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This page covers emails exchanged by Chris and Jackie from 9 September to 16 September 2010. Chris writes that he's been getting drunk and shouting in bars. Par for course with his noviophobia, he is jealous of what other people have earned through effort, effort not being in his capacity. Chris finally comes through with the shitty porn Jackie requested, pickles and all. Chris re-gifts a LittleBigPlanet present, which was first for Julie, then for Kacey, now Jackie. Despite all this, they manage to repair their relationship, and Chris begins a long series of offensive and bizarre videos for his sweetheart.

September 9, 2010 - 6:08pm

I REALLY want to be with you, Jackie. So MUCH, that I would dedicated 3/4 of my next tugboat to you if I can't get the new $130 before then. And I REALLY would come all the way to Mary Baldwin to meet/visit you Myself.

So far I was able to only get $19 from pawning off my Game Boy Color and 6 Pok'emon Game Boy Original/Color Games and selling my Game Boy Pocket for 5 to a new computer geek acquaintance of mine. The pawn shop would not accept my Saturn or Game Gear, because they were "Too Old." But after seeing a huge banner in front of a 7-11 of a PC Pro Computer store behind the 7-11, I went in and made a new acquaintance with a fellow Game Freak dude; he's going to help me by finding some people to buy the Genesis/32X/Sega CD, Saturn and Game Gear from me for my asking prices through his connections. He has his own page on FaceBook. This is good, because at this point, the Trolls won't know about this and pester me like they would have done. This information is Confidential.

About the XBox thing, I've realized after a revelation that I did not really hate the console originally. As a matter of fact, I've played a store demo kiosk of the 360 twice ever. I felt the anger against it originally, because of how much it cost way back when it was the Original XBox (before the 360), and that I could not afford either one. I felt more of jealousy of everyone else who was able to afford the High Prices of the consoles, and the XBox Live stuff as well. And throughout the time, after learning of the flaws it had, such as the "Red Ring of Death", being supportive of the lost format of HD-DVD (vs. Blu-Ray), and others, I used them as my excuses, which in arguments left me with no leg to stand on. So, I withdraw my past angst against the console. I'm still not going to buy one right away, though. I'll try it more, I mean, if I somehow got hold of a 360 inexpensively or free, or if I tried a Non-Demo console at someone else's place.

I am LESS addicted to my PS3, I assure you. And I will prove it by spending a lot less to none more on the Network in the future and now. And Spending more on You And Me in our Relationship. And you have to give me credit for unloading the Older Consoles and their games I've been hoarding for years for cash, including the current transactions I'm looking for with the remaining 3 Older Consoles.

And you are right on me having no right to complain of other video game addicts, but I said those things to prove a point that people like them (including myself), AND the Trolls can better themselves by socializing Off of the internet and going out more often. I have been going out more on the daily basis, at least during the afternoon hours on average leaving between 2 and 4 PM and an average of over 3 Hours per day. If I knew where to go, I would definitely go out at night and have more fun, but aside from the new Wal-Mart to walk for a while, I do not have knowledge of such locations or how to act within their likely dim-lit areas. And, yeah, I do not really expect people to "drop what they're doing and converse with me" when I am unable to do it as easily as they are able to, but it is nice to be acknowledged and NOT to feel Invisible In Public. Seriously, even when I'm Shouting (while Drunk or near sober), NOBODY gives me attention; I am ignored. And when I try to start something with a pleasant greeting, I am STILL IGNORED. And I am RIGHT HERE, PEOPLE; AREN'T I HANDSOME ENOUGH TO ATTRACT YOUR ATTENTION, LADIES? W.T.F. DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET EVEN A "HELLO" FROM ANYBODY THESE DAYS?!!!"


It makes me feel like a social outcast, and I do not want to be a social outcast.

Anyway, I am sorry for stopping communications with you for a short while; I needed some time for myself to collect my thoughts and come up with a reasonable solution to the disagreement. I felt like kicking myself over and over for saying the breaking up things I said in error. I did not mean it. And I am happy to still be talking to you, and I REALLY want to be with you. I am re-raising the money as quickly as possible. And if I can't come up with it by the end of the month, I will dedicate 3/4 of my remaining money from next month to US. :)

I'll TTYL.
Stay Safe, Sweet and don't work yourself too hard in classes and journalism.
XOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

September 9, 2010 - 7:46pm

Hey Chris.

