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Message for John Kyle is a video, leaked on 24 February 2014, of Chris addressing John Kyle, a California slowcore musician and Cole Smithey's brother-in-law, who sang at his wedding. The video was recorded on 22 June 2013, more than three months after said wedding.

We learn that the rest of the Weston family have effectively disowned Chris and Barb, that both were not invited to Cole's wedding, and that Chris is in denial about Barb's mistreatment of Cole. Especially telling is his remark about Cole "finally getting married," which is practically dripping with condescension.


Message for John Kyle
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Stardate 22 June 2013
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Hello, John Kyle. This is Christian Weston Chandler, Joseph Cole Smithey's half-brother. We share the same mother, Barbara Ann Weston Chandler. I understand that, uh, you have performed recently at his wedding a few months ago. I have just learned this.

Yeah, so he finally got married. Whoop-de-doo for him. Oh, and thank him for the invitation that we never recei'ed. We would have RSVP'd sooner and actually come to the wedding had he actually invited me and our mother.

Anyway, I am sending you this video response because I wish to inquire about his, uh, current address so that my mother and I can at least be able to write to him personally, 'cuz she does miss him very much. I tried time and again to get hi- to contact him and get in touch with him, and my mother talked to him. He never responds.

Never responds! He should love his mother! She misses him!

Nearly 72 years old! Sh--she does not need to be treated like a piece of dirt. She is a lot better than that, regardless of what anybody has lied to Cole about. Everything he heard from anybody outside the house. Even Jerry, his father-in-law, or... Jack, I think was the name of his real father? They all lie to him about wha--how, about the kind of person Barbara Ann is, and was.

So at least have the common decency to res- to reply to us, brother! It's been, like, what? Over a decade since the last... the final ever family reunion in Red Oak? Everybody hates us there now since Corrina died!

[stress sigh]

Anyway, uh, if you know his address, John, please refer to me- relay it to me and you may share this video with Cole as well next time you talk to him. Thank you and have a good day.

You're Always Pretty Chris's videos CWC Lego Manchester High School Oct 18 2013

John Kyle's Response

On August 28, 2015, John Kyle responded to a comment on YouTube asking if he had ever seen the video. When pressed for details, he responded with a full story of his introduction to the video - and, by proxy, the world of Christian Weston Chandler as a whole - on September 2.[1] His identity can be verified by the account from which he posted the comments, which has been active since 2009 and links to his website and performances.

John's response

John Kyle's response sheds a few details on the life of Cole Smithey, such as the revelation that he has never mentioned his autistic Internet superstar half-brother - not even to his family-in-law.

Yes, I'm the legendary John Kyle to whom Chris sent this video message. I didn't know about it until a year ago when someone sent me a link to this video, with the strange message: "Welcome to the World of Chris-Chan." I said to myself, "What the fuck does that mean?" I clicked on the link and watched, completely bewildered. "Who is this very odd person addressing me?" As I watched the video I couldn't help being both amused and sad, because something was obviously wrong with this guy. As it dawned on me exactly who he was, how sick he is, and what was going on here, I became disgusted at this equally-as-sick community that gets off on goading and bullying him.

We're all going to die someday, maybe soon. You've got better things do do with the time you've been given than playing around in this sad cesspool. I hope.

As for Cole, he's a great guy. He's my brother in law, and he's never mentioned Chris to me. I think he's doing his best to distance himself from this. You all should too. Go do awesome things, help people, create something cool. Find out what you really love and DO IT. For me, it's music.
John Kyle

Needless to say, John does not seem to have carried Chris's message on to Cole as requested, likely not wanting to drag Cole back into the madness.