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LoveYouLongTime is a CWCki Forums/Kiwi Farms user and IRL troll most well known for her Emily and Kim Wilson personas. She was able to meet up with Chris as both these characters and more due to his severe face-blindness.

Emily Julia Schifflet

Main article: Emily

Emily is LYLT's most infamous persona, a one-time sweetheart who Chris went on a date with during March 2009, only for the Man in the Pickle Suit to steal her from him. This was her first persona, and the start of a whole lot more.

Kim Wilson

Main article: Kim Wilson

Kim is the troll persona she's dedicated the most time to, and possibly the most dedicated troll ever. She first gained influence by hanging out with him at TGI Fridays twice. After this, she and Kacey started regularly calling him, and trying to get him to improve his life. After Bob's death, the persona mostly stuck to commenting on Chris's Facebook posts, all the way from 2012-2017.

Unknown Others

Generally speaking. I mean, I've been multiple different IRL people to Chris.

One of my roles he has hung out with quite a few times and this character came to be after a certain pickle incident which was maybe a few weeks later...? Aside from those, I've bumped into him around town.

He's never called out to me. Sometimes I'll say "hi" in passing to see if it'll illicit anything but he's pretty fucking clueless. Back when I first started I was so worried about him recognizing me places but now it doesn't phase me.



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