Actually, since you brought up the prices of consoles, the original Xbox was $299 at launch, the same as the Playstation 2 at its launch. Didn't you have a PS2 anyway, though? More recently, the PS3 cost $499 for the 20gb model and $599 for the 60gb model at its launch - significantly more than the Xbox 360, which cost $299 for the basic model and $399 for the premium model when they were launched. You can read about it here: http://vgsales.wikia.com/wiki/Launch_price Plus, Microsoft has LONG since fixed the red ring of death problem, and at the time that the 360 and the PS3 debuted, no one knew that blu rays would win the format war over hd-dvds. So it wasn't really fair to claim they "picked the lost format". I'm glad that you are beyond it though.

As for attracting attention, have you looked at the troll forum lately? I found this article here: http://trollingtrain.10.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=23 It doesn't say anything that you weren't aware of before, but it brings up a good point yet again: You have a terrible reputation because of your internet opposition. You know why people don't come up to you? Because most people who see you believe terrible things about you.

Anyway, here's what I want you to do to prove yourself to me: I want you to make a video. I want you to make a video professing your love to me. Give me the works, Chris. Proclaim your true feelings for me. Tell me exactly why you want me and want to be with me. I want you to sweep me off my feet with some romantic music in the background - play my favorite band for me. You know which one. ;) I know you know what I'm talking about. And make a few new drawings of us together and show them in the video. The theme of the video? Our first date. Tell me where we will go, what we will do. Only one catch - There's no limit on money. It's our fantasy date where we can spend as much as we want, how we want. Do it as you think it will look. Make it really special.

And I don't want this to be a private video, either. I want you to put this on your youtube so everyone can see. I don't care if trolls know my name or try to look me up now, so don't worry about that. You've been very good about keeping me hidden from them, but I don't care about that anymore. Let the trolls try to bug me. I want you to make this video public because it's time for you to proclaim your love for me to all. Everyone should know who the one woman in your life is. I want this video by 8:00pm on Monday, September 13th. I'm looking forward to seeing it, sweetie!!



September 10, 2010 - 1:08pm

Yes, Sweetheart, I will draw some more of you and me together, and I will put together a video proclaiming my love for you and even a fantasy date. :)


As for the other topics of your last e-mail, I was already aware of my online reputation haunting me in real life with the Rumors spread by the Trolls, so yeah. And I did not have my PS2 from Launch either; I did not even have a PSOne long until I found one at an older SPCA Rummage Sale for about 10 or 20, and it was at a time GameStop was still taking them in for Trade-Ins. I was going to trade it in for profit, but I decided to hold onto it and play it, and my earlier feelings towards Sony did a major 180 (YES, I was Nintendo/SEGA Exclusive and had hate for SONY equal to Microsoft on the Consoles). And later on, I got my PS2 for $20 from a Yard Sale; THEN I traded in my PSOne, and shortly after getting the PS2, I got Guitar Hero and started Rocking. And I did not get my PS3 at Launch; I got it MONTHS later on March 17, 2007, and I got the 60GB version for less than 599 at Wal-Mart (I think I got for 399; I'll have to look up the receipt).

But now, I have no anger against XBox, and the gay dudes. Samantha was very realistic in that discussion. She pointed out my quoting the Bible as an excuse was wrong, and between the hatings I've had, the quotes, and other details that escape at the moment, I realized I've been further shooting myself in the foot without knowing it. It made me feel really sad and I cried some. But I am changing that; I'm going to Stop hating and start being more brimming with a more positive energy. After all, the Bible is essentially a Guideline to life, and God wants all of us to live in peace and good nature, regardless of whatever we may do, and what we're all doing that is considered against the Bible anyway.

