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Trollll.PNG Troll disclosure: This persona was created, appropriated, or otherwise used by trolls to manipulate Chris.
Though this identity is contrived, the CWCki may treat it as if it were a real identity because it was to Chris. (It's also funnier that way.)
It seemed unlikely for a loong [sic] time. But Magi-Chan saw in a future a long-haired black Rosechu, who was born true of Venus on the Earth's Moon. Yet she would be cursed with a protrusion that can be undone by eliminating the one who had placed the curse.
Chris describes Magi-Chan's yearning for love.
Sonichu character
Magi-Chan Sonichu
Date of birth 2 February 1989 (in universe, original)
14 November 1948 (in universe, brainwashed into Chris by Idea Guys)[1]

No later than 2 February 2004 (IRL)[2]

Gender Male
Length 4'7" (140 cm)
Weight 120 lbs (54 kg)
Parents Mewtwo
Spouses Mewtwo, Sylvana, Chris, Cryzel
Species Sonichu (Electric Hedgehog Pokémon)
Type Electric/Psychic
Evolves from Sonee (with Moon Stone)
Evolves into N/A

Magi-Chan Sonichu is a Sonichu and a member of the Chaotic Combo. Like Chris's other lazy recolors, his name is a lame pun: according to Chris, his name is intended to play on the word "magician".[3] He's the serious know-it-all and the only character not solely motivated by finding a sweetheart. He's also one of the major sources of deus ex machina, and thus far the character most often depicted as just a floating head providing walls of expository dialogue. He is purple, but has been depicted as crimson. His design combines the standard Sonichu template with Mewtwo, who is incidentally Magi-Chan's husband and father. He is was probably the only sympathetic character in the whole series, due to his sarcastic and often serious mood unintentionally making him seem intolerant of Sonichu and Chris's stupid antics, as well as his character's unintentional homosexual undertones.

Although he is clearly omnipotent and omniscient, Magi-Chan refuses to use his powers for any reason other than to exposit plot points and teleport characters to where they need to be in order to do a job he could, himself, do in a matter of moments. Some readers find this to be his most redeeming characteristic, as he clearly only puts in the bare minimum of effort to satisfy Chris's retarded whims. He also remained girlfriend-free the longest of all the characters, and implied that he was uninterested in romance due to having "too much gray matter" when Sonichu obnoxiously boasts about fucking his girlfriend that night. Even when Magi-Chan does express interest in a woman, it's a woman with a pickle: Silvana Rosechu.

Since mid-2017, Chris has thought of Magi-Chan as an imaginary friend hanging out with him in the real world, eclipsing even the original Sonichu in popularity. The Idea Guys, injecting themselves into Chris's life about this time, seized the chance to run with this as far as they could. New facts about Magi-Chan, including his incestuous homosexual marriage, were introduced to Chris in this way through early 2018. In March of that year, a psychologically distorted Chris declared that Magi-Chan was his husband, as well as Mewtwo's. After the Idea Guys were removed from power, Magi-Chan has become a key player in the Dimensional Merge and one of Chris's Twitter sockpuppets, usurping Night Star.

In Chris's life

Around 2017, Chris began to show a greater interest in Magi-Chan, more so even than Sonichu. In Dancing with Magi-Chan, Chris dances a duet at the August 2017 BronyCon with Magi-Chan as his dance partner. In January 2018 Chris revealed that Magi-Chan is now married to Mewtwo, his master -- and later that year, went on to clarify that he was also married to Chris. In the June 2019 Believe in the OCs and Deities!, Chris claims that Magi-Chan is sitting next to him while gesturing at thin air. Furthermore, in August 2019, Chris, while using a sockpuppet account of Magi-Chan, proclaimed that Magi-Chan had fully manifested into reality[4]. In First recorded statement of Magi-Chan Sonichu - August 15, 2019, Chris claimed to be possessed by Magi-Chan, changing his tone of voice, demeanor and wordage in an attempt to differentiate the two. Chris clarified that Magi-Chan and himself had allegedly switched bodies, and that Chris was now in C-197, then tried (and failed) to move an object with psychic powers. The Magi-Chan charade continued for almost exactly one month, when Magi-Chan announced that Chris had returned, but maintained that he still remained in our world. [5] Despite allegedly no longer occupying Chris' body, Magi-Chan continued to post on Twitter, including making the claim that he will visit Null, owner of the Kiwi Farms sometime a few days after 18 September[6]. On 25 August, Chris, role-playing as Magi-Chan, attempted to contact Null, but ragequit after Null refused to entertain his delusions:

Chris just sent me some shit out of the blue and he immediately got upset and shut up after I addressed him as "Chris" instead of Magichan. Every single time I see this ludicrous faggot shit he's doing it's like losing Terry [Davis] again. It makes me so fucking sad[7].

Target for manipulating Chris

Since the Idea Guys, Magi-Chan has become a popular target for those trying to influence Chris's beliefs.

  • The Idea Guys role-played as Magi-Chan. Among other things, they convinced Chris to draw himself raping Sonichu in order to ensure Crystal's birth[8] and tricked Chris into believing he is bisexual.
  • The Captain, a member of the Guard Dogs, invoked Magi-Chan to convince Chris to be rescued from the Idea Guys[9]. A Guard Dogs member also invoked Magi-Chan in a failed attempt to persuade Chris the Dimensional Merge wouldn't happen for 20 years.
  • Helena Fiorenza role-played that she and Magi-Chan had gone on a date, complete with photoshopped images, which Chris believed.
  • AquaDiamond8 role-played on discovering an alt-dimension Magi-Chan.
  • Mr. Vaughn planned on sending Chris messages about a kidnapped Magi-Chan. He would have told Chris that Magi-Chan was being held hostage underneath the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World in order to make Chris drive across the country. While Vaughn's plans never came to fruition, this particular plot may have worked due to how much Chris believes in the character.

In the comic

Magi-Chan marries Mewtwo.

Magi-Chan was, in earlier comics, perhaps the most useless in Chris's canon of useless characters, rivalled only by Lolisa Rosechu. Despite being essentially omnipotent, he would do little more than enable everybody else to do something by filling them in on all the exposition and teleporting them where they need to go. His deadpan attitude and gay subtexts made him one of the more popular characters with the trolls, mentioned in Chris's Mailbags quite frequently. This caused a few new facts about the character to surface, notably that he is aware of any sex act that happens to occur within CWCville city limit and will inform Chris if it doesn't fit his puritanical ideals.

However, Magi-Chan later came in handy as a sort of "right-hand man" to Chris, particularly in his fight against homosexuality. Chris has stated that Magi-Chan monitors all sexual activity in the city using his psychic powers, and later has Magi-Chan travel to the future in order to obtain a bulk batch of the cure for homosexuality - Chris's blood. Magi-Chan would effectively contaminate the water supply of CWCville with Chris's blood in order to cleanse the world of homos. Magi-Chan would later come out as gay himself, when he married Mewtwo[10].

Magi-Chan's omnipotence and omniscience are thanks to Chris' repeated use of Magi-Chan's psychic powers as a crutch for plot convenience and exposition. In fact, it can be argued that Magi-Chan is the REAL person in charge of CWCville and may rival, if not dwarf, the powers of Chris himself. Magi-Chan has demonstrated the ability to time travel under his own power, change the genetic and physical make up of people's bodies to change their genders, has his own actual team of Level 100 Psychic Pokemon (despite being a Pokemon himself), along with essentially serving as the town's head of law enforcement, and is never questioned when issuing a command. While Chris is typically fawned over and adored, Magi-Chan is obeyed without question.

Major comic appearances

Magi-Chan as a Sonee.

Magi-Chan's egg lands in a secluded cave in the cliffs surrounding CWCville. Upon hatching, he is spoken to via telepathy by Mewtwo, who trains Magi-Chan Sonee to use his psychic abilities until he evolves after extreme meditation training.

