May 2016

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May was the fifth month of 2016. The month started out rather uneventfully, although it did see Chris getting a new body pillow as a substitute for a sweetheart. Things picked up towards the latter half of the month, when Chris revealed that he was competing with a former gay porn star for the privilege of supposedly impregnating a lesbian couple. The two competitors released sex tapes for viewers to vote on, reminiscent of the Liquid Chris saga.


  • 7 May - Chris's Etsy shop closes temporarily.
  • 10 May - Chris buys a dakimakura (anime love pillow).
  • 14 May - Chris announces plans for Sega to claim partial ownership of the Sonichu brand.
  • 15 May
    • Chris files a petition to change his name from Christian to Christine.
    • Chris posts on Facebook about eating McDonald's pancakes.
  • 16 May - Chris reiterates his support for transgender bathrooms on Facebook.
  • 18 May - Chris offers parenting suggestions on Facebook.
  • 23 May
    • Chris makes a short video in which he begs for donations again and introduces his new waifu Naru.
    • Chris uploads a stream of himself playing Uncharted with Naru at his side.
  • 25 May - The donations request on Chris's Etsy account is removed. He adds a support button to his YouTube account.
  • 26 May
    • Chris posts another livestream video in which he completes an Uncharted level.
    • Chris repeats his request that people give him money through YouTube.
  • 28 May - Over a loud techno beat, Chris relates in a video how he is being bullied by a troll named Johan.
  • 31 May
    • Chris uploads a video of himself humping a sex doll. He has clearly not learned anything from the first time he tried this.
    • In a short video, Chris asks viewers to vote for his doll-humping video and not Johan's.