Anyway, I will do the drawings of us together, play the Crash Test Dummies in the background, and make a video professing my love to you and letting it go public. I'm also planning on making a separate video for apologizing for my past hatred on the XBox, and apologizing to the gays as well. I will also remove ALL of the curses I had placed on people, including the Trolls.

We're moving forward together, Jacklyn. I Love You, Sweetheart.

Stay Safe and Sweet,
XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

September 10, 2010 - 3:56pm

Yay!! I can't wait to see the video! Oh, I have a few more things about what I want to see, so take some notes:

-I really want you to enjoy the Crash Test Dummies as much as I do. Revel in them like I do. You know what would be great? If you sang along to the song (My favorite song is "Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm"), but feel free to take artistic liberties with the lyrics and make up your own to fit us better. I know your vast imagination can really make the song come to life.
-I want you to include the pictures of us together, new drawn pictures, on the date. Here's an idea for a plot: We start at starbucks, then go to see Toy Story 3 at the movie theater, maybe get a little frisky in the back row ;) Then, I want you to rescue me from something. Like, something bad happens, like a villain rips through the movie screen and attacks, and you save me from him.
-I want to see you dance in the video. The real you. Proclaim your love for me, enthusiastically. Get up and grove, jump, do a cartwheel. Do I make you jump? Do I make you twirl? Does my love make you scream? Yours does to me :) So return the favor. Let us be one.
-Take us to the edge and back. Show me the future, the distance. I want us to face the end of the world and still hold onto one another. Let's face it all together, the trolls, the world, the future, God.

I can't wait to see the video Chris!!



September 10, 2010 - 6:34pm

I like your plot idea. Although, if I may offer my input, I offered to take you to see "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World", considering that movie is more romantic in its own way, may I portray us watching that instead of Toy Story?

September 10, 2010 - 7:03pm

I'm glad you like my plot! Although I don't really care for that Scott Pilgrim movie, it's one of those movies where even though I haven't seen it, I know exactly what the plot is because I've heard WAY too much about it from every person I pass by, because they can't stop talking about the damn thing and I'm tired of it before I even look at it. It looks like token hipster bullshit to me.

Besides, I don't want to see someone else's romance story. I want to see YOUR love story. ;)


September 12, 2010 - 11:13am

Hey Chris, how are you doing? I haven't heard from you in a little while. You must be working hard on that video. Well, I just wanted to check in.



September 12, 2010 - 2:43pm

I am working hard on the drawings and display photos for the video to present while Mmm, Mmm, Mmm, Mmm is playing. Plus, do not guess, but I will have a pleasant surprise for you later tonight in another e-mail.

Also, it is cool; I'll just draw Woody and Jessie making out or something for the movie screen. Perhaps after some time has passed, you and I can check out Scott Pilgrim at home together, and the current feelings will pass. I still have not seen it myself yet, but it is one I would at least rent the video for after it comes out. Speaking of movies, have you seen "Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief?" It is a Great movie; I watched it with <CENSORED> in the theater before we broke up. If you haven't seen it, it is worth buying or renting.

Stay Safe and Sweet. I'll TTYL,
<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3< 3<3<3<3<3<3<3

September 13, 2010 - 6:04pm

You and I have just reached the climax in our own intercourse, while these three dudes were jerkin' and watchin'. And at climax, they came in to cum onto your breasts, and you wanted Me all over your face and in your mouth. Messy, little woman. ;)

I get off watching you enjoy yourself with my help, Jacklyn. I Love You.


September 13, 2010 - 4:17pm

I'm uploading the video of my devotion for you right now. I feel I could have done better, but I was excited and elated for doing this for you. I've attached the 3 drawings I drew for you and the video for you.



Anyway, the video will be on my YT channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/ChristianWChandler?feature=mhum, shortly.

I'll TTYL.
Stay Safe and Sweetest, Lover. :-*

The three drawings, NSFW
September 13, 2010 - 4:32pm

Let me give you the other photos featured in the video as well.

September 13, 2010 - 5:51pm

In the set of photos I sent you, I left in absent-mindedly the left-out Photo of how I would feel if you left me, which was set at the End of the slideshow. Please disregard that one photo.

September 13, 2010 - 6:53pm

Hey Chris!

