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Mailbag 46 was uploaded to the CWCipedia on 24 January 2010 and answered on the 26th.

Once again, Chris exercised his Great Censor powers by deleting half of the letters given to him, displaying the hypocrisy seen in Mailbag 45.

Amongst the answered letters, he mentioned that he'd been going to a social group and had met someone there, claimed to be thinking about rebooting his franchise, revealed another bit of his past, and asserted that his characters have personality.


Two hip wallflowers

From: Kevin Peter Hall <>

Why are you lying about still drawing the comic even if you're not uploading pages? I mean, if you have pages, why not take the five minutes to upload them? Or does that cut into your busy schedule of smoking pot all day and doing nothing?

I am not lying; I have been drawing and coloring on a daily basis; I can not help it if I Have A Life To Enjoy Too; I have joined a Young Adult Social Group, and I have met a lovely woman there who likes me too; we are hitting it off like two hip wallflowers. You have a life too; Understand My Needs, and let me Have My Life.

Chris ignores more advice

From: Tom Green <>

Dear Christian-Chan Sonichu

I have noticed that your Sonichu franchise is failing horribly, being overtaken by the newer and more hip Asperchu.

If you truly want to hold on to any remaining fans, drastic action is needed. A current trend in Hollywood for failing franchises is a full on reboot.

Batman, The Punisher, Sherlock Holmes and even Spiderman have done it now. Clearly this is the only course of action you have left for your miserable little comic. Some suggestions I have for the style are to make it more realistic and gritty, maybe with a little violence and gore mixed in too. With a reboot you can also redraw the raichu that transforms into a female instead of a male, ending all accusations of Rosechu being a dickgirl.

Thank you for listening to my suggestions and I hope you consider what I have brought to the table.

Sincerely, Thomas Andrew 'Antonio' Greene

Your letter has been read; I will make all decisions soundly and appropriately.

The italicized line was deleted.

We all believe you, Chris

From: Keith Keithson <>

Question, when did you stop wetting the bed?

When I was 2.

Chris told Ivy that he sometimes shits the bed, and thinks that "wet dream" refers to peeing while asleep. So this is a massive lie.


From: Hamsty the Hamster <>

You should kill off like half your characters. Then you can focus on a main core. Your ensemble cast doesn't match up to the greatness of The Office. They have personalities, granted they've been stretched thin since like Season 3, but still, at least they have PERSONALITY.

My characters Have Personality.

Gone Forever

Chris doesn't enhance anything

From: D'Shanayqua Jones <>

Chris, I know you like word games and codes and stuff. Do you like anagrams, where you rearrange the letters of someone's name to spell something else? "Christian Weston Chandler" is an anagram for "Antichrist Enhances World".



Crystal's death is canon

From: Sean Watley <>


I'm killing off Crystal Weston Chandler in an upcoming Moon-Pals. Yawning Squirtle will take too much LSD, chop off her head, and use it as a soccer ball. Please reflect these changes in the next Sonichu so as not to confuse anyone. And please unblock my email as soon as possible.

Also, failing to publish the new pages you've (allegedly) completed isn't impressing your fans. Is this how you deal with competition?

Have a nice day,

Sean Watley

If Chris's sweethearts die violently, why can't Wild's?

From: Evang7 <>

I don't care if Simonla dies violently. You can kill her in a number of other ways. Maybe you can have her die from AIDS and do a chapter to teach the kids about the dangers of unprotected sex or something. Just kill her off, I don't care if it's violent. And don't use my Simonchu ever again.

I'm just sending this to you because apparently you think the only way to kill a character is through extreme violence, so I guess I'll give you ONE MORE CHANCE, if only because I was never clear on it. As long as she ends up dead and Simonchu never appears in your comics again, I'm down.

Why do you even care about Simonla being left alive? She's a boring character with no personality. What makes her different from any of the other female characters? Absolutely nothing. Simonla exists solely to give Wild a girlfriend, and there's absolutely no other aspects to her. She has absolutely no fans, I'm pretty sure every other former Sonichu fan I've talked to hates Simonla.

Killing her off might get you back all those fans you've lost by showing a little care for them, for once. My Simonchu comics are much more popular, and it shows how much you've ruined the character by giving him a china.

I'm not gonna just "let it go" because you're NOT a "great director". You're a comic artist, and you have to deal with legal issues involving your characters when they arise. You can't pretend a lawsuit isn't imminent and just hope it goes away if you ignore it. This is serious and if you don't do something about this I'll have to take some drastic measures.

We're Keeping Track.

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