Uri Geller

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Uri Geller
Date of birth (1946-12-20) December 20, 1946 (age 77)
Gender Male
Nationality Israeli
Occupation Illusionist

Uri Geller is a self-proclaimed psychic and an entertainer specializing in illusionist performances, who has made numerous appearances on television and film.

Chris learned about Geller from a book, Develop Your Psychic Powers, in which Geller was mentioned in its chapter on psychokinesis, and sent him an e-mail.

As a side note, Geller sued Nintendo in November 2000 over the spoon-wielding image of the psychic Pokémon Kadabra. He apologized in November 2020.[1] This association with the Pokémon franchise gives him another connection to Chris.


On 11 September 2017, Chris reached out to Geller in an e-mail, seeking his help in developing his psychic powers further. Geller responded, telling Chris it was a waste of his time and advised that there were more productive things in life to put energy into. A furious Chris replied back, insisting it was not a waste of time, and in the process also managing to rant about stress and his desire to vanquish trolls with his powers.

The e-mails were leaked by Marvin on 13 December 2018.[2]

Seeking a More Expert Psychic Skill Training

On 11 Sep 2017, at 6:46, chrischansonichu@aol.com wrote:

Hello, Uri. Guessing you might predict my email to you.  :) Anyhow, I am Miss Christine Chandler, in Ruckersville, Virginia, USA. I just read your name in the Psychokinesis chapter of my copy of "Develop Your Psychic Skills". I have been working on my own psychic skills; I have found I do have some, and I practice most daily. I am so close to making the trading card I've been practicing with, or even my pen, levitate. If I can, I would like to seek a more expert psychic skill training. I'm a still-getting-out-there artist and creator. Anyhow, should you help me get further on with my skills, or guide me well, I would be most grateful. Thank you. Have a great and safe day.

Sent from my iPhone

Stay Safe,

Christine W. Chandler

Quite Frankly I Believe You Are Wasting Your Time

Geller declined the request.

On Sep 11, 2017, at 1:35 AM, Uri Geller <uri@urigeller.com> wrote:

Hi Christine I don't teach one on one nor give lessons, most of my books are free to read on my website. Quite frankly I believe you are wasting your time there are more productive things in life than levitating a pen put your energy into those. Being a motivator a positive thinker helping others a bit of meditation some spirituality empowering others etc etc etc, Much energy and love uri

The following is an automated message: F.Y.I: Please visit my website at www.urigeller.com I believe that you will find the documentaries on my home page interesting: A LIFE STRANGER THAN FICTION directed by Simon Cowell, the BBC's recent "The Secret Life of Uri Geller", by the Oscar-winning director, Vikram Jayanti. A fascinating film titled: A Revealing Documentary and an additional film called Being Uri Geller.

I wish you plenty of good health, happiness and peace of mind. Be positive, optimistic and believe in yourself. Follow me on Facebook.com/theurigeller and on Twitter @theurigeller.

Much energy and love


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I Am Not Wasting My Time!

Chris did not take the rejection lightly.

On Sep 12, 2017, at 5:00 PM, chrischansonichu@aol.com wrote:

I am Not wasting my time! I have my psychic friend, Magi-Chan Sonichu, and my own Dimensional Psychic Links to my Cwcville and beyond. I have had a LOT of Deja Vu moments in my life! I am not just looking for mere Levitation, but I intend to do a LOT more good with my Psychic Powers to bring Peace and take down up to All of the Internet Haters and Bullies! I Need to do all these in my own control. And I did also ask for recommendations of anyone else who could help me better develop my powers.

Your frank response left me feeling disappointed and disgusted with you right now, until the later time when I recover from this feeling, because I have a Lot of other stresses in my life. Ugh.

Good day, Uri.

Sent from my iPhone Stay Safe, Christine W. Chandler