Magi-Chan stands over CWCville, his all-knowing mind seeing the impending fight against Blake. He sighs, heads on over to the other Chaotic Combo members and seems to set himself up as their leader within moments. Then they all beat up Blake to the point that major cranial damage threatens to kill him.

Magi-Chan and the other Chaotic Combo members are teleported into action by Chris.

While everyone is pretending to worry about Crystal, Chris and Magi-Chan try to figure out how to free her.

Reldnahc Notsew Naitsirhc attacks and Chris orders Magi-Chan and Sonichu to investigate with him. Magi-Chan does practically nothing from there.

For no reason, Magi-Chan, along with Chris and Sonichu, begin the hunt for the Sonichu Balls at the Manchester High School Gymnasium. Magi-Chan gives some made-up theory about how the Sonichu Balls can be scattered throughout time. He then magically realizes that Chris came in contact with one ball back in 1996 and the three go back in time to retrieve it. On the way back Chris gets lost in the time void and Magi-Chan explains that he will return eventually, instead of actually trying to help him.

Magi-Chan, along with the rest of the Chaotic Combo, celebrates their 19th birthdays on 2 February 2008.

Precise and accurate.

Magi-Chan explains to Bubbles that he has found a Sonichu Ball via his psychic link and orders her to go get it. He also tries to warn her of Silvana's trap, but Bubbles doesn't believe him. Magi-Chan later teleports Bubbles to Blake.

Magi-Chan pleads with Silvana to stop working with Count Graduon and insists that he can restore her "birth gender."

After his exchange with Silvana, Magi-Chan disappears from Episode 20 almost entirely. He plays no significant role in the plot until the epilogue, where he shows up to provide a handy deus ex machina by randomly pulling Chris out of the Time Void.

Magi-Chan appears in the beginning of the story, having yanked Chris from the Time Void. The newly freed Chris tasks him with gathering the homosexual cure and bringing it to the present, which he does.

When Chris tries to apologize for his actions involving Alec Benson Leary, Magi-Chan stops Evan and Simonchu from trying to kill Simonla, but fails to stop Alec's attempt. He's obviously guilt ridden when Wild's motherless bastard child Sandy is born, telling the child point blank that it was Evan who killed her. He is present at the Asperchu Four's trial, planting evidence to convict them. He is last seen at Alec's execution, electrocuting him.

Magi-Chan appears to reassure his niece Christine about the whole ordeal that went on with her and Kevin the Jew. Following that, he appears with Silvana to talk about how much they love each other.

He also appears at the end of the story with Silvana, thinking to himself, "Life is good".

Magi-Chan helps his nephew Robbie realize that he has a female soul, by explaining that he has to find himself. This helps pave the way toward Robbie's transition into becoming a female.

Although his primary role in this story is provide tons of exposition, he does help evacuate the pride parade in anticipation of a group of Jerkops led by Reldnahc.

Magi-Chan appears at Sonichu's and Rosechu's wedding.

Magi-Chan marries Chris.


During his phase of being possessed by Magi-Chan, Chris speaks as the character in First recorded statement of Magi-Chan Sonichu - August 15, 2019.

Chris recorded lines for Magi-Chan for the Sonic World fan game, hoping for a mod of the character.


Lady Màgíc Sonichu

Lady Màgíc

Lady Màgíc is a genderbent counterpart of Magi-Chan from dimension 1C-4896312. Chris insists on using the accents in the "Màgíc" name.

On 19 October 2020, Chris tweeted about the genderbent dimension where Lady Magic resides and asked his followers to draw fanart of her.[11]

On 21 October 2020, Chris posted about the genderbent dimension in The Place. He claimed that Lady Màgíc had visited his dimension for research and told The Place members that Lady Màgíc might visit them. He said they could recognize her by her "reasonable breast size" and short pants, and that she wears a blue vest as other Magi-Chan counterparts do.[12]

On 28 August 2022, Chris illustrated Lady Màgíc while in Central Virginia Regional Jail.[13]


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  • He can resurrect himself. [14]
  • He once went back in time, met Jesus, died and was resurrected in China in a temple. [15]
  • He speaks all languages. [16]
  • He's immortal. [17]

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