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Tomgirl Pictures

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My Tomgirl and Tomboy acquaintances, I feel it is time I introduce myself better. I am more than just a Tomgirl. I am the high-functioning autistic person who was heavily emotionally damaged, artistic inspiration lost with paranoia, deception, blackmail and plain hurtful words from those bottom-feeding Trolls. I am the hand-drawing original creator of Sonichu, Rosechu and the city of Cwcville, Virginia, USA.


KookyDashy, aka Chris [1]

One day, Chris decided to cross-dress. Then take pictures of it. Then go out in public and take pictures of it. The pictures were leaked by Surfshack Tito on 28 April 2011. According to Tito, this bizarre new stunt was apparently Chris's extremely overboard reaction to someone advising him to get in touch with his feminine side. The photos also marked the beginning of the Tomgirl saga.



Chris has a long history of female fashions and mannerisms, from the Anime Wings seen in Sonichu Sub-Episode 5 to the Muscle bra. Chris has even wondered what he would be like if he were born a female.[2] The most complete list of Chris's feminine traits can be seen here. To show his support to all Tomgirls and Tomboys of America, he started up a new band, Robee Sonee and the Tomgirls consisting of a TomGirl Robee (formerly Robbie), and TomBoy Cera and Christine.

I am tomgirl.jpg

Chris's outfit

Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me. I'd fuck me HARD.
  • Bright green nail polish
  • Earrings (a purple glass stud and a blue ring) - Note that piercing the right ear is traditionally code for homosexuality; guess which one Chris pierced twice?
  • Women's sandals
  • Blue eye shadow
  • Jeans
  • Blue string top
  • Black thong
  • A silver ring (Note that silver rings have been used to symbolize a pledge of abstinence until marriage)[3][4]
  • A red and blue sweater vest (tank top) with a red shirt underneath it
  • Red lipstick
  • A new pair of glasses
  • A new head-band (as seen in the Facebook pictures)

While not seen in the leaked images, Chris's posts in Tomboys And Tomgirls of Virginia revealed he also donned skirts and panties as part of his new look.[5][6] In September 2011, Chris was also photographed carrying a purse. Because it was never seen before, it might have been a one time thing.

Tito's Introduction

Chris decided that being a man was too much work. It often involves stressful activities such as getting a job, excercising, and supporting a family. The role of the man was too stressful for the life of Christian Weston Chandler.

He decided he would take the route that was easier for him. The path that he was so familiar with in Highschool. The manchild felt that he could identify being a lady seeing that he has had vast experience of hanging out with girls in the cafeteria. Chris decided that being in touch with the femine side would be the truth key in his quest.

But wait! Does that make him gay?

Not in Chris' lifetime it doesn't. Thanks to 3 months of dry spell and constant hours of TV have deluded him. Based on the archetype you would see on movies and video games, you would learn of the "Tomboy", The girl with boyish next to dykish features would allow her to be swarmed by the opposite sex with her short hair and her appreciation of the Dresdon Dolls.

"If a girl could do it, So can a boy", Chris thought. Thus he has coined the term "Tomgirl". A man in touch with his feminine side, and totally heterosexual.

Gallery of Chris-tran

Several of these images are reversed left-to-right, possibly because Chris took them with the front camera on his DSi or 3DS (Which, like most front-facing cameras, flips the image so that the picture matches what the user sees on the screen, as though the user were looking into a mirror). It should also be noted that picture taking occurred in at least three different places. Pictures TG3 and TG4 are taken on the Downtown Walking Mall. TG12 and TG19 are taken at the Fashion Square Mall and the rest taken in his home.
There are probably more, but here are the major ones.

Fan works


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