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Nombie-zazis is a CWC-ism created in 2015 for the revised endings of Sonichu #9 and Sonichu #10 to replace any negative references to homosexuals. However, the context and Chris's in-universe reactions remain largely unchanged, leaving the result confusing and surreal.


Even while he was making the original Sonichu run, Chris still very-much held his irrational and inexcusable disdain towards homosexuals, bisexuals, asexuals and anyone else of the LGBT subculture, but primarily and almost exclusively gay men. Believing not only that a number of trolls were gay but that people wanted to out Chris as gay himself, he used the comics as a way to insecurely assert his alleged heterosexuality. Almost every gay character in Sonichu was portrayed as a villain who wanted to sabotage Chris's Love Quest. He created Reldnach Notsew Naitsirhc as the embodiment of the homosexual tendencies he despised and rejected.

But perhaps his most offensive way to address the gays was in a bizarre sub-plot in #10, wherein Chris had donated his STRAIGHT blood towards the manufacture of an anti-gay vaccine, which is distilled into the world's water supply and forces people to conform to Chris's terrifying vision of Utopia. Meanwhile he recruits Magi-Chan Sonichu to telepathically survey the population to hunt down those with non-straight thoughts.

The retcon

When Chris initially became a Tomgirl, his opinions towards gay men remained the same, while he praised gay women. However, in October 2015, Chris made a video apologizing for his prior statements about homosexuals, now apparently accepting and respecting gay men. Simultaneously, Chris decided to set the record straight and erase the homophobic content of his previous works as part of a bigger campaign to erase troll influences on his works.

In the result, Chris emerges from the Time Void to instead proclaim that people in the future are "Nombie-zazis", and that his blood is the cure. All instances of the word "homo" are erased but it is unclear what a Nombie-zazi is. It is assumed that it is a play on "Nazi Zombies", a science fiction/horror concept that has been used in various media, perhaps most notably the Call of Duty series. However, characters like Naitsirhc do not appear to be zombies, still having unnecessarily-stereotypical homosexual tendencies.

It should be noted that Chris still describes "untainted straight blood" as the cure to the disease, meaning that gay people are still biologically separate from straight people. He also failed to remove the sentiment that Clyde Cash and Jack Thaddeus are destined for Hell for being homos.

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