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The Rejected Mailbag is where emails to the CWCipedia Chris considers offensive went to die. It is unclear why Chris keeps them—it is assumed he would just take every slanderous email and blast it to the Moon—but given that everything Chris does in public is centered around his need for constant pity and sympathy, it is possible he keeps them around to show his fanbase what he has to put up with in his inbox every day.

For a long time, Chris was surprisingly diligent about making sure all the emails he did not like were appropriately recorded. That all changed on 13 December 2009, in which Chris began attempting to delete emails from the record entirely.

Rise of the Sub-Mailbags

One place to dump mail that offended Chris wasn't nearly enough; he needed more.

Autism Mailbag

A new, cuddlier spin-off of the Rejected Mailbag was launched on 2 December 2009, to dismiss autism-related e-mails "because the topic is not in canon with the Sonichu and Rosechu topics." [1], it is where Chris will respond to the informed messages of myriads of doctors, psychologists and the like who contact him to enlighten him regarding his opinions on "slapdash so-called counterpart Aspergers."

Chris's completely irrational hatred of Asperger's Syndrome and his explosive responses to letters on the topic entertained the trolls a great deal. It is now unusual for a Mailbag to have fewer than 4 letters about the disorders in question.

Let Me Get Back To You On That

Let me Get Back to you on That, or "LGBT" for short, was the next dumping grounds for rejected letters. It was created on 9 December 2009, and appears to be a place for letters that cause Chris too much stress, but have such undeniably good points that even Chris can't ignore them. The title implies that he intends to get to give them full answers when he's not crashing into slumber. Eventually, Chris's Sysop disposed of the section, moving all the letters into Mailbag 29. The answers Chris gave to this section were minimal. Chris ignored every e-mail that didn't slather praise on him, and responded to those with any sense of negativity harshly or not at all (i.e. "Whatever").


Originally a page set up by Chris's Sysop to list all the Sonichu parodies, Chris started moving mail about parodies of Sonichu here on 13 December 2009. Then, on 15 December, he proved he wasn't above revisionist history, and moved a letter from over a week ago to the parody mailbag.[2]

Begging and pleading

Please No Longer Include any messages addressing Autisim[sic] or Aspergers, or any that has even an inkling of homosexuality in it; I feel very stressed after having to read those messages; they really Grind My Gears.
Chris, begging his sysop to make it stop.

In correspondence with his Sysop in early December 2009, Chris made it very clear that all the letters about homosexuality and autism were causing too much stress, and that he would like to begin pretending that the only people who write him are the ones that draw him little pictures and kiss his ass. Chris's sysop did not respond to his begging, and continued to let e-mails Chris would obviously deem offensive flow into every new mailbag.

Gone forever

The first instance of Chris rejecting e-mails without recording them anywhere was in Mailbag 2, which had two letters removed. Neither of them were terribly offensive, and it's likely Chris merely forgot to reply. Mailbag 17 was the first instance of Chris intentionally refusing to record a letter, in this case an automatic e-mail, informing him that he had signed up for a homo newsletter. The idea that Chris merely forgot to move this letter is out of the question, as he also moved three other letters to the Rejected Mailbag in the same evening. Still, the letter was merely a form letter from something a troll signed him up for, so arguably it's not a very big deal.

Mailbag 34 on the other hand should be granted no such lenience. Chris intentionally deleted two letters from this mailbag, one from the creator of Asperchu, who wished to inform Chris that his new website, the Asperpedia, was up and running, and one from a group of concerned mothers, who wished to boycott Sonichu. What makes his actions here particularly reprehensible is the fact that both of the deleted e-mails contained links to the relevant sites, implying that Chris deleted these letters simply to keep his TRUE and HONEST fanbase from seeing those webpages.

Regardless, it wouldn't matter if Chris didn't keep copies of any rejected e-mails. The MediaWiki software his site ran on saved every change made to page history, meaning that every foolish or selfish move he made was recorded for all eternity.


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