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I love dykes! DYKES! CHINA!

China (simplified Chinese: 中国; traditional Chinese: 中國; pinyin: Zhōngguó) is a sovereign state in East Asia. To Chris, however, it's a word he uses in place of "vagina", as he is uncomfortable saying said term and feels the need to resort to using childish similar-sounding or slightly-altered versions of the offending term. It's likely Chris based this term off of a term for porcelain, "china" (Ironically the word porcelain is inspired by a pig’s vagina). However, Chris has stopped using the word in later years.


In his opening post on the Sonichu Girls forum, he expresses his love for female genitalia, saying that each one is "truly a masterful work of God's art that is simply beautiful in their own way".[2] He then justifies his reverence for china by stating that he cares more about the feelings and opinions of women than about their bodies.

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Tom-tom is an alternative CWC-ism for "vagina", which appeared first in March 2008 when Chris edited ED by replacing ShecameforCWC.JPG with an image entitled "TomTomCloseup.jpg" which featured a closeup of Megan's genitalia from ShecameforCWC. It later appeared in Captain's Log, Stardate July 26, 2009 in an unintentionally hilarious annotation that read "MY DUCK HUNGERS FOR TOM-TOM TO POUND!!!!!"

Chris got this name from "Pound My Tom-Tom",[3] a short music video that debuted during the credits of the Adult Swim show Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil. Humorously, the gag in the episode was that this is a particularly bad euphemism for vagina, and one of the characters embarrassed themselves by using it in public.

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