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We're still gettin' to know each other ... and it's all in my head, really. ... Y'all are welcome to share your waifus anytime.


—Chris on his waifu, Donations, Please, plus Live Game Stream tonight.

A waifu (Japanese: ワイフ) is, generally speaking, a female character from an anime or video game that a person is attracted to and considers a significant other. The word comes from a wasei-eigo reading of the word "wife". Chris, however, chooses to use 'waifu' in the modern sense, to refer to a dakimakura, a body pillow. So far, the only references Chris has ever made to a waifu is in two videos from May 2016. He introduces his waifu as "Naru".

In which Chris introduces "Naru", with whom he has spent a glorious two weeks, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Chris bought "Naru" or "Nanao Naru QW014 Anime Dakimakura body pillow case cover" in early May 2016 from Ebay. Her life before Chris went from being born in a Chinese sweatshop, to spending weeks or months in a product warehouse, before being shipped to the Chandler household. Ironically the world she saw in the Chinese sweatshop she was born in was likely less depressing then watching the daily life of the Chandler family.

So far, Chris has been confirmed to spend nearly $90 on Naru.

It was confirmed that on May 9th, Chris purchased the Naru body pillowcase from eBay[1] for $29.99.

He also bought two pillows, one on 9 May, and the other on 29 May, for $28.95 each[2].

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