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Miscellaneous celebrities are well-known individuals who have made appearances in Christory, but not enough to warrant separate articles.


Boogie2988 had a voice actor role in The Chris Chan Conspiracy from 2022. He and Chris have had interactions over Twitter. In November 2023, Chris replied to a tweet about favorite video games.[1] In December 2023, Chris replied to Boogie's tweet about his relationship, saying, "I, for one, appreciate and like seeing you both content and mutually appreciating each other as soul mates. It is very good."[2]

As a panel member of the podcast Lolcow Live, Boogie tweeted at Chris in November 2023, attempting to persuade him to accept an invite onto the show.[3] Chris ultimately decided against appearing, objecting to the "lolcow" label in a message sent to the podcast staff.

Megan Youmans

Youmans on Chris.

Megan Youmans, a voice actress, once claimed over Twitter that Chris approached her to sell his work, but she was unaware of his history until her staff explained it to her. She filed it as her "worst WTF freelance artist moment".[4]

Youmans gave no context or details for the alleged encounter.