Thank you so much for making that video for me!! It was so sweet, I saw the bouncy energy you put into it. The way you just shouted at the top of your lungs your feelings for me, I can tell you weren't holding back. I look forward to actually getting to experience all these things for real on our first date.

But it wasn't all perfect. I'm kind of sad, Chris, because you missed some key parts here. I specifically asked you before not to use video games when trying to show your affections for me. Remember? I mean, I don't get why you couldn't show the whole date with drawings. That's why I gave you like four days to do it. And you didn't even take the time to make a new little big planet level just for me either, you just recycled one you already used for that other girl Kacey. Which even then you had taken from ANOTHER girl, Julie. I found it here: http://www.sonichu.com/cwcki/Rescuing_Kacey_From_Christian_W_Chandler

So, some good, some bad, but all in all I think I'd like you to redo the video for me. Actually, scratch that, you shouldn't redo this one. I think I have a better idea for something new I'd like to see. You know how Halloween is coming up? Well, it's still a few weeks away, but it's my absolute FAVORITE holiday of the year. So you know what I'd love to see? I want you to dress up as a character for me on camera, and then write some of your own lyrics to "Mmm mmm mmm mmm" and sing it for me. Do you know the anime Dragonball Z? I used to love that show when I was a little kid. I mean, I know it's like a boy's show, but whatever, I thought it was really cool. So you know what I would absolutely LOVE to see? I want to see you dressed as my favorite character, Mr. Popo!! He was always so cute and cuddly, you remind me so much of him! :) Do you know how to do facepainting? I found a tutorial website that can show you here: http://www.diylife.com/2008/04/02/how-to-face-paint/ Although it's not hard, you'd just be painting your face a single color, no weird designs or anything. Do you have facepainting supplies? I think they sell them at any art store.

So basically, the costume would be a black face with red lips, and a sleeveless vest, and a turban on your head (you could wrap a towel around your head for that). I attached a picture of him, his look is pretty simple. And then you could sing me your song. Ooh, ooh, and then after that, there's one more little song I'd love for you to sing for me, too, it's from my favorite Dragonball movie where Mr. Popo says it. It goes like this:

You ain't seen no Saiyans on the fiddle,
No Saiyans on the fiddle like this.
You ain't seen no Saiyans on the fiddle
No Saiyans on the fiddle like this.

It's short, just sing that to a happy tune. Ooh, I'm so excited Chris!! If you're Mr. Popo, maybe I can go as Bulma when Halloween really comes. ;) ;) Anyway, I'd love to see this by Thursday at 9:00pm, okay?

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


September 14, 2010 - 1:42pm

I am happy to hear that you get my feelings for you, and that you liked the video, all things considered. And I understand your concerns of the LBP Level recycle; it was and still is my idea of a fun date; I am open for ideas on a better fantasy date, and with those details, I would be most happy to put a new level of it together just for you, and draw more drawings to go with it. With the limited ideas of mine for a fantasy date, I felt lack of drawing inspiration, because they were just too simple and trite to me. Plus I did get the inspiration to draw the best circle jerkin' drawing I was able to picture in my head for you. With that, I do apologize for the short number of drawings in the video.

As for Mr. Popo, consider that done. :D Speaking of face painting, while restoring the photos I had originally on my PS3 from my backup cards, I found the photo of myself with the face paint I did for the Juggalo video; it is attached. I used paint from my collection of acrylic paints for the job. I'll wear a black t-shirt under my vest, and I do have a clean white towel here. I'll get the lyrics for Mmm X4 from a search, and perhaps I can put Popo's song within the lyric rewrite, right after the Mmms.

The Halloween together sounds great. :D Do you have information on a party event we would go to? You would be able to pull off Bulma great. I am going to do Popo for you now, but when Halloween comes, I would feel better dressing up as Vegeta to better match your costume. After all, I have watched the series too, and Vegeta and Bulma were a couple, got married and gave birth to Trunks (and a daughter as well, but her name escapes me at the moment).

