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Live Game Stream - Uncharted is a video Chris uploaded on 23 May 2016. Chris plays through a game of Uncharted with his waifu.


Live Game Stream - Uncharted
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Stardate 23 May 2016
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Donations, Please, plus Live Game Stream tonight.


Watch me play some Uncharted with Naru for a while, as I make a few random commentaries as I play. **Donations are NOW being accepted through my channel here. Click the "SUPPORT" Button to offer a direct donation today. Thank You. :)


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--Miss Naru. Bring along your, uh, snuggle-buddy, yurse--your waifu, bodypillow, whatchacallit. And enjoy along as we play for... a while, continuing on from where I left off near the fortress. [hugs Naru] Mmm. She's irresistible. So yeah, we're essentially at the point where I've already...opened all of the uh, trekked across all of the walls there, I... got the micro-gun. I know there's enemies on the other end of that--other side of that door. Low on ammo, I figured maybe they'd come to me. And I'd beat the hell out of them. I got healed. Somebody else is shooting. Alright, where are you? Oh... you're up there somewhere. [sigh] Hurry up and heal so I can go shoot that guy. Now I gotcha. Oh boy. This is gonna be a...yep, there's the noise. Wait for 'im. 189 headshots. [sigh] Uh...let's just say when they hear the gunshots, they don't know where it's coming from. Yeah. Oh, shoot. It's alright. Ah, fortunate that we have a unlimited life policy in these modern games. Bang. I wish the games had the motion control, it typically allows for more accurate aiming. I mean, DualShock 3, anyone, with the motion control? Great to heal... Alright. Definitely another time to wait. Restock. [Now here I see that?] ugly. Gotcha. [sigh] And the ammo. Yeah still working on my trophy with the shotgun. Reload. [“sigh”] Well, this be the reason why players guides were invented. Meanwhile… Kablam! I hope this,uh-audio works out better this time, I’m using a headset microphone. Come out here and say that ugly. Right. Switching back. Yes, I could be coming out, but then again I might not be. And you’re over there! Gotcha, ugly! Hmm… wait for it… Hmm… was that all of them? Apparently not. Alright where are you ugly? You’re out there somewhere . [“gets blown up by a grenade”] Ooh. That stings. [“howls from some canine beast”]. Oh, gotcha now! Better heal first. [“dies”]. Oh, shi-oot. Oh well. I guess I will try again. And keep trying until I get to the next bleeding checkpoint! [“hugs Naru”]… [“sniff”] [“hums”] Come on… That’s what you think!… [“Rambles about dual shock 4 for a bit”]] Like you’ll pay for all the wounds on my back!… Alright, guess that guy’s dead… no i’m not shooting up there… come on out ugly…

Donations, Please, plus Live Game Stream tonight. Chris's videos UNCHARTED_-_There,_I_made_it_out_alive...

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