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Aunt Corrina

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I'm also shedding a tear again for my Aunt Corina. I'm hoping her funeral is not on my birthday, because I'm planning on going to this Pancake Dinner that my church is holding on that day. a week ago, my pastor said I can come and they would celebrate my birthday as well. but if the funeral is on my birthday, then I hope I can return in time to make the Pancake Dinner.


—Chris, caring more about pancakes, BlueSpike Skype Logs 11

Aunt Corrina, trolling Chris in the here-after.

Aunt Corrina (full name Corrina Weston Carey Inge;[1] 26 January 1936 – 21 February 2009) was one of Christian's favorite aunts and was also the person from which the Chandlers bought their dog Patti Chandler. He mentioned that he passed Fredericksburg on the way to her house.[2]

Corrina was married to Edward Carey and later Raymond Inge. Corrina died on 21 February 2009 and was buried on 24 February, thus ruining Chris's twenty-seventh birthday as a posthumous troll.

The day she was buried was also the Christian holiday of Shrove Tuesday, a.k.a. "Pancake Day". Unsurprisingly, Chris cared more about stuffing his autistic face with pancakes than the funeral of his "beloved" aunt.

In the infamous Father Call, Chris tries to convince Mr. Devoria that he has gone through some hardships in his life and that he isn't a drain on society. He brings up his Aunt's passing, but only after mentioning the death of his dog, Patti. That Chris felt more attached to Patti than to Corrina is not surprising considering the Chandlers are not a tight-knit family and he likely saw her fairly rarely. However, Chris totally fails to realise that most people would prioritise the death of a close family member over that of a dog – pancake dinners notwithstanding.

In his phone call to Lars, Chris swore on her grave he would not spend any more money on the PlayStation 3. He predictably failed to keep his word.

According to Chris, after Corrina's death he and his mother became hated by the entire Weston family. He did not specify whether or not this development was somehow related to Corrina's death or if it just happened to occur after it.[3]


Further suggesting a lack of familial closeness, Chris consistently spells her name "Corina", but the spelling "Corrina" appears on her obituary[1] and a peoplefinders notice.[4]


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