it.

[My] real reason for drawing that Came piece was out of frustration [I] was subconsciously feeling from Megan continually playing [me] on and on and making [me] spend money for Megan.
Chris, September 2020, blaming Megan for his porn drawing[13]

In a September 2020 chat with The Place, Chris claimed that his classic excuse of having drawn ShecameforCWC out of "wishful thinking" was only "partly true", then proclaimed that the real reason was out of anger at Megan for her habit of asking him to buy stuff on her behalf from eBay (usually in exchange for trading items such as manga).[13] Chris also highlighted his anger at having traded a Zune music player to Megan, which suggests he believes that Megan's dignity was worth at least the price of a Zune. Chris's blaming of Megan for both his own simp behavior and his decision to draw porn of her again cements his lack of genuine remorse over ShecameforCWC.

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