On another note, the console selling is going slow at the moment; my new acquaintance is not getting replies to the post he put up from any interested people. He will call me when he does; he has my number. But I am going to go ahead and put my Sega consoles onto Craigslist, complete with photographs. And if I don't sell them before October comes around, I will still dedicate $150 of the tugboat for our dates, me coming to meet you, etc. I'll let you know the final details later, and you and I will put together a meet date.

I'll TTYL.
Stay Sweet and Safe, Sweetest Love.

September 14, 2010 - 4:45pm

Hey Chris!

Don't have much time to talk now, but I just want to say I'm really excited to see the Mr. Popo video! Actually, I'd love to see the Mr. Popo lyrics separately from the CTD song, just because Mmm x4 has kind of a slower, somber tone and I don't know if the Mr. Popo song could really work into it; it needs a peppier, fast cheery tune.

And I saw your craigslist ads for your old consoles too, I hope those sell quickly. I'm sure there are collectors out there or something who will be interested. Well, anyway, can't wait to see the video. I'll write more later!!



September 16, 2010 - 2:53pm

I was successful in rewriting the song to match our relationship well. No rhymes; it's freeverse. I typed in the lyrics at the bottom of this e-mail. I attached the photo of my face looking like Mr. Popo, and I will start upload of the video shortly after I finish this message.

I've put Popo's bit at the end during the "Ahhhhhs". I've also added another fun item I think you'll enjoy. Reference Episode 8 of "Sonic X", Original Japanese Dialogue, this purple, furry dude was entertaining Cream and Cheese with a "Good Morning" song. Look up his song and dance on YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYskMdSiFn4&feature=related

Also, another topic of interest that has just come up among the fresh e-mail batch. Do you know a Robert Paulson <billman198@googlemail.com>? He has surprised me with some trash talk of he being your boyfriend and some shit-talk aimed at me. And he attached a possibly photoshopped photograph of you to the e-mail. I want you to know that I am only surprised, and I am not believing what he is saying. I only ask for your honest feedback to verify this individual. I'm keeping a cool head.

And, on the Good News, I may have a customer who will buy ALL of the Sega Consoles from me; he called me from his 434 Cell Phone (he lives in the 504 area code). Currently, he plans on stopping by my house to purchase tomorrow afternoon, but I will wait until I have the money in my hands before I start making mutual plans with you to meet you and all the good stuff. I cut him a deal for buying all of the stuff at once; $120. With the $14 I made the other day from my Game Boy Color, I feel this will make things equal; making the equal amount of money as before. I may get another offer for the whole bunch, but if I do before this dude comes along, I'll insist on full price or higher offer, and I'll let the first dude know about that as well. He's getting the consoles for his children.

I'll TTYL.
Stay Safe and Sweet,
XOXOXOXOXOXOXO <3<3<3<3<3<3<3

Song for you - "Heavenly Matched Love"

Once there was this boy who
Was born with some autism and yet made a few friends
But after his High School years
He lost his friends and was troll-tortured
By bullies who were jealous
of his material things


Once there was this girl who
Continued to have friends long after her High School
She could have had her pick of men
Then she found the wayward, lost boy
They matched up very well
Heavenly Matched Love


And both girl and boy were glad
'Cause they both saw each others eyes

They both thought of each other
They had enjoyed each others company sweetly
Roller coaster ecstacy [sic]
In fantasy their dates were simple
They look to be married and
Have their own boy and girl


"Ain't no Saiyans on a fiddle, No Saiyans on a fiddle like this." X2
"Asande hahe swa, wowo-haya-hoo!" X2

September 16, 2010 - 3:10

I've just took a look on the Troll Forum for a possible link to this Robert; their last post on there was made yesterday on one page. It seemed to be only talk of raping you, and one of getting Greene County to ban you from entering county lines (yeah right, like they are going to ban someone they don't know without a good reason or evidence). http://trollingtrain.10.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=103

I just wanted to warn you, so you can be careful to try to avoid these people in real life. I have faith and trust in you being true to me and keeping our relationship strong. I will not stand down in our relationship either.

I Love You, Jacklyn.


September 16, 2010 - 4:38pm

Hey Chris!

So, I guess we have a few thing to talk about here.

