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I love dykes! DYKES! CHINA!

China (simplified Chinese: 中国; traditional Chinese: 中國; pinyin: Zhōngguó) is a sovereign state in East Asia. To Chris, however, it's a word he once used in place of "vagina", as he was uncomfortable saying that word and thus felt the need to resort to using childish similar-sounding or slightly-altered versions of the offending term. It's likely Chris based this term off of a term for porcelain, "china" (ironically, the word porcelain is inspired by a pig’s vagina). Although Chris has not used this euphemism (except ironically) since 2008, it has become one of his most famous CWC-isms.

Chris-chan's "excellent" drawing of the flag of The People's Republic of China.



Tom-tom is an alternative CWC-ism for "vagina", which appeared first in March 2008 when Chris edited ED by replacing ShecameforCWC.JPG with an image entitled "TomTomCloseup.jpg" which featured a closeup of Megan's genitalia from ShecameforCWC. It later appeared in Captain's Log, Stardate July 26, 2009 in an unintentionally hilarious annotation that read "MY DUCK HUNGERS FOR TOM-TOM TO POUND!!!!!"

Chris got this name from "Pound My Tom-Tom",[2] a short music video that debuted during the credits of the Adult Swim show Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil. Humorously, the gag in the episode was that this is a particularly bad euphemism for vagina, and one of the characters embarrassed themselves by using it in public.

Gallery of China (NSFW)



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