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Yawning Squirtle's eternal message to the world
Crystal buys all her weed from Yawning Squirtle.

Yawning Squirtle is arguably Chris's only creation that isn't complete shit. First depicted on page 59 of Sonichu #8, stoned out of his mind, Yawning Squirtle easily appeals to Chris's weed-loving trolls. Also, for whatever reason, Chris made this character, despite his undying hate for illegal substances.

In a CWC Blog post from 12 January 2010, Chris attempted to curb the growing Yawning Squirtle fandom by stating that Yawning Squirtle was caught by a Pokémon trainer.

Propaganda from Yawning Squirtle's 2010 Mayoral bid.

Chris on Yawning Squirtle

Chris, after trying some of Squirtle's secret stash.

On at least three instances, Chris has tried to downplay Yawning Squirtle's importance in the comics. Chris has later stated that he assumes that YS is fighting for a trainer now.

The WAILORD who dropped the rock onto the mother Swampert and the Squirtle who Yawned are ONLY Individual characters who I originally had NO plans on putting into future stories, so ASSUME that the two were BOTH caught by Pok'emon Trainers in Pok'e Balls and now the two are fighting with their trainers in Pok'emon Battles.
Chris on Yawning Squirtle, CWC Blog, 12 January 2010

Fans strongly disagree with this interpretation, opting for Sean August Watley's Moon-Pals depiction of Yawning Squirtle spending his days on The Moon getting high with Metal Sonichu, Boulder-Dropping Whale and Bill the Scientist.

In the CWCipedia article on Bubbles Rosechu, Chris further expanded on the character by stating that he was a childhood friend of hers. It's unclear if this will lead to Rule 34 art of the two anytime soon.

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