First of all, that video wasn't good. In fact... It was AMAZING!!!!! I can't believe you made that so well!!! I was soo happy to see my favorite Mr. Popo, you brought me back to my childhood. Thank you so much sweetie!

Secondly, as far as the trolls go, I'm not terribly worried. I can take care of myself. I'll just keep an eye over my shoulder from now on. But really, I doubt they're going to do anything.

Thirdly, I don't know who that Robert Paulson is. He isn't my ex-boyfriend. I think you should ignore him and not listen to his bullshit. But that picture is me... well, I'm kind of ashamed to admit it... but I did have an ex-boyfriend, Lars, to whom I once sent some nude pictures of myself, that's where that picture this guy sent you came from. But even though we had a really bad breakup and this was years ago, he promised me he would delete all his pictures of me. But obviously he lied. There's no other way those pictures of me could have gotten onto the internet. That bastard... To be honest, this worries me a lot more than some trolls threatening to rape me. I feel so betrayed. We broke up because we weren't right for each other, but I had no idea he could sink this low. Now I have to worry about him. I don't know what I can do about Lars... He was my first love. I thought I would never love anyone again when I was with him, and after he broke my heart I thought I would never love anyone again. It took me a long time to build myself back up and become able to feel agian after that.

Lars you bastard, wherever you are, you won't get away with this... I don't know how, but I'll find a way to make him suffer for this...


Well anyway, let me get to something more positive. Since school is ramping up and I won't have any time to come visit for a few weeks. But I've been having a lot of fun with seeing what you can do lately, and I have some good news: I managed to arrange an extended break from school starting on November 1st (the Dia de los Muertos). Although I'd love to see you so badly right this minute, it's just not not doable right away. So until then, Christian, I present to you....

Jacklyn's Naughty No Trick, All Treat, 31 Days of Halloween Contest! :D

Starting October 1st I want you to count down the days with me until we meet by posting a new video of you on youtube everyday. But, it doesn't have to be anything really big. Just a 30 second blurb is perfection as it gives me a chance to see you, fresh faced, every day! I want to be with you so badly Christian and this will be like practice for me. Seeing you, every day, doing fun things! 1 video a day, for a total of 31 days, the last video being on the 31st of October, Halloween. For each video I want you do something different. I want you dress up as a different cute character! Get it? Halloween every day!! Yay!!! Any character you want to be - one of your sonichu characters maybe, or an anime or movie character, and make the costume however you like - who you choose to be and what you do for it will teach me more about you and what you like.

And during each video I want you to share a different piece of information about you with me. But, I want this information to be secrets or details you've never shared with anyone else. It doesn't have to be anything that big or unique, it can just be something little about your life. I want us to have no secrets between us sweetest! And this will be us being open, honest and having fun!!! Don't hide anything Chris, you should be proud of who you are - be true and honest!! In return, when we meet on November 1st… I will give myself to you. I don't wait any more, Chris. I want to give my being AND my body all to you! My Dad will pay for my hotel so we can go there and get dirty between the sheets together! Can you imagine?? How cool is that!!

However, you must must must do a video a day. If you miss a day or skip, the contest ends and you loose :( And then we have to wait to have sexy time because I'll need to think harder about things… but I don't want to think! Thinking is hard! The only hard thing I want in my life is YOU my darling Cripple doo!

Soooo, ready to play??? I know I am! xoxo


P.S. Hey, since the contest won't start for about two weeks, in the meantime, how are your other drawings going? Have you picked Sonichu back up, or are you working on any other comic ideas? Ooh, could you make a little video for me? Make a video of yourself giving a little tour of your bedroom? I know about what one side of your room looks like from your recent videos, but I'd love to see like a 360 tour of your room, all the stuff in it, your closet, your wardrobe, and so forth. Show me the significant things in your room and give me little backstories about where you got them and such. I really want to feel like I'm one with you, Chris. So when I first set foot into your room I'll feel like I've been there forever. :D If you have anything naaaaughty to share with me… then would be the time, too! Tell me about how we'll snuggle up in your bed and cuddle and wiiiiggle. heeheee! xox

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